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  • Can I only confirm that FFB is only horrible ... Before the 1.8 update, I felt the car through tire and chassis and could move it in the border area checked ... Now I realize no understeer and oversteer only when it's too late ... I drove before the 1.8 update without any damping in the tuning menu, only the dynamic damping in ACC to 100 and it was perfect and one of the best FFB of the Sims I drive ... now it's like when I'm Drive in a dough bowl ... The FFB is now totally damped and according to Aris of Kunos I should admit even more damping ... that destroys the remaining FFB and makes it just hard ... if nothing changes to the FFB Unfortunately, the SIM has died for me, so too bad that is ...

  • Guys , I have a CSL DD with boost kit with heavy 918RSR wheel, and like many have I have found the latest 1.8 version of ACC problematic , ie . with recommended settings it can feel too muddy / too much damping .

    So after much experimenting I have found an alternative that gives a raw . undamped feeling with very fine detail and no wheel oscillations.

    Try these settings

    Sen 1080

    FF 100

    FFS Peak

    NDP 20

    NFR 12

    NIN Off

    INT Off

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 50

    SHO 100

    In Game








    Note : Having INT disabled made a big difference , much less resistance ! Also disabling NiN and having a little NFR worked the best to reduce wheel oscillations and give a weightier but still nimble feel to the steering force ( this is perfect for a bigger wheel setup ! )

    For those with smaller lighter wheels I would recommend having the default NiN value and maybe <10 NFR .

    Also make sure the new Damper setting in Game is 0 as this made the wheel feel really too damper and sluggish.

    Hope these settings work for you guys , as they make driving Monza , especially in a Ferrari 488 evo very special.


  • before starting to fiddle with the settings I would wait for any changes in the preset by Fanatec, then I understand that every sensation on the steering wheel varies, I do not know what the feeling of the steering wheel of a real gt3 car is in reality, so I cannot say this that's right, not, but if Aris says to add the damper in the game (he suggests 50%) as his personal suggestion, it means that the wheel must behave that way. Then everyone is free to use personal parameters

  • Yeah before 1.8 it was truly awesome. I mean that. It felt so intuitive, natural and immersive. Now, like you say, it's doughy and lacklustre. I just don't know what these people are feeling in 1.8 that claim it's awesome. I don't wanna drop this title because of this new change. This may go against the grain with some people but I also thought raceroom's ffb was better before its new big ffb update. All the immersive stuff is gone in favour of a realistic steering rack feel. That's great in an actual moving car, not so good in a static SIM rig or desk that needs to convey suspension, rubber, grip and vehicle weight shift.

    All that's left is Ams2 now. :(

  • Hi Jim , just try my settings above , no dough to be found !! 😁

  • Giovanni , I respect Aris 100 % , but with his Damper settings the sim with our CSL DD's feels really bad . Aris uses a Podium DD1 @ 100 % FFB !

    Why wait for Fanatec changes , who is to say that We cant find a better way ?

  • Cheers Charles, yeah I'm gonna definitely try them. Thanks for posting them! I know it's subjective but I honestly can't see why people are raving about the new update. I've put well over 15,000 laps in at Monza and I could tell immediately that the track mesh has been simplified or "upgraded". There were lumps, dips and bumps that are now completely gone.

    Physics feel a bit weird over kerbs coz the kerb gets all magnetic and grabs the tyre(s) so it gets stuck in a rut. Possibly the new tramline effect but it feels so odd.

    Im at a kid's party with my son at the moment but will dial your settings in when I get back.

  • In one of Aris' streams he mentioned that he only puts gain to 100 to test for clipping and he doesn't advise that a standard sim racer should do it. So if his gain is incorrect, I can only assume his damper setting would also be wrong. 50% damper really does what it says. I think Maurice on this forum advised against too much damper and I think he's right. If the wheel center feels notchy or coggy or the wheel oscillates, add a touch of damper but I really believe it should only be used if absolutely necessary.

  • Can not understand what the people in this FFB find so good in this FFB in 1.8 that has little to do with realism ... have heard of many that it has become better with a logitech and now have more control now ... that's coming But only from this excessive cushioning and the minimum FFB of the wheels, which is better for the logitic sweeps through the big dead runs of the steering wheels ... but for high-heavy steering wheels too much damping from the game is there and you can not further reduce what the Precision and sensation disappears ...

    The immersive stuff what you mean what ACC brought to the steering wheel before 1.8 was perfect ... I felt the tires, the chassis, under - and oversteer super in the steering wheel, that has ACC from other SIMs ...

    In my opinion, the M4 GT3 was packed in the update for the whole fanboys, which are hyped by the car and whatever the FFB does not matter first and do not say anything bad about the physics because they are blinded from the car ...

    Not to mention the mistakes that many people have with crashes or error messages after the update and 4 wide updates within 72 hours has not really improved to the positive improved, is a poverty for Kunos ... worse PR one can not have and the is homemade ... What the 1.8 update should not know the belief yourself ... best to undo the update and take over the update and revise until it fits, otherwise you can only sell little DLCs because only very little will drive .. . 

  • Yeah it's just.....numb now. It may well have helped out users of logi wheels etc, but at the expense of feels for everyone else? I really wish that there could be an option to stall or rollback the update for people who don't want it or are unhappy with it. I've spent pretty much every day since the update wondering if my wheelbase was broken, or I'd forgotten to delete something that they advised or that I was just a terrible heathen that doesn't know how ffb should work. I didn't really want to speak out about it unless I got shut-down by the 3 people on Steam and YouTube that think it's amazing. I just can't feel what they're feeling with it. That's really why I initially asked for settings just to see if I'd set it wrong somehow. Obviously, there is a definite issue with it as folks here are seeing (feeling). It needs a rollback to what it was before. It's not even a subtle physics change. It feels more like a simplified system to accommodate the PS3 owners or something. A downgrade. Cars feel twitchy and unstable, kerbs are like magnets and track surfaces have the texture of badly formed glass. Or feel like it. Tyre temps and pressure management is also a bloody ball-ache now.

  • Have the last days after the update also tried all the time (newly rebuke driver, creates ACC, Tuning Menu, etc) to find an improvement and get it mobile and realistic, but unfortunately without success ... the feeling I also have as if something is with the base, but that's not the case because it's exactly like otherwise like us, only at ACC it is now terrible ... Even many gamepad players say it is now unearcarrowing for them .. . Tests of myself to set myself to change my driving style and setup but if I miss the most important feedback makes me a little sense ... that with the courses I also noticed that you pull one of the route though you only easily with the wheel It is or the soil unevennesses that just as a blow in the steering wheel can not be felt like a joint of 2 aspreath surfaces, which is definitely definitely so ... set with the tire pressures and temperatures is a matter of experience and K If you could go with feeling and constance again, but with the 1.8 FFB that is not possible for me because it is not realistic and the fun stays on the track ... ACC goes towards Arcade with great steps...

  • "quick increase my offside front tyre pressure by .3 psi or the race is over for us!", Cole trickle - Days of Thunder.

    I used to quite enjoy running longer stints after rain with wet tyres and staying off the drying line to keep surface temps down. Now, I can't seem to get even tyre pressures at all on any tyre (although in all fairness, I haven't tried to hard so far).

  • Here's my DD1 setting for anyone. Honestly, I reckon it's now within where, at the moment, it's not gonna feel much better for me even with fine tuning. It still feels lifeless but it is what it is really.

    This setting gives a peak of around 8nm at Monza on DD1. For me, it has a rubbery feel (maybe too rubbery for some).

    FF - 55

    FF scale - PEAK

    Nat. DPR - 25 (for tyre steering weight. Can make cornering heavy at low speed)

    NFR - 7

    Nat. Inert - 7 (NFR and Nat. Inert never really featured in my FFB feel. They're more to stop oscillation. Set to preference)

    FF Interp. - 7 (This is a biggy. Like a sharpness filter on a TV. This is where the detail is. Too much and FF can feel muted. Too little and it's like driving with no tyres)

    FF intens. - 80 (I dont really like maxxing this one out, I'd rather set gain in game and leave headroom on the wheelbase)

    For. Eff. % - 80 (same as above really)

    Spring - whatever really.

    DPR - 20 (Set to taste. It's a value that can be worked from base AND in game)

    In Game

    Gain - 75

    Min force - 0

    Damper - 10 (I use some damper to stop oscillation but no more than 15 or 20 really)

    Dynamic Damper - 50 (Seems to smooth peaks while driving. Quite subtle but set to taste)

    Road Effects - 30 (Set to taste. After 1.8, this can introduce a weird grainy effect if set too high)

    That's it really. Feel free to add or subtract.

    It's all I got and it still feels arse compared to 1.75. :(

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    Have 80 rounds on spa behind me and got it mobile ... but there are still too little details, especially from understeering and braking ... The steering is still too sluggish, because I just miss the looseness as I'm missing 1.75 ... have already made any damping, except the dynamic in ACC that is 100 but in my opinion is still too much damped ...

    In the Controls.json there is an entry at the end of his steering wheel occupancy "dampergain": 1, ... I set this value to 0 and thus get a little damping out ... This has become a little softer but the middle position has become a little softer but There are more details ... is not a permanent solution for me and no condition but for the first thing to go, until Kunos makes her mistake again well ... I still believe in it ...

    Here is my setting for CSL DD8

    • FF 100
    • FFS Peak
    • NDP 0
    • NFR 0
    • NIN 0
    • INT 0-1
    • FEI 100
    • FOR 100
    • SPR 100
    • DPR 0

    In-Game Settings:

    • Steer lock: 1080
    • Gain: 70
    • Min Force: 0
    • Dynamic Damping: 100
    • Road Effects: 0

  • Your in-game Dynamic Damper is not working when you set DPR on the wheel to 0 ;)

  • Yes , the INT setting is a biggy , my CSL DD feels to much better with it OFF . This coupled to a little NFR and 0 Nin is the key for me .

    As far as ACC is concerned . I think Kunos will slowly back track on the FFB changes , or maybe "optimise" them following the growing user complaints which will grow after the initial honeymoon period has worn off.

    Too early to give up on this great sim I think.

  • And why do I realize changes in the steering wheel when I with the dynamic attenuation games at DPR 0? ... If dynamic damping on 0 position is no attenuation and the steering wheel is very easy and counterlaph not possible ... if I leave you to 100 If damping is present and mobile ... so quite this can not be voted that in DPR 0 the dynamic damping without function is ... and the difference one feels clear

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    The in game Dynamic Damper uses the Wheels DPR channel. When you have set DPR on the wheel to 0... well.. then the in game Dynamic Damper has absolutely zero effect other than placebo. ;)

  • Ok anyone with FFB problems I recommend you delete the AC2 folder in appdata and temporarily remove the ACC folder in docs to see if that fixes the issue.

  • But that's a pretty strong placebo effect ... Will it continue tasting and testing ...

    The ACC 1.8 was dampened so much was largely on the driver 431 + firmware ... I'm back to 428 + firmware and it feels much better ... Details of the understeer, courses are back and the steering is back and the steering is back Crunchy and agile ...

  • see comment in driver thread. I think you didnt used NDP and other Damper related settings on the same level. For me there is pretty much no difference in feel between 429 and 431 Firmwares.

  • OO, I read on Reddit that a couple of guys using Logi g29's or similar noticed a difference in detail (better detail) if they deleted (or moved out) the acc folder in "my documents" and allowed the sim to rebuild on the next launch. I haven't tried it yet and they didn't know which file actually caused the change but with the folder gone, career data, controller settings and custom liveries all go. So if anyone tries it, keep a copy and drop it back in if it doesn't work.

    proceed with caution....

  • NDP was at 431 and 428 off and the feeling is at 428 is a better ... if I now turn on NDP only the steering a little heavier but remain the details ... at 431 were the details away and NDP was off

  • Then some other setting must have been different. As said I feel literally zero difference in FFB between the two.

  • Sorry Felipe, I didn't see your post as i've just written pretty much the same thing. May try this later....

  • Can confirm that removing acc folder from "my documents" changes ffb feel with prior settings back in place and no change on wheelbase. But with that folder removed, it's like starting a fresh game. All input settings need to be put back in, driver name, etc.

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    Road effects is for non-DD wheels. Not recommended for direct drive bases.

    I forget where it is but you should be able to just delete the controls folder maybe?

  • I actually enjoy the lumps and bumps on the DD1. It feels more immersive to me. Since the 1.8 update though, the road effect setting is pretty useless because track textures seem to have been lessened or removed. I'm noticing a tile just before turn 1 at Monza where tyre marks appear very abruptly. This happened a few biulds back. I'm wondering if Kunos are using an older track model now.

    With regards to changing the FFB feel by removing the folder, it really doesn't matter at the moment. It's a sharper more detailed feel of something that doesn't have much feel since 1.8 dropped. I've put it all back again.

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