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  • Thomas,

    for those of us that have our dd+ in transit, would it be possible to arrange a return of the dd+ and we pay the difference in price and cover shipping and have a dd+ extreme sent out? Could we arrange this?

    I think this would be a good solution to this issue and keeps us all happy.

    i have sent an email via the webshop asking if such a deal is possible, not sure what will happen with the import fees I’ve already paid but if you can accommodate this solution I think it’s perfectly acceptable to both parties.

    thankyou for your consideration of this matter

  • Jaime, you should consider making a separate order for the handbrake or you will wait until the middle of May for your entire order

  • That's great to hear Tomas,

    I think you and your team can find a lot of value in these forums, despite the state they are currently in.

    It's easy to see your products have a lot of fandom, and a lot of customers in need of a better support experience for those products.

    Tracking the Clubsport DD and DD+ release on this forum holds a lot of customer data. I really look forward to a consolidated experience in the future.

  • The recent comments from Thomas have been so significant that they have led me to stop considering whether I should abandon the Fanatec ecosystem. I thought it was a very unfair move to release the DD Extreme and not allow us to cancel the DD+, but if they allow me to cancel it through a ticket, and according to him, that will be the case, then everything is fine. It is extremely important to listen to customers, and after months, I believe they are finally doing so

  • Hello @Thomas, could you please let me know if the offer of the 25% voucher linked to the cancellation of delayed formula v2.5x is still available ? I’ve been reaching out to support for weeks about that, and I’m only waiting for this answer to pull the trigger on a massive order !

    Many thanks, and enjoy the rest of your weekend !

  • This will be interesting.

  • I agree.

    It will take some time for us to find out if it all comes together. But let's hope for the best.

    It will be an interesting "year" to watch what changes they make.

  • I strongly advise everyone to go ahead and cancel their DD+ orders! Please get your versions with the toy steering wheels included instead. In this case I will not have to wait that long to get my DD+ shipped. I appreciate the support! 😇

  • @chin Wei Ren

    I also had the problem on Black Friday. I learned in the forum that this is a bug in the store, which unfortunately affects many accounts. Like many others, I had to create a new account, otherwise no payment methods were accepted. This problem has been around for quite a long time, but it will not be solved. Create a new account and try to make the purchase there. Good luck.

  • Ha, wonder when he will realise that sim racing = playing with toys. Best not burst his bubble. :-)

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    The wheel looks cheap and QR2 light for the price..don't regret my choice of DD+ only

    Hope my order will be very soon ship, all products were in stock when I order except DD+ so I hope this time not to be disappointed again (when I see Formula V2.5 sold out actually I'm scared...please not the same that for Formula V2.5x)

    Other thing what about guarantee extension because I have pedals V3 for more than 2 months and never tested it because of all the drama ?

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator
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    Hi Adam,

    First, we want to say that we had passed on your feedback with Customer Care regarding your CS DD+ order. You should see the tracking information in your customer account.

    We’d like to give some background information regarding your points. We are aware that Customer support has been terribly slow since before Black Friday and we’re looking for solutions including the hiring of more staff. Concerning serial numbers: they are only required if you need technical assistance. For all other requests, the serial numbers are not necessary. Thank you also for the feedback concerning the broken contact form, we’ll fix that. Regarding changing orders: Orders are linked to shipping costs, taxes and much more. Our current system is simply not able to make appropriate adjustments (e.g. chargebacks or charging additional costs). That’s why we can only cancel existing and place new orders. Hence and due to the current limitations, we think that it’s best to put the power in the hands of the customer, when cancelling an existing and placing a new order, when so many other factors like pre-order dates need to be taken into consideration.  


    Your Fanatec Team

  • I'm in the same situation except I have Formula 2.5x with DD+. Wheel availability is March 21st, but when I ordered the whole package back in November everything was in stock.

    I really hope to see delivery this week, but at this point I'm not fully certain that Fanatec can do such basic thing as reserve a product for a customer.

  • Hi James,

    and what about my order for example ? or for many others? Thomas said you sending out DD+ as FIFO but based on many comments this is not the case it looks like. (I ordered on the 20th of October and you already sending out items from November) I am not just ordered DD+ but other things as well but everything were in stock back and forth many times, so this shouldn't be the case. Waiting for some clear info since I already sent ticket to the system without any answer.


  • Hello James, the issue is that CS DD+ orders can no longer be canceled because they are in the "Handover to warehouse" status, and even though the order hasn't been shipped, as a customer, I don't have the option to cancel it while it's in that status.

  • My first order was with the Formula 2.5x and I canceled it because end of march was too long to wait. Then I passed a new order with Formula 2.5 because it was in stock. So I hope I will not be in the same situation 2 times (hope products in stock have been keeped on the side until avaibility of the DD+)

    @Maciej Mikuc - For your case you have to wait end of march because Fanatec don't send products separately...

  • I was able to cancel my DD+ order and ordered the Extreme on Friday. Today it is handed over to warehouse. If this goes like my last 4 in-stock orders I will get the FedEx email this evening and it will be delivered tomorrow. I will be getting this long before I would have got the DD+. I had bought a used GT Pro to get through this muck of a product launch, back on Ebay as soon as the Extreme shows up. The Next Level Racing 160 rig shows up today.

  • I don't believe they hold anything aside. You should have made two separate orders.

  • ...and one of my items which had been in stock this entire time until the DD+ finally started shipping, suddenly has an availability date of 6 May on the store. I think it might be time for me to lodge a ticket to get my order moving along. The only "preorder" dates still listed in my Order are Jan 17/16 for the DD+/QR2 WS respectively.

  • Some of us are only waiting for the DD+, we got an email about change of status, and then nothing, no tracking #. I preordered November 8 (US), I thought the products have been in the warehouses already, what's the hold up? I live 50 miles from your warehouse in California, I would much rather go and get it myself, but I'm sure that's not possible huh.. My fear is that you're rolling out DDX bundles on the expense of stand-alone DD+, otherwise why are they not shipped yet?

  • I think they hold some things aside, because that F1 2023 wheel I ordered with the DD+ 11/24/23 would of been long gone by now and I got handed over to the warehouse 2/8/24

  • Exactly the same with me. "Handed over to the warehouse" for 5 days. I think they no longer have DD+ in stock and have to wait for replenishment. Unfortunately, as usual, no transparent information about the situation here either... the customers have to speculate among themselves again and wait wait wait

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    Can you please let is know what is happening in Australia. A bunch of us preordered on the 20th October. Original delivery date was Dec 12th. We were told the DD+ was shipped out to Australia many weeks ago and was waiting for the licence. 6 days ago we received the email saying you have the sony licence approved. But not one base has been shipped. Surely after the lengthy delays, Fanatec would have been desperate to appease their customers by sending some bases Immediately !! I find it mindboggling that this hasn't happened already. My order is for a standalone DD+

  • Ritchie KrayRitchie Kray Member
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    I also wonder how it can be that people who ordered the DD+ in December have already received it delivered, while there are still people who ordered in October and November have not yet received delivery... how does Fanatec please define FIFO? My order has been hanging around in the warehouse for 5 working days, while others who ordered much later have already been racing their first league... In any case, the fairness is quite different...

  • Bonjour, première commande chez fanatec , quelqu'un peut il me renseigner, m'a commande du 6 décembre avec dd+ en précommande et 6 autres articles ( en stock au moment de la commande) .Est passé le 7 février a (Remis à l'entrepôt ) comme beaucoup de monde si j'ai bien compris . Je vois dans mon compte (mes produits) que la garantie a déjà commencé ???? Et toujours pas de suivi , cela est-il normal ???

    Merci et bonne journée (belgique)

  • Dustin,

    I did the same thing. I reached out to Customer support and they suggested if I get the DD+ first, that I refuse the shipment and then purchase the GT DD extreme.

    They need to get their shit together over there. I feel like SONY got mad that they released a better PS wheelbase without getting the OK and that the solution was for them to offer a newer version of GT7 package which probably made the peeps at SONY and GT7 happy. Most likely they get licensing fees and maybe a small % of sales from the GT7 package. Just my thoughts on how this all went down for Fanatec. :)

  • Thomas, Australian DD+ pre order customers are still waiting that week. Out warranty has begun on the 7th and still no shipping information?

    please explain why we’re still all waiting.

    don’t even get me started on the mistake made on my order which probably will now delay me getting mine after the incorrect shipping debacle a few weeks ago cancelled my October preorder for a 30/1/24 order number.

  • I thought you said DD+ preorders would ship in the order they came in? The threads on reddit, especially in the USA say completely otherwise. Still waiting for mine while others with a lot higher numbers are posting theirs was delivered or in the hands of FedEx making it's way to them while mine is still label made.

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