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  • I am in the same boat as you... Still waiting for f1 wheel, dd2 base, paddles, and quick release. Ordered Nov 22, went to handover to warehouse jan 8th. reached out to fanatec in every form of media they

  • Hi, was wondering how long does it take to cancel the black friday order and to recieve -25% voucher any my money back?

    Does anyone recieved one reacently? When you cancelled your order?

  • Yeah im still rocking my t248 while i am waiting on my Podium DD1 to arrive. Atleast I got my CSL elite v2's and my clubsport shifter back at the beginning of November. Sure glad I made multiple orders instead of bundling it with the wheel/base combo. I got excited back on January 8th when I got email that my order was handed over to the warehouse but now that it's January 30th my only guess is that was their way of stopping the bleeding with ppl canceling orders because of the loooooooooooooooooong delay 🙃. Some of us are lucky to already have sub par equipment while we wait. I feel really terrible for the ones who have nothing and are waiting to get their sim racing fix. Hoping for the surprise text from FedEx telling me I have a package on the way!

  • Hey, about the DD2, I got a message from Fanatec that they oversold the DD2 and it's in the same situation as the DD1. Hopefully something about it happens soon.

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    When did they send you the notice? Jw as most of us got the DD1 notice back mid to late December. Lame they just send out a generic email to everyone with no information on where your specific order is on the waiting list or atleast follow ups with how many each week they have shipped and how many they have left to get out.

  • Buona sera,

    io ho chiesto l'ordine il 27 novembre 2023, n. ordine 1857146, pagamento effettuato ma non ho ancora ricevuto niente. Doveva essere un prodotto da usare in un campionato su assetto corsa competizione e dopo due mesi non ho ricevuto nessuna notizia di un prodotto già pagato.

    resto in attesa di un Vs cortese riscontro

    Cordiali Saluti

  • I wonder if many people are using the 25% voucher for large purchases and now Fanatec don't know what to do. Because they'll lose lots of revenue but cancelling the discount will make customers even angrier than we already are.

  • Hi, I was contacted via FB messenger pm on Friday, January 26. I was trying to get a response from them ever since December 29 when they changed my order status to 'Handover to Warehouse' on that day.

  • This fall is frightening...

    This graph has probably passed many people by.

    Do you know what this means?

    A company whose shares fall is a company that is unable to generate profits...

    Fanatec seems to be a company that is neither sustainable nor capable of creating wealth, it has no future...

    I'm beginning to fear the delivery of pending orders...

    Situations like this either end in insolvency or in takeovers by other companies...

  • Same here. 51 days since order, and counting. No reply from Endor/Fanatec at all.

  • Endor AG lowers revenue forecast and adjusts earnings forecast for 2023Landshut, January 30, 2024 – Endor AG ("Endor") today adjusted its revenues and earnings forecast on group level for the 2023 financial year. The adjustment has been made as part of the current preparation of the 2023 annual financial statements.

    The Management Board of Endor AG assumes that Group revenues for 2023 will be EUR 102-106 million, after previously expecting revenues in the range of EUR 105-115 million. This is due to supply chain disruptions in the fourth quarter of 2023 and results in a shift of revenues to 2024 in the amount of approximately EUR 4.0 million.

    Effects from the postponement of revenues are also reflected in the expected group earnings of Endor AG. In addition, further negative EBITDA effects arose in connection with the realignment of the purchasing strategy for chips and the implementation of reorganization measures. The EBITDA margin 2023 is therefore expected to be in the low negative double-digit percentage range (probably between -10% and -15% on a revenue basis – previously: mid-single-digit percentage range).

    Furthermore Endor has completed the review of the usability of chips that were additionally ordered due to the chip shortages in 2023. Although a large proportion of the chips can be used, the company expects in financial year 2023 a write-down in the low single-digit million euro range, which will have an impact below the EBITDA result. The exact amount of the effect will be assessed as part of the audit of the annual financial statements.


    Notifying person:

    Matthias Kosch, CFO

  • How can they make profit when they had 50-60k orders in November? This is not something that people buy on daily basis, especially with this whole shitstorm and delays

  • 60k orders with an average of lets say 800 euro's is 48 million euro's they made in 7 days(black friday week). No idea what the costs are of their material, shipping etc.

    i do know they only have 200 employees subtracting that for a week you still have more than 47 million left, i would say they made enough profit in one week to make sure their last quarter of the year finished on a good note.

    no idea how many orders they get on a daily basis, but since there is no vendor selling in their name and you can only get fanatec on their own website im sure they get a few hundred people a day on their website

  • Hey James i need your assist. I WANT TO CANCEL MY ORDER. Nobody is answering my emails what items my order is waiting. When i drop order it was qr2 november 30 stock day. But i know you dont tell everything. If it really qr2 i dont need that. Send my order and keep money and qr2. Option 2 is that cancel my order.

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    When they oversell 2.5 x it was 7 days later. they dont have any of those out of stock items recerved to me. I think this ship is sinking badly. In normal company they tell what is problem. i have get 1 email from marina who just said its probably qr2 xD waste of time. Now i dont even know how to get my money back

  • could even be both, definitely the qr2 tho. just file a claim in the way you paid and youll get the money back and it will automatically be canceled

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    I just dont underdtand why they dont do partial order. They force me to bring my money to simucube. 2000€ order fucked by 50 euro part.. thats is so stupid

  • The scary thing is that EBITA is used instead of net income because it can exaggerate profitability.

  • it is stupid, especially cause everything is still shipped in seperate boxes

  • Why haven't my comments been approved?

  • Still waiting after more than 2 months! Ridiculous customer service, never giving a straight answer always same excuses and automated messages, i ordered a wrc bundle with qr1 because was ready to ship when i ordered and handbrake and shifter basically a full setup so no qr2 or formula wheel issues for me, Apparently ups "lost" it and only last friday i get a email asking if i want a refund or reship...the "lost" package investigation finished early December as u can see on screenshot.

    Anyone in UK received any csl base recently? I keep thinking they over sold it and now just drag us along until it comes out of production...

  • I received a new response from fanscam here it is

    Dear Ange,

    Thank you for your open words!

    Let me begin by saying I totally understand your frustration about the cancellation of your order. We're all consumers somewhere, and no one likes to experience difficulties in getting their goods. Unfortunately, I can't do anything for you, as much as I would like to.

    I wanted to clarify our terms and conditions to avoid confusion or any misunderstandings. Given the online and therefore automated nature of our business, this acceptance of an offer happens the moment your order is placed and you receive a confirmation.

    Our cancellation of your order was the result of us contesting your offer, i.e. the contract created when you placed your order. We had to void your offer, as the incorrect pricing meant the contract/order was not valid to begin with.

    The voucher we will provide you with can be used on any items in our shop. This means you can get a discount on any item(s) of your choice, even for items that are not on sale.

    Thank you again for taking the time to reach out and share your feelings. We do listen - and, as sim racers, truly empathize with the inconvenience this has caused you.

    How much did you rate it out of 10?

  • I also send a message on Facebook, hope they will respond, because everything I sent them I won’t get an answer.

  • Ordered back on the 18th November. I've sent emails, facebook messages - Nothing. Without even the option to cancel I've had no option but to do a charge back through my CC which landed today. However I can't refund the money in my account until 5th March or when Fanatec reply to the CC company. So 5th March then.

    I bought a full set up, biggest mistake every.

    If you are reading this thinking, nah it's not that bad , they might have just had some issues. I read how crap they were at customer service and thought that. Don't make the same mistake.

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  • Original order number 1807000 made 20th November 2023 for 

    X1 Clubsport V2.5 formula wheel

    X1 advanced paddle module 

    X1 QR1 release adapter. 

    Email received 24th January 2024 showing new order number 1904794 showing that only the Clubsport V2.5 will be shipped. 

    Two thirds of the order has still no information on when being shipped.

    I have no response to previous contact forms submitted. Live chat doesn’t work. Telephone lines been disconnected.

    when will the rest of the order be shipped? You have given no response to me and thousands of others and yet some people get a response and then post on here. What’s going on?

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