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    My order 1804xxx from 20 November has now been declared as "completely shipped". Of course, still without tracking number and serial numbers, as this only means that the one guy in the warehouse is finally allowed to pack and send my F1 2023 steering wheel... my second shipment 1828xxx from 24 November is still "in progress" with red box.

  • It seems there is progress, even someone in their „chain“ is doing something…

    still frustrating!

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Hi Craig, we have already forwarded your concern with our team. They will check what has happened to your order and then send you a replacement.


  • I received the email from Fanatec about the F1 2023 steering wheel yesterday and today from AU Post for the Tracking Info. Hope that helps

  • Emails doesn’t work from Fanatec at my friends and me. Don’t know why. Nothing in spam etc.

  • Thanks James, i look forward to hearing from them asap

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Hello Sebastian, we apologize for the payment problem and for the fact that you were charged for the first order, which apparently did not materialize. I have now escalated your concern with our Customer Care Team.


  • Hello, when will ALL orders from 24/11 with the formula V2.5x steering wheel be dispatched?

  • I would like to know that as well

    Can you say something about that @James ?

    I really need a steering wheel and It's taking so long

  • Ordered 10 days ago, nothing yet, so I try to contact somebody...

    Support by phone is only available for two hours on a working day, guess what, the lines are always busy and you don't get through...

    You can fill out the contact form, the heros at Fanatec claim to get back to you within two weeks...

    F...... clowns, get your act together, or close your pathetic shop.

    This is definitely the last time I even considered ordering from you.

    Thank god it's only about a cheap rim...

  • Interesting that complaints about potential legal cases are answered but not the „how about transparency“ questions.

  • When will the red box in progress order be processed? money have been taken but only get the red box status.

  • Heya, just want to share my experience. I contacted the customer support twice, they answered within a day both times (pretty much standard prewritten answer, but at least they answered xD). I ordered on 24th and UPS delivered today. The tracking number just showed up today aswell - so quite some time later than UPS, they contacted me directly beforehand. 8 business day delivery isn't too bad though eventhough the communication on the forum etc was quite bad. I know this doesn't help you much guys but it might give you some hope :)

  • Brian vadBrian vad Member
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    I can see that I will receive an order that was a BF offer. What surprises me is that I have ordered a base with steering wheel and and qr2 has nothing to do with BF's offer. It was ordered before the package you are about to send me, the whole package available on the homepage. i can't get started with sim race before the base is comming what im misiing is clubsport dd qr2 pro and clupsport steering wheel rs

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    And another one here @James ...

    No informations, No Tracking Number ... Nothin... Waiting since 24.11.23 for something to happen ... Order.Nr. 1842612

  • i am waiting since 17.11.2023 for dd2, still not delivered...

  • I‘ve the Ordernumber 182xxxx and the Status is since 25th on „completely shipped“ so 🤷🏻

  • I also ordered a DD2 and a V2.5 steering wheel on November 17th and so far no information from UPS. It is unbelievable that the goods have still not been shipped after 2.5 weeks. Does anyone know where the central warehouse is? I ordered from Germany and didn't think it would take this long.

  • completely shipped is an automated message that order has come through and all products were in stock at moment of order. i ordered on 25th as well, since that is a weekend day you start counting since the 27th. theyve said shipping can happen after 10 days today is the 8th day. so i think it'll probably arrive next week or if youre lucky and you live close to germany end of this week

  • I don‘t know the logistics infrastructure of Fanatec, but my assumption is the following:

    HQ is in Landshut, Germany

    Production Facility is in China

    Destination for the produced goods could be Rotterdam, NL

    and from there it could be transported to Landshut and from there handed over to UPS.

    just a guess…

  • I'm starting to get really tired of this situation, getting ignored by Fanatec, you simply don't respect your customers!!!

    If I don't get my V2.5X before Christmas, I'm cancelling my Clubsport DD+ 15nm Order and selling all my Fanatec gear, fortunately we have multiple good brands

    Total disregard to your buyers

    Enough is enough

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  • Paul JamesPaul James Member
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    I would like some help of Fanatec please, I placed an order for 8 Nm CSL DD bundle + QR1 on 15/11 (1790831) the tracking number was updated on 17/11 and appeared as origin scan/Hamburg on the UPS site on 22/11. There was no further update on the UPS site so on the 29/11 I contacted UPS for an update. They replied back that as there had been no update to raise a claim/investigation which I did. This was updated on 04/12 where the investigation was updated with ‘search completed - packages were lost and not found after search’.

     I would like someone from Fanatec to let me know what is happening with this, I emailed them on 29/11 and 04/12 but have had no response, at this point Fanatec have my money and there is no order on the way.

    I also have another order for the McLaren Wheel and V2 Pedals which have just had the tracking number assigned, there is no option to cancel these as they are a bit pointless without the wheel base.

  • hello, like many people, I ordered equipment during Black Friday even if it was not cheaper (Hub Rally), I ordered on the 25th, order validated on the 27th and today I have received 4 packages out of 5 (out of 3 orders made this year, a package was missing each time) thank you UPS... bunch of incapables, this to tell you that the deliveries follow but that sometimes the tracking number is late. .. last night no tracking number and this morning delivery

    Courrage to you, it will happen, ah yes I am in Belgium

  • Guys, screaming and shouting won't help by the slightest bit. They are obviously overwhelmed with orders because that's how Black Friday works, so be grateful you paid your merch 40% less than the actual price and be patient.

    I personally have placed two different orders, number 1800883 arrived a few days after (with a missing item - I have casted an incident asking for support), whereas 1837807 that was placed a few days after is still in progress.

    I've also noticed order ids are incremental, so the only constructive thing we can do is to post updates on orders as they arrive, so we can keep track of where they are (eg if order 182xxx got "completely shppied" we can estimate how much time is left for the last of us).

    Threating Fanatec of legal actions is just dumb, so stop it please.

  • Hello, I submitted my order on November 25th, and my current status indicates "Completely Shipped." However, I have yet to receive any tracking information. Could someone from Fanatec kindly assist me with this matter?

  • My order was placed on November 24, 2023, as a St. Nicholas gift for my son. Unfortunately, since that date, I haven't received any information. The company is not responding to my messages.

    The items were available on the day of purchase, and the shipping time was stated as 1-3 days. There's been no information from the seller, no contact, no tracking number... It's causing me concern.

    I shouldn't have to follow forums or search for information about the company's issues. Such behavior seems akin to online fraud. If I hadn't come across information on the forum, I wouldn't have had any idea about the delays. Not all customers are aware of these matters.

    After such a long time since the order, the lack of any contact from Fanatec and the absence of information is very worrying. I believe this should be reported to the appropriate authorities. Therefore, today, I intend to report my situation to the authorities dealing with online fraud, and I am opening a claim on PayPal.

    It's disheartening that after spending several thousand euros with this company, I am being treated like "trash".

  • There's people waiting for their order to be shipped from august.

    Not only is it not "dumb" to start legal recourse, it is recommended. Fanatec is bound by law, consumer laws are there for a reason.

    If they keep this up Paypal might drop them. Your narrow focus is on screaming black friday, but there's much more wrong here.

    Next time either think twice or read up before you start insinuating people are dumb.

    Just for the record, I have no beef in this game. It just appears from afar they pull the same as any dropship scamming site nowadays (in stock on site, but no delivery well past legally obligated deadline has passed).

    All you can do if the time of that has passed beyond what is allowed in your country is simply make a police report and forward that to your CC company or Paypal.

    Management won't do much until payments are impossible, or such is my general experience with companies.

    On a more serious note, fire whomever thought to join black friday. Your shipping is and has been a mess for months, you cannot simply blame this on one occurrence.

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