ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update



  • Lance GysiLance Gysi Member
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    @ Vincent Coppin

    No never got that or any e-mail before, got all my news from the forum here, just when I contacted them they gave me the choice between waiting until march or canceling and I choose to wait after I asked them if all the other stuff besides the wheel are reserved or if I have to wait longer they told me everything is reserved and will be shipped by end of march

  • @vincent Coppin its better to send them messages on facebook quicker response time, and just comment on the most recent post

  • ok tks Marvin, let's go

  • @Lance Gysi

    They are obliged to deliver to you after that.

    keep all the messages. I hope for you, please keep us informed.

  • Arek WArek W Member
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    Tbh i‘m losing hope.

    end of march …. first week of april … last orders will be shipped friday or monday.

    Come on, they had some wheels in january and should know how long it takes to deliver.

    They had a bunch of wheels in march and still cant tell us, when or even if we get our orders.

    by now i still hope, they use the following 3 months to sort their stuff otherwise we‘ll see Fanatec bankruptcy at the beginning of july.

  • @Vincent Coppin

    I would say so too, I will keep you up to date.

  • Good morning.

    Sorry if I don't read the 20 pages of answers and get straight to the point.

    I'm still waiting my order from November 24th.

    You sent me an email months ago where you gave me the option to cancel the order or wait until the end of March and I decided to wait.

    Today is April 8th and my order is still in open status and no one from customer service can tell me when it will be shipped to me.

    Since I don't think I'm the only one in this situation, is it too much for you to update all of us by giving a shred of an update here?

    I think that's the least you should do.

  • Okay good news everyone, Fanatec came through, just checked UPS with reference number and my country and zip code and i see 7 packages which is exactly my order

    Keep hope guys i will keep you updated when i get tracking as well.

  • Hello, now UPS has 6 items for me !

  • Arek WArek W Member

    Are you from US? I‘m from Germany and don‘t know how to check the status at UPS.

  • @arek W

    im from the netherlands, just go to UPS, login with you ups mychoice account and go to tracking.

    then choose track by reference number

    in reference, fill in your order number

    pick your country and fill in your zipcode/postal code.

    then click tracking if it cant find anything then nothing has yet been labelled or shipped

  • I from France

  • @Arek W go on ups website and track by reference number.. put your order number in and hopefully you will see your parcels

  • Arek WArek W Member

    @Marvin Broos thank you. Sadly no package :(

  • @Arek W thats a shame, but ive seen people who got tracking at like 8pm in the evening so now worries man

  • Fortunately you are here, guys, it's the only little comfort we can have, messages between us...

  • Good evening waiting gang 🙃 can't bear the constant refreshing. Hope hurts right now

  • My package was supposed to be delivered today. It’s been Stuck at Stanford Le Hope (UK) since the 5th April. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get lost before it gets to me! A tragic end to a rubbish story! 🤦🏻😅🤣

  • @Stevie Cripps mine is there aswell and showing delivery tomorrow. That stanford place eats parcels I swear

  • @Lee Swift fingers crossed for the pair of us then! Which part of the country is yours heading to?

  • Hi, order 1847xxx finally on way. Ups track says delevery tomorrow, but no info from fanatec.

  • same for me man, also already got a message from ups, delivery tomorrow morning, luckily i have someone that is home to receive it

  • Checked right now again


    no Package for me


  • Still also nothing for me today from my BF order.

    No response to my emails, no tracking number.

    The worst customer service ever!

  • @Stavie Cripps my parcels are coming to derbyshire so about 200ish miles from stanford le hope.. don't hold much hope anymore I'm exhausted from all this crap us customers are getting

  • My parcel was also supposed to be delivered today but its stuck in Stanford Le Hope. I hope its just a small delay

  • Yeh mine is also stuck in Stanford but I’ve gone to pay import fees to try and speed it up but it said unavailable but money came out of my bank so unsure what ups are actually doing

  • I have tried to pay the import fees as they asked for them but it says I can’t do it. The last update was it being in Dortmund and on the way to Scotland, due to be delivered Wednesday. It won’t let me pay the fees though on the website.

  • Talk about inconsistency …after 4 days my package has finally been scanned at SLH. New delivery time of tomorrow. Good luck everyone! 🤞🏻

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    @stevie cripps how did you pay the import fees? It won’t let me. And do you know if that slows down the process time for getting the parcels delivered since you can pay the driver.

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