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  • Great, an update is another update to come. Will this incoming update be another message about an upcoming update. Ordered 2.5x and dd 5NM and v2 pedals on the 24.11 from the UK joke of a company get it sorted out honestly

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    Did they remove the Shipping update - 2 blog entry? I can't find it anymore as a blog entry, but I can access from my notifications.

    Edit: found it, was a bit lower on the blog list

  • Quel Bordel ! 😅🤣😂

  • What about the DD+?

    I spent more money with you this year than I intended to. By ordering the DD+, I converted all my wheels to QR2. Currently, I can only use one wheel because I returned the QR1. On Black Friday, I thought I didn't need to buy the QR2 Base-Side (Type-C) since my DD+ was coming soon. Thank you Fanatec, you have my money, I have invested in you. And you kick us in the ass. We have a right to information about the DD+.

    I'm from Germany and my DD+ was supposed to be shipped on December 12th

  • If QR1 is the problem then please send me my order without it. I have spare QR1 that I can use. My order number is 1829092

  • Honestly there should be a class action lawsuit against this company.

    1. They choose not to reply to individual customers at all keeping us in complete dark. Now they have even disabled the contact forum. All it says is captcha error. This is done on purpose too they don't get any more responses.
    2. They keep saying they have backlog but for new order it still says ready to ship and people who ordered in December are getting their orders.
    3. They should have mentioned before ordering that for pre order items they don't ship until all items are in stock. People with preorder items are stuck with no option to make changes to order or shipping items early that are in stock.

    Can Fanatec think about people who ordered their first ever sim gear and have to wait endlessly not knowing when their parts will be in stock and when they will be shipped.

    TBH this company made me cry multiples items because I had waited for BF deals for months and when I finally secured the deal, I am scared that either the order will be cancelled or I will never get what I paid for and wasted months dreaming about getting the items.

    Fanatec you don't deserve to be in business.

  • Guys. MIne is a Christmas gift for my son so please….

  • Out of principle, if my order is not received by Friday 22nd December, i will cancel the order and claim a refund.

  • Buon pomeriggio..scrivete che avete terminato di evadere gli ordini effettuati il 24/ l'ordine (numero 1841683) l'ho effettuato proprio il 24/11 ma non è stato evaso,anzi,non ho nemmeno ricevuto il tracking...tra gli articoli ordinati c'è anche il volante v 2.5x,di cui leggevo probabilmente siete rimasti scusate,perchè quando ho effettuato l'ordine,lo dava disponibile?? non avrebbe dovuto essermi bloccato il proseguimento dell'ordine invece di arrivare al pagamento?? io posso anche capire la gran mole di ordini effettuati,ma un'azienda come Fanatec,deve essere pronta a farne fronte e non aver ricevuto nemmeno una comunicazione da parte vostra se non le risposte automatiche via email,beh,non è proprio il massimo.

    Resto in attesa di vostre informazioni,anche se leggendo tutti i messaggi negativi qui sul blog,dubito che ne avrò.


  • I put back the link for my form for orders Canceled

  • Ordered the 2.5x dd, 5NM and pedals on the 24/11, UK based.

    The last blog update is not worth the paper it’s written on. The customer service is egregious, communication is on-sided and completely out of touch with customer sentiment.

    We are not interested in how many units (400) you have shipped, that means nothing.

    People are reasonable, customers are asking for transparency, which we have are not getting.

    According to the latest board of shareholders’ meeting (check URL below), black Friday was a success. Orders totalled 27M euro, that’s almost a 50% increase on last year.

    Therefore, I can only conclude production issues in combination with inadequate and immature logistics systems are crippling the business operations.

    Unless influencers and sponsors or those with the platforms to do so call out these poor practices, these behaviours will continue unchecked.

    James, in future please ask your masters to provide meaningful updates. To date, the communication has been borderline deception. All we want is the truth, which would allow us to make informed decisions on what to do next.

  • this update of joke decide me

    out fanatec

    welcome Moza

    keep your devices in your office , i don't need it (sterring wheel 2.5)

  • Hello,

    My 22/11 order is still blocked in the "The order is in process" status.

    The QR2 Wheel Side which was available when ordering moved to preorder Dec, 15th, then preorder Jan 5th and finally preorder Jan 3rd.

    Now you say that nothing will be done before Jan 10th. What a mess

  • 3 days of business backlog is a very precise statement. Worst case scenario it means that in 5 days they will ship EU orders from 24th of november until today. I really want to trust their statment.... We'll see :/

  • Not to mention that

    This volume still includes orders from Black Friday until now.

    But there are many many orders prior 24th of november that are not considered in these 3 business days.... what about them? Left to rot?

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  • I have been waiting 22 days for my order, and I am getting no response from customer support. I need an update on this order PLEASE.

    Order Date: 21 Nov 2023 23:31:00

    Order No: 1811690

    We really need some assurances!

  • Please assist with my order. I ordered on the 22nd of November. I received verification that my order is being processed on the 28th but I have not yet received any information. I spent 1,300 on the most premium bundle. I still want it but I will file a dispute with my credit card if I do not hear back. Please help.

    Amin Kavehzadeh Order No.: 1817340

  • Closed the week of new year for “annual inventory”—- that says a whole hell of a lot right there. It’s no wonder you fools are having so much trouble. Perhaps inventory weekly or monthly like damn near every other company does when they’re not trying to hide illicit activity.

    Or at the very least sync your webshop stock with the post-sale warehouse stock instead of listing inventory that was sold months ago and is just now on its way to you from manufacturing as available.

  • Hello Fanatec crew,

    Did Australia and Japan suddenly disappear from the earth? We don't have any news since BF sales in Nov. I would like to say , there are also lots of Sim-fans in Japan, China, Korea and other aisian countries. However Fanatec's sales service ( pre- and post-) really sucks, compared to Thrustmaster and Logitech. Of course I think Fanatec's products are with better quality than aforementioned vendors, but it's foreseeable that what you did in this BF really disappointed your fans, and will also frighten potential users away.

    I placed my orders on 23 Nov including universal hub for XBOX, APM and Porsche wheel rim with the order# 1821XXX, until now the status is still "completely shipped" without any tracking number. Also I heard about some people in the EU region received emails being informed that this kind of orders has been cancelled. However as mentioned before, customers in Japan and Austrilia seem totally not important to Fanatec and are not even informed about the order status even 3 goddamn BF update blogs are posted.

    Hope the Fanatec crew take it seriously.

  • @Zeljko - I know DHL transfers delivery to HP which is terrible. But UPS deliver their packages by themself. By the way, I was contacted today by UPS for delivery of one package. Ofcourse I was not on location, nor I will be untill monday.

  • I strongly hope that at least they'll fix the warranty starting date. AT LEAST that, after all this shitshow.

  • wow ... inventory every week. That is impressive.

    You clearly run a belly shop ;-)

    To be clear: The fanatec show, we all "enjoy" is a desaster (an I asume it is for the fanatec staff, too and hopefully for their management!)

    But I think inventory once every few months or even once per year is pretty normal. But clearly you have to have at least some synchronization between the warehouse and the shop. And that is obviously one of the main problems here. And it is beyond me, how a company, which is 100% dependent on the sales in their online shop can manage this so badly!

  • US customer here. Ordered all in stock merchandise on November 23 and the order went to “completely shipped on November 25. Since then nothing. I have a FedEx account and get notified even when a label is created and have not seen any information regarding this order. Order is 3 weeks old today.

    Why such a delay for my order compared to others that ordered after me but have received product? Are orders not processed in order?

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    After all this shitshow will not be your money and fanatec.

    For this your money will be in the Caribbean ... with the boss Fanatec.

    If someone is still wondering, better let them report a chargeback quickly

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