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    Okay, nice.

    Maby I have to save that complete web page just in case if I have problems under warranty after two years ☺️

    I thought you could edit to correct one also to my account "My products" where is also all serial numbers for stuff which I have bought (4000eur at this year!)

    btw, I don´t see any option to extend warranty for DD1 to 5 years. At Podium DD1 webshop page.

    How much you take for it, those two extra years?

    Also I just can´t understand why there is not such option for PS4 version of base, it´s same base 😯

  • Because of licencing with Sony as its not the same base... ;)

    2 extra warranty years have cost 100 or 200€ I think where it was available, but I see its no longer an option on the DD1 indeed, most likely another website issue I think.

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    Okay, I would pay 100eur for extra two year warranty but this is what it is.

    I´m at EU webshop.

    I understand license things with Sony, but...well, I just hope it works with PS5 or next thing is to buy PC.

    And F1 2020 for PS4, never came...I think I have earned it with all my euros put to your account 😉

  • @Maurice,

    Re the DD1 wheel vibration - do you know if the vibration amount is the same for all units, or does it vary unit by unit or with firmware, or potentially even with fluctuations in a home's AC power supply?

    I also wonder if there are some wheels that amplify the effect, while others might dampen it?

  • Got my Podium Racing Wheel F1 today and works just fine!

    Is it possible turn off OLED-display?

    I mean screensaver, OLED-displays are sensitive to burn-in so those who have used DD-base longer, is there any burned marks on display?

    Plastic safety pin for longer storage, there´s not any.

    1800eur bundle and not plastic 0.0001eur pin included 😀

    But thanks for quick delivery, I´m happy new DD-base owner 👌

    btw, support changed manually warranty time to correct 3 years for base, thx!

  • No, not possible, it's always on.

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    Okay, maby something what could think about with future firmwares...dimming or auto off specially with default Fanatec screen.

    However I´m not sure is that problem, but with OLED panel mobilephones and TV´s static pixels could and affect burn-in after hundreds/thousands of usage hours.

  • I have DD1 with podium-steering-wheel-r300, this has dual adjustable button clusters. I want to change to v2.5 compatibility mode. How do I do that? I searched around but couldn't find the button combo. Can this be done in the software (FanaLab) somewhere?

    Wheel: https://fanatec.com/us-en/steering-wheels/podium-steering-wheel-r300


  • Thats not possible, you need another Fanatec wheel to change modes.

  • How do I know which wheel supports this? Now I have to shell out for an entire wheel just for this one thing, seems a bit too much. This would be a feed back to Fanatec. If this could be made available in the FanaLab would be awesome. And also the docs should mention this glaring short coming.

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    Every Wheel can change modes, the only wheel which cant is the Podium R300 because it only has two button clusters which dont have the requiered buttons and the Podium Hub on its own.

    There is no option in FanaLab, at least not anytime soon.

    But, for what reason you wanna change to Comp Mode anyway?

  • I wanted to play Forza Horizon 4, so wanted to change it to Comp V2.5 mode. I was checking the endurance module https://fanatec.com/us-en/accessories/steering-wheel-accessories/podium-button-module-endurance.

    What is the key combo for this? Is it mentioned anywhere in the docs?

  • The BME can properly change the Modes, yes.

  • My power brick for the Podium DD1 now stays with the fans on all the time even on the next morning after shutting down the wheel ? is this normal ?

  • I wonder if there is a threshold for the "amount" of vibration though. My rims do vibrate (and it actually starts as soon as I start placing the rim onto the shaft) but its very very faint and especially with gloves I cant really feel it at all, only when I focus. So it doesnt really bother me.

    But I've seen a video of a guy putting a phone on a rim, not ingame, and it literally started shaking. Which I definitely wouldnt consider completely normal.

  • What the guy showed in the video were not the vibrations coming from the Motor / Anti-Cogging-Alghorithm but was an issue with the vibration motors of the steering wheels which were damaged and always vibrated.

  • Hi there !

    Sorry if teh question has already been asked but was motor is used at the moment in the DD1 ? Is it still the same as the DD2 ? Can't find the info on the product page...

  • It will always be the DD2 motor, the development for a special DD1 motor stopped.

    If there will be a DD1 motor at some point, it will be clearly marked in the product name.

  • Thx for the clarification. So is there any point in getting the DD2 apart from the extra 5nm?

  • Yes.

    • 2 years more warranty
    • Kill Switch included
    • Carbon Fiber Side Plates
    • faster acceleration because of more torque and different electronics
  • Thx again

    I'm reading this post and i see a lot of people complaining from vibration and cogging.

    That's putting me off a bit tbh....

    I'm coming from a Csl elite PS4 that I find super smooth. I'm looking for more realistic an detailed FFB. I only play iracing.

    I'm afraid to be disappointed with issues I did not have with my CSL...

  • A belt driven wheel will alweys be smoother than any direct drive wheel.

    But the Fanatec DDs have very low Torque ripple and therefore very little Cogging. You can only be happy with an upgrade, it's almost impossible to be disappointed..

  • Arnaud, the vibration and cogging are both noticeable and annoying.

    That said, you have to grip the wheel firmly to feel the vibration and it's picked up more in the palms of your hands than anywhere else.

    The Cogging really only shows up when you transition the wheel from a standstill to motion - for example on a long straight away, you might want to make a very small steering correction, so you'll move the wheel a tiny bit and it may feel like it's in a notch. It's never so pronounced as to keep you from making the small correction. It's also worth noting that if you need to rotate the wheel say 180 degrees to make a turn, you won't feel any notching during the rotation - the resistance you feel is constant throughout the turn - it feels very good in that regard.

    I balance my sim time between racing and truck sim titles and all this is much more apparent on the truck sims - where long stretches of sim-driving are spent going straight.

    During sim racing, I forget about both of these entirely most of the time, only on straight sections do these things come into play and if there are a handful of turns one after another, I can often forget about it completely.

    There are some nice advantages to a DD wheel, and it's unfortunate that they are offset by these disadvantages, but it seems to be the state of technology at the moment - I've researched other wheelbases and found that this isn't unique to just Fanatec - and of course no other wheelbase vendor has the assortment of wheel rims, the ease of setup, etc.

    In short, for iracing, I bet you'd really like the DD1 and the vibration and cogging wouldn't be that much of an issue for you. I'm hopeful that the additional detail above is helpful in your decision process, if it is, please let me know in the comments.

    • Jack

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    Thx Jack for this precious feedback.

    To be noted I use a F1 carbon rim as I mostly drive GTEs and GT3. And I wear gloves when driving.

    I wish I could test a DD before purchase because it's hard to know if the benefits are worth the drawbacks over my Csl elite...

    Yeah and I forgot I use bass shakers on my rig so there is already some vibrations coming from everywhere lol

  • What driver do you guys recommend?

    My DD1 has already been delivered!

    I'm not home yet but want to know what to do when I get my hands on it !

    Thx again

  • Ok last one then !

  • Any suggested settings with this one for iracing?

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