Fanatec Beta Driver V347 for CSL, CSW (all wheels)



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    edited December 2019

    Alright thank you for the information, thought v34 was necessary for all the relatively new drivers. So I'm gonna stay with that v30 like you said.

    And there is gonna be a new one this week if I'm not reading wrong.

  • Yes, that’s right, V347 with its firmwares is problematic for all Podium users and even some CS/CSL users as I read.

    V346 and the associated firmwares works fine for most people it seems. I used that version for quite a while on the CSL and now the Podium and had no problems at all.

    And when a new version comes out it’s best to wait a bit and see if there are no problems, saves you headaches. Unless you want to be a beta tester of course.

  • I had the v346 and accidently the v34 because I installed the 347 first and then downgraded to 346 without changing the motor version, because I thought that one was the right one.

    I just had some of this "bad noise" a few times, a single loud "clunk" and then I thought alright let's step back to the default 335. However the default felt so weird compared to the beta versions, no roadfeel and much less force feedback.

    That's why I was trying to get back now to the v346 and v34 , but I'm gonna stay with the v30 motor like you recommended :)

    Thank you for the advice :)

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