CSL DD feels scratchy



  • Good morning everyone.

     I have been having problems these days with my base, after a little time of use, 1 hour at the most of the game, it begins to send information to the steering wheel that is annoying, and when I exit the game it continues with that small vibration or scratch as you call it .

     I am going to try this weekend to see if it does it again since it is very annoying and more so for a product of that price, if the problem continues I will ask to send it to the technical service so that they can comment.

     I have friends who don't experience this situation and I don't know what it could be.

     I hope it will be solved soon, I will keep you informed.

  • Hi, I have the same problem, when I've been on it for 10-15 minutes it starts with that little vibration which is very annoying.

     I will send a message for RMA.

     Do they ask you to send it with its original box?.

     In case they send a new one do they send it back to you with the original box?

     Thank you.

  • They send it back with the original box so use the box and only place the wheelbase and they will send you the same package back.

    I am testing and debugging this issue because I got a replacement with exactly the same issue. They sent me new Test Motor firmwares to try, that reduced the vibrations but they are still there. I think that the problem could be rf or EMI interference related. The last thing i will try is to properly ground the unit and add ferrite cores on various cables to see if that does anything. Changing power supplies 5nm/8nm made no difference for me.

    if you want to you can try these two motor firmwares https://eur05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ekr1xtzi06ipva/Motor%2520Firmware%2520for%2520CSL%2520DD-%2520grainy%2520vibration%2520issue.zip?dl%3D0&data=05%7c01%7ce-support%40fanatec.com%7cb5d77fdbdadd42042f1508da2c4442bc%7c6d8abf136b914f88a060bcd9ac8979d0%7c0%7c0%7c637870970104784130%7cUnknown%7cTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7c3000%7c%7c%7c&sdata=07g8IYJwYUHU9X7wAr3YPLU1AIZvoTf8eneTx2BWN6U%3D&reserved=0

    and let us know if it changed the behavior of the vibrations. For me the 18khz version seems to work the best.

  • Ok thanks Faizel

    Before installing the firmware I will see what they tell me with the RMA.

  • You will wait 2 to 3 weeks for their answer so up to you. If you are technically capable to install the firmware you can consider it. Below the email I received from support once they responded to me after 16 days:

    We are very sorry that you have to wait this long.

    Our developers are working now on a solution for this behavior and we have received new firmwares for the Motor.

    Feel free to test these motors firmware and give us your feedback please.

    In the link, you will be able to download two test hex file. I attached a manual shows how to update the firmware by uploading a hex file.


    Helps us with your feedback whether this solved the issue, reduce it or delayed it and let us know which test version did solve the issue. 

    To speed up procedures, I will start the return procedures for your Wheelbase to be replaced. If the new motor firmware did not solve the issue, you can send the wheelbase and the power supply back to be replaced. (no need to send the wheel or pedals) 

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


    (Fanatec Support Team)

  • Alex BerryAlex Berry Member
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    Just wanted to add my name to list of people experiencing this issue. For me it's subtle, less noticeable in ACC and AC but more noticeable in RaceRoom and Horizon 5. Feels like high frequency noise. I have the BMW CSL wheel and I can feel it the most through the paddle shifters. It's most noticeable if I turn the wheel past the soft bump stop and just hold it there.

    For me the sensation starts the moment the base completes its calibration after being turned on. It takes no time to "warm up" for it to start happening, it starts immediately.

    I have the power supply plugged into an APC BR1350MS which is plugged into a Panamax MR4300, so electrical noise should be pretty low. The USB cable can be completely unplugged from the base and the sensation is unchanged, also doesn't change when I unplug my ClubSport V3 pedals from the base.

    IMO it's not worth the RMA process right now, because with stock so ridiculously low and parts shortages potentially getting worse, I'd rather have this wheelbase as is than not have one at all for an unforeseeable period of time.

  • +1 about waiting for the RMA. I just asked for a second return yesterday I expect that will take some weeks to be responded and maybe by June they have a new batch which doesn't have this issue anymore and that's when the return process will happen. Meanwhile the wheel is useable in this state I guess.

  • Hello, I have received a reply to my email, it has taken 4 days to give me an answer.

    The answer has been the same as yours, they have sent me the firmware for me to try it and that it will solve the problem.

    I will try to install it and I will let you know how it goes.

    To those who have the same problem, send them the mail so they can see that it is a generalized problem and that they can solve it. The more mails they have with this problem the more resources they will put to solve it.

  • Problem is pretty much there since csl dd last year. They know about it yes, have they solved it yet? No.

    Marcos let us know how this firmware worked out for you.

  • Hey, i have the same problem and i would like to try the firmware but i really don’t know how to do it. Could you explain it for me so i can try this firmware? Would be really nice!

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    You need to use the updater driver program on windows and manually select to update the motor firmware only. once on the motor update dashboard there is a button with 3 dots where you have to navigate to the HEX files provided above, then select "flash firmware" They sent me a PDF with the instructions but seems I cannot post PDF.

    Good luck.

  • Okay. I tried it but it tells me „Hex file loading failed“. I tried both 18 kHz and 20 kHz version but it does not want to work

  • this is weird make sure you are selecting manual update and select ONLY motor firmware update and also directing your file explorer to where the files are located. For me I put the HEX files on a usb stick and navigated there because my primary computer is a MAC.

  • yes sorry that was my bad xD. I selected the Wheelbase Firmware instead of the Motor one… But thanks for the help! I will try it now on ACC.

  • So, after some hours i am quite happy with the firmware. I tried the 20 kHz one first but my ffb was weird and felt even worse. But when i tried the other one it was almost completely gone. They definitely need to finetune it a bit more but it was really good. Much better then before.

  • Good to hear, seems 18khz was better for me as well, but like you say its not perfect. You need to monitor the behaviour as what I found is that the vibrations still come and go with the 18khz.

  • Hi, I have tried it and it seems to work, the one that works best for me is the 18khz. I will keep testing, but the vibration that was so annoying is no longer noticeable.

  • I noticed with 20khz the wheel can cause some hectic jolts when you push it against force(you can test this in acc just before starting a race with the car stationary by moving wheel left or right) and also the graininess is worse. Anyway they finally responded to my second rma yesterday and told me I will receive return labels. I’m still of two minds if I want to return the wheel or just live with it as is. For me the vibrations are quite pronounced after 2 or 3 minutes and they can be felt through the force feedback even when in game then they are not really noticeable after 10 minutes or so and the base is stable for hours until the next time I use it. I might just roll the dice and try the rma one more time.

  • Hi, I tried 20khz and for me it has corrected the problem I notice it as before, I am not going to do any more RMA, I am not going to risk them sending me one from a replacement. I will continue testing and if the failure comes back I will open another RMA.

    I understand that if an update of the steering wheel comes out, it is better not to update, right?

  • Well I received a 3RD replacement and I was amazed that the problem is not there UNTIL about 1 hour into use then these buzzy scratch sensations get mixed into the signal. Again quite dominant. At this stage the base is warm to the touch.

    I duplicated this behavior twice so far. This is still with the stock firmware. Really beyond weird that all 3 units I have had one or another version of this problem. I will try to test this for some more days with the stock firmware before seeing if the versions helps. For the first hour the new base is an absolute joy to use but my god what a headache this product has been. Really not sure what path to take after this.

  • +1 grainy after 15/20 mins. Tempted to give the18/20khz motor firmware things a go but will wait for support to get back to me first. Bummer, was enjoying the step up from the old faithful g920 but this feeling is too distracting for me. Or maybe some thick gloves…??

  • Hi there,

    Just wanted to introduce my self to the club. Received brand new gt dd base (8nm) today and was amazed for about 30 mins until i noticed the the same symptoms described in this thread. Can feel the vibrations while holding the wheel. Played a bit with settings and when turning nfr to 0 the vibrations are gone. I'll try with the test firmware over the weekend and if that won't solve the issue I'll send it back and claim a refund within 14 days.

  • Wanted to give a quick update after reading through the relevant threads at night and testing this morning.

    Vibration doesn´t occur immediatly but after 10 mins of racing. After turning NFR value to 0 at least the vibration in standby disappears but steering in game still feels grindy.

    As far as i understand this is a known issue wich is mentioned in the changelog of firmware 442 and will be fixed.

    Anyway, i´ve created a support ticket this morning asking for further steps.

  • Hi, recieved mine a few days ago and have been having a problem, same as a few people on here, startup after being off overnight is vibrations for 20 mins or so then goes away exact same every day have tried everything on here and more, im hoping to get a complete refund as i do not trust fanatec any longer. i spent 160 on TAX from the uk when ordering im hoping i get that back and they pay it when i send it back to them. sent a ticket and multiple emails no reply for 3 days so far. will keep you all posted.

  • Hi Joseph welcome to the club.

    The more I read through the forums the more I doubt getting a working base anytime soon :(

  • Another quick update since i had the chance to test longer last night.

    Got home and turned on the base and left it for about 1 hour while having dinner. Could feel minimum vibrations on the rim (could be my imagination as well since i´m a bit paranoid right now) and hear some type of squeling sound from the base.

    Started GT7 and after 30 minutes i could feel the grainyness again (in game, home menu, with usb, no usb...). Playing around with settings (NFR, NDP...) didn´t help this time. Tried to use it for an hour, hoping that it will disappear, but it didn´t. Also checked the temperature since my room is in the attic and it can get pretty warm nowadays but metal parts are cold to the touch and backside isn´t warm at all.

    Getting more and more frustrated now since i can´t enjoy it in this condition and have to wait for a reply from fanatec.

  • Sorry for triple post but it seems there's no edit button and I wanted to keep you updated.

    Tech Support replied this morning (in contrast to a lot of negative feedback) wich is pretty good since I've sent the ticket last Thursday.

    Received the two motor firmwares (18khz, 20khz). Agent wanted me to delete all the drivers and devices first, install Driver 439 (had 442 before) and test 20khz first. After a few hours of testing with the test firmwares I can confirm that the vibrations are reduced by maybe 50%. Right now I think 20khz has a tiny bit less vibrations then 18khz but that could be my imagination.

    Of course this is a good improvement, especially when you rollback to immediately but the vibrations are still distracting and since there are reports of bases with no vibrations I believe it shouldn't vibrate at all.

    Will wait for the reply and keep you updated.

  • Update on mine, finally recieved a reply today to send DD back for refund.. im not wanting to use this company any longer so id like to think theyd let me send the whole order back as what good is it to me now? CSL pedals, f1 esports v2 wheel (that one button randomly stopped working on) all the rest of that bundle. but no sounds like ive lost my tax that i originally payed from uk 160 plus and ill lose money and stress trying to sell the rest of this garbage! DO NOT USE FANATEC, dont say i didnt warn you.

  • Yes I can confirm the behavior you describe here with my first two wheelbases, when changing between 1023 and 1022 there is immediately a difference but with 1023 there was still some intermittent vibrations now and then. The third wheelbase seems to be a vast improvement it’s not scratchy and doesn’t vibrate only using 1022 firmware so far but like said above after about an hour of play the base starts getting warm and I can sometimes feel the scratchy feeling…..only tested with assetto Corsa so far. However the first two bases would get scratchy even just powered on without being connected to usb. I don’t think the new base would get to this scratchy, vibration state without being actually used for a few hours. For now I’m sticking with 1022 firmware and continue to test.

  • Hi Faizel,

    This issue could be heat related. Maybe some units warming up faster than others due to tolerances or aren´t manufactured properly?.

    So it's good to hear that your 3rd replacement almost solved the issue. Maybe when you try it with your base will work flawless

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