What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • Just send me the invite!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
  • I love that Fanatec dropped drag and improved wheel speed and feel/smoothness/precision.   Having used my modified CSR-E in ultra low drag / high speed mode for well over a year now I can say (again) for sure that it holds you back less on-track.   You wind up faster.   You can even set your cars up differently (looser, which is faster but harder to control) since you can catch and correct things before they turn ugly.   I did lots of 240 FPS video during very fast laps and saw for sure again and again that faster countersteers can help you with lap times and traffic.   Basic research like in a university or lab. 
  • After ClubSport pedals and several different Fanatec wheels, V2 Base with new Porsche wheel is my next upgrade. Fanatec gear is The Best and The Must for any serious SimRacer.
  • For me the most important feature is the servo motor. It'll give much better precision and positional control than the previous system.

    I was in the first group that pre-ordered the GT3RS wheel + CSP back in 2008, and I hope will get a chance to pre-order this masterpiece as well. :)
  • I've been following Fanatec news for quite a few months now waiting for a new product to be released. I was interested in a mid range steering wheel but seing ClubSport Wheel V2 I've already started saving for it as based on what we've seen so far it's definitely worth it.
  • Bin ein sehr anspruchsvoller Gamer was Qualität angeht und muss sagen, dass Fanatec bislang auf einem sehr guten Weg ist. Da hat die Konkurrenz keine Chance. Weiter so !
  • Marc GilbertiMarc Gilberti Member
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    I am 100% with Fanatec. 
    here is my list: 
    - CSR Elite wheel + Addon Formula Wheel 
    - Porsche GT2 
    - CSR Elite Pedals + kits inversion 
    - CSR Pedals 
    - Shifter Porsche 
    - Shifter CSS (non Sequential) 
    - Handbrake Clubsport 
    - Rennsport Cockpit V2 + Support + Seat Fanatec

    Here are some photos:

    I play on PC and XBOX 360
  • Being the best performing and looking wheel base for the price is enough to make it well worth the wait, but also having the ability to use it on multiple platforms makes it a hands down winner! Invitation or not, I'm making this my first wheel/base combo as soon as possible...
  • The new v2 base looks great! Im joyed that Fanatec did not make a crazy expensive adapter or just ignore all their loyal customers and leave the whole next generation thing alone.
  • i cant wait for this .
    September cant come quick enough :)
    please leave a nice invitation in my inbox soon :)

    keep up the good work thomas. 
  • This base looks sexy as hell. I was going to buy a Thrustmaster T300 RS but will hold off and see if I get an invite. Just won a CSL rig on ebay and a V2 will look the nuts installed on that!!! Thank you Fanatec for coming up with the goods other companies didn't/wouldnt. Now I will be able to use a wheel on PC, PS4 and Xbox one!
  • First of all console support to use this great powerful machine with my PS4 and upcoming Xbox. Because I own just a GT2 Wheel yet, all of the other features are amazing and I can´t wait to use the Base with some great Rims like the stunning F1 and the GT. 
    So please Fanatec send me an invitation to purchase your awesome new product  :) 
  • It´s back in black, it´s new, it´s germaneering, it´s hot and simply the best wheel base on the market... this must be a Fanatec product  :-)  I´m really the biggest Fanatec Fan so please send me an Invitation.


  • Compatibility if for no other reason than to stop the X1 and PS4 comments :).
    Durability and performance are always a plus!
  • Looking forward to review the new CSW v2
  • This new version CSW base and the universal hub is exactly what i was waiting for. Now hopefully get an Invite code to test this beauty asap! Thanks Thomas for bringing this wheel to an even higher level. Shows that you listen to our comments! =D>

    Greetings from The Netherlands

  • PLEASE Fanatec PLEASE, my G25 broke last week, i DESPERATELY need a new wheel and yours would be PERFECT, and I want to order with it 2x hubs and the shifter paddles and the clamp, MY MONEY IS WAITING FOR YOU. PLEASE please begging for an invite. 
  • Finally having a decent wheel to use on the Xbox One is something I'm hugely looking forward to. The plasticky alternatives are way to expensive and do not seem worth their price. The CSWv2 appears to have the features and quality to justify its cost and is something that I'd be happy to pay for and proud to own. Being able to make use of my existing Fanatec products is a massive bonus also. Can't wait.

  • 1. I would say that durability is the number one important
    thing for me. With PS4 compatibility coming in as #2.  I put off buying a Fanatec wheel soley due to reviews that I read about issues with hardware failures. 

    2. Fanatec shoud have some combo deal.   For instance, I want to buy the wheel base, wheel, the V2 pedals, the SQ shifter and the E-break.  How about a bundle deal where if you buy the whole setup you get it a a cheaper price than if you buy one item at a time. How about no invite needed for customers that are buying all of the above at once.

    3. Please send me an invite, I'm ready to buy now and want to buy all of the above as soon as possible.

    Thanks,   James



  • PS4-support is the most important thing to me.
  • Using smartphone for telemetry cant wait to get my hands on this
  • Was thinking about a competitors wheel/pedals, but after seeing the versatility here, I won't be going elsewhere
  • The most important thing for me is the Xbox one support. I will buy one instantly as my playseat and CS pedals are waiting to be used again!
  • Number 1 prio... Xbox one and ps4 support !!!!

    Great job on this new base Thomas!
  • I've been waiting to buy the First one forever now. Now ill be buying the new version as soon as I can. Great jobs guys as always.
  • More Power!!
    Well, actually it's durability and build quality that make the difference for me :)
  • Example re countersteer benefitting from low drag.  'Stock" is a stock CSR-E.  VS a modded device.  You can catch things earlier and move on.  
  • i have a big question .i buy a csw bv1 and i buy a new Wheel (compatible  ps4 which are not release)this is working or not with the ps4 or I have to buy the csw BV2 with a new Wheel (compatible  ps4 which are not release)i buy last month the csw bv1 with pedal and wheel and i love it but i dont want pay another base for play with the ps4  sorry for my English thank you


  • On power....we should also talk about dynamic range IMO.   As in the range of force strengths and over what wheel travel distance that can be produced and felt by the driver.   You can have a strong wheel that blends the fine detail together leaving the driver less informed.   
  • And the winner are.....

    the racers

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