Fanatec Driver 451 (Prev. Official Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Yes, I am following the instructions, every single time it gives the error I mentioned.

  • If I don't press any button, it does nothing but light up the wheel.

    When I press and hold the right back button, with the BMW logo near it, the lights do not come on, I get the USB error and about 3 seconds later the lights come on.

  • And you are sure the FW is not already updated to V8?

    Because when you connect the wheel to the PC then the update instantly starts and takes around 2-3 seconds, then the wheel will disconnect again. This is intended. So when you are already on V8, then everytime you connect the wheel the update would just be restarted again and again and afterwards the wheel disconnects which would be normal...

    If you are not on V8 but on an older FW and you tried every USB port avaioolable on your PC then you should contact the support as then the wheel might be broken.

  • Wheel is brand new, literally arrived today.

    It says it is on firmware 0 and V8 is available?

    I can't even use it as it doesn't even allow me to press ok for High Torque mode, which I'm assuming is because it needs updates

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    Firmware 0 indicates that its broken.

    It should come at least with FIrmware v6 or so and it should also work out-of--the-box without needing an update. So when it doesnt work at all, then its basically just dead. You have to contact the support.

  • Not the news I wanted, but thank you. It's literally brand new, arrived today. Painful

  • Is there any chance for a slew rate reducing filter in the future? Or is there some beta software/firmware I could try?

  • Hello,

    Do you have any news about the miss shift problems? I had already mentioned this problem on January 16. You told me that the problem was being investigated. 

    Bottom of the thread : Fanatec Driver 450 (Prev. Official Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels) - Page 5 — Fanatec Forum

    Even though I am very satisfied with Fanatec products, I have the feeling that the company has completely let its customers down. A lot of promises about new products that are slow to arrive and almost no communication. What's going on?

  • What about the input jump...or unresponsiveness.

    Is that a new simptom or something being worked on?

  • Fanatec tic tac tic tac

    Fanatec... thank you very much for doing things so badly!!!
    Thanks to your errors with the software I have known Moza.
    Fix your driver problems.

  • With this new Update, all of my Rev Lights are ONLY Red, rather than Multi-Colored, and it's really throwing me off now

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    That is not due to the driver update, that is due to the latest F1 23 Patch V1.7 from Monday which broke the Fanatec LEDs and made them all red. You need to hope that Codemasters fixes that with Game Update V1.8 which is scheduled for late July. Best would be to report the issue in the Codemasters / EA forums so they are aware of their issue.

    But this is not a driver issue ;)

  • hello, I just updated to 451 today and device it’s not detected…tried to return to oldest version and same result, updated again same result…can you help me please?

  • Updated to 451 (the new one, 18-05, not 16-05) with the included firmware for my CSL DD 8nm, formula v2.5 wheel and clubsport v3 pedals.

    Now the control panel won't open when the base is connected. (it worked fine before updating to 451)

    When the base is disconnected i can open the control panel but when i connect the base again the control panel freezes.

    The wheel does work ingame, i just can't do anything in the control panel and i can't open the firmware manager.

    I already tried driver repair, rolling back to driver 450 and other tips mentioned in this thread but the issue remains. Pls help

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    IDK if anyone else has this problem because I doubt anyone here plays Fortnite, but I literally have to uninstall my drivers to play Fortnite without getting the BSOD after launching it. Does anyone have a fix without having to use an older driver?

  • ive been having a issues with my ffb in iracing and other games the ffb will jerk like im going over a bump randomly when im not and then lose all ffb and the wheel gets really tight and stiff for no reason does anyone know why it does that? im on a dd2 btw

  • Well, today I installed my driver, this one as I yesterday got my Podium bundle in.

    The windows install is just a few weeks old and ran fine, but now after running some laps, shutting off the system and later on powering it on: it wouldn't start, giving a black screen saying something about the RAM? It was gone before I could read.

    In BIOS, the memory is now ofter set to 2133Mhz instead of 3600.

    The RGB from the (MSI) mainboard are all colors while I had set them to red. Can't install the program back to make them red just stops installing.

    When trying to install something: I often get a blue screen saying somethings wrong and the system is going to restart.

    All these things, right after installing the wheel and doing a few laps: that could very well have to do with it, right? Is there something I can do, test, or something else?

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    Hi Marcel & Maurice,

    After two and a half years with the 402 driver (02/2021), I decided to update to the 451 driver on my DD2. The update went well (less stress with this Firmware Manager and this only one green button for the update).

    I own 2 Universal Hub for PC (so no firmware) purchased on 2 completely different dates but configured in the same way. The 3 buttons pod on the bottom left is not recognized in the driver interface (no red circle when pressed). These 3 buttons are still functional in games (iRacing) and applications (like Discord). On my PC, they correspond to "Device Button 39, 40 and 41" (in the manual I guess it's the Group But 5: 40, 41 and 42). I suppose it's just a little issue in the driver interface?

    PS: I tested only 5 minutes but the Funky Switch's input (rotation) seems to have improved on my Universal Hub for PC.

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    It seems you plugged the island into the 5th island slot where its working in games but not in the control panel.

    If you plug it into the slot below it will show up in the Control Panel as well.

  • Hi Maurice,

    It's just to point out this little bug to be fixed in the interface for a future release (I can live without red circles).

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    This is no bug, this is intended / technical limitation, so it wont be "fixed".

  • So could be nice to add a section with all "technical limitation" in the future if you don't want to added in the "Known issues" section. (Or whatever you like, as long as we're warned.)

    Are there any other technical limitations to be aware of? It's only group 5 affected?

  • Only island 5 is affected, yes.

    There are other technical limitations in those older Hub v1 (for example deadzone of 50% on the APM) but no, we wont list them for such old legacy wheels which dont have its own Firmware so we cant fix those limitations anyway.

  • Copy! Yes both UH were purchased in 2014, used on CSW 1.5, CSW 2.5 and now DD2.... The return on investment is not so bad ;) (I can accept this little limitation.)

    Do I have to read all the change logs of all the drivers or can I ask you in a few points the major changes/improvements made to Podium DD2 since driver 402? ( I was only able to test for a few minutes yesterday and it seemed smoother (with same settings))

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    For All the changes you would please need to read the Changelogs.

    Way too much has changed since 402 to write in a small message. Basically the whole Firmware was completely re-written since then.

  • Crazy that it's been over 7 months and we still haven't received any real fixes to the known issues

    any update of when or a timeframe when we'll receive any fixes to the known issue

  • Hey i heard some also have the Problem that they cant Open the Control Panel or better to say it wont open by itself...

    Is there anyone who can solve it? i also rest my whole PC for it..

  • This was only an issue when you have downloaded the wrong driver 451 from 16th May. This was fixed with the correct 451 upload from 18th May.

    So just take that one from and the Control Panel should open fine.

    If not, please provide Windows Event Logs, otherwise it's impossible to investigate.

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