Fanatec Driver 451 (Current Official Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • What do you mean with deleting something iRacing related in the C drive? This is not necessary at all, at least not Fanatec related even if it would be necessary - but it isnt.

    What do you mean with "no go" for the Shifter? What is not working? Which Shifter port on the back of the Base is the Shifter plugged into?

  • Yo everyone!

    I also have weak ffb on my CSLDD and this is only 1 month old!

    I contacted with support, i got RMA, sending back the base, and today i got my base, with the same weak ffb.

    Only changed the shaft clamp that's it! Why wasn't it replaced my base???

    I need to set my ffb to 100% in Fanatec driver, and 100% ffb ingame, and can turn the car with one hand, with 8nm!!!

    In good condition with this settings, would be break my thin arm...

    When i got this CSLDD, then the ffb enough with 60-65%, then 2-3 week later, became weaker, and now, the 100% ffb not enough.

      What i did already:

    - Uninstalled the whole Fanatec driver

    - Uninstalled Fanatec devices in Device Manager

    - Resetting my Fanatec device 

    - Tried few older fanatec driver

     Nothing change, still the same weak ffb, and Fanatec not replaced my base, THANK YOU!!!!

  • You obviously need to contact the support again and ask for an exchange of the whole base.

    Nobody here can help you as it's no driver or firmware related issue.

  • I asked it already, but they didn't replace it...😤

    I am contacting consumer protection, cuz it's a joke what Fanatec did with me...

  • Maybe you have already done it, but I'd test the base on another pc or laptop, just in case.

  • Same result. The base sadly wrong. I don't know why Fanatec not want to replace.

  • Hello @Marcel Pfister,

    the 442 drivers have seen the complete rewriting of the DD firmware considerably improve the FFB rendering of our wheelbases.That said, I still get random peaks and coggling, even if it's less prevalent than before (DD2, even in 451).

    Are there any more big surprises in the pipeline to further improve the rendering of our podium wheelbases? Can they still be improved from a software point of view? Or do you think you've reached the level that the hardware allows?

    Thank you for your reply 😉

  • Those are most likely the steering input jumps which was improved but not fully fixed yet, which mostly appear to happen in iRacing.

    Its planned to fully fix this issue sometime in the future, yes.

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    Hi wen I’m in the fanatec tuning menu it says 15nm and not 20nm anymore and I can’t not change that can you look into this .thk

  • You can hover over the value with your mouse to get an explanation which settings have an influence on the Nm value.

    The Nm depends on the used FFB, FOR and FFS setting. Most likely you use the base in FFS LINEAR Mode instead of PEAK Mode. In LINEAR Mode the max torque of the DD1 is 15 Nm with FFB and FOR set to 100 - so the value is correct.

  • Guys just a little help...

    I have a F1 podium DD for PS5... Does the F1 wheel works on other bases of Fanatec?? Or only on the podium base???

  • Feature request:

    This is not related to driver 451, but threads for older drivers are already closed.

    With driver 444 the old legacy control panel was removed and nobody probably misses it.

    However, if enabled it had a really useful feature showing the corresponding button numbers and the values of the levers for a mounted wheel.

    And to answer any response regarding button numbers in the manual: No they don't match and manual doesn't even list all buttons. Numbers shown in old control panel are the ones that get passed over to a game.

    Could we at least get the button numbers back in one of the following driver versions?



  • You can still see the button numbers when you open the entry of your base in the Windows Gamecontroller Menu.

  • Maurice,

    I knew you would come up with something but didn't expect you to suggest this ;-)

    Same wrong numbers that are in the manual, and only buttons 1 to 32. Nice try though.

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    The buttons you see in the Gamecontroller Menu are the button numbers which gets send to the game.

    Xbox button is supposed to be button 25 and not 24 on a McLaren wheel so the old driver is wrong. Maybe was mapped to 24 in an old Firmware and was changed to 25 in the meantime, but 25 is definitely correct. So even if this would be implemented into the UI it would also show 25.

    For the "regular" buttons 32 buttons from Gamecontroller menu is also enough, above 32 are only "special" buttons like the 12-positions of each MPS etc.

    Can suggest to re-implement a button number indicator somehwere in the UI, however I dont know how to implement so that it looks "good", so might have very low prio and something not coming in one of the next drivers but maybe in the (far) future at some point.

  • it would be nice in general if such values are displayed, it could also help with the calibration of the pedals, if you get raw values displayed. Something doesn't have to be "pretty", as it can be seen on the screenshot, that is completely fine.

  • Fix drivers Fanatec (Fallatec in spanish)

  • I have a CSL Elite PS4 WB, is this driver compatible ? Because I thought firmware updates for this base had discontinued as with the availability of this product ! I don't have any issues with my wheel even though it's nearly 5 years old so are there any benefits to this update ? Not sure which firmware I have only that 684 22 displays on the wheel, last update May 2021 and I do recall ABS was changed to BLI last time, many thanks.

  • The CSL Elite PS4 Base is still fully supported and not EOL yet.

  • bei mir wird nach dem Treiber update am Podium Button Modul Endurance die Bremsbalance, die in ACC eingestellt ist, nicht richtig angezeigt.

    Der Wert ist am Modul grundsätzlich falsch

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    Das kann nichts mit einem Treiber Update zu tun haben. Die Werte kommen über FanaLab und nicht dem Treiber.

    Welche FanaLab Version ist im Einsatz? Es sollte nur 1.99.05 mit Treiber 451 genutzt werden, keine 1.69.x Version. Die 1.69.x Versionen sind uralt und haben bspw die 2023er ACC Autos noch gar nicht drin, entsprechend wird mit dieser alten Lab Version natürlich immer ein falscher BB Wert angezeigt.

    Notfalls die mal deinstallieren, den xml Ordner bei AppData/Local/Fanatec/FanaLab löschen und das Lab neu installieren, damit sich die Liste mit den BB offsets neu generiert.

    PS: next time please post in English according to the forum rules.

  • I’ve got an issue with the CSL DD and ACC. The framerate goes from 40 (locked) to 1 fps when I turn on the CSL DD.

  • so when the 452 update available any information on this

  • Hi!

    Installation procedure:

    • connect the base to the PC?
    • Turn on the base (in PC mode) and wait for the PC to recognize it?
    • download the latest drivers from the site and install them with the base turned on?
    • restart when the program says so with full access and wait for it to return to the desktop?

    all correct?

    I can't find an official guide on the matter, each player has his own opinion and you can never figure out which one is correct. I hope someone can help me and also future players who read this post.

  • Hi,

    I haven't seen it mentioned (forgive me if it was), that the brake force factor loading is very unreliable in the CSL DD firmware. I use the Clubsport V2 pedals and different brake force factors for different profiles on the CSL DD. When starting up, I have to check if these brake force factors are the correct value, because ~1 out of 3 times one of the brake factors gets copied to all or multiple profiles. I didn't notice any definite pattern as to which value is repeated, but it's definitely not as simple as "the factor of the first profile is used for every other profile". As far as I can tell, all other profile values are handled correctly, but the brake force factor is rather erratic.

    I haven't checked whether the wrong profile values are persisted or upon next restart it loads the correct (previously) saved value.

  • Hi,

    I'm encountering the issue of the Firmware updater continuously populate itself and my wheel Clubsport Formula V2.5x restarts itself after the firmware update and the Firmware updater windows keeps popping up and keeps making to update. Is my wheel bricked or something else is wrong with it?

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