What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • Hi,

    To say things differently, I think that my priorities are:
    1/ Smoothastic
    2/ Ultra precise
    3/ Power.A.Lot

    Of course durability ("Rock Solid") is key but somehow I consider it is part of the deal for Fanatec's flagship wheel !

    Can wait to try it !


  • Would love to use this awesome wheel with all the nice racing games coming out for the PS4. With the amazing new graphics this is the perfect addition to have a awesome simracing experience!
  • I love most the quick release system availability also for console players!
  • Fanatec is doing great products for us simracer, we can only be thankful to have such products at this price.
  • I bought a PW GT3rs with a CSP v1 and Porsche Shifter set few years ago.
    Last years I also had a DFGT, then a G27, and at last a T500rs (which is ready to find a new owner).
    I upgraded last month to a CSW v1 with a CSP v2 anda  BMW rim and this set is really awesome !

    The only doubt I had was the future support of PS4 games...
    Those news gave me hope back again and I can't wait to get my invite soon...
  • Looking forward to owning the V2, with or without the invite. The invite will only make it sooner.
  • the most priority to me is the extensions which made the new base possible to be used with all different platforms, such as PS4 and Xbox one, I would buy them all. If fanatec would like to develop a additional adaptor for xbox360, I would buy it, too. 
  • Why do I want a V2 Base ?!   Now, as a console gamer I do not want to have to switch away to thrust master of my existing hardware. (Previously on the PS3: Fanatec CSR and CSP V2 with a RaceRoom Racing Racing Seat)
    I will continue to use on the PS4 products from Fanatec. In particular, the announcement of the Base V2 makes a yes right shopaholic. A MUST HAVE for me would be the CSW BASE V2 with its improved FFB properties that would otherwise have only expensive servo-Wheels. Thank you for Fanatec !!!!  =D>
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  • voted, ich hoffe das ihr schnell liefern könnt =)
  •  I cant wait to try out the new base, but it I like the idea of a wheel for PS4, and another wheel for Xboxone.......
    And the fact that it has more torque, my CSR elite feels like its trying to rip my arms of when racing, and now the new base will.......       I cant wait........
    Too bad the formula wheels dont look more like a current F1 wheel.
  • I voted too, I cannot wait until this amazing product is released, this is top notch sim racing hardware and cant get any closer to realism than this, well done Fanatec!!
  • I'm looking forward to a single high quality solution for all platforms that also allows me to keep my existing pedals and shifter!
  • This is by far the best wheel for the price
    The quality of the wheel and the materials with servo motors is an awesome combo for the price
    It makes the rest look like toys
  • More Durability is probably the best feature!
  • Xbox One compatibility is the main one for me - I can't wait to be playing Forza 5 and Horizon 2 with it especially!
  • Love my CSW V1...can't wait to try the V2 :)

  • Being able to swap the wheel rim for compatibility with "next-gen" consoles is pure genius.
  • 1st faster acceleration
    2nd subtle feedback
    3rd more torque

    i can't wait

  • I'm going to be a long ways out for a purchase. I can wait on getting an invite. I still want one, just give me time so someone who is ready to buy now can get theirs first.

    For me, smoother is what I like most. The CSR is notchy, although the game I play seems not to matter if the wheel is notchy. Having the smoothness of my WRX in a racing sim, would feel amazing. (And being able to get a 14" diameter wheel is a plus.

  • A view years ago i bought a Posche Turbo Wheel, it was fine at this time. Later i bought the CSW V1 with Formula and BMW Rim, that was really great and now i am waiting for the CSW V2.

    I am very excited about the brushless servo motor.

    Best regards
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    I'm looking forward to upgrade from my G25 to Fanatec setup (base + two wheels + pedals + shifter). Direct
    drive servo wheel would be a bit overkill for my needs because I don't have a rig. I think the ClubSport Wheel V2 is perfect choice. I'll mount it with table clamp to my desktop. The most important feature in V2 for me is less cogging force and better feeling for subtle force effects.
  • Thomas, ich würde mir wünschen, dass es für die V1 Base ein Upgrade gibt, sollte sie nicht mit den neuen Rims mit der PS4 funktionieren. Die PS4 Kompatibilät war hier für mich der wichtigste Grund, deshalb habe ich den auch an erste Stelle gesetzt. 
    Falls es keine Möglichkeit gibt mit der alten Base auf der PS4 zu fahren, ihr definitiv einen Vertrag mit Sony habt und die V2 Base auch kompatibel zur PS3 ist, dann kannste mir auf jeden Fall eine Einladung schicken und bekommst postwendend meine Bestellung! Etwas anderes als Fanatec kommt mir nicht an meine Konsolen, das ist sicher! 
    In den letzten Jahren habe ich 4 Lenkräder bei euch gekauft (GT3RS-V2, GT2, CSR-Elite, CSW vor ca. 9 Monaten), 2 Sätze CSR shifter, 2 Clubsport SQ Shifter, Clubsport Pedale V1, Clubsport Pedale V2, farbige Pedale usw. 
    Der Support war immer zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit, wenn es ein Problem gab. Auf diesem Wege daher auch noch mal ein großes Lob, ganz speziell an den Johannes und an Max, und natürlich auch an den Rest des Teams. 
    So, das musste ich nochmal loswerden und hoffe nun auf Neuigkeiten bzw. eine Einladung. 
    Beste Grüße, Timo  
  • I can't wait for my invite, ill be keeping my v1 and v2 so i can build two racing rigs for me and my son.
  • Looking forward to upgrade my GT3 to a CSWv2!
    All the improvements looks awesome, hard to pick a favourite.

    Hoping for an invite since the only other CS product i own is the CSPv2, so i'm probably a long way down the invite-list... 
    Then I'll probably also get the ClubSport Handbrake... and maybe a CSS SQ shifter ...:D
  • I hope to make this my 2nd wheel after my Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel was stolen in 2010.  I've been holding out for a while since nothing has offered Xbox One compatibility in a decent package.  I'm excited to hear more details on that compatibility and hope to receive a code before they're all gone!
  • My V1 version is still going strong, no signs of wear so would be interesting to see and more importantly FEEL the difference.
    I guess as in race cars there is allways somewhere to evolve, so the more powerfull motor and the new drive system should be a nice addition!
  • The best product in its class.
    The long-awaited and now it is very difficult available.

  • Hey Fanatec Team,
    nice new product, I would buy one if it's compatible with my new PS4...
    Nevertheless it's a really nice and expensive wheelbase but It also delivers huge comfort and quality so the price seems to be ok for such a highend product.

    Make it compatible with Ps4 and I guarantee I will buy one ;)...

    Get your head up and stay engineering :D

  • PS4 compatibility is the biggest selling point for me, I have the CSR-Elite but need to be ready for GT on PS4
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