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  • Stunning shifter and handbrake mod - UPDATE: comparison to CS handbrake
    • I would like to show you a very special mod for our Porsche wheels.

      The creator of these products is Teki Ei-Ichi of Japan and I think he did a brilliant job without having tested his products yet.

      He first designed a shifter wich looks just like the real thing.



      His second mod was a handbrake which looks amazing as well. It is based on our CSPs and even uses the pressure sensitive load cell.



      Both products look like an outstanding piece of high-end Japanese engineering and I like it a lot.

      His handbrake brings me into a real dilemma.

      We already have a prototype of our ClubSport handbrake and it is about to be ready for production but I am seriously considering to scrap our current design and let Teki Ei-Ichi help us to develop the CSHB. 

      Here is a drawing of the CSHB. The lever can be mounted lying or standing. Inside is a simple spring mechanism with potentiometer. There will be several holes on all sides to mount it. Size will be much smaller than the TEI handbrake. 

      The shifter seems to be much more expensive to produce than our planned CSS which should sell for about 100 USD/€ but how much more would you be willing to spend for a shifter in this quality?

      Opinions please!


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  • GT5 review by SRT with wheel compatibility test
    • I will not comment a lot on this video as the test result speaks for itself.

      It seems that our wheels are not a bad choice for GT5 ;)

      The wheel section starts at 24.45

      Shaun Cole: "If you have a Clubsport pedal in Granturismo you have an unfair advantage on everybody"

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  • New driver for Porsche wheels ver 106 BETA

    • We just have made a new driver for all Porsche wheels. So far it is still in BETA stage as it is not fully tested but discovered  no significant bugs.


      • Adapted to the models: PWC, PWTS, PWGT2, PWGT3RS V2
      • Features like calibration or wheel illumination are only shown on wheels which need that function
      • Fixed a bug with the driftmode

      Please test the driver and let me know if you have any problems.

      This driver is needed to use the wheel on:

      • Win XP 32
      • Win Vista 32/64
      • Win 7 32/64


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  • Shipping status PWGT2

    • We have started to ship the wheel!

      The first customers will receive it in the USA but we also received the first shipments in EU this week and will start shipping before Christmas.

      Unfortunatly the first batch was very small so it was not enough to fullfil all open orders and many customers will still need to wait until January to receive the wheel.

      But the quantity for January is not too big as well so please place your order in time.

      Please do not contact our sales team because they are already flooded with emails and this can even cause further delays.

      You will be notified by email as soon as the product has been shipped to you.

      PS: We still have that bug in our websop system that you only get a confirmation email from PayPal and not from us but we did receive your order if you received a confirmation of Paypal.


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  • Introducing the new Porsche 911 GT2 wheel- UPDATE: Video
    • Let me introduce you to a new member of our racing wheel line of products:



      Porsche 911 GT2 racing wheel

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  • And the winner is...
    • ...not so clear.


      This competition was a lot of fun for me and I was surprised about many creative answers I got. Many thanks to all our fans.

      All hints have been solved and some of you already knew that it could only be the Porsche 911 GT2 of 2008 in meteor grey metallic.

      The first one who named the right car was 12thgear. He named the correct car and he posted the picture of the right steering wheel  but unfortunatly not of the car. The picture he posted is an official shot of Porsche and the actual car was black according to their picture database.

      huntersmith posted the same but also the correct picture of the car so he was actually the first correct entry.

      Sonac and Näggi followed on second and third so the winners are:

      1. huntersmith

      2. sonac

      3. Näggi


      You will get your wheel before the end of this year.


      But what should we do with 12thgear? Opinions please.



      We have a fourth winner! Congratulations to 12thgear. (I never really considered not to give him a wheel ;))



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  • Fanatec wheel compatibility to GT5 - UPDATE

    • The following wheels are fully compatible to GT5:

      • 911 Carrera wheel
      • 911 Turbo S wheel
      • 911 GT3 RS V2 wheel



      These wheels need to be upgraded to make it work:

      1. 911 Turbo Wheel (Not "S")

      In order to make this wheel work you need to use the new RF dongle for the 911 Turbo S wheel which is available in our weshop for 29,95 USD / Euro. (USA / EU)

      All customers get the dongle for free within the extended warranty period of 2 years.

      If your wheel is older than 2 years we will offer you a free coupon code of 20 USD / EURO after the purchase of the dongle.

      How to get your dongle or discount coupon?

      Please place a regular order and leave a note in the comments field with the fanatec invoice number and date of your original PWT purchase and we will send you an email with your coupon code or change the order amount.

      Please note that this offer is only valid to Fanatec webshop customers. If you purchased your product at a dealer you need to contact them for help. 



      2. 911 GT3RS V1 wheel

      This wheel was never advertised to be fully PS3 compatible although it works with several games. Unfortunatly this is not the case for GT5. The good news are that you can upgrade your wheel to V2 and get full PS3 compatibility, more Tuning features and even the big ClubSport shifter paddles. 

      You can purchase the upgrade kits in our webshop but availability is limited due to the big demand.




      • You can map buttons if you choose the profile for the "Driving Force Pro"
      • No need to press the trinagle button to activate the clutch but you need to connect the h-pattern shifter
      • Set the SEN to 900° because this will work best
      • If you want to reduce the angle to less than 900° in order to make faster movements you should increase the Linearity value in order to keep the precise feeling around the center and avoid shaking on straights.
      • It is not recommended to add artificial dead zone but sometimes it helps
      • Reduce the driftmode to avoid shaking
      • The clutch will be activated only after you press it.
      • After activating theclutch you must use it in order to avoid misshifts
      • The clutch only works if the H-pattern shifter is connected
      • It is possible to use the h-pattern andthe paddle shifters in parallel
      • If you want to map buttons you canchoose the profile of the Driving Force Pro
      • The tuning dial functions of the Driving Force GT can also be mapped to the Fanatec wheels

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  • New Xbox Wheel? New Xbox Wheel ! - Hint 9

    • After getting so much positive feedback I don't want to dissapoint you and let you know that something nice is on the way.

      We actually developed  a new Xbox 360 compatible wheel and it is even on the way to USA and EU right at this moment.

      Let me be mean and don't give you all the specs and pics right away. I will post several hints until you get the "full picture".

      Hint 1: It is again the top of the line product at Fanatec

      Hint 2: Just like the PWTS Pure it will be offered as a standalone wheel as well as in different bundles.

      Hint 3: It is not orange and has no yellow stripe in the middle of the wheel rim

      Hint 4: It is licensed by a German sports car maker (surprise, surprise!. But don't worry this will not make the wheel significantly more expensive. Just more beautiful. (Hint inside hint: Nobody guessed the correct model yet)

      Hint 5: It will have illuminated buttons and that means...?

      Hint 6: The logo of the car shows a black horse

      Hint 7: One component of the wheel can only be made in Italy and another one we get directly from the UK

      Hint 8: The colour of the base is named after something which is 1000 times faster than the car itself

      Hint 9: The car model is no longer in production but will never look old or lame

      The first three members who post a picture or link of the right car in the right colour will win this wheel!

      Competition is closed! Thank you

      Note: I found such a picture with Google.

      (Only one guess per user allowed from today Sunday 28th of Dec. It is not allowed to edit a post. I will announce the winners on Wednesday)

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  • PWGT3RS V1 -> V2 upgrade kits available- UPDATE 2

    • We just listed the upgrade kits in our Shop.

      You can order two versions:

      1. With installation service

      2. Do it yourself kit

      Please note that the shipping cost will be added and it will be quite different as we calculate the freight cost of a wheel for version 1.

      All customers who pre-ordered their kit need to place this order in the webshop and make the payment. The previous e-mail is not enough to receive the kits.

      Unfortunatly we do not have enough kits to fulfill all pre-orders so please order them in time in order to catch the first delivery.

      The kits will be sent from China this week by UPS but it will take some time until they are ready to ship to you.

      UPDATE: There was another small delay as the cables we received did not match. We now received the correct cables and will ship this week (week 50).

      UPDATE 2:

      Finally we have the kits ready and will ship all open orders this week. I apologize the delay but many things went different than expected. If we have enough kits avaiable we will bring it back into the webshop again but for now we only ship the orders we have.


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  • PWTS review on Area DVD (German)
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  • Looking for a new member - sales manager for racing cockpits

    • We are looking for a person to take care of our Cockpit and Wheel Stand sales. We want to expand this field and bring more models like motion cockpits and complete solutions. We also want to offer rental services.

      Later on we will also need such a person in the USA and perhaps other countries but for now we are looking for somebody to work here in Landshut.

      If you like to help us selling and handling the orders then you should meet the following criterias:

      • Excellent skills in English language
      • European passport
      • Experience in handling customers
      • Good mechanical and technical know-how
      • Simracing experience  with consoles and PC
      Please sned me your application papers to [email protected]



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  • PWGT3RS V2 review by PlayStationLeague
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  • PWGT3 RS V2 review by Racedepartment
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  • Firmware 681 for Porsche wheels - UPDATE 3

    • Here is the latest Firmware for

      • 911 Turbo S
      • 911 Carrera
      • 911 GT3RS V2 

      Change log

      • New manual
      • fixed bug in Tuning menu: Values were interfereing
      • NEW Function: "dPr"

        This value changes the damper signal which comes from the game. It is very effective on games with too much damper like WRC. Works in X360 and PS3 mode.

        It is different from the drift mode which changes the overall damper which is independent of the game.

      As ususal, this FW is just BETA and you install it on your own risk.


      UPDATE: If you need to calibrate the center you need to use the same button combo on all the three mentioned wheels.

      Go to PC mode. First press the two lower left buttons and then the base button.

      Check the PWTS manual if you have problems.

      UPDATE 2: Please do NOT use the calibration function of the driver anymore if you have a PWGT3RS V2. This function only works for the V1.

      UDATE 3: Added manual for theRF dongle bootloader

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  • New Xbox wheel?
    • We get a lot of inquiries for the PWTS now that it is sold out.

      We will definitly not produce this model anymore as the edition was strictly limited to 10.000 units worldwide.

      But if there is demand we could make a new wheel with Xbox 360 compatibility in the future.

      Please give me your feedback if you would be interested in such a wheel and let me know how it should look like.

      In case we really make a new wheel we will notify all users which posted here.

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  • Looking for a new member for Team Fanatec!
    • We are looking to expand our team to improve our service and R&D capabiliies and look for a 

      Support and Development Assistant (SDA)

      The job is located in our office in Landshut / Bavaria and it is a regular full time job.

      The CSA program will start after we have sucessfully implemented and tested our new CRM system which will be one of the tasks of  the SDA.

      Beside supporting our customers you will also do all kind of tasks to help in development like testing products (this sounds like fun but it isn't always ;) )  and do some basic engineering tasks like assembling products or drilling holes etc.

      We therefore have the following must have criterias:

      • Excellent skills in English language
      • European passport (Germans preferred but this is not a must have)
      • Good mechanical skills
      • Familiar with MS office and Windows
      • Professional attitude and solid work experience (We dont need kiddies in our team)

      Nice to have:

      • Second language like German or other major languages
      • Experience with simracing
      • Experience on several gaming consoles and PC

      This is not a super demanding engineering job so payment will be accordingly but beside that we can offer a very interesting environment and you will learn a lot about all aspects of the company and you will work with a small but great team with a lot of enthusiasm.

      Please send me your application papers to [email protected] 

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  • Firmware 678 for PWTS, PWC and PWGT3RS V2 - UPDATE2
    • We have a brand new firmware for the following wheels:

      • 911 Carrera
      • 911 Turbo S
      • 911 GT3RS V2 (NOT V1) 

      UPDATE: We are investigating n issue with PWC. Please do not install this version at the moment.

      UPDATE 2: There is one confirmed issue:
      If you change the SPr settings it will also change the dEA settings


      The new firmware has the following changes:

      1. New Tuning function "SPr"

      You can now adjust the spring force effect in PS3 and PC games. This improves the force feedback in many PS3 games dramatically. It is a big advantage especially on PS3 games like F1 2010.

      I  did not notice any difference in GT5 P and NSF Shift.

      On PC I also did not notice anydifference and on Xbox it has no effect for sure.


      2. Fan mode

      You now have two modes for the fans:

      On: The fans run from the beginning  but run faster depending on the temperature

      Off:  The fan is off and will start with a certain temperature.

      You can toggle between the modes by pressing the 4 lower of the 8 main buttons of the wheel when the PWTS is still in standby mode.

      On PWC and PWGT3RS V2 it is a bit tricky as you need to power on the wheel and let the wheel move fully to the right but before it returns to the center you need to catch the wheel, press and hold the four buttons and then move the wheel to the center.

      You will also see the FWversion if you press those 4 buttons.



      • Like all other FW updates, this is a delivered as BETA version and you do the update on your own risk.
      • You really need to read the manual and we highly recommend to use  Win XP to make the update.
      • The manual is included in the .zip file
      • Take care that the USB drivers for the wheel in bootloader mode are installed manually and properly. This is the main reason for update problems.
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  • CSP review by Racedepartment

    • Racedepartmentcom has reviewed the Clubsport Pedals and I think they liked it a little ;)


      This is a very detailed and well made test by a simracer and perhaps it helps you to make a decision if you don#t already own them.


      "RD Rating 295/300

      I very much doubt we will see any other product score this high again!"

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  • PWGT3RS V2 upgrade kits delayed - UPDATE2

    • We received the first batch of upgrade kits but unfortunatly our supplier forgot to include a lot of important parts so that we cannot ship them.

      We are now negoting how to get those missing parts asap by UPS but it seems that we run into the same issue as before that our supplier has no export license to export electronics independent from a wheel shipment (which is by sea). Stupid bureaucracy all over the world...

      I will keep you informed.

      PS: We also try hard to get more products as it seems that we definitly have a shortage of wheels this year.



      We are still having problems to get the upgrade kits out of China and it is getting back and forth with our supplier. I just wanted to let you know that we are working hard on it but have no confirmed shipping date yet


      UPDATE 2:

      We finally arranged shipment of the upgrade kits and they will leave China by UPS next week. You can order the upgrade kits from next Monday.

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  • PWTS sold out in EU - UPDATE

    • The first version of the PWTS is now sold out in EU.

      We still have some PWTS Pure and Ultimate editions but I don't think it will last until November as sales are increasing on a daliy basis.

      The PWGT3RS V2 is back in stock in EU next week and we also received the shipments of the PWC which are currently clearing customs.




      Now PWTS P and PWTS UE is sold out in EU. 

      The shipment of PWGT3RS V2 has been sold before it arrived but all orders with September shipment date will be processed now. There are some more wheels coming but I am afraid that the wheels will not last until November if sales continue like last weekend.


      PWTS will probably last some more weeks or days. 

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  • Fanatec compatibility with F1 2010

    • Codemasters released a list of offcially supported wheels for their upcoming game F1 2010.

      While all Fanatec wheels are supported in the PC version only the PWTS is supported on Xbox 360.

      But why are there no Fanatec wheels in the list for the PS3?

      We are working very closely with Codemasters and they confirmed that  the PWC, PWTS and PWGT3RS V2 do work fine with the game but they had no time to run the full test program so they did not put it on the list.

      I just want to assure you that everything is ok and your wheels will work fine with this excellent game.

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  • PWC arrival dates

    • I just got the confirmation that the new 911 Carrera arrives in EU on the 19th of September.

      It will arrive in US on Sept 2nd.

       After the ships arrived it will still take up to three weeks until it will arrive at the customers but it is looking good so far...


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  • PWC and RSWS review on GTplanet

    • Delphic reason made a great review of the new Porsche 911 Carrera racing wheel together with the RennSport Wheel Stand.

      "In conclusion, I can't think of any reason someone would be in the market for a budget wheel and not end up with a PWCPorsche Carrera Wheel. A ton of features, a ton of adjustments, and precise force feedback. If you want a wheel, but don't want to shell out the $300 for a G25/G27 (with less features to boot), this needs to be at the top of your list. After trying the PWC, all my friends are bugging me for a release date. Logitech has something to be worried about, after a long time of being the industry leader for simulation wheels. Competition breeds innovation, so we'll see how both Fanatec and Logitech evolve due to this. Right now, my money is on Fanatec."


      Check out GTplanet for the full review:

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  • Porsche mouse and Porsche USB key now available
    • I am proud to introduce two products which are exclusively sold by Porsche through their dealers or through the Prosche Drivers Selection online shop.

      The official Porsche mouse


      • Wireless laser mouse
      • Designed by Porsche
      • Integrated nano dongle



      The official Porsche USB key 4GB 

      • Pop out USB plug
      • 4 GB capacity
      • Exact replica of a Panamera andnew 911 car key
      • Compatible to the Porsche in car entertainment system


      Both products are made by us and delivered to Porsche. 

      A perfect present, don't you think? ;)

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  • PWC production completed

    • We just finished the first batch of the new Porsche 911 Carrera wheel and we will ship it shortly to Europe and USA.

      It took a bit longer than expected but this time we wanted to make sure everything is perfect from the beginning.

      The wheel is now available in the webshop for 159,95 USD / Euro but the first batch is very limited as we just started mass production.

      You will get all the great Tuning features of the PWGT3RS V2and it comes with the h-pattern shifter and clutch.

      It is a lot value for the money and I assume that the rumors that you "only pay for the Porsche brand" finally come to an end.

      I hope you enjoy our new "entry level" Fanatec wheel.



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  • Give away: VIP Tickets for GamesCom incl. accomodation! -UPDATE: Winner is...
    • I am happy to announce that we can give away a VIP ticket of Electronic Arts which offers the following:

      • Free hotel room from Thursday to Sunday
      • Access to the EA community lounge (open from Thursday)
      • Cart racing event (Sat)
      • EA Community Party (Sat)
      • Free ticket to enter Gamescom

      In order to participate you just need to write a comment and tell me on what date you will visit GamesCom. Good luck!

      In case you don't get the ticket you can visit me on Friday at 14.00 at the EA booth (NFS section). I hope to see you there and we can have a chat about whatever you like.



      The winner is JABOFU


      Congratulations. I will see you there and challenge you with the kart ;)

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  • CSP Tuning kit available for pre-order

    • We finally get a batch of Tuning kits for the ClubSport Pedals in October and they are ready for pre-order right away in the webshop.

      Unfortunatly the amount in this batch is limited so we will only keep it in the webshop until we are sold out again.

      By the end of the year the situation should change on this product.



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  • Guide to invert CSPs
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  • GPLshift now supports LED display of Porsche wheels

    • In the latest version of JSJ's GPLshift mod for Grand Prix Legends he implemented support for the LED display of the Porsche wheels.

      Thisis still an early BETA version so it has it's limitations.

      Please check out his website to download the mod and more info: 


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  • Table clamp back in stock again
    • We finally have the ClubSport table clamp back in stock and will deliver all open orders right away.

      The stock is limited so if you want a more sturdy mount with adjustable angle for your desk please don't hesitate to place an order ;)


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  • PWTS: last batch shipped to EU

    • We just shipped the last and final batch of 600 x 911 Turbo S Pure wheels which will be sold as stand alone version or in combination with the ClubSport pedals as Ultimate Edition. 

      Both versions can be pre-ordered again and will arrive in our warehouse in middle of August.

      In US we also have still some hundred wheels available but it's coming to an end now.

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  • Interview with SRT

    • At E3 I had a chance to meet with the guys from SRT and we had a good time at a Forza party and later I was invited to the studio and we did some racing and the interview which is now featured in Episode 72 of

      Thanks to Jessica, Darin, Shaun and Tommy. 




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  • NEW: ClubSport Shifter Paddles Aluminum and Carbon upgrade option

    • Some of you already noticed that we are recommending to get those products as upgrade so here is the official announcement.

      We now have two new products listed in the webshop and available for immediate delivery:

      • Clubsport Paddle Shifter (aluminum) [19,95 USD / EUR]
      • ClubSport Paddle Shifter Carbon [39,95 USD/EUR]

      Both products are an ideal upgrade for the following wheels:

      • Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel
      • Porsche 911 GT3RS wheel (V1)
      • Porsche 911 Carrera wheel

      It s not possible to upgrade the old 911 Turbo wheels. 

      It is very easy to install them as you just need a screwdriver.

      I am still waiting to get more pictures but here you can see those paddles from the backside:




      And Sean already posted some pics where you can see them from the side:


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  • PWGT3RS to PWGT3RSV2 upgrade kit - UPDATE

    • We decided to make all the new features and upgrades of the new V2 version available to existing customers of the 911 GT3RS V2.

      As this is a major upgrade it is required to make some fundamental changes on the wheels. The following components need to be replaced:

      • Inner structure of wheel rim with new paddle shifter buttons
      • Clubsport Paddle Shifters
      • LED display cover
      • Wheel rim PCB
      • Base PCB
      • Base button PCB with cable
      • Main cable wheel-base
      The on-off switch cannot be upgraded.

      In order to upgrade, the wheel must be almost compeltely disassembled. You can see how it works in the video below (big thanks to Patrick!).

      Please note that we will not give any warranty if something is damaged during the rework of the wheel. It is sold as "spare parts". 

      We will offer this kit as a stand alone kit for 40 EURO / USD. This is our cost price and we consider this offer as service.

      If you are not a big DYI fan you can also send us the wheel and we will make the transformation for you. We have service agents in Germany and California.

      The price of the service is 30 EUR / USD plus shipping costs in both ways.

      In order to minimize the waiting time we want to organize and schedule the upgrades. Therefore we collect all orders first and then arrange production of the upgrade kits.

      Please be patient as it can take several weeks until we can ship those kits.

      If you are interested to upgrade your PWGT3RS to V2 please send an e-mail to [email protected] with exactly this text:


      Subject of e-mail:

      "PWGT3RSV32 upgrade kit"


      "I am interested in purchasing a kit to upgrade my PWGT3RS to V2


      A) I want to make the upgrade by myself

      B) I want to send you my wheel and use the upgrade service"




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  • NEW version: 911 GT3 RS V2 (available now)

    • In order to continously improve our products and match the highest standards we decided to make a big upgrade on our popular 911 GT3 RS wheel.

      The V2 has complete new electronics which are based on the 911 Turbo S Ultimate Edition. 

      The biggest change on the mechanics are a complete new design of the paddle shifters and a structure to keep the paddle shifter buttons more stable.

      Here is the detailed list of the new 911 GT3 RS V2 racing wheel:

      • Full PS3 compatibility
      • 3 styles of paddle shifter included:

        Button only

        Small steel shifter

        Big Clubsport Paddle Shifter made of aluminum
      • Upgradeable firmware
      • on/off switch
      • More powerful electronics for perfect calibration and precision
      Advanced TUNING functions:
      • Adjustable ABS vibration for all games (PS3 and PC)
      • Adjustable deadzone (no more shaking on straigths)
      • Adjustable linearity
      • Steering angle from 90° to 900° in 10° steps
      • Adjusstable drift mode

      The new wheels are in stock and for immediate shipment in EU and USA.


      PWGT3RSV2: 179,95 EUR/USD

      PWGT3RSV2 CS: 319,95 EUR/USD


      There will be an upgrade option for existing wheels and I will let you more on that very soon.


      Picture of the new Clubsport Paddle Shifter attached.

      EDIT: I forgot that the wheel also comes with an adapter to connect the G25 pedals to the wheel

      EDIT2: Forget it. There is no adapter. Sorry for the confusion.


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  • Wheel comparison weighted rating scale
    • Some time ago I was looking for testers for the wheel comparison between

      • PWTS UE
      • PWGT3RS CS
      •  G27  

      it is now your last chance to leave a post there and apply for the test as I am selecting the testers now.

      I want to make 2-3 rounds with about 20 to 30 testers and I am especially looking for testers which can make the test not only in english but other languages like Spanish, French, Dutch, Suomi, Italian, Swedish, German,  Portuguese etc.

      The test was delayed a bit in order to include the V2 facelift version of the PWGT3RS (more on that later next week).

      All testers have to follow a weighted rating scale and I would like to get your opinions about what is important to you.

      Let me make a proposal and you can give me comments on what is missing or should be changed.

      Of course we cannot find a solution which pleases everybody but I am sure that  there is a good indication where to go.

      Here we go:


      Wheel     40
        Force Feedback    
          noise level  
          vibration motor functionality  
          amount of buttons on wheel  
          amount of buttons (total)  
          ease of use  
          shifter paddles haptic feeling  
          shifter paddles precision  
          Adjustability (Tuning functions)  
          LED Display to show car telemetry data  
          wireless connection wheel to console/PC  
          cable length power supply  
          cable length USB  
          H-Pattern Shifter  
          Sensor resolution  
          Material / Surface  
          construction / weight  
          Mounting options  
          Material / feeling of wheel rim  
      Pedals     40
          Durability mechanics  
          Durability sensors  
          Sensor resolution   
          Construction / weight  
          Adjustability spring strength  
          Adjustability pedal angle  
          Adjustability pedal position  
          Adjustable pedal travel (throw)  
          Pedal resistance  
          Adjustable brake sensitivity  
          ABS Vibration  
      General     20
          Combatibility PC  
          Compatibility PS3  
          Compatibility Xbox 360  
          Compatibility to different  pedals  
          Driver options  
          Driver Installation  
          Official upgrade options  
          Price performance  

      I am not sure to what level we really need to break down the rating so I made it for level 1 only so far. let me know if we shoul drate on level 2 or even level 3 as well.

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  • CSP review by SRT

    • Another great review of our Clubsport pedals.

      Darin and Tommy showed not only the features of the pedals but also have a line up of all available colour kits and show the Tuning kit as well.

      They missed the ABS vibration but  even without that it was convincing enough to prefer our CSPs over more expensive pedals and anything which is delivered together with any other wheel.

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  • F1 2010 hands-on with a PWTS

    • The guys from SRT had a chance to play an early alpha version of F1 2010 of Codemasters.

      In order to  play it properly they decided to bring their own equipment:

      • Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel
      • RennSport Wheel Stand

      Andy from Codemasters mentioned that they will support our wheels and in fact I am in contact since several months with that team.

      I personally like the apporach they make by trying to deliver a sim or racing game for all target groups. It is certainly not as flexible as rFactor Pro but it looks much more fun to me.

      The deadzone in the game is a bit of a concern but it is normal if they optimized it for controllers on that version. I love the fact that they adjust the performance of the teams to the actual performance of this season.



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  • CSP Tuning kit now shipping in EU

    • We finally convinced UPS to ship the goods to us so we are able to send them out to our customers this week.

      The big demand was a little surprise to us so we are almost sold out before we even shipping the tuning kit. We therefore decided to keep the CSP TKIT offline in the webshop until the new inventory arrives. I will let you know how long that takes.

      All open orders in EU are processed now.

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  • Firmware 669 UE for PWTS: Video and download -UPDATE

    • I made a little video to explain the Tuning functions of the Porsche 911 Turbo S Ultimate Edition racing wheel.

      Of course this firmware is compatible to all PWTS wheels and you can download and install the attached files.

      This is only for experienced PC users and you must follow the instructions carefully.

      The new options will make your wheel even more flexible and I hope you like it.

      If you want to have other functions or features in the firmware let me know!


      UPDATE: If you experience problems with step 2 of the installation, please try to delete the file "log.txt" which comes with the package. It will be automatically generated again the next time you make the update.

      If this does not help you need to manually install the USB driver. Try to change the USB port as well.

      Another solution for Windows 7:

      • Start the update process as per the instructions.

      • After running the ‘pw1’ file, Windows will no longer recognise the wheel
        and will not be able to find the relevant driver.

      • Open the Devices and Printers window – the wheel should be the Unknown
        Device at the bottom.
      • Open its Properties window and select Install

      • Select the driver location manually – Browse, and select the folder
        containing; (it's in the "PWTS_UE_Bootloader_rev669usb driver" folder).

      • Windows will panic that it cannot verify the author; confirm that you
        want to continue.

      • After the installation has completed you will have to restart the wheel
        (in bootloader mode), and restart the update from step 1. But this time
        you should be able to complete the process.


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  • CSP Tuning kit delayed

    • Although the production of the Tuning kit for the Clubsport pedals happened at the same time we were only able to ship it by UPS to USA.

      For some starnge reason UPS refused to ship the Tuning kit to Europe due to the lubricants inside.

      This means that we now had to take out the Tuning kit from our EU webshop until we can be sure when it will arrive. We probably have to use seafreight. At this point we cannot give an estimate how long it will take.

      All customers who already ordered the CSP TKIT can get an immediate refund or just wait until the goods arrive. My apologies for that delay but we did not expect such weird rules from UPS. 

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  • PWTS Tech tips at SimHQ (VERY detailed!)

    • A big thanks to "Chunx" over at SimHQ which is a great source of simracing info.

      He provides an incredible detailed list of how to adjust, fine-tune and modify your

      • Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel
      • Clubsport pedals
      • Sequential shifter
      • Wheel Stand

      He is also suggesting some recommended settings for several games but of course this is always a matter of personal preference.

      This info is very useful for all PWTS owners.

      Check it out:



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  • PWC review by

    • Darin and Shaun from made a great and very detailed review about the revised and final Porsche 911 Carrera wheel (PWC).

      To my surprise, Saun liked it a lot more than I expected and declares it his favourite Fanatec wheel.

      While the PWGT3RS is dedicated to the PC simracers and the PWTS is still the top of the line multi platform wheel, the PWC is targeted to the serious PS3 and PC racer which wants all the essential features but is on a smaller budget.

      These are the changes we have implemented in the last year:

      • Added ball bearing on the steering shaft
      • Full PS3 compatibility because of new electronics based on the PWTS
      • Adjustable linearity
      • Adjustable dead-zone
      • Adjustable steering angle from 90 to 900 in 10° steps (Please note that you can store 5 settings for your 5 favourite games)
      • silent gear drive
      • no cooling fans needed
      • compatible to CSP
      • upgradeable firmware

      The wheel will be offerend in our webshop in a few weeks for 149,95 EUR or 159,95 USD as soon as we shipped them.


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  • PWTS production has come to an end

    • We finished the production of the Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel after exactly 10.000 units.

      During it's very short life cycle we made some changes after we found some issues on the very first units but other than that the production went smoothly as planned.

      Many people has asked us what will come next but we have not decided yet to make another Xbox 360 wheel as this is a very expensive and complicated process and the market is limited.

      There are still some units left in our warehouse so sales will continue until the stock is fully cleared. And we also reserved some units for Australia if we can finally get our distribution settled in down under.

      Thanks to all customers who spread the word and let people know about the wheel. Considering 2 million sold copies of FM3 so far and another 2 million to be expected, only 0,25% to 0,5% of all FM3 players get the chance to play with a Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel. You have something very special in your hands.


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  • 911 Carrera wheel production to start soon

    • I am currently in China and arranging the production of the new 911 Carrera wheel.

      The wheel has been totally revised in the last months and we added a lot of new features which will be shown in the next episode of

      The production will start very soon and once the wheels are on the way we will make them available in our webshop.

      As soon as the new review is online, I will post all the new features and pricing.

      PS: I will bring a small surprise from China with me as well. Another little extra option for your Porsche wheels.




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  • ClubSport Shifter: Initial Specs

    • Thanks for all the great input guys! This helped a lot and I am happy to tell you that we will be able to deliver almost everything you asked for. Here are the initial specs of the CSS:

      Material: Full aluminium with some steel parts

      Mounting options: There will be screw inserts on the bottom. We will make an adapter for the Clubsport table clamp and the RennSport Wheel Stand.

      Amount of gears: 7+1

      Sequential option: We will implement it but only if this is not a compromise. We have a solution which could work very well in both modes

      Haptic feeling: Very similar like in a real car. Perhaps we can even make the resistance adjustable.

      Acoustic: A solid "clonck" instead of a "clack" but very silent

      Colour/design: Silver as CSP. The shifter will be gated like in a Ferrari or Lamborghini

      Style of gear knob: It will be exchangeable so upgrades are possible (leather, carbon, etc). The standard version will be an polished aluminum ball.

      Size: We will try to keep the size of the PW shifter but it will probably become a bit higher

      Compatibility: It will be backwards compatible to the Porsche wheel shifter and therefore compatible to all platforms. An USB adapter will be available optional to make it work with other wheels on PC.

      Pricing: The target will be 99,95 € (incl VAT)/ 109,95 USD (excl. VAT)


      Now we just have to make it happen. The target release date for the first prototypes is at the end of the year. We can announce a release date after we get the first test results.


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  • NEW: PWTS Ultimate Edition announced
    • The production of the PWTS will end in April and the last units of the Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel will be available in a special offer which includes the PWTS Pure and the CSP at a special price of 399,90 EUR/USD.

      The availabilit is limited, of course .

      The owners of this version will get access to a special Firmware version which will have the following new features:

      • Adjustable steering axis linearity
      • Adjustable deadzone on steering axis
      • Adjust sensitivity settings in 10° steps
      • Min steering angle: 90°

      The new FW is great for games (like GT5:P) which require a little deadzone. The adjustable linearity makes it possible to steer very precise around the center but get a quick reaction if you turn further. We will make this firmware public to existing PWTS owners at a later point.

      This product is real ;)

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  • NEW: Racing controller for Apple's iGame console announced - Feedback wanted!

    • We are proud to announce that Fanatec is making the official controller for the new iGame console which has been finally confirmed today and will be released in early 2011.

      Although the new console has more power than any other console on the market, it is a portable device. Therefore we designed a new wireless Force Feedback handheld controller with motion sensors. 

      We also make use of iGame's spectatcular head mounted 3D display.

      The new controller will be launched with the game RealTrack in exactly one year so I cannot announce all details at the moment. RealTrack will allow you to scan your environment while driving in a car and immediatly play on the tracks you created.

      Pricing is not confirmed yet but please let me know what features and pricing you want to have in this controller as we are still very early in the development phase.


      EDIT: I made a mistake with the release date. It will probably be April 1st 2031

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  • ClubSport HandBrake (CSHB) : Feedback wanted

    • After getting so much helpful and great comments about the Clubsport Shifter, I decided to let you knwo that we are also working on a handbrake for simracing.

      BTW: Can somebody from the US explain why you call it "emergency brake"? I cannot think of a more stupid action than activating the handbrake in a critical situation.

      So please give me your comments on:

      • material (body/grip)
      • mounting options
      • analog and/or digital
      • how strong
      • what travel 
      • lever standing and/or lying
      • size
      • colours design
      • compatibility
      • pricing

      We already have a prototype but it is not too late to make changes.

      Thanks for helping us!

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  • Clubsport Shifter (CSS): Feedback wanted

    • We are currently working on a Clubsport version of our shifter. We got a lot of requests from customers and we also got various comments in several forums how the shifter should look like.

      I would like to channel  these comments into one thread and use our great community to give us feedback on hoe you like the CSS to look like.

      Please give me your comments on:

      • material
      • mounting options
      • amount of gears
      • sequential option
      • haptic feeling
      • acoustic
      • colours / design
      • style of gear knob
      • size
      • compatibility
      • pricing

      We have done a lot of work on the internaly already but we are still very flexible on any of the above.

      Let's build your ideal shifter!


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