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  • Greetings,

    Received my new CSL Elite PS4 wheel combo at the beginning of this week. I'm enjoying it so far. This evening I had a weird issue where the force feedback would all of sudden stop after a minute of racing. I powered off then on but the same would happen. I then went into the driver setup and tried the tests but it wouldn't see my wheel. It was as if it was disconnected from the wheel base. So I went to take it off but I noticed the bolt that holds it onto the shaft came loose and fell out. I connected my other wheel, F1 Carbon with a quick release, to verify and it worked like a charm. I then went back to the stock GT wheel and screwed it in and now was working again.

    So it seems the bolt that holds the wheel to the shaft seems to loosen after a while of using it. I re-checked the screw after about an hour of racing and it had loosened up a little bit again.

    So my question to Fanatec, what do you recommend in this situation? Unfortunately I cannot replace the stock collar with a quick release which would remedy this problem. Would you suggest some blue locktite on the bolt to keep it from loosening?


  • I have the CSL Elite Wheel base and the Formula V2 wheel. I have updated the Driver to V. 365 Wheel base Firmware to V. 672 and Wheel Firmware to V. 34 NOW the wheel setting menu is completely different than Anything I see online to help me fine tune the wheel ???

    HELP ???

  • Where did you get Wheel base motor firmware v34?

  • Hi,

    i have CSL Elite F1 set.

    1, it's like a month old, and the wheel base today started to make a small weird noise while turning with and without the wheel so its definitely the wheel base. I can't really discribe what type of noise, its not a big deal but it was silent until now. Should i be worried? It cant be dust as i am always cleaning in my room to avoid that, any idea? The wheel working properly.

    2, as i was worried about the above mentioned thing i restarted the wheel. I turned it off and then switched on a few secone later, it started to go like crazy, max speed to the right and then to the left and not stopped and i had to switch it off.. then i waited a minute and tried and its now working.. what happened? Never did this before, was it because i should wait more than a few sec to restart?

    3, one pin in the wheel (F1 esport) is smaller than all the others, is this a problem or normal? I mounted only once as per instruction and never removed until today.

    Apologize if these are stupid questions but it was really a lot of money for me.

    Thank you in advance for answer!

  • 3, one pin in the wheel (F1 esport) is smaller than all the others, is this a problem or normal? I mounted only once as per instruction and never removed until today.

    This is normal.

    Make a video for the first problem.

  • Hello Racers,

    I have buy the bundle "CSL Elite PS4™ Starter Kit" and the manual suggest to install the latest firmware.

    A) Which one should I install?

    B) What's the difference?

    Fanatec 64bit v328

    Fanatec 64bit v311


  • David SmithDavid Smith Member
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    The higher number (328) would be the most recent. That's the one you should download and install.

    The difference should be improved fixes and/or updates that come with more recent updates as they become available.

  • Thanks,

    This firmware software update the base, steering wheel and pedals?

  • Yes. It's an all in one bundle Driver and Firmware thingy for the steering wheel and pedals.

  • Hey Glenn, they rearranged the tuning menu with the latest driver. I can't tell which settings you have on your CSL Elite Base, but ABS was changed to BRI.

    Which settings did you have before the update?

  • If you want to use other steering wheels like the Formula V2 you might consider updating to a newer driver like 347 or 365. Driver 328 is very old now. You'll miss on some FFB improvements.

  • Hello Sascha,

    These drivers do not appear on the fanatec website.

    Where are download that? Are drivers stable?

  • You can have a look here: https://forum.fanatec.com/categories/beta-drivers

    Please read the known issues before installing the beta drivers. For me they work fine.

    If you'll buy a wheel in the future please look up the required driver on the wheel webshop page rather than the base.

  • Hello Again,

    Tks for the information @Sascha Kaymer!

    My "CSL Elite PS4™ Starter Kit" Arrived last week.

    When i try update firmware on the pc, apear two box diferents.

    I install on the pc firmware oficial v328.

    And said the versions, PC DRIVER - V328 / Wheel Base Firmware V630 / Motor: V22 /

    1) when i click Update CSL e WB apear this box.

    I click on the yes or no? ( i don't understand, i have the last yet? )

    2) when i click Update Wheel base Motor apear this box.

    This is recomend click "NO" dont want downgrade. Right?


  • Hey Hugo,

    your base came pre installed with newer firmwares. Please use one of the later beta drivers. As I wrote driver 328 is very old and shouldn't be used anymore.

  • I don't like using anything "beta" though. If it is the driver 328 is very old now and Fanatec is sufficiently confident that the beta driver is better they should release it from beta to confirmed release.

  • There still are too many other major issues with other Bases to go official imo. That's why it is called beta. Im using beta drivers all the time and I don't have any problems.

  • Hi,

    I think, in general it would be good if Fanatec would provide a new software package only for the CSL Base.

    I'm also unsure about loading the beta status. I read in the blog

    only problems with the beta package.

    What should I install? I really only have a PS4 player and use the old version. PC DRIVER - V328 / Wheel Base Firmware V630 / Motor: V22 / No problems known with this version.



  • i just updated and installed new driver and firmware. everything works fine and as described. it only took me once. i read instructions several times over. did everything exactly like described. one continued satisfied customer

    CSL e WB+ ps4

    csl elite wheel

    csl elite pedals w LC

    shifter and handbrake.

  • bought my hardware back in march been running the 328 this whole time, scared to deaath to download new driver because evrything i was reading. updated a little while ago as mentioned earlier. just got off a few sessions on iracing. dude this is so badass. everything is so better. Their were certain cars i wouldnt drive because didnt matter settings, couldnt keep on track. irating and sr just took a climb. love it

  • Hello - hoping someone can help as I'm tearing my hair out with this now :(

    CSL Elite Wheel Base + (offically licensed for PS4) with Clubsport V3 pedals - running the latest drivers off the Fanatec website. When I go into Steam and try to configure for Dirt Rally it says "No Controller Detected" ??? Even though I can connect to the wheel with Fanatec Wheel Property Page and calibrate the pedals etc

    The CSL does show up on the Steam Controllers list so it's there however if I try to configure the wheel buttons the buttons do not respond when pressed - the wheel is set to PC mode (red LED on)

    I have updated all firmware that was possible to update, not sure what's left that I can do? Really disappointing to spend so much money and then not be able to use it :(

    thanks for reading

  • Same issue in Forza Motorsport 7 - if I select Fanatec CSL in the controllers list the wheel does nothing in game play

  • Turns out it was a Windows 10 issue - had to do a reset and now everything is working!

  • Hello there, I just wanted to ask something about my product: CSL Elite F1 Set (for PS4). I have been playing for months to PS4 but I just switched to PC. On the Quick Guide says that PC compatibility not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. So what you recommend me to do? Try to use it on PC or no? And if yes, can you give me some tips on how to setup my wheel on PC? I mean, I just can't understand which is my product's correct driver (32 bit v311, 32 bit v 328, 64 bit v 311 or 64bit v328) Can you help me with that too? Thanks a lot for your time guys!!

  • David SmithDavid Smith Member
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    Hi Panos. The "PC compatibility not tested nor endorsed by Sony...." is just a legal disclaimer they needed to include. As for connections for use on PC there are specific instruction for doing so in the user manual/s. You should refer to that for more detail.

    As for the driver/s which one to use (32 bit or 64 bit) that all depends on your PC whether it's running on 32 or 64 bit. Older PCs running older operating systems or Windows are/were 32 bit. More recent computers (over the last many years) run on 64 bit operating systems (eg: Windows 10). If you are not sure of which one you are running you can perform a search for it.

    Regarding the driver number 311 or 328 the higher number would be the latest/most recent and preferred official version driver to download and install.

    EDIT: Here's a link with info on how to determine if you are running 32 bit or 64 bit CPU on your computer:


  • OK thanks, can you please say where exactly can I find that user manual/s..thanks again bud!

  • The more detailed user manuals are on the Fanatec website where the products are. For the respective manuals go to the associated product (eg your wheel base, wheel, pedals or whatever). On each product page your will see tabs for "Description", "Downloads", and "FAQs" too sometimes. The product page usually opens with the "Description" tab that offers the most details of the product. Right next to the "Description" tab is the "Downloads" tab if there are associated downloads for the product. In that Downloads section there you will find the product's associated official drivers listed and also user manual/s. The user manuals are PDF files which you can read on the browser or download to a location on your computer for ease of reference (this is what I usually do as it comes in handy).

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    You mean this one?


    or this one?


    For the CSL + F1 go to


    Also you might want to downlad the new 373 Beta drivers and the 1.43 fanalab software (which works in PC only games and not PS4).

    Both can be found in this forum under the relative sections.

    https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/15205/fanalab-1-47-hotfix-download-post-your-feedback-here/p9 ( Fanalab hotfix version page 9 posted by Marcel Pfister)

    https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/15204/fanatec-beta-driver-v373-372-before-for-csl-csw-and-podium-bases-all-wheels/p1 (Driver 373 BETA)

    When you want to upgrade you drivers is always good to delete everything that was relative from fanatec files, drivers and fanalb you had before, restart your pc, download and install the new drivers and fanalab software. Restart PC and then click on the driver app to update your firware as per the instructions manual inside the drivers folder you have downloaded.

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