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  • PW new driver 102 Beta available

    • Here is a new driver version which has the following changes:


      • Flatout 2 crash issue fixed
      • Shaking curb issue fixed (shaking does not stop after driving over curbs)
      • Added new setting 6 for DriftMode

      This version is still Beta but should run stable. Please let me know if the above mentionded issues are fixed.


      This version works with all Porsche wheels.


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  • PWTS on Engagdet Show
    • Here is an interesting video about a competition in Silverstone.

      PWTS with FM3 


      Johnny Herbert in a real 911 GT2

      The vid was made very well although they need some assistance how to set up the monitors ;)

      No idea if the result was fake or not but the track was obviously wet in real which is certainly a disadvantage which can cause 3 seconds.

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  • RSWS production and shipping information - UPDATE

    • The RennSport Wheel Stand is expected to arrive today in our warehouse in the USA and it will be processed immediatly after arrival.



      The goods arrive today and will be shipped today and tomorrow. You will get a tracking number once it is shipped.

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  • Mod: PWTS converted to PWGT3RS

    • Mike made a great mod and took his 911 Turbo S and his 911 GT3 RS and exchanged the electronics so he can enjoy Alcantara leather on the Xbox 360.

      This is the only wheel in the world like this but I guess I will try to mod one as well.

      Just to be very clear: If you open the wheel and damage something, you risk to lose the warranty. (Sorry but we cannot take full responsibility for your mechanical skills. It is hard enough to control our own production)

      Watch the videos for a detailed tutorial how he modded the wheels. It is also a good video to see how you open the wheels in general.




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  • PWTS review:


      "We have
      to thank the folks at Fanatec for giving us a run with their latest dose of
      madness -- the 911 Turbo S defines what a solid racing wheel should be with
      sleek looks and even the choice of interchanging parts with Logitech wheels.
      The price may be steep for some racers with a tag of $499 for the Clubsport
      Edition on the Fanatec Shop, but the wheel delivers on every cent invested with
      great craftsmanship in the construction and rigid handling. Add onto this the
      ability to play on the Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360 and it starts to show why
      it’s such a value, particularly with extremely limited inventory on the 360


      Editor's Choice Award


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  • New Fanatec website with community section

    • We are currently working on a complete new website of which will also integrates the community section and comes with a new webshop as well.

      We can still do some changes so it would be great if you let me know what changes you like to see in these areas

      • Product description
      • Forum
      • Blog
      • Other community features
      • Support section
      • webshop

      Please leve your comments hear if you like to see some changes or improvements. Thank you.



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  • PWTS missing pedal adapters - UPDATE

    • We did not ship the first PWTS Pure versions with the pedal adapter and without the pedal cable so several customers could not use the PWTS Pure with the G25 pedals or MS Monaco pedals.

      Following Murphy's law, we shipped a pedal adapter to those customers which only works with the G25.

      If you have received a PWTS Pure and need an adaptor for the G25 we can supply one immediatly. Just contact our customer service please.

      In case you want to connect the MS wheel I am happy to tell you that we solved the problem and currently producing new adapters. They will be sent to us by express and we will ship it to all customers which requested the adaptor for their Pure version. Shipment will take about 1-2 weeks until you get it.


      We will send new adapters today by UPS from China to our distribution centers in the US and Germany. We should be able to send them to customers by the end of week 46.

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  • PWTS review by ConsoleGaming.EU

    • Here is a detailed review about the PWTS and RSWS:

      Overall rating 9,8 / 10

      conclusion, the Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel, accompanied with the
      RennSport Wheel Stand, is by far the best racing equipment that any console
      gamer can have, in a house that won't be able to fit a fully sized cockpit!"


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  • Forum for support issues

    • As we are getting more and more requests for help on technical issues it made sense to open a special thread for discussion of technical issues.

      Please go to our forum section and post your problems under "technical issues"

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  • PWTS Manual & Quick guide UPDATE

    • Apparantly the first units of the PWTS come without a quick guide so it will be hard for you to figure out how to set it up. 


      Sorry for this but to print the manual would have delayed the shipment.


      The full manual will follow next week. In the meantime you can check the PWGT3RS manual how the TUNING works.  



      In the attached document who can see how to connect the RF dongle to the wheel in order to make it work. You can also see how to calibrate the shifters or the wheel center.

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  • PWTS tests of the pre-production units
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  • PWTS UPS advanced shipment offer

    • Due to several requests from customers we would like to make the offer for all customers to ship the wheel directly from the chinese factory by UPS or Fedex express to your door. This should take only 4 days instead of 4-6 weeks.


      • This option is available to all customers in EU and USA
      • It costs150 USD per wheel independent what wheel has been ordered
      • Payment ONLY possible with Paypal
      • You need to send a special email to info[at] (replace [at] with @) with the following content:

        Header: PWTS advanced shipment


        Please send my Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel by advanced shipment.

        Order nr


      • This is a limited offer from today until Oct 12th
      • We do not guarantee any arrival dates. We just make sure that you get the wheels earlier than with normal shipment by boat
      • The wheels with advanced shipment will by produced right after the wheels we dedicated for airfreight and go to early customers.
      We will send you the payment info afterwards and a tracking nr. as soon as it has been shipped.
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  • Great help from iRacing community solves an issue

    • Some users noticed that the PWGT3RS wheel disconnects after some playtime and you even hear the system sound which indicates that you plug off a USB device.

      Mark Jeangerard and Thomas Detige found out that the root cause for this issue are wrong power management settings for USB devices.

      "Also, many system come preset to conserve USB power by temporarily
      cutting or disabling power to USB ports that are not actively in use.
      This can often be problematic for USB drivers that run in the
      background, since background tasks are not given power priority by the
      OS. If you use USB interfaces or controllers, than you should disable
      this power management scheme. Go to the Device Manager > Universal
      Serial Bus Controllers > right-click on a "USB Root Hub" >
      Properties > Power Management > deselect "Allow the computer to
      turn off this device to save power" > press "OK." Repeat this
      process for all USB Root Hubs in the Device Manager."


      "For Win7 users, go to control panel > system and security > power
      options. Click "change plan settings" next to the selected plan, which
      is balanced by default. On the next screen, click "change advanced
      power settings", look for "USB settings" in the list and put "Setting"
      under "USB selective suspend setting" to "Disabled". This should
      automatically deselect "Allow the computer to turn off this device to
      save power" on all USB root hubs power management tab, but you can
      check it manually in the device manager to be sure. The USB power
      saving feature should now still be disabled after rebooting."


      Thanks a lot for the help!


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  • PWTS: New features

    • We used the delay to implement a few new features which I am sure you will like a lot.

      1. USB connection cable

      On PC/ PS3 you now have the option to choose between a wired or a wireless connection. This feature is standard on all versions of the wheel.

      (If you now consider to cancel the order of your wireless dongle you are free to do so but please note that you need to cancel the complete order and reorder again due to technichal reasons.)

      2.  DriftMode

      We now have the driftmode implemented into firmware so you can use it also on the consoles without the driver

      3. ABS vibration

      In the firmware you can choose a percentage of brake force on which the vibration motors of the wheel and the CSP will be activated. This helps you to find the optimal brake force easily. Compatible to all games on all platforms!

      I hope you like the features.


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  • On the way to solve the bug with the non stopping curb vibration

    • We finally get our hands on a PC which shows this problem so we can reproduce it. This means we can now look for the root cause and solve it with an upcoming driver release.

      This can still take several weeks but it will be solved. In the meantime we recommend to set the curb vibration to "0" in simbin sims. In rFactor there is no possibility to tweak the curb effects so it cannot be turned off.

      Other sims dont show this problem.

      Thanks to Michael for the PC!

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  • PWTS production - UPDATE 25

    • We are now waiting for final approval from MS and already prepare production. As we will ship the first units by air shipment we are confident to deliver all open orders which have been ordered until June 2009  at the end of September. The rest of the open orders will be shipped in October and if you place an order now you can expect to get your product in November.

      The schedule is still not 100% confirmed as there are many uncertainties. I will keep you up to date once we get the final approval and start manufacturing.


      UPDATE 15

      All airfreight shipments (pre-june) have been shipped on last Wednesday (28.10.) and should arrive very soon at your house.


      UPDATE 16

      Post-June orders:


      Ship Edith Marsk ETA 25.11.2009


      Ship Mathilde Maersk ETA 13.11.2009

      ETA: Is arrival date of the ship in the harbour. Then it needs to be unloaded and the goods go to customs clearance etc. It can still take 2 weeks from ETA until the wheel arrives at your door.

      There are more containers on the way but these are the first to arrive. By middle of December we should have all inventory for the open orders in our warehouse.

      We are currently lacking some raw materials but we plan to finish the production of the 10.000 units within the next 8 weeks.

      UPDATE 17

      Here is a little bit more detail what is on the way.


      The first containers will arrive on 25th of Nov. and we
      will ship all open PWTS orders a week later to our customers.

      The Pure and Clubsport editions ordered until September
      will also be delivered with this shipment. Please don't ask for a precise cut-off date because we cannot tell you.

      All other open ordes will be delivered in the second
      shipment which arrives on the 2nd of December.



      The first shipment will arrive on the 13th of Nov. and will ship one week later to customers.

      The first shipment will contain all PWTS (all versions) ordered until late September. 

      The rest will arrive in the second shipment which will land on the 20th of Nov and will be shipped out to customers one week later. 

      Shipment from our warehouse in CA to your door depends on where you live.


      It will even be enough to have some stock but I am sure it will not last very long.


      The only part which is delayed are the standard pedals which are bought separatly. I will update you later on those.


      UPDATE 18

      The fist container  arrived in the USA but the shipment got stuck in customs. They thought that the prducts might be pirated so now we have to proof that we have the authorisation to use the Xbox and Porsche logos.

      The container in the EU will arrive in time next Wednesday.

      UPDATE 19

      The standard pedals for PWTS which have been ordered separatly have not been shipped with the sea shipments unfortunatly. We will send them out from China by the end of next week by airfreight so you should have them with some delay. 

      The Pure versions do come with pedal adapters now so please use G25 or MS pedals in the meantime if possible.

      UPDATE 20

      We received the authorisation letter from MS today and hope that customs will release the US shipment very soon.

      UPDATE 21

      With the second shipments we can still fullfil all open orders. 


      First containers have arrived. We expect to get the goods by end of next week in our warehouse.

      The second ship (Estelle Marsk) will arrive on Dec 2nd.


      The first containers should be shipped to customers early week 49.

      The second shipment (Maersk Antares) has arrived as well and we wait for customs clearance.


      UPDATE 22

      The second shipments have arrived in EU and USA and by the end of this week (week 50) we will send out all open orders. 

      Only a few PWTS Pure customers did receive a defective adapter or we did not ship the adapter cable. If you are affected please contact our e-support and we will send you a new adapter. (Please make sure you conenct it to the right plug and only connect it when the wheel is power off) 

      The delivery of PWTS in USA was just enough to fullfill the orders so the next delivery will be in January.

      In EU we have PWTS in stock.

      We also have PWTS Pure and the Clubsport pedals in stock now for immediate shipment in EU and USA.

      The PWTS Clubsport Edition is about to be sold out within a few days as we are reaching the maximum number of its limited edition and we will stop offering this model very soon.

      Thank you very much!


      UPDATE 23

      The standard pedals which have been ordered separatly are on the way by airfreight to USA and EU and will be shipped out in week 51.


      UPDATE 24

      Several PWTS Clubsport editions have been shipped without the RF dongle and the shifter set. 

      We are aware of that and we will ship all missing items. We just decided that instead of waiting until those parts arrive, we better send out the wheels and pedals first. The RF dongles will be shipped next week but I am still waiting for info on the shifters.


      UPDATE 25

      As all pre-orders have been shipped, i decided to change the publishing options of this post so it does not stick on the front page anymore.





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  • Kane tests a new weapon

    • Kane, the most evil guy on the universe tries out the PWGT3RS mounted on the new RennSport e-motion cockpit if he can use it to kill innocent spectators on racing tracks.

      As he was not able to kill somebody he was obviously dissapppointed so there will never be a NOD racing wheel made by Fanatec.

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  • Fanatec at the GamesCom
    • Fanatec does not have a separate booth but we actually are very present at the GamesCom in Cologne which starts today until the 23th of august.


      You can test 3 Porsche 911 Turbo S wheels Clubsport edition with Forza MotorSport 3 at the Microsoft booth. All are mounted on RennSport Cockpits with Triple monitors. (Hall 6, Booth A011)

      Or you  test the 911 GT3 RS Clubsport edition at the booth of the publisher Airmotion (Hall6.1 booth 56). It is also mounted on a RSC with triple monitors.

      And finally we show the new Rennsport E-Motion Cockpit at the community lounge of EA with Need for Speed: Shift. The lounge is resticted to community members and by invitation only but if you meet me at the show i can probably manage to get you in.


      Pictures and videos to follow...

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  • PWGT3RS CS on the way to customers

    • Today we start shipping the Porsche 911 GT3 RS Clubsport edition from our US warehouse.

      EU customers have to be a bit more patient as we are still waiting for the Clubsport pedals to get through customs. We will ship all open EU orders next week.


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  • Guide to invert your CSP

    • One of your community members has made a great guide how to invert your CSPs.

      Please check out the guide of Wheel Nut at GTforums:


      Please note that you can do this mod without losing the warranty if you do not cause any damage during this conversion. The mechanical skills needed to do it are quite low.


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  • PWT now reduced to 249,95 USD!

    • Due to the upcoming internal competition of the 911 Turbo S wheel we decided to reduce the price of the original 911 Turbo wheel to 249,95 USD.


      This wheel is only available in the US for now but we will import the wheel to Europe later this year as it will be a good solution for PlayStation owners who do not care about the Xbox360 and prefer the wireless connectivity and the increased compatibility of the PWT on the PlayStation 3.

      Get one of the last units with the USB memory key! 


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  • Sebastian Buemi and Natacha Gachang at the "Face of Forza" event
    • There was a cool event at the Nürburgring this Wednesday to introduce the "Face of Forza" in Europe Natacha Gachnang.

      She is a very successful F2 driver and she obviously had fun to take the journalists on a lap around the GP track with an Audi R8 V10. 

      She told me that only one journalist asked her to slow down :)

      Her cousin Sebastian, the Toro Rosso F1 driver, was there as well and we had some little competition between us on the FM3 tracks. The final race was interrupted as he had to leave to the airport so he owes me a revanche.

      Both of them asked me for a wheel and I am happy to send them one so they can practice FM3.

      I also had the chance to drive one of 5 Audi S4 on the GP track with 3 other guys of Microsoft and behind the car of the instructor Alfred Heger, a well known DTM and endurance race driver.

      Alfred and me had to wait only 2 times per lap so that the MS guys can catch up again B-) behind us.

      Please see some pictures here:

      TSR.CH (French);vid=11020424

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  • Arrival dates of new GT3RS and CSP shipment

    • I just received the arrival dates of the ships bringing the new GT3RS and CSP shipment to US and EU.


      PWGT3RS: August 4th

      CSP: August 11th


      PWGT3RS: July24th

      CSP: July 30th


      Please note that it can take 1 to 3 weeks until everything goes through customs and arrives at the customer destination.




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  • Help needed to solve a bug

    • Several users reported a bug in our driver since very early versions.

      It only occurs on a few games and not on all PCs. But we were never able to reproduce this bug so we cannot solve it. It just does not happen on our test PCs.

      So we need your help to solve this driver bug in case it occurs on your PC.


      Symptom: After hitting a curb and going back on the road, the shaking of the curbs does not stop until you hit another curb again


      Please answer the following questions:


      1. Please list the games on which the problem occurs.

      Name of game

      Version number of game

      What mod or custom track is installed?

      What track?


      2. Do you have any plug-ins installed e.g. RealFeel or similar?

      3. Please list all games which you played and did not show this problem

      4. Please list some system info

      Run the program dxdiag.exe and save the system info to a txt file. Then copy the info of your system. Only this info is relevant:

      System Information


      Time of this report: 7/16/2009, 12:19:38

      Machine name: HOME_GAME2

      Operating System: Windows Vista™ Ultimate (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2 (6002.lh_sp2rtm.090410-1830)

      Language: German (Regional Setting: German)

      System Manufacturer: System manufacturer

      System Model: System Product Name

      BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG

      Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz

      Memory: 2046MB RAM

      Page File: 2042MB used, 2289MB available

      Windows Dir: C:Windows

      DirectX Version: DirectX 10

      DX Setup Parameters: Not found

      DxDiag Version: 6.00.6001.18000 32bit Unicode

      5. Test system performance. Please run the fraps tool ( and tell us the framerate you have in the game in the lap when the bug occurs. 


      Thanks a lot to everybody posting this info here in the blog.


      Please do not post anything else in this thread as our developers ned to have a look and check this information.







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  • Driver 099 available

    • There were some bugs in the FF protocol in ver 097 which caused the FF to stop.

      We also  solved the issue with hanging sliders of the pedals in the tes tab.



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  • New Driver version 097 available

    • This driver has undergone a complete rework of the installation routine and we made several bugfixes regarding the following issues:

      • installation problems
      • problems to detect the correct wheel
      • rFactor plug in issues 
      Note: install the new rfactor .dll before you install the driver.

      Please let me know if you still have issues. Thanks.
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  • CSP Firmware update - UPDATE2

    • Attached you find an update program to update your CSP with new firmware.


      The new firmware has these improvements:

      • Select the amount of brake dead zone (down to 0)
      • Broader range of adjustment possibility on the brake with the potentiometer


      UPDATE: The 64 bit version is not working and we are trying to fix this issue.

      UPDATE 2: If the vibration on the brake pedal does not work, please  install CSP_FW_Update_2_Win32



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  • Forza Motorsport 3 shown with Fanatec wheel at E3

    • I am very pleased to announce that the team of Turn 10 has chosen our Porsche 911 Turbo S Clubsport wheel to show the new racing game at E3.

      The wheel is mounted to a motion simulator with 3 big screens which makes it a nice  setup to play his fantastic game.

      I had the please to test drive the new tracks and was blown away by the graphics and physics. This game loks totally different from Forza 2 and not just like an update. The rewind function is not new but very welcome and of course I love to finally play in cokpit mode. 

      I will be at the Microsoft booth and if anybody wants to come bye he is very welcome. I will post some pictures later today.

      Here is the official ress release from Fanatec and Microsoft:




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  • CSP video manual now available

    • This video shows you how to adjust and tune your Clubsport pedals.

      It also shows how to change the lubricant on the first batch to make it move more smoothly.

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  • Certified 64 bit driver now available + new 32bit driver !UPDATE 3!

    • UPDATE 3: ver 64_091 and 32_091 now available

      We finally have a certified driver for Vista 64 for all Porsche wheels and the CSP.

      Please have a look at the attached beta version and let me know if everything works fine.

      We also changed the installation routine of the 32 bit driver completely.

      There are still some minor things to fix like wrong logos etc but the driver should run stable already.


      IMPORTANT: Please de-install all previous drivers manually before installation and make sure that the PWservice.exe or PWsrvc.exe is not running before installation.  If possible search for those files and delete them because somtime the de-installation routine does not delete those programs.


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  • PWGT3RS and CSP finally on the way to customers

    • After going through customs for about ten days in the US we are happy to announce that the 911 GT3 RS wheels and Clubsport pedals are on the way to customers.

      Tomorrow the first wheels will arrive depending on where the customer is located.

      We ship from California and Germany.

      The final driver is unfortantly still not ready yet but in the meantime you can use the driver of the Porsche 911 Turbo wheel or the Beta version from this blog.



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  • Wheel Stand back in stock

    • We just received the new shipment of RennSport Wheel Stands for the US and EU and will ship the open orders right away.

      After fullfilling the open orders there will be enough stock to fullfil new orders immediatly.


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  • New driver introduces the DriftMode

    • We are proud to introduce a new feature in our driver: The Drift Mode

      The Drift Mode reduces the overal resistance of the wheel and let you turn the wheel more easy. It almost works like a power steering. It reduces the basic dampeing of the wheel.

      You can adjust several values and we are still experimenting a bit with the values so you have a lot of choice in the attached Beta version of the driver.

      At the moment we only have a 32 bit version but once this feature is settled we will release a certified 64 bit version.

      Please note that I recommend to turn on the "dampening strength" now as this just controls the signals sent from the game. For example if you drive through muddy water.

      Please let me know your feedback on this feature. Thanks!



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  • PWTS Pre-production started

    • We just started the pre-production of the 911 Turbo S wheel.

      It took a little bit longer than expected but Microsoft wanted us to support a new feature for Forza 2.

      The wheel will be shown at the E3 on June 2nd in Los Angeles and we
      will also send the first units to customers and testers soon.

      We made it possible to fully flash the electronics
      so we can add new features or solve bugs if there were some we did
      not find yet.

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  • Sebastian Vettel signs Porsche wheel for charity
    • I met Sebastian Vettel and a bunch of other great drivers at the "Fullgas" event of Heinz Kinigadner last friday in Austria.



      Basically there were almost all Red Bull sponsored race cars and bikes on display and it was a great show with freestyle MX, airshow, Nascar demo and lot more.

      The event was a charity event for This foundation tries to find a way to help people with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Unfortunatly this is a very popular injury among race drivers.

      Sebastian is in reality as sympathic as he appears on TV and he was very positive to the idea of signing our new GT3RS wheel. I have no doubt that this is the signature of an upcoming F1 world champion.

      We want to give away this wheel in favour of the wings for life foundation. One option is to make an auction but perhaps we could also make a 24h race or something similar. Suggestions are welcome.


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  • New PW driver released (Beta)

    • Please try out the the new version 082 of the PW driver. These are the things which changed:

      • Fixed bug with Autocentering in rFactor
      • rFactor display support
      • Added GT3RS and PWC menues
      • CSP support
      • Map vibration to the revs instead of Gas
      • map vibration to indicate shifting point 

      Known Issues which we are working on

      • 64 bit signature
      • Vista problem: Game controller does not show axis or buttons when pressed
      • shifting indicator not working properly

      Please let me know your feedback right in this thread.

      The driver will only be available to download here from this post.

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  • PWGT3RS and CSP are on the way to Europe

    • The first shipment has finally left China and is on the way to Europe.

      This menas that there is another small delay as the products will arrive in Europe in early May and will be send out to customers immediatly.

      The US shipment will be sent next week but shipment to US is one week shorter so that both territories will get it at the same time.

      We had to rework the CSP as we were not 100% satisfied with the quality of one component but now everything is fine and you can be sure to get a perfect product.

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  • Affilliate program: Cookie life time extended

    • As an affiliate partner only gets a commission if we ship products  we now changed the duration between the first click and the sale (shipment) from 60 days to 600 days. We will change that back to 60 once we can ship all units in time.

      Now the affiliate partner can be sure that a sale is not lost because we are shipping too late.

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  • PWGt3RS and CSP: First shipment sold out

    • The shipment which arrives in April is completely sold out!


      thanks to all your trust in this new product and to purchase it without even reading tests about it.


      Unfortunatly it will take quite a while until the next shipment will arrive in June.

      This affects the wheel and the Clubsport pedals as well as the bundle.


      We really need to ramp up the production...



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  • 911 GT3 RS production started but delayed

    • We successfully started the production of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS wheel this week but due to a problem with the cooling system of the motor we had to delay the production.

      The delivery will be delayed for one month until end of April. The Clubsport pedals are affected as well because the two products will be shipped together.

      As soon I have pictures I will show them to you.



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  • Clubsport Pedal production started
    • I am happy to announce that we just started production of the CSP and that we did not have any major problem.

      We are confident to ship the units in time. 

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  • Review of RennSport Wheel Stand + shifter adapter

    • Have a look at that great video of hastyp. He shows theRS WheelStand with a G25 in full racing action.


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  • Quickfix for RacePro Force Feedback bug

    • By default Race Pro does not support true ForceFeedback on the PWTS and the Microsoft wheel by default. It is obviously a bug and will probably be patched. In the meantime you can use the following fix:

      1. Turn off the console

      2. Start the console by pressing the xbox gude button on the Xbox360 controller which then will be selected as "controller 1" (do not start the game yet)

      3. Activate the wheel by pressing the  Xbox guide button so the wheel becomes "controller 2".

      4. Start RacePro

      5. Press "A" on the controller to enter the game main menu

      6. Press the Xbox guide button on the controller

      7. Press "X" on the controller to disconnect your profile and confirm

      8. Press "B" on the controller to return to the game but from now on use the wheel to confirm the warning messages with "A".

      9.  Press the xbox guide button on the wheel and connect to your profile again.

      FF works now but it is quite weak in comparison to Forza 2.


      Thanks to SCGOR01 and Broddee!

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  • Affiliate Program now available
    • Please help us to spread the word about our products and receive a steady income with the orders you generated.

      This program is for all website owners, racing teams, clans, leagues, forums, blogs, webshops, media etc.

      This is how it works:

      1. Sign up as an affiliate partner
      2. Select one of our banners or create your own
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      5. You will get a monthy payment of your commissions for all products which have been sold and shipped

      There are many such programs out there but these are the reasons why our program fits better to you:

      High commission rates

      Our basic commission is already 10% of net sales and there will be an additional bonus of up to 10% per product. On top of that you get a bonus depending on your monthly sales performance of up to 10% which makes a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 30% on our net sales. If a customer places an order  of 500 USD you can earn a commission of up to 150 USD on that single order!

      Unique products

      Many of our products are sold exclusively in our web shop and there will be no alternative sourc. If one of your visitory wants this product he has to buy it in our shop and you will get your commission.

      Best prices only in our shop

      Other programs have the problem that the visitor will be linked to a shop but then he is looking for a cheaper alternative and buys there.  This will be not possible as our prices are strictly controlled.

      Recruit other affiliate partners and  let them work for you

      If you acquire a new affiliate partner and he enters your partner ID during sign up then you will automatically earn 10% of his commissions for a full year without doing anything.

      You can use the banners we provide but you can also create your own banners in any size.

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      RennSport Wheel Stand



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      USA/Canada and EU/ rest of the world

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      Let's start and earn some money:

      EU affiliate program:

      US affiliate program:

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  • Production status 911 GT3 RS with Clubsport pedals

    • The Clubsport pedals are ready for production but there was a small delay because we forgot to add some resistors and needed to rework all units to make them work perfect.

      The biggest problem on the GT3RS is the capacity of the assembly of leather wheel rims. 

      But both products will be produced this month and shipped right after that so we are confidentto deliver everything at the end of march.

      Unfortunatly looking at the pre-orders it looks like the initial quantity will not last very long.

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  • New video review of 911 Carrera and Clubsport pedals

    • Here is a detailed review of the new Porsche 911 Carrera wheel and a preview of the ClubSport pedals.

      The launch of the Carrera is scheduled for end of May.



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  • RennSport Cockpit at Porsche factory and museum
    •  If you want to drive the Porsche wheel in the most genuine environment you should go to the factory of Porsche in Leipzig and make the factory tour. 


      In the museum inside of the impressive tower you will see 2 RennSport Cockpits and you can actually testdrive the racetrack which is just in front of the building. After you made some virtual practice be sure to drive some laps with a real Porsche as co-pilot.

      I did this with a 911 which was very impressive but with the Cayenne Turbo S it was absolutly crazy as the driver was in a permanent fourwheel drift on the track.

      The track is a combination of famous race track corners and includes the Cork screw corner of Laguna Seca for example. 

       Here you find more details: 

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  • Video review by Inside Simracing TV

    • There is a very detailed and long review of the Porsche 911 Turbo wheel published by the specialists of Inside Simracing TV 



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