ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update



  • I managed to pay the fees but got an error message on the UPS website where I paid the fees on the billing centre but UPS have taken the money from my bank, ugh when can this nightmare end.

  • @lewis Anderson I paid upon notification to pay from UPS via the My Choice app. My package is scheduled for delivery today and has left the local depo.

  • I'm sick as hell!!! these don't respond to email, facebook, phone... anywhere... dd extreme + qr2 1439 euros paid and these don't deign to respond!!!! how disgusting !!!

  • Order Number 1847xxxx

    No E-Mail, but yesterday found to packages to deliver via UPS reference number and country. Delivery should happen today.

    now i have the ups number in my fanatec account.

  • hello everyone 👋

    Nothing for me…😞

  • Hallo, bei meiner Bestellung 1844xx noch immer keine Reaktion weder bei Fanatec noch bei Mail. Auf Facebook Nachrichten wird auch nicht reagiert.

    ich hoffe nur es geht irgendwann mal weiter. Wenigstens eine offizielle Info wäre nett. Bei mir war es auch eine black friday Bestellung

  • my package with order nr 1847 has just been delivered at my house, luckily someone was home to receive the packages.

  • @Marvin Bross

    Thank you Marvin for your advice to track the package on UPS, I haven't stopped watching since yesterday...

    And you? Did you only see it yesterday on UPS? And are you already delivered today?

  • @vincent Coppin

    I saw it yesterday at like 5 pm with order nr and my country and zip code.

    The tracking never came in my fanatec account but thanks to ups mychoice i got tracking yesterday evening and saw my packages would be arriving this morning.

    7 packages deliverd at my house.

  • @Marvin

    It's crazy that you didn't get the info with UPS My Choice, from the first scan from the warehouse...

    I don't dare to leave my house...

  • @vincent Coppin

    I did yesterday evening the label was created in germany, but i live in the netherlands so it was shipped overnight to the dutch warehouse, which is only a 45 minute drive from my town.

  • I looked at my Phone at 9 am. I got an UPS track code and its Coming tomorrow

  • Nice to see that is going on with delivery the BF orders…..

    but still nothing for my BF order

  • nothing nothing nothing total!!! Nothing!!

  • My order is finally on the way. 👍🏻

    order number: 184

    Date: November, 25th

    Destination: Germany

  • that is, since November..... my order 194xxxx will never arrive!!! I took dd extreme March 28th I'm in despair!!!

  • @robertino cinque

    the dd extreme has a pre order date of 24th of april

  • Arek WArek W Member

    no news, no trackingnumber, no email, another day without informations.

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    order 1847xxx has been delivered an hour ago.

  • Just received my BF order 1843XXX to Spain

  • Got told my packages missed the departure slot so it says delayed by another day but still says tomorrow on UPS and they are useless at helping with my custom payment issue since they took my money but said I haven’t paid it

  • I also paid for them through UPS my choice

  • Order 1847xxx send yesterday, received today in Luxembourg.

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    got an update from Fanatec!

    Hello Mr. Puccio,

    Thank you for contacting Fanatec customer service.

    I would like to apologize for the delay.

    I can assure you that your order 1847XXX is on the list of orders released for shipping. Once shipped, tracking numbers will be generated and displayed in your account.

    If you do not see a message on the tracking page within 2-3 business days, please contact us again so we can contact the warehouse again.

    For this reason, we must continue to ask for your patience.

    If you need further assistance, you can contact us at any time.

    We thank you!

    Best regards / Kind regards

    (Fanatec Sales Order Management Team)

    Original auf Deutsch:

    Hallo Herr Puccio,

    vielen Dank, dass Sie sich an den Fanatec-Kundendienst gewandt haben.

    Ich möchte mich für die Verzögerung entschuldigen.

    Ich kann Ihnen versichern, dass Ihre Bestellung 1847XXX auf der Liste der Bestellungen steht, die für den Versand freigegeben werden. Nach dem Versand werden die Tracking-Nummern generiert und in Ihrem Konto angezeigt. 

    Wenn Sie innerhalb von 2-3 Werktagen keine Nachricht auf der Seite der Sendungsverfolgung sehen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte erneut, damit wir uns erneut mit dem Lager in Verbindung setzen können.

    Aus diesem Grund müssen wir Sie weiterhin um Geduld bitten.

    Wenn Sie weitere Hilfe benötigen, können Sie uns jederzeit kontaktieren.

    Wir danken Ihnen!

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße

    (Fanatec Sales Order Management Team)

    what should I say I’m speechless, but they have confirmed again that I will receive it!

    after seeing that a lot of you are receiving there orders I hope I will get mine too in a few days.

  • Ohhhh I think it will come to an end for me!

    checked right now via UPS reference number with country and postal code if there is something on his way.

    And Yeah it shows me 2 Packages for me!

    I must really say I never thought this day would come!

    @all who are still waiting and get no Info!

    Try what Marvin Broos has told!

    I wrote them 2 days on facebook and they answered two times and now it’s on his way

    I know it is frustrating but I hope it will come to an end for you too guys

    stay strong 🤪

  • Guys, that's it, I see my packages thanks to @Marvin Broos

    10 packages visible on UPS MY CHOICE with order number and REFERENCE TRACKING mode, only on computer.

    You have to create an account.

    Thank you Marvin, thanks to you I'm a little reassured.

    Guys I'm with you, I'll keep you informed and I'm sure it's going to happen now for you too, it's a matter of days ..

  • Arek WArek W Member

    yes, 2 packages on the way, thanks Marvin!

  • I ordered on November 24th with the number 1840... and still nothing at all

  • @Marvin

    ? Have your packages left since:



    HAMBURG, 22113, DE

    I want to buy you a beer, guys! 🍻🤪

  • Hey guys,

    There is an update on my order. My order was still in SLH yesterday, but today, my order finally arrived at around 11:00AM. I tried to pay the Import fees for the UK beforehand but the site wouldn't let me for some reason so I just received a letter from UPS on delivery which tells me where to pay. This delivery was to London btw and the order number was 1841xxx. This is my first sim setup and the products are really high quality. I hope your products arrive soon as well, good luck! :)

    Sid Sharma

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