ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update



  • I’ve revived my base today but sadly still waiting on one package which has been delayed for some reason

  • when I placed the order (March 28th) it said it was available and shipped within 3/5 days

  • @Vincent Coppin

    yes thats where my packages came from, set up everything yesterday took me 3 hours bc i had bought reinforcements for my playseat challenge

    Gonna drive this evening finally

  • Another funny thing

    Your Fanatec order 1847xxx was dispatched


    Your Fanatec order 1847xxx was handed over to UPS and is en route to the following address:

    Got this mail yesterday in the afternoon at 2 pm xD, my packages were already delivered at 11 am

  • Orders November 25th 1848554 & 1848625

    No any information, only automatic replies from support. I'm in Japan

  • Got news from Fanatec

    They told me canceling my order was a mistake and they will ship my order shortly, no bad dream after all

  • When did you place the order? what did you order?

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    @Lance Gysi

    amazing how much does go wrong in this Company!

    But now I hope everything will be fine for you!

    I got good news for me too!

    my Order was delivered Today at 10:47 AM!


  • @Robertino cinque

    Ordered on BF in November after not getting any updates they just canceled my order but now everything should work out I hope

  • @Leonardo Puccio

    Thank you man, finally all this stress has come to end, enjoy it 😂😂

  • lucky you, I GT DD extreme + qr2 1439 euros March 28th I have no news no one answers me!! I'm demoralized

  • Just received packages from ups only the dd base and v2 pedals arrived. I guess they haven’t sent the 2.5x, qr1 and table clamp ffs.

  • Got answer on facebook. Next bulshit from this company.

    "Dear Art, we’d like to apologise that you’re still waiting for your CS SW V 2.5X. It seems that there was a problem in our warehouse that affected a few orders with this product in Europe. Please note that Customer Care will shortly be sending information to all affected customers, and we try to minimise this additional delay as much as possible. Your Fanatec Team"

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    @robertino cinque

    Keep hope, I'm sure they'll deliver you, after all they deliver everyone it's just very very long!

    I think that since last week and this week they have been working hard to send everything, but as usual they are late compared to what they announced.

    Did you write it on Facebook, commenting on their last post?

    It seems to work well. I did it, he sent me my order the next day, apparently all those who wrote had positive results.

    Good luck

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    @lance gisy

    What a relief for you.

    Keep us informed 👍

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    Tell us how your first test.

    My 10 packages arrive tomorrow, my first setup.

    It is a society that attracts so many disappointments and anger but everyone is unanimous, the products are great.

    Good settings 😉

  • For everyone's information, it is UPS as explained by Marvin that gives the first information. When the labels are created, it is UPS that can reassure you first because Fanatec only updates the order on the site 24 to 48 hours later.

    Good luck to all

  • Arek WArek W Member

    Got my wheel now. UPS put it in front of the door. I‘m happy nobody took it…

  • "Dear customer,

    We have an update on your ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5(X)shipment.

    Currently our warehouse is behind on processing, but we expect to ship all remaining open orders by next week.

    We apologize for this delay and would like to emphasize our commitment to having more reliable shipping times in future.


    Thank you!

    Team Fanatec”

    Well we gonna see if it’s true

  • Has anyone else had their qr1 come in the same package as the 2.5x or has it been separate tracking numbers. I have 1 more tracking number to arrive with the 2.5x, qr1 and table clamp. I hope that’s it finished.

  • It’s separate

    all the items coming in different package

  • @vincent Coppin

    First few drives were amazing, i already had the qr2 bs and ws so immediately upgraded to those when installing everything, safe to say its a great feeling.

    Hope all your packages will be delivered asap as well.

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    Why do fanatec still use UPS. Had the driver at my door with my last package scheduled so 3 packages for 5 items, handed me an invoice despite me paying the customs online 2 days ago yet 2 packages got delivered fine yesterday but not todays. My bank app says payment came off to ups so now I won’t get my parcel despite paying the fees. UPS customer service is just as bad as fanatec customer service

  • Hi,

    Everything received today except a QR2 that UPS lost...

    I'll have to contact customer service 😂😂

    Good luck to all of you, I waited four months, but when I see that some have still not received, I consider myself lucky.

    Give news guys!

  • what number was your order

  • For everyone else’s info, 3 items arrived in the one box (tracking number) for me so everything finally here.

    good luck to the rest who still wait I hope it arrives asap happy racing

  • @roberto cinque

    1847.. et 1894..

    have you some news?

  • :( no!!! nothing :( order 1946110

  • at 11 april i got finely everything i orderd on bf 24-11-2023 ,so there is hope for those who still waiting,, (NL)

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