Fanatec Driver 451 (Prev. Official Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • i did download driver but shows no fanatec device found

  • Meet some problem when I install the driver to my computer, the Manu tell me to choose system type with X86 but my computer system type is ARM, so is there have any way could solve it? many thanks

  • good morning, maybe I'm not getting any help because I forgot to enter some other details about my configuration? I could add that I use Win 11 which I tried to update in several ways such as: without the steering wheel, with another steering wheel inserted, I tried disconnecting all the other peripherals and leaving only the base connected to the PC but nothing, I can't update... maybe I'll send Below are the screen shots of all the answers that Fanatec Control Panel gives me. I hope I haven't made any mistakes in communicating on this channel and in this way, if that were the case, I apologize in advance and maybe if you direct me I would be grateful.

  • Does the wheel work in general or is it malfunctioning, apart of the update issue? Have you tried plugging it to a different USB port, preferably directly to the motherboard at the back panel? You disconnected other stuff, good, but even all the wireless dongles?

  • hi, thanks for the reply! yes the steering wheel works well, I tried to remove all the USBs but in fact I left the key for the headphone and mouse riveter... the base is connected to a USB on the motherboard (and I tried to move it to the various USBs) but nothing

  • A few months ago I acquired a 2nd hand DD1. It worked fine and after updating it to the latest drivers 4.51 and FW I used it without issue for three months. However, last week I suddenly encountered very strange behavior which I haven't been able to resolve.

    The issue is that the wheel experiences very heavy oscillation, jolts even under normal use. It's as if the wheelbase overcompensates or enlarges normal FFB behavior like centering and road bumps. I have added a video to show what I mean.

    Some data on the situation:

    • I play on a PS4 Pro.
    • The issue is most pronounced in AC, but also happens to a smaller degree in ACC, GT7 and GT Sport so it is definitly not a game issue.
    • It does NOT manifest itself if I hook up my DD1 to my laptop and try it with AC on that. Super smooth FFB like what I was used to.
    • I am not sure what triggered the effect but I think it did start after a wheel change. I use a Formula V2.5 and a CS Universal Hub V2 wheel. Both experience the same issue now when I switch them out.

    I played around with all the settings on my wheel base of course. My standard settings are:


    FF: 35


    NDP: 20

    NFR: Off

    NIN: OFF

    INT :02

    FEI: 100

    FOR: 100

    SPR: OFF

    DPR: 100

    BLI: 90

    SHO : 70

    MPS : AUTO

    Now the key thing here, changing these around does not seem to affect the issue, it just hides it. What I mean is that, for instance, increasing NDP to 50 lessens the force of the jolts due to the dampening but it is still there. SImilarly, increasing NFR, NIN and INT puts a dampening effect on the wheel but I can still feel the oscillations and jolts. Decreasing FEI and FOR obviously decreases FFB as a whole which makes it less pronounced but still there.

    Other things I have tried which didn't help:

    • Different profiles, just in case I missed a setting. All of them, including AUTO, experience the issue.
    • Downgrading the firmware, I went to V691/V42 but this did not make a difference at all.
    • Different USB ports on the PS4 and different USB cable.
    • I tried another PS4 with AC on it!
    • Turning off BT on the PS4
    • Unplugging my CS V3 pedals

    At this point I'm not sure anymore what to try. Perhaps anybody else has a good idea :)

  • The only two things I can think of to give them a try are:

    • turn off antivirus live protection if you have one, even Windows Defender
    • try a different PC/laptop

    If neither of these help then I'm maybe Maurice could provide some insight before you head to the Support.

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    It's the drivers, many of us suffer from this problem and they don't have a solution, a supposed 452 is supposed to come out this month and it would fix that problem.

    The solution is to install the previous drivers and those shakes are solved but then you will have "problems" with the steering wheels that you have updated....but at least it will not give you those shakes and you will be able to play calmly.

  • Fix drivers Fanatec.

  • Bug Report: DD2 and CS SW RS. (QR1 and QR2)

    It is not possible to dismiss the Hi Torque warning screen using a CS SW RS by either a button click or holding the wheel at 90 degrees. When held at 90 degrees the "dismiss progress bar" increases to maximum, but then goes back to zero point and goes up again over and over.

    Despite the warning screen remaining, the base does go to Hi Torque mode with either a button press or holding at 90 degrees. However, the warning screen cannot be dismissed.

    As the warning screen cannot be dismissed, all other ITM screens are blocked from appearing.

    This issue remains consistent (not random) whenever the CS SW RS wheel is attached. It does not appear with McLaren GT3 V2 (QR1 or QR2) or Formula Wheel V2 (QR1 or QR2)

    Bug is identical when:

    1: The wheel is attached before powering up from standby.

    2: The wheel is attached and the base powered on from the socket and then powered up from standby.

    3: The base is powered up and the wheel changed from a working wheel to a CS SW RS. Detaching the CS SW RS and attaching another wheel clears the Hi Torque screen as expected.

    • Wheel Base Model (product ID): PODIUM WHEEL BASE DD2
    • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): CS SW RS
    • Driver Version: 451
    • Base FW Version:
    • Motor FW Version:
    • Wheel FW Version: 4
    • Wireless Quick Release Firmware Version: 6
    • FanaLab Version: v1.99.05
    • Tuning Menu settings: ANY, but tested with Fanalab FFB defaults AND Auto for ACC, AMS2, AC, iRacing.
    • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: drive or else? - Default installation location - C Drive.

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    Thats an issue where the handshake between the wheel and the base fails and the wheel therefore does not get recognized.

    This is a hardware issue, you need to contact the support.

  • Hi @Maurice, So... we are already finishing the next month and the new drivers are not yet available, do we have to wait for Halloween?

  • +1

    Only words .....they dont fix anything. You cannot claim to be premium with patchy sofware.

    The price is premium😎.

    +3000€ in products that do not work correctly due to the software ....not the hadware

    and if .....i am angry and with somewhat abrupt ways

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    What exact issue do you have that you always claim the software needs to be fixed?

    Constructive feedback would certainly help instead of just such comments which help nobody.

    PS: October is not over yet @ Gonzalo ;)

  • Okay, I'll keep an eye out for the new drivers, 6 days left hehehe

  • You are entirely incorrect - this is 100% a firmware bug. I shall tell you why in a moment, but I first wanted to point out it is dolts who post excuses for Fanatec which lead to long times to issues being fixed. Keep your opinions to yourself and examine the FACTS.

    1: Firmware 450 package DOES NOT HAVE THE ISSUE. Only Firmware pack 451.

    2: Even with 451, the wheel is recognised by the driver and Fanalab as CS SW RS. HANDSHAKE IS COMPLETE AND WORKS ******* PERFECTLY.

    3: When a wheel is not recognised, enabling high torque is not possible - you need something to communicate with the wheel-base. Hence the use of the podium hub when using third party wheels. As the report STATED VERY ******* CLEARLY, the High Torque is enabled just by pushing a button on the wheel or holding it at 90 degrees.

    So, now you have destroyed the thread which could have led to a fix. Thanks a whole ******* much.


  • Again, here Maurice is making excuses for Fanatec. Get off the forum, your uninformed comments pollute it with passive aggressive BS.

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    More passive aggressive BS from Maurice. Fanatec, will you please ban the troll posing as a customer. His posts are mostly "it is the hardware, contact support" when the issue is clearly not hardware. I suspect he is a bot working for a competitor.

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    How the **** would you know? Do you even know what day it is?

    Fanatec Forum mods, would you please bad Maurice the Troll.

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    I know because I work for them and I am actually testing it :)

    And no, I wont be banned from this forum, ever :)

    However, as it seems you very clearly dont want any help and after such rude attacking messages I will stop to answer your messages, trying to help you, from now on.

    Good luck finding someone else who tries to help get your stuff working again to then get insulted by you when the answer is not what you expect.

  • I´m the first one who is unhappy with Fanatec, and I´m already migrating to other options (I´ve changed my v3 for example), but:

    1.- Disrespecting people doesn´t help at all, perhaps with the passage of time you'll come to understand this.

    2.- Maurice, for better or for worse, is the only person who answers in these forums, and tries to help us and give us information, even if sometimes we like his answers more or less.

    Since 3 years ago there´s a lot of competition in simracing peripherals. If you´re not happy, there are more options ;-)

  • +1 I completely agree and confirmed the same thing in my case .....the 450 drivers works correctly.

    Fix sofware Fanatec

  • I've had my issues with Maurice in the past, but I agree that he does try to be helpful, most of the time. :-) He misses the mark sometimes - like telling people who bought the M4 bundle that they haven't paid for QR2 - when they very clearly have. But I'm happy to put that down to stupidity rather than malice. ;-)

    But changes are required. His forum profile states that he is simply a "member". If he is staff, which he has recently clarified, his profile should make this clear.

    Sometimes he posts his own opinions as a member, sometimes he speaks for Fanatec - both from the same account. This is bad practice and should stop. If he wants to contribute to the forum in both a personal and a professional capacity he should have two accounts so that it is absolutely clear if he is speaking for himself or for Fanatec.

    When posting on behalf on Fanatec he should be mindful of his tone. Sarcasm, passive aggressive smileys and suggesting people simply refrain from visiting the forum if they are unhappy with Fanatec might be acceptable from general membership but is unacceptable behaviour from Fanatec staff.

  • Will there be a new driver for the new Clubsport DD / DD+ base, with new features specially for these bases ?

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