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  • So we're stuck buying the Podium F1 Package? Why not put the PS security chip in every wheel base, then this would support all platforms? How much can that chip really cost? Would that not make it easier to manufacture one wheel base for all?

  • Sony is idiotic company in its actions... I will never forgive them how they forced to drop support on PS4 back in days.

    Another thing, there have been lately many posts about problems with DD1(and CSL DD), are there now certain amount of clearly faulty units made, or is it just coincidence?

    And other thing about DD1, it's has been out few years now, has there been any changes in its electronics etc?

  • Good Morning

    During the Daytona 24 at 16 hours into the event my wheel suddenly seized up in centered position. With a large force it would clunk on the gear left or right but no flash messages or error message on Fanalab. I powered it down and up with no issue but wanted to check if this happened due to having the wheel base on for 16 hours straight?

    is there a recommended max run time before powering it down to cool down?

    Podium DD2

    Porsche Wheel with Podium HUB with Podium Endurance Button Module

    Driver 434

    Fanalab 1.61.3

    Thanks for your time.


  • Please Fanatec response to the Podium DD1 users with the driver 434 problems.

  • ?

    Which problems?

    Everything is being discussed in the driver Threads, not here.

  • I did make a discussion about the problem inside the wheel bases and racing wheels. And nobody give a response But i will post my message there.

    Don’t get me wrong, but when i order this kind of equipment. The only thing i want to do is racing. Not frustrate me if the wheel keeps working yes or no. I think its normal feeling if i spend this amount of money.

  • When you have issues with a specific driver you need to report them in the official Feedback thread for the driver.

    That's the only place which is monitored by Fanatec Staff regulary and therefore the only place where you can expect an answer.

  • I did post my problem the only thing they don’t respond eighter. My patience is running out.

  • Im really upset like Mike Raven

    As i bought a $1800 dolars product, I just expecte this one, to no have problems. My DD1 podium for playstation is being a really frustrating experience in the 1st month of usage

    Driver 434, in GT Sport, sometimes stops working, sometimes when pitting in a race, my ffb gets a lot weaker automatically (Even in PS4/5 or Comp modes). Thats insane guys... An high end product like this one, should works like a charm and better... even more with the newest drivers.

    Hoping Fanatec to work on these problems, not just for me, but for a lot of users that is relating problems with the Podium DD1 for playstation.

  • hello ! my dd1 ps4 base has started to emit this sound that comes from the fan. I have tried to clean the dust by blowing with my mouth, I have put it up and now it seems that it does not sound. could it be that you have a problem? a greeting


  • I have a DD1 and its new within a year. I have maybe 10 hours on it. I use a Nascar Rim on it mostly and when I boot it up its on low torque, so I turn the wheel to the right until the loading bar goes up, it switches to high torque and the wheel then re-centers itself. Everything Good.....BUT NOW when I turn the wheel and it switches to High torque, the wheel does not re-center itself and even though it says high torque at the top, the wheel feels like it has very low FFB and I have to turn it WAY up (way more than normal)....almost like its on low torque???

    Any ideas and any help is greatly appreciated....I checked and everything is up to date.

  • Sounds like it's working as intended now and was broken before because the wheel should stay in place without returning to center after you accepted the High Torque message, so that's fine and as designed.

    If it returned to center previously that indicated that there was a USB issue previously so the center spring was 100% active all the time which of course also results in a mich different and stronger FFB but that's not how it should be at all.

  • ok, I understand what your saying (although hard to imagine it was broken for almost a year and then something fixed itself) but why does it feel so light even on high torque? and I mean almost NO FFB at all....spins like a thrustmaster t100

  • Hi Guys

    I hope this is the right page to post this, but is anyone having issues with connectivity to F1 2021? I have a GT DD Pro with F1 wheel adaption.

    Sometimes it does not conect to the game but is connected to the PS5. Not sure what to do about it as all the firmware is up to date.

    Any help would be amazing!!


  • Are the lead times on the Podium Racing Wheel F1, the PS compatible one really that far out on backorders? (July 18th). I'm in the US, I settled for the GT DD Pro but would really like to get the former.

  • Well I thought I'd ask because at the time of ordering the GT DD Pro bundle it showed some items backordered until April but that has since disappeared and now all items are in stock and ready to ship. Just wondering if I take the gamble; order and hope it ships sooner than later.

  • Hi Guys,

    Hope some of you can help me. I have a F1 steering wheel PS4 podium. I have to press "OK" to confirm the high torque. So I put the wheel op 90 Degrees for it to confirm (there doesnt seem to be a button to press ok, pressed everything). I can see a bar loading up........but instead of confirming when it is loaded to the end the bar just starts loading again.

    It is really frustrating since everything works but I can`t enable High Torque (with dongle insert) because the stupid thing doenst let me click OK on the warning haha.

    Drivers all have the latest update. Hope you guys can help me.

  • edited March 2022

    Podium Racing Wheel F1 moved to "sold out" status, does that mean no longer being made for US and only available in EU until they run out of stock?

  • My paddle shift nor my sequential shifter doesn't always change gears. intermittently the gears just don't change, even after continually trying repeatedly 4 or 5 time. It seems to be getting worse too. Please some one help me out, I have cleaned the contacts etc.

  • Is there any chance in the future you will sell only the Podium base for PC/PS or with a different wheel?

    The F1 wheel looks fantastic but i dont want it.

    Podium base for PC/PS with a GT wheel would be awesome.

  • I have no idea but I think that's extremely unlikely.

  • Just a tiny question how do I clean the platic part on top of the CSW 2.5? It sticky. Dusty. I can't seem to clean it properly.

  • Hello everyone,

    I don't know if I post in the right section but would you have a good setting for the DD1 podium on Gran Turismo 7 (v.1.16) + v3 pedal settings.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Are there any plans to add additional force feedback tuning options? In particular I feel like static force reduction is a setting that would greatly help certain sim titles like Assetto Corsa, specifically in reducing the harsh and agressive high end forces. FEI sort of works but it also effects low end forces and makes the wheel feel lazy.

    Also curious about adding any bumpstop adjustability.

  • Greeting,

    I have the new podium F1 wheel base for the PlayStation and have have connected to my PS5 but it’s not being detected.

    1) The wheel base is set to PS4/PS5 mode

    2) all firmware update

    3) USB cable checked and working fine

    The wheel base is turned on and I’m able to scroll through the tuning menu but that’s it nothing else

    What do I need to do to get this working on my PS5 I’ve been waiting to play F1 2022 for months since I pre ordered it


  • You need to press the PS button to assign the controller to your PSN account.

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