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    25.12, 10.15, Auktion noch nicht begonnen. Sorry, aber das geht gar nicht. Sobald ein Hersteller es mal schafft ernsthaft euch Konkurrenz zu machen verkaufe ich lieben gern mein Fanatec Zeug. Seit Jahren bei euch Produkte top, Service Flop. Trotzdem allen frohe Weihnachten hier!
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    Last bid was 60 euros.

  • Markus VaßenMarkus Vaßen Member
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    On my Smartphone, Tablet and 3 PC's - and also at some freidns PCs it still says 
    Auction has not startet.
    Last bid 60Euro .. strange .. But why its not startet for some people and some can see the auction and Bid History... Thats sad, I would have bid even more than 1642 Euro :) . 60 Euro more and 22 Seconds no bid on this great offer? strange
  • Merry Christmas everyone :smiley: About yestrday bidding for me start on 17:58 and on 18:00 have 20 biders ! Other strange think max bid 2€ ! If every person put 2€ from where it came 0.20 cents ? And my friend who lives in Germany call me on about 18:30 say hey my auction not start yet !
  • Congrats to all winners and to Thomas  for making December a bit more enjoyable than normal years.
    Bid most days and got within 4 bids of winning a couple of times. 

    Hope next blog will be for the Direct drive base.

    Happy new year to you Thomas and all sim racers.

  • Hope next blog will be for the Direct drive base.

    Happy new year to you Thomas and all sim racers.
    Me aswell David ;)
  • Congratulations to all the winners and Thomas.

    I thought this whole thing was just a really neat idea for the Holidays and it had me checking in everyday.

    There were items I was interested in but I didn't bid on a single thing the whole month?  You really can be too patient with auctions!

    I'm looking forward to this next year, but looking forward to receipt of my McLaren rim in February and DD news...soon!
  • I don't see whats the point in an auction in which you can only bid once ... who the hell invented this pointless system ?
  • I also suffered this comment "auction is not started" although it was already finished :(

    Hey FANATEC, it could be a nice gift to all who placed a bid to give 20% Discount on next purchase - what do you think??
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