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How to report issues:

  • List which hardware, driver and firmware you are using
  • Cross check with other settings, games and wheels to see if it's a general issue or specific with to a game, wheel or setting.
  • Is it happening with just one game (which one) or all you tried.
  • Go into detail how we can reproduce the issue.
  • Post screenshots or videos if needed.
  • In case of a FanaLab crash, use the "Collect Logs" feature under "Settings" and upload them here.

Changelog of FanaLab 2.01.26 (compared to previous 2.01.21)

  • Added support for the new GT2 DLC Pack for ACC: new TelemetryDataExtra.xml file for the correct Brake Bias Offset values and new CarsList (new: Audi R8 LMS GT2, KTM X-BOW GT2, Maserati MC20 GT2, Mercedes-AMG GT2, Porsche 935, Porsche 991II GT2 RS CS Evo).
  • Added new CarsList for AMS2 Game Update 1.5.5.X (new: BMW M4 GT3 (+ Low Downforce), McLaren 720S GT3 Evo (+ Low Downforce), Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo (+ Low Downforce), Porsche 992 GT3 R (+ Low Downforce), BMW M Hybrid V8 (+ Low Downforce), Cadillac V-Series.R (+ Low Downforce), Porsche 963 (+ Low Downforce), BMW M8 GTE - Low Downforce, Chevrolet Corvette C8.R - Low Downforce, Porsche 911 RSR GTE - Low Downforce)).
  • Added EA WRC support. Notes on the Telemetry of EA WRC:
    • No RevLEDs support (no possibility to disable the RevLEDs in the game).
    • No DisplayLED support (no possibility to disable the Display in the game).
    • FlagLEDs support for Wheel Spin and Wheel Lock.
    • Vibration support for Rev Limiter (Pedal only), Suspension Travel, Wheel Spin and Wheel Lock.
    • ITM support for Gear, Speed and Current Laptime.
    • No DisplayLED support (no possibility to disable the Display in the game).
    • FlagLEDs support for Wheel Spin and Wheel Lock.
    • Vibration support for Engine, Rev Limiter, Suspension Travel, Wheel Spin, Wheel Lock, Understeer and Oversteer.
    • ITM support for Gear, Speed, Lap Number, Position, Current Laptime, Last Laptime, Best Laptime, Fuel (as percentage!) and Tire Temps. 
  • Added Forza Motorsport support. Notes on the Telemetry of Forza Motorsport:
    • No RevLEDs support (no possibility to disable the RevLEDs in the game).
  • Fixed some telemetry issues in iRacing:
    • TimeLeft = -1 in PreStart phase.
    • TimeLeft = 1440 during lap based race.
    • RPM = 300 when engine is off.
  • Fixed Pitlane RevLEDs dont turn off when Pit Limiter RevLEDs are disabled.
  • Fixed CSL Elite Wheel Base LEDs not working properly.
  • Updated Twitter (now X) Logo.
  • Updated the Telemetry support list PDF file.

Changelog of FanaLab 2.02.27

Added support for Le Mans Ultimate

Changelog of FanaLab 2.02.28

Fixed a crash related to Le Mans Ultimate

Compatible Driver Version




  • Finally the new FanaLab version 2.01.26 was released and I can share my newest profile pack with you! :)


    • Added new profiles for the ACC GT2 DLC pack:
      • Audi R8 LMS GT2
      • KTM X-BOW GT2
      • Maserati MC20 GT2
      • Mercedes-AMG GT2
      • Porsche 935
      • Porsche 991II GT2 RS CS Evo
    • Changed LEDs according to latest AMS2 game update changes:
      • BMW M8 GTE
      • McLaren 720S GT3 Evo

    Note: This profile pack is ONLY compatible with FanaLab V2.01.26 due to changes in the pws profile structure which makes the profiles incompatible with any older version!

    As always: Have fun and enjoy especially the LED p0rn! :)

  • Thank you for adding support for FM. I will test it in the coming days!

  • Thank you for EAWRC and FM support.

    And thank you Maurice for the profiles, I guess the CSDD+ profiles are also good for the CSDD. Do you have some suggestion for EA WRC?

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    Hey Maurice,

    i don´t think you drive with Fanatec Pedals or? the BRF Settings seems a little low for me. I have the old V3 Pedals and with you´re profiles i only need a little push on the brake to geht 100% brake power. Any Suggestions maybe?

    Most of the time i change you´re profile Setting to around 92-95%.

    Edit: Thx for you´re work !

  • Thank you once again for this great product. First crash in over 4 months - since this post:

    Note that this was a completely clean install of Fanalab, including the profiles.

    See log files attached.

  • Hey Maurice

    An easy question. We will have some adjustments of yours for EA WRC or they will only be recommended adjustments. When EA WRC will recognize the BMR. Thank you

  • Anyone experiencing slow download speeds when download driver 455 and new fanalab version? I have 900mbps on but only have 30kbps when downloading driver 455 and fanalab.

  • Thank you very much! Got the DD+ yesterday and was glad to find your profiles. ACC and AMS2 are different games in comparison to the csl dd. 👍️

  • Hello Maurice!

    Just a quick update from the BME ITM freeze: Fanatec replaced my BME, and this one have the same issue with the ITM 4. page. If i use a different page, there is no freezing problem. So it's not hardware issue anymore, it's software. I hope it will be fixed in the near future.

  • It is under investigation, but definitely not something for the near future, no.

  • I am on version 2.01.26 and seem to have a bug with the LED screen. I have to restart Fanalab after every stint in order to get the LED page to load. It will look normal when I first load it up. If I back out of the game, the LED screen goes blank.

  • This seems to have been caused by all the log options being selected. I removed all of them and it's fine now.

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    when does the compatiblilty with LeMansUltimate (LMU) will be released ?


  • Hello,

    I hope yall are doing well. Im facing some difficulties with the LEDs, in my WRC CSL steering wheel, in Forza Motorsport. I connected the wheel to the PC and configured it but it doesn’t work when I plug it back in my XBOX. Any guesses on what it could be?

    thank you

  • FanaLab is PC exclusive. Changes made to LEDs and stuff does not get transferred to consoles. And Xbox does not support LEDs and Display yet.

    Nothing you can do.

  • Lino CarreiraLino Carreira Member
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    Podium endurance module keeps crashing for no good reason with AMS2, i understand that the telemetry may go bonkers and that may be fault of Reiza but then going into control panel and because of that it says i have no wheel attached that.. i already think is on Fanatec, at least on 2 podium endurance modules this happens all the time with AMS2 ... if the telemntry screen messes up , sure , but i doubt the shared memory of a game is able to crash a driver :) used to think that something could be off just with mine but , a friend of mine keeps having the same issue,

  • Me pasa eso alguien me puede ayudar.

  • I'm noticing that sometimes the Fanalab defined RPM LEDs on my BMW M4 GT3 steering wheel get stuck for a while, usually when showing max RPM (using iRacing, not tried any other sims with the RPM LED functionality yet). Usually they start working again after a few seconds, or maybe up to 10 seconds or so.

    I don't think it's an iRacing data problem as my SimHub dash continues to work correctly when the wheel LEDs get stuck.

    Could this be a Fanalab issue or maybe a BMW wheel firmware issue?

  • OK, thanks Maurice. Shame it's a low priority, it really spoils what is a great feature.

  • Hello gang,

    for some reason my profiles stopped auto-loading. I upgraded to latest Fanalab and 455 driver and it was all good, but i guess the recent new iracing patch did something. Anyone experiencing same?

  • Maurice, do I see correctly that the brightness commands are no longer in the profile files? I had couple of months brake from racing and updated everything before starting again and immediately got killed by laser-powerful LEDs on my pbme. Has the idea of adding this feature to Fanalab been abandoned?

  • That is correct, yes.

    Sometime this year it is planned to expose a brightness slider in the Lab UI itself.

  • Oh, that's good news! A pity we can no longer set the brightness in Notepad anymore, though.

    You guys can laugh 😂 but I mainly drive at night irl so I literally covered the LCD screen with white electrical tape and did the same to LEDs but with single sticky notes cut out properly. Otherwise it is just blindingly bright in a dark room at night.

    Btw, just asking plainly, what is the reason it takes so much time? The commands worked fine, never had any problems. Do other wheels have some issues with brightness below 100%? Flickering or something? With so many options and features added to Fanalab I would imagine that adding a slider for the already functional brightness commands would be very simple.

  • Hi,

    I had problems importing the PWS files, which now works, but I don't really know how Fanalab automatically recognizes the settings after starting the game?

    With iRacing, the profile is also recognized according to the car. But how do I have to set up Fanalab so that this also works?

    Up to now, I have saved a separate profile for each game and then set it as a favorite with the star. This means it is always loaded.

    But does the favorite overwrite the other files, for example, so that a vehicle-specific setting is no longer loaded?

    Or in other words: Can I set a favorite at all if I have different PSW files in the Fanalab?

    Thank you very much.


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