What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • cannot wait to get that base. im mostly excited by brushless servo and slippless belt. will be massive upgrade to my CSR-E
  • Next Generation !!!
  • I read the comments so far and I see nothing on the compatibility of the flyers and BMW GT2 and F1 Rim. Will they be compatible with the new base?
  • Im so excited to get my hands on this so i can finally do some drifting on FM5! The best thing about this wheel? ITS FINALLY HERE!
  • I'm slowing building a rig - I've had triple screens, a Fanatec 911 GT3RS V2, CSR elite pedals, the CSR shifters for a while, and I have a wheel stand on the way. I've been eyeing the clubsport base and formula carbon rim for a while, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't pull the trigger a couple weeks ago.

    I'm really looking forward to this - I've decided that I'm going to buy one at my first opportunity, and hopefully an invite can make that happen even earlier. 
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    Fascinating simrace-equipment for a lot of people around the world.

    Another manufacturers have good software or hardware.

    Now Fanatec have the best mixture of these in all its products.

    A decent and perfectly piece of Bavaria, like a classic BMW.

    Thank you Fanatec for all the pleasure that you give us and for the

    Endless driving-fun every day when we use your fantastic inventions.

    Clearly said I am passionate about each product. I´m definitely a FAN(atec)!



  • PS4 use very important.
  • Nice piece of hardware, I'm looking forward to update my setup with this if you gave me the opportunity !
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  • Nice looking. Hope PS4 support will come sooner better than later, would open a big market come the new racing games in winter.
  • 1st priority has to be compatible with either Xbox1 or PS4.
    2nd Power and responsiveness .

    2nd Robust as CSR/CSW , durability , reliability....

    Just can't wait , get the invites out, let's have it..

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    Better cooling system and durability + Less cogging force (notchiness) and better feeling for subtle force effects + More torque power =  I LOVE GERMANEERİNG...:)) Mr.Thomas please i want a new base invitation for my csw f1 rim

    at first it was a dream for me:))

    but now csw base v2 is a dream:)) come on Fanatec invite me make my dream real....
  • waiting for a code :D
  • Wish I could vote, all the above.Love Fanatec products. Count Me In !
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    My favorite feature is brushless servo by far.  We play sim games for the realism, so the importance of great driving controls is very important.

    Also, the next-gen support is veryinteresting, especially for my kids to immerse themselves in racing at early age.

    Good job Fanatec.

    (hoping for an invite to try the new base on my WRC playseat, juste before I get the new motion system for the seat).

  • Compatibility for Xbox One or PS4.
    F1 wheel and GT wheel for Xbox or PS4. 
  • I just want to expierence it...
  • Glad to see Fanatec listening to their customers!  Really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these!
  • I hope its ok with ps4 xbox one
  • Looking forward to PC and PS4 support as well as better durability....can't wait to upgrade from my CSR.
  • 1. Better cooling system and durability
    ... because I had some issues with a very loud CSW V1.

    2. Less cogging force (notchiness) and better feeling for subtle force effects
    ... because that's the main thing which I wanted changed.

    3. Double the resolution on the steering axis
    ... because that is simply a great improvement to an already great piece of hardware.
  • Can't wait for this to be released, been looking to upgrade for a while from my csr wheel. Brushless servo is the thing I'm looking forward to. 

  • Priorität Nr 1 ist für mich klar die Xbox One Kompatibilität. 
    Ich hoffe man berücksichtigt auch den Anschluss des Headsets/Mikrofons. Das sieht ja bei der One ein wenig anders aus als bei der 360.

    Prio 2 die Zuverlässigkeit/Kühlung. Mir sind zig Elite Lenkräder während der Garantie kaputt gegangen. Support war immer klasse und es gab oft nen neues Ersatzgerät, aber die Verbesserung der Zuverlässigkeit ist ein sehr wichtiger und richtiger Schritt.

    Prio 3. Das Eliminieren der Reibung beim Lenken. Es gab auf der 360 einige Spiele, bei der sie deutlich zu spüren war (F1 2013 z.B.)

    Bin überzeugt, dass diese Base eine richtige Verbesserung wird, doch leider glaube ich, dass der Vertrag bisher nur mit SOny existiert und dass wir es frühestens März 15 an der One benutzen können.
  • Ich spreche gleich mal für ein ganzes Forum, da ich dahingehend auch gelöchert werde.
    Die ONE und noch wichtiger, die PS4 Unterstützung und das umgehend ;-)
    DC steht in den Startlöchern und pCars läuft auch schon warm auf der PS4.

  • PS4 compatibility and a better durability ( 3 return to Fanatec for my CSR Elite !!!!! )
    all the other feature are welcome bonus
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    the clubsport base v2 is awesome job, low cogging is very impontan for me

    thanks fanatec

  • quality, strength, realism, compatible next gen, i want buy this base.
    Thanks Fanatec
    E.GILBERT from France. 
  • cant wait for this to be available, ive been waiting for so long to replace my 3 year old Fanatec GT2 wheel set, im glad ive waited, although im excited for the next gen compatibility, i now do most of my Sim racing on PC, so for me the better belt, the brush less servo, and the fast acceleration on the wheel im VERY excited for!
  • My CSW is very strong and seems accurate my hands and wrist sometimes be sore after long races. but I lift weights, so I can never have too much torque, we can always use more power. My base still seems to have the same power after almost 2 years, very excited for the new one.
  • A smoother feel in comparison to the old CSW is most important to me.
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