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    Unfortunately a minor issue went into one profile where I accidentally erased a "<" which leads to the profile not being shown in FanaLab at all... Therefore here a Hotfix with the issue fixed and also with some minor FFB adjustmentrs to a few cars.

  • Oh my, Maurice, that is just epic! I was hoping these would get done but did not think they would.

  • How long did it take to do all those AMS2 profiles Maurice?

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    Didn't measured the time but I would say around 15 hours for the 44 new ones. For All 65 profiles easily more than 20 hours.

  • Wow, that actually sounds pretty quick considering how much work I assume would be involved

  • And today another 3,5 hours went into my AMS2 profiles because I found a new custom ffb setting file which completely blew me away. This one completely transformed AMS2 for me once again, its so much fun with latest game patch 1.4 and this new custom ffb settings!

    Its based on rFuktor 5.0.1 by Karsten Hvidberg with Shadak & Panis, fine-tuned by a Daniel with a V44 and then once again modified by me.

    With the previous uploads I used a custom ffb file which easily caused oscillations.

    This is now completely fixed in this pack and with the new custom ffb file. There are zero oscillations even if you give the wheel a hit with your fist. The wheel stays super stable.

    The FFB details (road, especially bumps) and also the suspension details are also much more refined.

    This needed a complete rework of every single profile as the FFB strength needed with this new custom ffb file is quite a lot less.

    But I am super happy with the result now and imho this might be even the best FFB of any Sim now.

  • you're incredible man!!! your profiles make racing so much more enjoyable, can't wait to try these

  • Just tried the new custom ffb with your new profiles on a bunch of different cars, you weren't kidding when you said it might be the best ffb of any sim now...before the wheel felt alot heavier and the random oscillaltions were hard to deal with (i always thought it was an built-in unfixable issue with the madness engine), feels like a much more refined version of ACC FFB now with a much more informative weight transfer feeling cornering, I love it! thanks so much again for taking the time to put this together...I'll be spending a lot more time in AMS2 now!

  • Did a quick test now in my lunch break, and improved my personal best at the Nordschleife in the 911 GTE with almost four seconds :) Never felt so much in control of the car before. Truly the best FFB I've experienced in AMS2 so far :)

  • Hallo Maurice! Ja meine Datei ändert sehr viel in Ams2 , auch in den Base -Einstellungen . Schöner Abend Daniel

  • As I love AMS2 so much atm... I could not resist and made another 45 new car profiles for a total of 108 (!!!) AMS2 car profiles now ..... :D

    Now basically every brand-car of the game is included. Only cars missing (as I would not drive them) are the Reiza Formula cars and the Reiza Karts.

    And I very slightly adjusted the FFB on some other car profiles (less NDP for most profiles),

    AMS2 profile pack is now 100% complete.

    New car profiles:

    • Aussie Racing Camaro
    • Brabham BT26A
    • Brabham BT44
    • Brabham BT46B
    • Chevrolet Chevette
    • Chevrolet Omega Stock Car 1999
    • Chevrolet Opala Old Stock Race
    • Chevrolet Stock Cars 1979
    • Chevrolet Stock Cars 1986
    • Copa Fusca
    • Copa Montana
    • Copa Uno
    • Formula Vee (Fin)
    • Fusca 1 & 2Hot Cars
    • Fusca Classic FL
    • Gol Classic B
    • Gol Classic FL
    • Gol Hot Cars
    • Iveco Stralis
    • Lotus 23
    • Lotus Type 49C Cosworth
    • Lotus Type 72E
    • Lotus 79
    • MAN TGX
    • MCR S2000
    • Mercedes-Benz Actros
    • MetalMoro AJR Chevrolet
    • MetalMoro AJR Honda
    • MetalMoro AJR Judd
    • MetalMoro AJR Nissan
    • MetalMoro MRX Duratec Turbo P2
    • MetalMoro MRX Duratec Turbo P3
    • MetalMoro MRX Duratec P4
    • MetalMoro MRX Honda P3
    • McLaren M23
    • McLaren MP4/1C
    • MINI Cooper S 1965 (+B)
    • Passat Classic B
    • Passat Classic FL
    • Passat Hot Cars
    • Puma GTB
    • Puma GTE
    • Uno Classic B
    • Vulkan Truck
    • VW Constellation

  • As you may have seen in my file, I have 2 options for the basic settings. One with very little NDP because this is now possible with the . This is my first choice because it gives incredible precision and feel for the ffb. The 2nd possibility is as it was recommended by Reiza from the beginning with a lot of NDP (I split it into in-game damping and base damping). Nice work from you and keep having fun with Ams2. Greetings Daniel

  • Hey Maurice, what process do you go through to get the rev leds to match in fanalab and in game?

  • @Maurice and @Jonathan T.,

    Thanks for the work on DR2. I started with Jonathan’s in-game settings and then used the profile posted by Maurice. I settled on a very nice config having only adjusted the in-game settings up a bit to feel the wheel a little more. Attached are the settings I chose.

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    Hi Paul!

    Thats actually quite a long way to get everything right for a profile..

    This are my usual steps, when a new car gets released, for example in iRacing.

    1. I watch the official Promo video from iRacing about the new car and then already build a profile with the correct colours of the RevLEDs in advance so I can directly start with „something“ when the car gets released

    2. Once the car is released, I load the game with the pre-configured profile and in the pits I push the throttle and have a look at the in game RPM value when the in game LED is lighting up -> that value I then enter in the FanaLab LED and repeat this for every LED. In some cars its a bit tricky to get the correct RPM value because the in game Dash does not show you the raw RPM value. Then its basically try&error with a look also on the Live Telemetry Feed within FanaLab.

    After that I have a look what happens in game in the „Flash“ area, so do the LEDs in game change color or are they blinking etc and then I also change that accordingly in FanaLab. Here its again a bit try&error what Interval for a blinking Flash is correct.

    3. Once I got all the 9 RPM values so the LEDs now properly light up on the real wheel like in the game I then switch RPM mode in FanaLab to % and calculate the respective % values for each LED by having a look at the Live Telemetry Feed of FanaLab to see the Max RPM value and from there its again try&error which % value equals the RPM value.

    4. Once I also finished the % values I switch back to RPM mode and then I look for LEDs or Dash lights for TCS, ABS, Wheel Spin, Wheel Lock and Pit Limiter and then assign the FlagLEDs to those features accordingly (but only for supported features, so when a car does only have ABS but no TC lights or LEDs in game then I also only assign those ABS FlagLEDs in FanaLab). I also look where in game the light or LED is triggered, so in the dash more on the right side or left side and then only assign the respective FlagLED side.

    5. Once the FlagLEDs are finished I also adjust the Display and ITM setting to show data from what the car in game offers. So for example set ABS and TCS Display settings to 1st Priority and enable auto-page-switch of TC and ABS change for the ITM when the car supports those features.

    6. Afterwards I go to the Vibration Tab in FanaLab and adjust the previously calculated Flash % value for Rev Limiter Vibration. Then I finally save the profile, close FanaLab and manually open the pws file because most likely the calculated Flash % value is something like 97.14% or so but in FanaLab itself you can only select 97.1% for example so I have to manually add the 4 to that value in the pws file so its really correct.

    7. After all that is done I finally also drive some laps to adjust the FFB to my liking. I have „baseline“ setting which works for most cars out of the box and then fine-tune from there, most of the time only small adjustments from that baseline are needed for FFB, NDP, INT and BRF - the rest works out of the box. Lastly I also try some manual starts and see where the clutch starts to bite and then save that CBP value as well.

    And then the profile is finally done... :D

  • How do you decide on tweaks to make for each car? How do you decide how different cars should feel relative to the baseline?

  • Purely by feeling and how I personally would like the FFB to feel for the specific car under certain scenarios.

  • Thanks for taking the time to type all that up Maurice it is greatly appreciated, quite amazing that you can do all that in 20 minutes! Whe I get a minute I will have a play following your steps, cheers.

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    With todays new iRacing Season 4 2022 update now being out of course I also already made a profile for the new Porsche Mission R car (well, not much to do as it doesnt feature any kind of LEDs)... :D

    I also added ABS brake pedal vibration to all cars which does have ABS in the Sim.

    And finally I also made some last final adjustments to 73 of the 108 AMS2 car profiles where I adjusted mainly the NDP value and for a very few cars also the FFB strength value.

    There wont be any new update in the very near future now, most likely next update only with the next FanaLab update (or when a surprise new car drops in some Sim).

  • Thank you Maurice for creating this, it is the best FFB i ever experienced. its a masterpiece :)

    as i recover from injury i want to decrease the FFB gain. What is your advise?

    in fanalab?

    in game main FFB GAIN?

    or in game per car ffb gain settings?


  • I would decrease the FFB value in FanaLab then as that one reduces the maximum FFB spikes which a reduction in the game would not do and you could still get Major peaks which would hurt you when you are still recovering from an injury.

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    IS there a video anywhere on how to just pull the led settings from these or any profile and add it to a current profile?

    The fanalab software is very counterintuitive. I've had it around 3 months and still cannot understand the section with load save import etc....there's no clear information at all. I have no idea why there are 2 sides and what those sides correspond to. This seems to be the #1 complaint with fanalab.

    After a few months it makes no sense. Ive read the pinned post on page 1 over 100 times and it still doesnt make sense to me or anyone else I've had read it. There should a simple way to just import and overwrite settings from one profile to another. Most people I know just use one profile per wheel due to the confusion.

    Appreciate any help here.

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    Why you think its counterintuitive?

    How would you improve it?

    For me its crystal clear... But I use FanaLab daily since 3 years so I might be biased here :D

    The left side with the checkboxes is for saving the checked settings to the profile and the right side with the checkboxes is for loading the checked settings from the profile.

    If you just want to copy the LED settings into your existing profile then just load your exisitng profile with every load checkbox checked, then afterwards load the shared profile from which you want to copy the LED settings and just have the load checkbox for LED checked and then afterwards just overwrite your existing profile with the LED save checkbox checked.


    You have a profile A and you want to copy only the LED settings from a profile B into profile A.

    1. Select Profile A and click "Load" with ALL load checkboxes checked.
    2. Select Profile B and click "Load" with ONLY the LED load checkbox checked.
    3. Select Profile A and click "Save" with ONLY the LED save checkbox checked.

    It's as simple as that to copy LED settings from profile B into your profile A, a thing of literally 10 seconds.

  • Nick TribulNick Tribul Member
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    Heres the thing, theres ever only one box available under load and its tuning menu as Im using the recommended settings.

    What Im really trying to do is just load my FFB settings into YOUR profiles because I have no led or vibration settings at all. Im using DD pro so I know not to use your FFB settings.

    How do I know what profile is being written to? Theres a profile applied at the top, then theres profiles selected in the list, I never have any idea what profile I am editing, and what I am saving to. If just select one category to load all the info is still available on the right.

    The problem with fanalab is that there is no clear sign as to what is actually being changed and what profile is even selected.

    Your response has confused me even more and Im an engineer lol

    Following your advise I am able to get the led copied but all other categories are deleted from the profile.

    I can sort of get it to work but I have to do the opposite of what you staed and ALL checkboxes must be enable or all other settings are wiped. Extremely counterintuitive.

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    Well, the recommended profile is a profile with ONLY Tuning Menu settings saved to it, so you cant load anything other than Tuning Menu settings from it.

    Its also a special profile which can not be overwritten.

    So you have to meake at least one profile on your own (can be based on the recommended settings profile but has to have a different name) which you then can use "freely" without restrictions.

    To copy your FFB settings from a profile A into my profile B its simple as well:

    1. Select your Profile A and click "Load" with ONLY the Tuning Menu load checkbox checked.
    2. Select my Profile B and click "Save" with ONLY the Tuning Menu save checkbox checked.

    So this is even simpler and maybe a thing of even just 5 seconds... ;)

    The currently selected profile is marked in red in the profile list and the currently loaded profile is shown at the very top as Active Profile.

  • When Fanalab launched it came with a PDF manual. This was handy as, I agree - it is not an intuitive software to use. Like anything, it is easy if you know how but it is difficult to work out how if you don't already know, or if you are a causal user.

    It would be good if that manual could be updated and distributed with Fanalab again. I won't hold my breath because I imagine this will be seen as "too much work". I can't think of any reason why it was dropped other than it was too much bother for someone to update.

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    I am not aware of any written manual ever created for FanaLab.

    At least versions 1.08 (launch version), 1.12, 1.23, 1.54.4, 1.57.4, 1.60.2, 1.61.3, 1.62.3, 1.63, 1.63.6, 1.64.5 and 1.65 all had no manual.

    Versions 1.47 and 1.53 cant be downloaded anymore as there is a download error but I would have known if there would have been a manual included in those versions and its very unlikely that in these two versions a manual was included and then in later version not anymore.

    Beside the ITM / Telemetry support list there was only a RPM Values + Adjustable RPM Flash.pdf file included in every version since 1.54.4 where the RPM and Interval feature were implemented almost 2 years ago where FanaLab was already launched since 15 months and it was a feature side-document to explicitly explain those two new features and how to deal with the RPM range slider, especially to explain what the Interval means (so to explain that 125ms = 8Hz, 333ms = 3Hz etc). But that was never meant to be a full "FanaLab manual" - if its this what you mean.

  • Manual was included with initial launch, like I said above. Attached here for reference, otherwise I suspect you will still argue otherwise. :-)

  • So Maurice, now that you know that Fanatec did "mean" for there to be a Fanalab Manual, because they wen't to the trouble of writing one, would you be able to suggest that it is updated?

    I suspect many people, me included, are not using Fanalab to it's full potential. I'd suggest re-launchng a refreshed manual with the currently pending auto car selection feature update would be helpful. I hope others agree.

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    Now I know that something like this existed at some point, I will forward this ancient old manual and ask for a refresh as it could indeed help a lot of people to fully understand all the great benefits of FanaLab.

    Indeed would be a perfect time to update this manual now with the upcoming new auto car selection feature.

    As the feature is quite advanced, I dont know if a refreshed manual will make it in time for that release though but I dont think that a manual would be worth to delay hold back a new release so could be that a refreshed manual will arrive after the next FanaLab update.

    EDIT: Task to update the manual was just created ;)

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