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  • havent seen anyone talking about not receiving packages since august earliest i have seen is people that ordered around november, and then another message in which they stated that they had canceled their payment and had refunded it after like a week, you mean you are short sighted since you literally posted on a forum about BF shipping updates

  • The Main Problem is that whe don't know when the things come. Whe all have lives and can't stay weeks at home. Because maybe ups ring on the door without information. That they where delays is communicated before and after I buy. So I was free to cancel. If you cancel a order you get refunded after a week. That's was the timefrime they refunded my canceled order from Nov,24.

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    here if any of you dissatisfiers are satisfied with the fact that the moderators are successfully blocking my posts.

    why? so that you will be happier in the sadness you are creating here. the rest of us wait patiently, but you impatient ones only raise tensions and disturb everyone else.

    stop being children. we are all children but we must know order!

    yes, I know, and Fanatec is childish. they promise something and do not fulfill it.

    what can I tell you. when their products arrive, sell them or enjoy them. decide for yourself, there are countless choices today, as well as unwise people full of selfishness.

    here's the end, I want you all to get your toys before me, I hope that at least I helped one of you not to burn yourself in this madness.

  • Using previous delays as an example, yes. Welcome to the same page. That you haven't seen it, well, it's a big forum and we all cherry pick. Can't fault you for that, but calling it out like it doesn't exist or must not be true if you haven't seen it is flawed reasoning, to put it kindly.

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    so now i need some explication some guy on french fanatec community group on facebook received their orders from 24th and even 25th and 26th of november, but my order from 24th is not even shipped, i don't have track number and when i search by reference i got nothing

    SO HOW fanatec organization start to sent package from 25th and 26th of november when they don't even finished to treat 24th orders

  • could be different products, you have no idea what they ordered, i ordered on the 25th as well and havent received anything, patience, you got a big discount

  • if that is true, why dont they just call, and no not fanatec, the mother company endor, can easily find their number online. but yeah again if that is true something wild must have happened to their order, could be fanatec, could be ups(ups is shit anyway), could also be an error in the system. what i do agree in is their lack of communication, but ive heard their ticket systems were down. Fanatec is not going through a nice phase at all i agree but there's people here complaing about orders they did 5 days ago i mean calm down you got a big discount, for the people in august i can understand the frustration.

  • They ordered same product as me wich is v2.5x. So like 10 people on the group received it and me i don't have any thing, i tried to see with order number on the ups track by reference but no info.

    So i guess it's just a very bad organization by fanatec

  • @Marvin; then seriously they need to step up their game and hire some support agents.. ;)

  • I wholeheartedly agree that 5 days isn't much.

    The ones from september and october however point towards a big issue before ups (don't get me wrong, ups is another can of worms).

    They probably had big issues with their previous warehouse (don't know if they operated it themselves or paid for that service). It seems that during the switchover/handover a considerable knowledge gap appeared and for example the UK orders are shipped without bills/letters, which is the perfect way of getting your whole shipment bounced 100% of the time at customs. And that's just one example.

    I've seen this before, and every time it was due to a company growing rapidly and bad management not being able to cope with that. They need to be careful with that; it'shard and takes time to build a good reputation and likewise it takes one buffoon high up to lose that and do long term damage.

    In the end we are all here to have fun, and no matter how racist or whitenighty people get here, at the end of the day having to worry about your shipment too much crosses the line from anticipation to disappointment. And let's face it a lot of simmers don't do disappointment well.

    As for your calling statement, I would suggest trying it. I am sure that is plugged up tighter than you think or might suspect.

    Again, I have no beef in this other then QR2's, so it's no hair off my back if it takes a few months or not.

  • You think it’s dumb I’ve waited 4 weeks for a response from fanatech? If you know how to count, that is well before Black Friday. Explain to me how that works since you are so well informed. Don’t go around saying someone else is dumb if you don’t know their situation

  • I would need first to explain to you the difference between calling someone dumb and saying that theating for legal action is dumb, but I don't think this would help much, so... :D

  • I've already explained it to you, so no need to act high and mighty. Either it went over your head, or you are just trying to be obnoxious or aggrivating to derive pleasure out of other people's troubles.

    Either way it's sad.

  • A company can't be taking OUR payments and not, treating us well, the reason it says Completely shipped is so we don't have the refund. Button Pretty sad as it's our legal right if my package isn't arrived by Christmas there's not really much more patience I can give fanatec I get its BF its alot of orders, BUT don't do the deals if you can't handle the orders.

  • Order Number 1827xxx, ordered Nov 24th still waiting on RED BOX "In Process"...

    Wonder how long this "manual check up" need to take... I didn't even order a F1 wheel...

    My other order from Nov 19th came in already though, so it's not end of the world for me compare to many of the people out there.

    Still frustrating enough.

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    It's kind of funny that aspiring F1 drivers pay for their steering wheel and still wait impatiently for it.

    While the real drivers don't stress about their steering wheel... :D

  • I think they'll start next week, after having shipped almost all the BF stuff, since between yesterday and today they started shipping to those who ordered on the 24th. So as to have a little less pressure and perhaps put some of the staff to do just that. Or at least that's what I hope.

  • Has anyone that purchased on or around Black Friday at least received a tracking number yet?

  • Hi, I still don't know where my order is. It's the first time I've shopped at Fanatec and right now my experience is unfortunate. I've never had such a bad experience buying something online. I hope you can give me some information. To charge €42.20 in shipping costs, I was hoping for better package management. Thank you. 

    ORDER: 1837467

  • What does the Open status mean?

  • Absolutely nothing. My blocked order shows Open, my waiting for stock order shows Open, my cancelled order shows Open, the order I received today shows Open and the order I received two years ago shows Open.

  • i agree, sim racing has grown exponentially in the last couple of years and since fanatec is the official wheelbase for f1esports im sure they got a lot of attention and probably outgrew themselves, its a shame cause i think it can be the best sim company if they get things right, as you say. it takes one guy at the top to completely make it or break it

  • Hi All,

    I've placed 2 orders :

    • 1794XXX 18 Nov 2023 00:52:00 => Order status is Completely shipped (green box) since 28 Nov 07:08
    • 1838XXX 24 Nov 2023 18:54:00 => Order status is Completely shipped (green box) since 27 Nov 07:17

    I'm not surprised that the 1st order was not processed before the 2nd, because one of the items of the 1st order was available only from Nov 30, and I purchased with knowledge.

    But, all the products from the 2nd order were available. I will probably receive the 2nd order before the first, I just hope that they manage the restocking correctly and that some available items do not become unavailable when the first ones become available...

    Like many I am impatient to receive what I ordered, but the most frustrating thing is not knowing how long it will last, going to check the status of the shipment every day is very frustrating. We get a little more angry every day seeing that nothing is happening.

    I have no problem waiting 15 days or more before shipping if I know, but after the scheduled date it is not normal to wait weeks without info (not my case yet, so I'm still patient). That said, I'd rather they spend their resources fulfilling orders, rather than responding individually to people who complain. A general communication would nevertheless be welcome.

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    Hello to whoever sees this! I placed an order on October 18th. I’ve been notified by the Fanatec Fulfillment team on the 27th of November that it was currently stuck in their system. My order also still displays the red box with “in progress” next to it. I understand, but I am worried from all of the stories of how jammed everything is (with worldwide shipping and so forth) due to holidays and over the past years with big launches too that I might not get my order for a while and maybe I should be checking up on this just in case… I feel guilty adding on more to this forum and more for James to potentially look at, especially after reading through all of the comments, but I feel as though I should be actively worrying about this.

    Order #: 177####

    Best Regards,


  • Seems a vast majority of people commenting are from the EU and US.

    I’m AU and have an order in 1827xxx range and it’s just sitting as “The order is in process” since 24/11. Everything was in stock when I placed the order but the wheel has since gone out of stock I think a day later.

    I’d be very interested to hear if any other Aussies are having shipping troubles as well, and whether we’re facing the same issue on a whole as the bigger markets are.

    Might try to get in touch with the Aus team at some point today, not that I can find a clear way to go about doing that. Hoping for some clarity and movement soon as this was my first sim racing set and I am very keen to actually get my hands on it!

  • I'm in AU as well and have an 1832xxx range order for a full setup which sits "🟥 in progress". Some of the items I ordered were preorder (CS DD+ and QR2 Wheel-Side) and now they are listed as sold out, the Formula V2.5 X I ordered was in stock and is now also sold out. I'm not sure how the warehousing system is set up here but I am fully expecting to have to wait until sometime in the new year for my gear given it's supposed to ship all at once. I guess I'm just hoping that some parts were either set aside awaiting the rest or are expected back in stock before the preorder items were expected. The charge to my credit card suggests Fanatec operates out of Balwyn which is just down the road from me, but I don't know what this means in terms of their physical presence. Let me know what you find out, I was just going to sit back and wait because of my preorder items I already expected to wait longer than most people here.

  • Ordered on 11/23, 11/26 and 11/28. All "in-stock" items. All show completely shipped. Still no tracking info after 13 days?

  • I received my shifter that I ordered 11/20 in 5 days and I live in the U.S. I Ordered on 11/23, 11/26 and 11/28. All "in-stock" items. All show completely shipped. Still no tracking info after 13 days. I'm wondering the same as you. Has anyone that ordered in the past 2 weeks received anything?

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