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  • Hello all. I have unboxed my new DD1 and had this bolt included (as well as the M6x20 cylinder head bolt for the simplified quick release). This particular bolt is not mentioned in the "what's included" diagram of the quick guide or the manual. My question: what is this used for? Many thanks!

  • This looks like a bolt for ClubSport Quick Release Adapter.

  • Hristo Goshev 4:04AM

    Gary YewellAug 1, 2021


    Hello all. I have unboxed my new DD1 and had this bolt included (as well as the M6x20 cylinder head bolt for the simplified quick release). This particular bolt is not mentioned in the "what's included" diagram of the quick guide or the manual. My question: what is this used for? Many thanks!

    Better hold onto that then! Thanks Hristo!

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Gary,

    Hristo is correct, this is an optional bolt that comes with all wheels that use the metal QR. However, due to the position of the rubber gasket on the Podium wheel base QR shaft, the standard bolt (that comes with the wheels) isn't quite long enough to reach the threaded hole, which is why we include it with the Podium wheel base packages (the M6 bolt for the original simplified QR is also slightly longer than the bolt included with those older CSL wheels).

    The longer bolt for the metal QR was not originally included in the Podium wheel base packages, which is why it is missing from the QGs and manuals. However I have reported this and we will update them, so thank you for pointing that out!

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • First of all, I apologize if my query was already discussed in the past. My problem is: The angle of the PodiumDD2 mounted on a DOF Reality H3 platform is perfectly flat, the wheel is perpendicular to the floor, and is not realistic, nor comfortable. Is there any option to purchase a some sort of bracket that has some angle options?

    Any information on this would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Naotoshi, the only brackets we offer that have some angle adjustment are the Podium Mounting Brackets, which aren't suitable in your case. There might be solutions from third party manufacturers, or you may need to fabricate something yourself.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • I do have a small feature request if possible down the line, and this might be useful for all. An 'auto off' if no activity is detected for wheelbases. Not sure if that's actually possible, but sometimes I'd like to just hit shutdown on the PC and just walk away. I have only had the base just over a week so if there is something like that in it already, I'd like to know! Thanks!

  • My DD2 wheel base is shutting down mid game out of nowhere... I've seen some people reporting similar bugs, any ideas?

  • I bought a used DD1. It didn't come with a torque key. I didn't see them listed available for sale. Can you purchase them?

  • hi guys,

    looking forward to sell my fanatec DD1 and clubsport pedal v3, i live in Cyprus can ship to any location in the world. both for 1600€

  • So there's no way to set the endstop to simply stop and not bounce back?

  • Uh, that's unfortunate, with some cars with low degree of rotations when you have to negotiate tight and low speed corners you have to use all of the steering angle and that kick back is really a pain, maybe in a future driver release the devs can let us choose between the bouncing endstop and a solid one?

  • I am trying to submit this to Support via the main site, but it can't go through. It tells me to enter a subject and it erases all my info.

    I have tried multiple times to upload this message to "Support".  Every time it tells me to enter a subject.....This is hopefully the last time. I downloaded and installed Driver 423.  When I started the driver it did not detect the wheel.  I uninstalled 423 and reinstalled 415 but it still did not recognize the wheel.  Until last night I could use it without issue (well, there is a Fanalab issue, but it is a different thing).  I uninstalled 415 and reinstalled 423 and the problem persisted.  (I unplugged the wheel and restarted the computer every time).  I then discovered that the driver can see the Comp Mode V2.5.  At that stage my Wheel Base motor was on Version 40 and there was an update available.  I had some trouble to do the install, but I manually flushed and reinstalled version 41 successfully.  I then tried it out in one game (Assetto Corsa Competizione) and found that it see the wheel and the pedals.  I had to reprogram the buttons because, although it saw it as a Podium wheel it did not recognize some of the buttons.  So, for now I can limp along and use it as an imitation of the CSW wheel, but I need a solution for it to be properly used.  I made a video to show some of the stuff.  Hope it helps.  Video Link: https://youtu.be/93Z-_VCA-Ws

  • I have a question. Can one connect the CSPv2 to the DD2, because the CSPv2 doesn't have a RJ12 socket but rather a PS/2 one?

    I am asking because it is claimed that one should use the RJ12 cable supplied with the DD2, but that doesn't work in this case. So I am puzzled.

  • Fanatec offers a PS2/RJ12 cable which let's you connect outdated pedals to the new bases, yes.

  • Not exactly what I was asking, as I still have such a cable that came with the CSWv2 and CSWv1. So i'll see what I'll do. For now I'll have it on USB which I know works.

  • edited December 2021

    Mhm? Thats exactly what you was asking!

    Yes, you can connect CSP v2 to a DD2 by buying the PS2/RJ12 cable which Fanatec offers. Wasnt that your exact question?!

  • Doh! You're right. In my mind I originally added that I got the cable adapter from the CSWv2 and thus was refering to that, but I guess I never included that fact reading back.

    To quote Charles LeClerc "I am stupid" 😅

    So could that cable be used as well or would I really need that other cable you guys are selling?

  • In the US is it really a wait until July 18th 2022 for the podium racing wheel F1? I really want to purchase one for GT7 but don't think I want to wait over half a year. Is there a chance that the US store opens up before that? or can I order from the EU store and pay extra for shipping? Not really seeing any resellers in the US either.


  • You can only buy from the regional shop you live in.

    And yes, the shipping dates are accurate, caused by the worldwide microchip crisis.

    I also eventually have to wait for my new real car until 2023 if things dont get better anytime soon.. :/

  • That's a huge bummer since Fanatec is the only DD that works with PlayStation.

  • Luke JenningsLuke Jennings Member
    edited December 2021

    Hi everyone, got a dd2 2 weeks ago, had been loving it until last night when it completely spazzed out on me and is no longer working at all

    Updated to 429 driver and updated firmware all was good next day rolls around and turn it on fans stuck on 100% no force feedback whatsoever

    So I tried redoing the firmware a few times with no luck at all

    When you go to calibrate it now it gets halfway through then free spins with an error message on the screen saying wheel rotation exceeded limit please restart wheelbase

    On the temperature readout the fan is stuck at 3900rpm and both motor temps now read 0

    On the last attempt of reflashing I got a failure for the wireless quick release

    So basically I have a $2500 paperweight that probably won't get fixed until after Christmas at this rate

    Ironic that i sold my trusty v2.5 hours before this happened as well so no racing for me over the holidays by the looks of it

    Anyone know of any fixes to get it working again while i wait for support to pull their finger out beyond pissed off that this has happened in like 2 weeks of receiving it. Should have just brought a simucube instead

  • @Luke Jennings

    I have had the exact same issue but with DD1. I am now presented upon merely turning on the unit a brief cycle and then the Fanatec pop up stating Wireless Quick Release issue.

    Im stuck in an endless loop.

  • Same here ! Dd1 worked all good, and now the loop when starting with the qr wireless update...

  • I'm hoping someone can help me out with a few Fanatec newbie questions. I've had a full set up in the shopping cart for a month now, and I'm not sure if I have everything I need.

    I currently have an Xbox X, and plan on purchasing a PC by summer of 2022. Purchasing everything at once is a bit much.

    In the Fanatec shopping cart is:

    Base: DD1

    Pedals: Clubsport V3 inverted

    Clubsport Shifter SQ V 1.5

    Wheel: Porsche Podium Wheel GT3 cup leather

    -Clubsport Universal Hub V2 fur Xbox

    -Podium button module endurance

    QR1 Wheel-side (clubsport quick release adapter)

    1. Can someone tell me if I have everything I need to use on the Xbox X?
    2. Will need to add anything once I do purchase a PC?
    3. Do I need a PC to update the firmware prior to using on the Xbox X or to change settings on any of the devices? I currently only have an old Macbook and probably won't have access to a PC until summer 2022.

    I'm also ordering a GT-Omega Prime cockpit or a Trak-Racer TR8-S3 to mount everything on.

    I used to have a Thrustmaster TX , T3PA Pro pedals, and the shifter along with a GT Omega wheel stand which WAS fine 5 years ago, but would like to level up my sim racing experience.

  • Hi all,

    I'm looking for a bit of advice. I've had a CSW v2 for years and I've now ordered a DD1. While I wait for stock to become available and the order to be dispatched, I've started worrying that maybe the DD1 won't be strong enough for me. The problem is I don't know anyone in real life who has a DD1 and there is nowhere I can go to try one. I'm expecting the DD1 to be a bit more than twice as strong and the CSW based on the fact that the DD1 has 15nm of holding torque and the CSW v2 has about 7nm of torque (but not sure how much holding torque?). I don't have an interest in running extremely heavy FFB (like the 100% FFB challenges you see on youtube for example), but the CSW v2 is definitely too weak.

    Can anyone who has used both wheels (CSW v2 and DD1) tell me about their experience and perhaps provide some advice?

    Btw I predominantly race closed wheel cars in iracing (e.g. GT4, 992 cup) and ACC.


  • Will a DD1 or DD2 only wheel base be available to support the PS4/5 anytime soon?

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