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  • Bump. Any updates for the Clubsport DD?

  • Any recommended settings for the ClubSport DD?

  • No update for the new Fanatec wheelbases yet?

  • Yes, please and thank you for CS DD recommended settings for iRacing.

  • Still nothing yet? Havent these wheel bases been out for a couple months now?

  • The forums seem to have been neglected in being updated with settings for new bases and new games. WRC and Forza still don't have updated sections of their own or settings. The DD and DD+ don't seem to have any settings posted.

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    We need recommended settings for the DD and DD+

    For iracing, forza, assetto and others!


  • Update for CS DD & DD+ ?


  • MikstaMiksta Member

    It would be great at least to get a base idea on where to start...

    Do we go off DD1/DD2 settings or build on the DD Pro ones??

  • Can someone point me to Maurice’s profiles? I really appreciate it

  • It’s now near the end of March… and still nothing yet. I’m starting to regret sticking with Fanatec. This company doesn’t seem to be in touch with its community anymore. It’s a damn shame.

  • It is possible that Fanatec has not found a better setting than the ones that are included in the default factory ones. I have to admit that I am happy with the way the wheel feels right out of the box. However if they do have updated settings I surely will try them.

  • Any recommended settings for the ClubSport DD+?

  • Could we get some updated settings for DD+?

  • mamma mia!!! for DD+ ??? and Fw 457??? lose???

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    and reccomended setting for iracing, ac, acc etc fanalab for DD+? mamma mia!!!!!!! :(

  • hello, today i drive my first 4 rounds in acc... i take the dd1 settings from fanalab.. i tested the nürburgring... but i think,, the curbs are feel to low... in acc you feel them more powerfull,,, ore the metalstrips on the left ore right side... what i have to change,, do you have any idea

  • Does @Dominic Brennan still work at Fanatec? Should this thread be considered dead? I was hoping that recommended settings for the DD+ would be provided but it doesn't seem there's much activity here.

  • Suggest CSL DD settings as a start point .....then personal choice after that. (however, I have not seen the need to move a large way from these)

    Set iRacing FFB "Wheel Force" to 12Nm or 15Nm as appropriate for CS DD or CS DD+

    Adjust slider above this to modulate the force level that you are comfortable with. (can be adjusted 'in game' via the F9 black box)

    Note: this slider can display "Strength" or "Max Force" (Click on the label to change)

    Lower Strength value = higher "Max Force" values

    Changing this slider will alter the range or scale of the forces that the sim will calculate before final scaling to your "Wheel Force"

    It may sound counter intuitive, but increasing the sim scale, will reduce the forces sent to your wheel.

    There is a iracing forum document titled "Force Feedback and Setting it up" , may help

  • 2024 Season 3 Release Notes


    • The latest Fanatec FullForce API has been enabled.

    Great news for CS DD and CS DD+ owners !!!

  • Correction.

    ....maybe ina later patch ????

    Post from Maurice Böschen

    Was a mistake in the release notes.

    FullForce is NOT enabled for members yet with todays Season 3 update.

  • I was at MicroCenter the other day and they had a Logitech display to demonstrate TRUEFORCE and TBH it felt a little gimmickier than I had hoped.

    Albeit it was a predetermined sample it just was weird to feel engine vibration through the wheel and came across a bit amateurish.

    Hope iRacing uses it wisely.

  • Based on the test samples in the 457 Fanatec Control panel almost no info ;-) take on Fullforce is that it will add an instrument to the orchestra ...not replace the whole show.

    I guess it will add some extra sense of immersion. A bit like a bass-seat-shaker don't always notice it while driving ....but if you take it away notice something is missing ....immediately !!

  • Clubsport DD and DD+ iracing settings pls!!!

  • I'ts my first time playing i-racing, but I can't understand how to config my wheel buttons at i-racing, can someone help? thanks in advance

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