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  • I have error mesage all day.
  • 404 error all day láng.
  • I may bid on an item I already have just to practice bidding.
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    The way this advent calender is set up is very much like a lottery, so you also need some luck to get on to the page So chill out fellars, and injoy the game :)
  • Hi this advent calendar is a nightmare it never works for me and I feel like I'm missing out! I also would like to purchase the fanatec csl elite for PS4 is there any discount for loyal customers? Thanks
  • The Advent Calendar is for fun and to give a shot at POSSIBLY getting a discount on an item that you may want. Nobody on here is entitled to anything so instead of bad mouthing the company and Thomas just look at it like if you win something cool then great but if you don't then don't act as if you were screwed or cheated because it is all just a bonus anyway. Keep in mind they don't have to do this at all and it's pretty cool that they are. It may be a little easier for me to say since I was able to pick up the inverted pedals on Black Friday and they've already been delivered so thanks Fanatec (unfortunately my wife is making me wait until Christmas to actually see them) I think she likes seeing me suffer lol. I haven't been this excited for Christmas since Castle Grayskull when I was a kid lol. I am working on a new paint scheme in iracing to unveil when I start using my new Fanatec gear and hopefully I can pick up a wheel set during the advent calendar so that I can drop the Thrustmaster Logo off my car and be 100% Fanatec but we'll see. Good luck on the auction everyone and remember to have a little fun in life, I think that was Thomas' intent.
  • I like the idea behind the auction. Everyone has a fair chance at winning. (If it works, but that's not the point here)
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  • Again did not get a chance to place a bid.
  • You guys need to get yourself on to a better server, who ever is hosting you at the moment is seriously ripping you off.

    Bashed the bid button, to no affect. Refreshed page and tried again...nothing. Got to watch the counter go down and saw someone get a cracking deal. Maybe next time.
  • This bid history is really strange. Right after todays auction was closed there was a different winner than who's showing now.

    I only would recommend to Fanatec to cancel the whole thing. It technically doesn't work as it should.

    And i agree with Thomas. It is meant to be a thing, which should make some people happy in Xmas time, and not angry at all. And actually this auction makes more people upset. That's sad and definitively not what Fanatec is aiming for.

    It was well-meant, but ...... kick it in the bin.
  • Very bad internet site, impossible to make any bid!!!
  • Hi,

    it's getting better day by day.
    While I could not reach the site the last days, today I could see the bids going up.
    Unfortunately there was no button to press, so again I could not place a bid.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward for seeing the offering for tomorrow.
  • Thomas, the new server seems to be working.  I was able to log in and view the current auction, even though it has not started in the US yet.  Thank you for attempting to do something really fun.  I look forward to trying to get something from this!
  • I am one of the last people who did a bid or 20EUR today.
    All on the same time at the same price. Thats hard :( I lke to get one of these :) Maybe next time..
    Sometimes it works sometimes not... but tetter then the first days.. anyway great idea if it would work a bit better 
  • Forza rim and hub only 20€ auction closed ?
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    do you have to rejoin the advent calendar email list? I did not get an email today that the auction was live, although I did get one yesterday that went to my spam folder. I've since added the email address to my address book to ensure I receive an email.

    Edit: somehow I ended up on the EU site and not the US site, so that might explain the above.
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    We have now moved the auction system to a new server and will continue to increase performance step by step.
    I think that the problem is not the auction server. I think that the biggest problem is main web server where we're logged. I leave this morning the auction page loaded and I could see the start. But when I tried to bid, it was not possible because my session had expired. It was imposible access to the web and login again. When I finally could access, it was obviously because the auction was expired and other users left the server.

    Thank you Thomas we appreciate you efforts. It was a good idea, but ATM it doesn't works. I think that with the actual limitations, would better a system that no needs all used connected at the same time. Perhaps an inscription to the auction and then raffle could work better in the actual conditions.
  • I won yesterday, but I haven't been able to actually execute the purchase and I'm worried by rule that my oppurtunity will pass.

    please let me know what I need to do to claim the pedals.
  • Also trying to use the contact form I get:
    Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to (No route to host) in /home/fanatec/www/htdocs/system/library/mail.php on line 167

  • I too commend Fanatec for their generous idea, however, the execution of the auction leaves a lot to be desired. I have tried all day to make a bid only for the website to be down or not working. Also, the rules say the auction price is to be discounted between 10 & 90% of the full price, so how can you sell a 480€ wheel for 20€, that’s a discount of approx 96% - stick to the rules! This is not certainly not promoting the feeling of ‘good will to all men’.
  • To be frank, this string of events does not give me much confidence in their ability to handle issues or even make good business decisions, and that raises doubts in my mind regarding their ability to address individual customers' concerns.

    I bought a T300 Alcantara edition at for $300. There are plenty other Thrustmaster deals there for any interested, such as T300RS for $230, T500 for $400, T3PA pedals for $65, etc.

    Oh no. Cancel that t300 right away. Its the most faulty wheel I've read about. When you read about the t300 issues you will also find out how poor their custoner experience is as of late. If you gotta go with thrustmaster then the t500 is strong, reliable, and still supported in recent games like GT sport.
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    Come on guys, be nice, these auctions are free to participate in and while its frustrating when you can't access the website, this is a new thing and Fanatec are doing their best. They definitively don't do this to make money so it's unfair to criticize them so harshly, they give stuff away for very low prices!

    Only 20€ for the GT Forza Wheel is an incredible deal! I am not sure why the auction stopped so soon though?
  • I am confused, when I see the Universal Hub and Forza Rim I see auction has not started and I never received an email. Am I to understand it did occur today and the site simply hasn't updated yet? 
  • I just gave up on this contest. Hopefully in the next one Fanatec will get it straightened out.
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    Awesome bidding ! 
    for Handbrake lot I've pressed a bid before few minutes of the end than paged reloaded and plugin crashed. After auction in a history of bidding my bid is missing.  >:P
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    The bidding for the US region just ended for the XBox Hub Rim. I did not have any major issues. The timer did freeze around 3 min 45sec from the end but it came back after 30 secs or so. I lost the bid though. It went up to $56 I think. Hit the button a little too early. I will try tomorrow if I can.
  • This is a pretty lousy experience. The auction for a Forza wheel + Universal XBox hub just finished, but when I tried to open it, just website errors like "could not connect".
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