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  • So my Black Friday order has been held up because of the F1 v2.5x wheel had sold it says available, not available for preorder with a date like other items on the site, just Available. I have also sent an email but have yet to get a response. When will my order finally process?

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    My order of DD1 base and two wheels is being held up solely because of the QR2 manufacturing delay, it would seem. This is despite the item as being sold in stock on the web site in November. Fortunately I ordered some other pieces separately and those have already arrived.

    It's pretty poor. I, like others, don't want to be waiting until March at the earliest to get our stuff. The morally correct thing to do is to be upgrading customers to the QR2 Pro (apparently currently in stock) for no extra cost, to relieve some of the bulk of backorders. Either that, or throw in a free QR2 for each additional wheel purchased, which is the situation I'm in. I also found the approach of selling a QR2 base with QR1 wheel sides fairly distasteful, QR2s should be offered at a discount with each wheel sold for a QR2 base, or a QR2 thrown in for free, not a QR1 Lite.

  • Where are you from ? US ? No 2.5x in stock in Europe...

  • Yeah, I log in on the US site. It used to say sold out there anyways. Now says available..

  • My order from 23-Nov for BF in Aus has all items in stock but still hasn't been processed. For some reason, the QR2 W/S which people have ordered since my order and received has gone from availability of 18-Dec to now 2-Feb. I don't really understand why though if it's listed as in stock for immediate delivery. Very very weird.

    For info, my order consists of:

    -Podium Advanced Paddle Module

    -Podium Button Module Endurance

    -Podium Wheel Rim Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Suede

    -Podium Hub

    -QR2 Wheel-Side

    -ClubSport DD

    -Button Caps and Sticker Set

  • It's truly bizarre that you haven't received yours yet Andrew.

    FYI my QR2 WS in my order still shows 16 Jan, I'm still really unsure how the stock picking works, i.e. does it not happen until it's in the "sent to warehouse" state? Is there a coin toss that happens for each item on a single day and only if they all come up heads it goes through to the next round?

  • I think I've annoyed SkyNet to the point where I'll be in serious trouble when the robot apocalypse comes. My guess is my order either needs manual intervention for some reason and I'm WAY down on the priority list or the dispatch of ClubSport DD's has been delayed for tech reasons (I'm seeing reports of a bunch becoming paperweights?) and they're using the QR2 delay as an excuse.

    I don't care either way I'd just like an ETA whatever it might be.

  • @james when we get our orders will the warranty change?

    Warranty of my order started on the 29th of november but since we havent received anything i might hope this will change to the date the products will actually be sent out to us?

  • @james

    can we pls get a new update? we are waiting for so long....

  • This makes no sense. I can understand the glitch but lack of communication is what is frustrating. Contract out or hire temporary staff to communicate with the customer. The lack of communication is what hurts the most. Yes, it been over 60 days - no product and out of hundreds of dollars but being left in the dark is frustrating, shame on Fanatec.

    My friends of mine highly recommended Fanatec and I saved for months for the Black Friday sale only to experience this. Have to say I have used my Logitech G27 since 2014 with no issues with customer service nor the product. Fanatec, you have a lot of making up to do.

  • Order was placed 12/6 but was wrong in the beginning because this website as soon as you select Xbox you stop getting the direct drive in the cart! So mine came a month + later without one. I started to see if I could change the order but they don't allow this!

    Dec 6, 2023 11:26:00


    FedEx Ground

     Handover to warehouse

    They can't even give me an RMA until 1/26 and I have to pay for shipping 20 emails later!

    Sales without support is a failed business model added with a bad website that gives you products that are not compatible with your system again fail! I grabbed a Logitech G920 and it gives me plenty of feedback

  • Yeah, we all have so much patience to wait on our order.

    the least thing the can do is giving us an update about the orders

  • I placed an order on Jan 15th for the mclaren gt3 wheel and a qr2, both showed in stock on website when ordered as well as now. As of Jan 29 I still have zero tracking info and have not been able to get any response from support, thoughts?

  • Update on my cancelled order. I got the refund but it was short of about 65$ CAD. Yeah I know, probably the US to CAD conversion or whatever ...

    Just a little bit more salt to injure.

  • Is it really that hard to give an update as you said there would be regular updates ?

  • Finally some movement on my order from November 23, has moved from processing to 'handover to warehouse'. It's been a ride, hopefully I'll see my kit soon.

    The only success I had in getting in contact with Fanatec was by contacting their Facebook page through Facebook messenger every couple of days. Eventually I got a response and said it was being passed to the customer team.

  • Please I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this.

    I made my order on Nov 22nd, of course, nothing and my order is still in process on the website, the Fanatec team is not answering my emails and now it's been more than 3 weeks and whenever I try to access the orders page on the website, I'm receiving this message.

    I tried from different computers, different OS, and different browsers but still received the same message. And yes IDK anything about my order.

    Is anyone receiving the same error message on the website?

    My order is:

    • Clubsport shifter.
    • QR2 Base side Type M
  • unfortunately no, i can still reach my orders page

  • CSDD dispatch is not delayed, at least not in Europe. Mine is on it's way (bought it with the 25% voucher 2 weeks ago), arriving today.

    No, I can access the order page, unfortunately you need to wait until the support responds to you.

  • Is anyone from EU with F1 2.5X BF orders still alive here?

    I guess we can forgot this "- The first units may already arrive at the end of January, but the majority will not be in stock until mid to end of March 2024. Shipments are processed in the order in which your order was received (first come, first served).", this "end of the January" part? I asume because of Red Sea situation?

  • i think we'll see the january order being either sent out this week, but they have never been sure about the january shipment anyway

  • Only thing that worked for me getting contact was politely contacting them on Facebook Messenger every few days until I got a response. It took a few weeks but it's processed just waiting for it to hopefully ship shortly.

  • Yes, still here and still waiting. I hope that they will send new orders out this week.

  • They can at least give us information about it. Even if they don't manage to send it in January. And if possible an update on when we can expect some of it. Even if it just turns out to be March 21.

  • definitely, we have had a complete month of radio silence, i think a lot more people would be more understanding of the situation if the communication was better

  • communication is clearly the worst part of all this story. If only we had accurate infos since day 1, since they realised they oversold, people would understand and accept the situation way better.

  • Still waiting for the shipping of my EU order from the 23rd of November.

    The order consists of: Podium 911 GT3 wheel rim (leather), Podium advanced paddle module, CS Universal hub v2 Xbox, QR1 metal wheel side, Button caps and sticker set. Nothing special, according to the website all was in stock at the time of ordering and has been in stock recently.

    The status is still 'Handover to warehouse'. I'm really curious to find out the reason why it hasn't shipped yet.

    It looks like this order disappeared into a black hole somewhere in the Fanatec EU warehouse.

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    Yep still rocking my G27 on my new simrig i bought for Fanascam gear. Btw i kinda get scared if i see how Fanatec stock droped now.

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