Fanatec Driver 451 (Prev. Official Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Oke thanks I changed it.

  • My FFB was 100% but my FOR was 70% its good to see what the torque output value is

  • FYI: The driver on the official website was now replaced with the "correct" version from 18th May.

    So no matter where you download the driver now, it's always the "correct" one with the fix for the Control Panel crashes.

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    Looks like I should be good then. I just got time to look at the modified date of the beta driver, and it's May 18th, 2023. So, no need for me to update.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

  • hi, i apologize in advance for my english but help me with google translate! i have a problem with firmware update asking on control panel to dd2.

    when I try to update it gives me an error (I attach the folder with the error) I hope I wrote in the right section... I searched everywhere in the forum but I didn't find any discussion related to this error I hope you can help me thanks have a good day and good work to the fanatec team

  • Good day

    I downloaded the new driver 451 (today), everything is great, I can also open the Fanatec Control Panel, but as soon as I connect the devices, it says ''no fanatec device done,,

    I updated the Windows a day before on my laptop (Microsoft Surface 3 64Bit etc.)

    Could someone help me, because before with 450 everything was top and I didn't do anything differently and all the steps Fanatec would like to have adhered to, thank you very much.

    Best regards,

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    I've installed 451 firmware and it installs fine on the wheel base. However, it will not install on my WRC wheel. With the wheel connected, the Fanatic Control panel app will not show any Fanatec devices giving me a "no fanatec defice found error" and the wheel will show a red light and two red bars. When attempting to manually update the wheel firmware, it says it loads the new firmware but within a few seconds, the wheel will once again show a red light with two red bars and cause the Fanatec control panel to no longer recognize the wheel base and gives me the "no fanatec device found" error

    If I roll back to the 450 Firmware, the issue persists. Its as if the WRC wheel is bricked after attempting the 451 update.

    I've tried both 451 firmware updates. One being the first one in this thread and the other being the download package from the main fanatec driver page. No love with either. Wasting time......

  • Anyone else with funky switch problem afer 450 driver update? (451 didn't solve it). One input with the funky switch is now recognised every time as multiple inputs. If I format my pc and install everything again with driver 447 it will work? Or should I remove previous drivers and firware first? Thanks

  • This was reported by a very few people.

    It was tested extensively but could not be reproduced with dozens of wheels and base combos.

    Current theory is that it's a hardware issue of some Legacy wheels.

    In this case you would need to stay on driver 447 and included firmwares for those old wheels.

  • Thanks for the reply. The issue now is that even if I downgraded to the 447 driver, the problem persists. I use my pc only to play iracing, so for me no problem formatting. My question is: if I format my pc and reinstall again 447 driver and firmware, should the wheel be back working again perfectly as before? In other words, the drivers and frmwares are installed on the pc or on the wheelbase?

  • As said, you need to downgrade to driver 447 and the included FIRMWARE to resolve the issue, its not enough to just downgrade the driver as the change came with the firmware.

    No need to format anything, just install driiver 447, go to Firmware Manager, click Manual Firmware update and flash the Firmware of the Base.

  • Hi Maurice,

    I may be one of those very few too as I am suffering from a similar problem with the funky switch but my problem is that the most Funky Switch rotation clicks do not get registered.


    Windows 11

    Driver v450

    CSL DD with Boost Kit:

    -Wheel Base v1.1.8.5

    -WB Motor v1.0.3.2

    Hub CS UHX V2:

    -Wheel Hub v2

    PBME v22

    WQR v6.0.0.1



    The 7-Way Funky switch is missing many inputs in both rotary directions.


    When in Fanatec Control Panel the Funky Switch seems to work perfectly fine. Each single rotation click is registered regardless if the rotation is fast or slow, left or right. But when in game only every n-th click gets registered regardless if rotated by 1 click or many clicks quickly. This is well visible in Windows game controller applet when I go into properties of the first of FANATEC Wheel controllers. I attach a video showing the problem. The recording FPS wasn’t that great but in reality the problem is even more prominent than in the video. Still you could see while each and every single click gets registered in Fanatec CP but many inputs are missing in the Windows applet. This is exactly the behavior I get in game. When rotated slowly Windows applet barely registers anything - like once each 20 clicks. When rotated quickly Windows applet registers many inputs but it still misses some of the inputs. Example: I know I rotated 5 clicks but only 3 get registered.

    This isn't a hardware issue since inputs are registerd fine in FCP. This cannot be a game-related problem nor a problem related to Fanalab and/or Fanalab profiles because it happens with just the FCP and Windows applet open. It doesn’t matter if I connect the base to USB 2.0 or 3.0, at mobo or at the front panel. It looks like the communication between the driver and Windows is not frequent enough?

    It was working fine before in the past but I cannot tell when it stopped as I haven’t use the rotation mode in a long while. Other than that everything else seems to work perfectly fine.

    Can I provide anything more to help investigate the issue?

  • To add more. I installed driver 451 on a laptop with Windows 11 and it behaves the same. The W11 on PC was a W10 upgraded to 11 but this doesn't seem to make any difference. I attach a similar video but with Fanatec CP vs JoyToKey app. I think it might give a hint. JoyToKey in fact does register every single click! but most of them are so super quick that the green bar that flashes on click doesn't even get recorded because it lights up for like a few miliseconds.

    It doesn't even get proper green to the human eye but greenish transparent at best. Some clicks have a slightly longer duration like a 100ms and these light up perfect green. So to me this is is what happens in Windows. Only the inputs that take long enough get registered properly. Might it be something changed in the firmware and the clicks are now much shorter, hence the issue?

  • I've installed 451 driver/firmware and it installs fine on the wheel base and the Fanatec control panel sees the wheel base. However, there is an issue when I connect the WRC wheel. The process and findings: With the wheel connected, the Fanatic Control panel app will not show any Fanatec devices giving me a "no fanatec device found error" and the wheel will show a red light and two red bars. When attempting to manually update the wheel firmware, it says it loads the new firmware successfully but within a few seconds, the wheel will once again show a red light with two red bars and cause the Fanatec control panel to no longer recognize the wheel base and gives me the "no fanatec device found" error

    If I roll back to the 450 Firmware using the update Firmware process and install the rolled back 450 driver the issue persists.

    I've tried both 451 driver/firmware updates. One being the first one in this thread and the other being the download package from the main fanatec driver page. No success with either. I have now attempted to reinstall the 451 driver/firmware after attempting the 450 driver/firmware rollback, now the WRC wheel does not show any lights (does not show the red light with the two red bars) but the same issue persists with the "no fanatec device found error" in the Fanatec control panel. At present the wheel is not working and the wheel base shows the variable power light indicating there is an issue. The wheel base is fine when the wheel is not connected.

    How do we proceed/fix after encountering this failed driver/firmware update? It is both a new wheel base, wheel and a dedicated computer for the SIM, all less than 30 days old. This is being installed on a new Windows 11 64 bit PC with an RTX480 graphics card and an intel i7 processor using the Fanatec supplied USB cable.

    In each instance of changing the driver/firmware (after the first failed attempt from the 450 to 451 package), I removed the prior driver, power cycled the wheel base, rebootted the computer, and then installed the new driver/firware update.

    In my youth, I built PC's,. I am not an expert but I am far from a novice in how to install softare, drivers, firmware, and recover from errors. This has me stumped. Please advise on how to resolve this issue.

  • This is clearly a hardware issue and you need to contact the support.

  • Ok, thanks. I've put in a support ticket. They say up to 7 days to respond..............................

  • Just got my fanatec dd and when trying to update firmware the firmware update got the end and closed, the base was flashing blue , restart and this is what I get, left it for an hour now and absolutely nothing, not sure what to do now?

  • I unfortunatly made the mistake of buying a DD1 a few years back and I recently a few days ago I updated to 451 from an older driver and updated all my firmware for for the motor wheelbase and the steering wheel hub etc. Now DIRT RALLY 2 has almost no vibration and feedback. I try'd reverting back to older drivers and firmware via the downgrade option and it did not solve the issue WHAT IS GOING ON FANATEC I pay'd almost 3 grand for this wheel and wheel base. These products have been out for years now and you still haven't sorted your stuff out what a joke especially for the high price I should have bought a SIMUCUBE instead.

    You seem to treat your customers as guinea pig to test things for you. Testing should be the job of the company not the consumer. I am very unhappy with Fanatec as a whole. I have had nothing but trouble with most of your products and slowly I am purging my sim rig of Fanatec gear one by one. How hard is it to make firmware that doesn't ruin your customers products.

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    This driver was tested - extensively - with no such issue you are raging about.

    The Firmware is fine, it certainly did not ruin your products.

    I think there is something wrong on your PC.

    Make sure that you also use the same settings as before, after a FW update its possible that the Tuning Menu resets to default value (which means FFB 35%, which is not much and could be exactly the reason why you feel almost no FFB now in the game).

  • There is nothing wrong with my PC it is an 11th gen i7 with a 3060ti and z590 motherboard on windows 10 pro it is running fine and I'm raging about having spent 3k on a wheel that doesn't work now on one of the main games I play. The problem is your drivers and firmware it was obviously not tested enough and if this is how you speak to customers that's disgusting behavior. Nothing wrong with my settings either I have checked all of that I made sure all my in game ffb and wheel settings are the same. There was no problem until the firmware and driver update the problem is not my PC is your fault bad software fault Fanatec and blaming the customer when they have proven already that to be the case is a joke.

  • Could you by any chance help me out here Maurice?

  • Small issue I am having withdriver 451, in iRacing with my Podium Button Module Endurance it is no longer showing engine RPM.

    If I change it display speed, no problem, but RPM is staying at zero.

    I have done a clean instal of the 451 driver as I had previously got lazy and installed 451 over the top of 450 which resulted in momentary loss of force feed back maybe once a hour in a iRacing session. A unistall of the Fanatec drivers, reboot then reinstal seems to have fixed that issue.

    Fanalabs V1.69.7, Motor Firmware, DD1, Podium Hub 6, BME 22, QR 6

  • First, a driver update can not cause this.

    The RPM Display functionality is a Fanalab feature and is completely independend from a driver.

    And it's a known issue that RPM is not working for iRacing in the current FanaLab Version 1.69.7. This will be fixed with the next version.

  • Tired of your experiments with the issue of drivers!.
    Like other colleagues, the latest drivers installed on my Podium DD2 are a total failure!!! It does nothing more than give me direction jumps.
    I reinstalled the previous drivers and everything works perfectly, but the problem is that I also updated my three wheels and I am not able to reinstall the previous drivers on them.
    I bring the base to 3mn so that I don't break a finger when I change direction degrees (which it does when it feels like it with the latest drivers, with the previous ones there is no problem)
    Put a solution!!!!
    I am glad that today there are many more products to choose from so that they wake up, get their batteries and start doing things well.
    Fix your drivers!!!

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    Just getting back into sim thing after being gone for a few years due to shoulder issues. I had the DD2, Formula V2 wheel, Clubsport V3 pedals, Clubsport shifter 1.5 and Handbrake 1.5 but sold them since I could not use them.

    But my shoulder is better (I hope) and I just order the DD2, Formula V2.5 and Clubsport V3 pedals and since I have been out of the loop for a while was wondering what is the best/stable driver/firmware to use? Is it the 451 or an earlier version?

    Not gonna lie, seeing some of the issues on this board is concerning, I hope I made the right choice with the DD2. I did not have problems with the old setup so I bought another one.

  • Just go with the latest versions of everything, so driver 451 and FanaLab 1.67.7 - or maybe by the time you get your gear a new Fanalab version is already released..... ;)

  • Can anyone assist in getting a BMW M4 wheel to update? I can update all of my other wheels and base, however everytime I go through the process and connect the USB to the wheel and then PC, I get "USB device not recognised. The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it."

    I get this on two PC's.

    I've deleted the Fanatec software, restarted the PC, reinstalled, restarted and the same thing every time?

    Driving me nuts, why this can't be straight forward

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    Did you read the manual or the instructions shown in the firmware Manager how to connect the wheel to the PC by having one of the back buttons pressed?!🤔

    When not pressing the back button then exactly what you experience happens because the wheel is not starting in bootloader...

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