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    What a joke. when I eventually got into the auction, non of my bids even got through.
  • what a let down first black friday web crash and short stock than this advent calendar email at start and no bid recorded web no responding, well done fanatec-useless! I'm done with calendar 
  • The auction system is very , very flawed due to the website not being optimised on high trafic. I mean here we are standing and waiting for the auction to start and i get only one change to bid at 0:30 sec left but the website is not responding. Do not put up a auction if the people are not allowed to auction, if more of a lottery to who gets a chance to auction, waste of time.
  • Please buy proper server.

    It is very annoying to be unable to attend the auction because the server can not process the requests.

  • Here is what Im getting.
    the same proble for me - chrome and explorer
    same :(
  • I was unable to press the bid button! So again.. no succes trough the system. I spend a lot of time to the follow this auction...
  • how can i pay this i won today
    When you click on "My Account" on the top menu, you will be directed to a page that has a link referring to "Unpaid won auctions"

    You can continue the payment process from there.

    If you find any problem with it, feel free to send me a PM!
    tnx hector...i got it....
  • .

    You got to be joking. This is Sooo wrong guys. All this time watching and page not working and then a few minutes after I go away it works and ends. 

     Auction Closed
    :  €106.00

  • I was unable to press the bid button! So again.. no succes trough the system. I spend a lot of time to the follow this auction...
    I had the same problem
  • I did see the page to make the bid, I refreshed and only got the page with the sad picture. Finaly I did get the page and then the auction has been closed. Come on!

    I think you have one of the best products for sim-racing, but don't host/build a website if you can not garante that its available. 
  • its closed? my page showing not start yet!
  • its closed? my page showing not start yet!
    USA? This was the EU bid.

  • I think you have one of the best products for sim-racing, but don't host/build a website if you can not garante that its available. 
    Totally agree with you Michel.  This Advernt Calendar IS A GREAT Think for Fanatec too do which they don't have too, BUT its so painful and makes you feel robbed when site constantly doesn't work/crash and you miss out on the chance of getting one of there great products for 50%+ discount. 

    Nevermind the stress of being on edge and waiting near 5h refreshing there page only to walk away and then comeback to findout it started to sort of work for some and you never even got chance to bid.

    Now just got to wait another day and HOPE AND PREY there server works 100% correctly for the rest of the calendar. 
  • :((
    today full error message ... and finaly works .... i'ts closed :(
  • I probably never bid at 106€ :smile: . It’s an awesome deal. I hope the server will be OK for the purchasing of the DD. Don’t want to wait until 2019!
  • I think I never get a chance to place a bid, because the site is working awfully or not working at all. Please fix it.
  • Like others have said, great idea and gesture by Fanatec, just wish it worked a little better.
  • €111 for the V3 inverted damn, great price. Really hope this stuff is going to sim racers who are actually going to use them and not scalpers looking to offload them for profit on eBay!
  • I live in the US and it says it has not started yet.
  • Natalie BNatalie B Member, Moderator, Betatester
    Love this idea! :)
  • The auction setup is just so random and hard to follow. I really think you would be better off just having people enter a raffle and then offering them the discount if they win.
  • Jacob SimmonsJacob Simmons Member
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    I commend Fanatec for offering such a good deal, but the execution was a little flawed. I can never even load the bidding screen. The V3s were something I was really looking at. I am not mad just a little discouraged that I could not get into the running for these. 11 US dollars for a set of these pedals? WOW I am jealous.. I finally was able to get in but the bidding was over with only 4 bids.

  • Andrew HakeAndrew Hake Member
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    Lol did someone just win the inverted pedals for $11 in the latest auction!? This whole system is incredibly broken. I am actively trying to bid and so far haven't even seen a single auction be active.
  • Yeah I got the email saying the auction was starting and tried to get to it and it never once showed up until it did and said closed. I think I'm just going to quit trying, I've logged on to view every one so far and have yet to be able to place a bid. Good luck everyone.
  • Seriously Fanatec,  you need to pause your auctions until you can figure out how to get them working properly.  Refreshed for 4 hours only to be met with an error page during the auction...  Nice..
  • Wow. If someone did get the CSPv3I for $11 then kudos to them! Though I am bummed that I didn't even get the chance to bid...
  • 4 bids for $11 for a set of V3I? That's a joke, right? I waited all day for this crap.
  • Something is off anyhow there are two bids for $11. It is becoming pretty irritating though to spend all day logging in and then get invited to the auction to only see error messages until the auction closes. In all honesty I would've missed this one anyway since I would have never imagined it going at that price anyhow lol. Great deal for the person who won it for sure. I just got these shipped to my house a few days ago from the Black Friday sale. I still got a heck of a deal at 299.99 but damn $11 lol.
  • Hey guys I can understand your frustration and we are also not happy. We are trying hard to fix the server issues. And we will change the increment to 1,- so that more people can place a bid. We did not announce it on social media yet as we don't want to make things worse.
  • Jason SantosJason Santos Member
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    I was able to place a bid on the pedals at $11, but for some reason the website is saying I lost the auction. My bid was $11 (have the email to confirm it), the winning bid was apparently also $11, but according to the time stamps it appears my bid was placed first. Fanatec can you explain why my bid lost? If a tie occurs in qualifying, the position goes to the driver who set the time first, so why is it not the same with auctions?
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