What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • Beautiful piece of work! I can't wait to use it on my rig! 
  • The extra power and reliability in the same size package is amazing !! 
  • I was just thinking of upgrading from my CSR which has worked flawlessly for just over. 2 years.
    What's the hottest feature. Well the whole upgrade of course.
    Looking forwad to my invite
    Thanx fanatec xx
  • Cant wait to order this wheel base. Have been racing with a Logitech Driving Force GT for two years now. Two months ago, i upgraded the pedals to the V2 Clubsport Pedals and i`m surprised with the quality and feeling i got from them :D

    Now it`s time to wait and get rid of the Logitech Wheel!!
  • I want it now ;). I'am currently building a race seat. good that i waited with the wheel base ;)
  • well worth the wait multiplatform is a winner
  • Can't wait for the reviews of this wheel, would be awesome to race and stream with this wheel. Would love the QR system compared to my T500RS!
  • Looks ace, intrigued by the console compatibility over the coming months. Currently have a CSR but having been looking to upgrade to CSW plus Clubsport shifter etc in the future!
  • The fact that its 75% more power and smoother and all in the same size unit is amazing , I like my V1 ,but the V2 is to hard to resist and a major improvement over the V1 ,looking forward to buying one...
  • Looking forward to tearing laps around Mt Panorama with a wheel that can deliver something as close to the real thing as possible.
  • The CSW V1 was already a good base to begin with! After the latest firmware update, the centering issue was basically gone.. I can't wait to feel the differences from the V1 to the V2 base, especially with the brushless servo!

    Better cooling system only means I will be using the wheel all weekend besides all night!

  • Now that the PS4 compatibility thing is settled, and brilliantly so, I can upgrade everything to Club Sport spec... (I picked up a 911 turbo wheel/csr pedals and shifters on craigslist to give fanatec a try and was impressed).    

  • 1. Less cogging force (notchiness) and better feeling for subtle force effects

    And im really looking forward to upgrade my CSR! :)
  • For me the most important thing was to evolve the motors compartment and the brushless motor is a clear step forward, because the effects are not hidden by the friction of the brushes and this automatically goes to improve the reliability.
    The brushless motor will also offer the fluidity and speed in changing direction, typical of a real steering wheel. 
    Feel the loss of traction will be much easier now.

    Fanatec has done all this, then the csw v2 promises a good product.
  • Been looking to replace my CSR for a long time and have cash burning a hole in my pocket. I just hope I can get an invite before I spend it elsewhere! Can't wait!
  • I am looking forward to more power and better resolution on the wheel.
  • I'd say the most important is compatibility with xbox one (and ps4) and then all little improvements to have a better feel / precision with the base.

    I can't wait to test this base!
  • More Durability is probably the best feature! Or the next gen thing... Or that the belt wont slip.. Or or or... Nice job fanatec!
  • Ich wünschte mir es gäbe die News auch in Deutsch !

    Ansonsten , schickes Teil mit guten Neuerungen...Hoffentlich werden die auch so umgesetzt wie angepriesen ;-)
  • I am glad I decided not to try to adjust my belts yet myself on my original CSW beta base. The wheel still works great, but it is a bit noisy now, Probably a belt tension issue but I may just save my pennies for the new V2 base and then I can send my old one in for repair (if it's even needed) or tackle it myself without downtime. Anyway looking forward to trying the new base as soon as I can. I've wanted to make some more YouTube vids showing the Fanatec stuff and my Oculus Rift DK2 but it would be great to do it with a nice smooth quiet V2 version lol! 
  • Pour moi le plus important reste la compatibilité Playstation ;-)
    D'ailleurs nous en parlons beaucoup sur ma page FB https://www.facebook.com/ProjectCARSFrance
  • really courious about new servo and their power
  • Looks like the durability issues and general quality control problems are being addressed with this wheel, and I think that is important. When buying a wheel in this price bracket and one that looks as impressive as these do, it is important to have it backed up with solid, no expense spared over engineering.
  • Faster acceleration to make countersteering easier and Improved belt drive with no belt slip and very low drag are my 2 favorite improvements.
  • Nice work Fanatec for the new CSW B V2 ! I really love your products.

    I think more torque power is interesting. With more power, I imagine it will be more realistic and it will be more able to give informations (and more useful for big diameters about the rim). But,, I would like also to see more technology on the rim like a new display/screen. I suppose the current CSW B V1 isn't able to do that with a new steering wheel.

    I really hope to see a day a real F1 steering wheel with real display/screen, real licence, nice buttons and encoders and real carbon fiber. :)
  • Bom, mais uma vez quero agradecer a Fanatec
    e em especial aos construtores e designers de tão belas,
    Peças de arte :)
    Em primeiro o poder de sentir performance num volante.
    Segundo o arrefecimento...
    Terceiro plataforma PlayStation 4 porque e o próximo
    Investimento porque ao contrário de muitos invejosíssima
    Eu jogo gt6 com o meu inigualável clubsport whell by Fanatec:)
    Agora espero poder em breve ter em meu poder,esse lindo
    Motor v2 e assim ficar com duas lindas,peças de arte...
    Também posso emprestar uma visto k tenho outra,aqueles
    Que não podem ter e tem inveja do meu ;)
    Bye Bye
  • Best feature has to be the Direct Drive, great move to step up to a better system more reliable and smoother operating. I like that the rims are what's going be able to make us be able to drive on the new consoles. Love my CSW and looking forward to upgrading sometime in the future!!
  • Durability, durability, durability... that is what you guys need to build up consumer confidence.For some time you got great design, awesome features and so on.
    Reliability is your next step to greatness ...
  • Glad to see an improved version of an already very good product!   Hope I win an invite.... and can come up with a way to justify an upgrade...
  • Love my CSW but the prospect of a wheel that works with PC/X1 and PS4 is too good to pass up. Cannot wait :)
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