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  • Community Testers wanted again for the NEW products

    • Due to the great success of our co-operation with the gaming community on the Porsche 911 Turbo wheel we are happy to announce that we are now inviting testers for the upcoming racing products from Fanatec:

      • Porsche 911 Carrera Wheel for PC
      • Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel for Xbox360
      • High-End Clubsport pedals for Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel
      • RennSport Wheel Stand for all Porsche Wheels
      • RennSport Cockpit for all Porsche Wheels
      • Clubsport Table clamp for all Porsche Wheels 

      To register for the test all members of the Porsche 911 Wheel Club have to fill out the "Test Registration" form.

      If you are not a member yet you have to register to this website first.

      Please fill out as much as you can. We will use this data not for marketing purposes or even sell the data but we need to have enough information to make a fair selection.

      The tests will take several months and we will not start with all products at the same time so even if you not have been selected for one product you still have a chance to get selected for the next round.

      I am looking forward to work with the community again on our new productsand I am confident that we all get great results again.

      You have made the Porsche 911 Turbo wheel the best wheel for the mass market out there and now let's make more great products together.  


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  • LED and Vibration Control plug-in for rFactor available as Alpha

    • We now have an Alpha version of the plug in for rFactor available which enables the game to directly control the LED display and the vibration motors.

      The following settings are possible:


      • Speed: Shows speed
      • Gear: Shows selected gear
      • Fuel: Shows remaining fuel
      • Place: Shows current position


      •  Gas pedal: Connected to throttle position (current default function)
      •   Shifting indicator: Sends a vibration signal when it is time to change gears
      • Engine revs: Connected tothe actual revs of the engine
      • ABS indicator: Send virbration signal when the wheel blocks

      Note: You can still change the intensity of the vibration motor in the Tuning menu and it is recommended to do so for the different settings. Try it out.

      Note: This is not a final version and not even a Beta so please make a backup of your registry before using it. So far it was only tested on Win XP 32 systems


      Other games and a proper control panel will follow soon! 

      The file is attached to this news message.


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  • Welcome

    • Dear Porsche wheel owner or fan,


      From now on I will post news around the Porsche wheels here in this blog. I will report about new products and how to upgrade and get the most out of your existing wheel.


      Feel free to leave comments or ask questions so I know what you would like to hear.


      All the best,


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  • Xbox 360 wheel demo with Forza 2

    • This is the first video of the Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel for Xbox 360 in action.

      The wheel runs well with Forza 2 and other games but it still lacks some Force Feedback effects. We also still need to implement the Tuning function and the 6 speed gear shifter

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  • New reviews in the USA
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  • Games Convention
    • Fanatec will be showing some new stuff on the Games Convention this year.


      We will be at the business center together with our distribution partner Sunflex Europe (Hall 1 K01) and in the consumer section (Hall 4 D10).

      Come around and you will see our new wheel and two new racing cockpits.

      Beside that we will have a real Porsche car on the booth (a nice model ;))



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