Fanatec Driver 457 Release Candidate for CSL, ClubSport and Podium (all wheels)



  • So, in the end, I waited a month to get a defective steering wheel!!! fanatec gets better and better. I'm sick and tired of all this. and now I will have to wait 1 more month for the exchange!!! how disgusting!!

  • Just updated my GT DD Pro base firmware to I still have a glitch where if I hotswap the wheel, instead of getting the Fanatec F logo followed the version numbers (like in a cold boot), I get the Fanatec F logo for about a minute or so, and no version information. It doesn't seem to affect anything whatsoever though

    What I don't see though is the firmware for GT DD Pro SW. The first post says "GT DD Pro SW : (NEW)", but the Firmware Update Manager still says FW 8 is the current one. Could it be a typo and this new firmware is actually for the GT Premium SW?

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    Thats no glitch but totally intended. The firmware versions are not supposed to be shown everytime you attach a wheel but ONLY on the very first boot of the base, and then never again until you reboot the base.

    GT DD Pro SW has two different chip versions, the old one uses Firmware v8, the new one uses Firmware So if you have v8 then you are up-to-date on your specific wheel variant.

  • Here are some pictures while updating the Firmware.

    The USB seems wonky.

    Is it normal to loose connection while initializing the update process?!

    I can't upload the pictures.

    It says

    USB connection lost...

    USB connection established...

    When the update has been successfully finished it says

    USB connection lost...

    Waiting for USB reconnection...

    Waiting for USB reconnection...

    Waiting for USB reconnection...

  • Thats normal, yes.

  • Hi Maurice

    Is the triangle button on the Podium Button Module Endurance going to be fixed on this driver?

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    As it's not listed in the Changelog... No.

    Not even investigated to be honest. Might take at least until the next driver, if not the one after..

  • Can we please have a show of hands for who has updated there new CS DD and CS DD+ and are now working fine.

    I'm so happy with the new firmware it's absolutely rock solid for me and working perfect. Upgraded from the DD pro and it's blowing my mind.

    How about others?

  • I just wanted to thank all of you guys who tried to help us affected players.

    A Special huge shout out and massive props go out to

    @Maurice Böschen

    @Marcel Pfister

    You've been providing support throughout the whole day.

    Not just today.

    Crazy, with the first posts early in the morning...

    Uploading a possible hot fix and giving as much support is not usual these days.

    Amazing dedication Guys.

    Imagine also the customer support being as dedicated...

    Will be some tough weeks or even months of waiting probably until our RMA requests will be processed.

    Well it is what it is, we've all hoped for the best and tried as much as possible.

    No need to get mad or angry.

    Stay positive guys.

    It will all get sorted out, one way or the other.

    Although for someone like me being a Sim racer since will be a loooong waiting 😅

  • For me is the same, well done guys!

  • Gave a try with mine CS DD+

    right away noticed very weak FFB on center, almost dead. And weaker FFB in general.

    PC ACC Laguna seca. after drop downhill long left hander was generating strong FFB, but I doubt I got that much stronger over night to feel it much lighter than yesterday.

    That "dead center" feel is same on weight transfer, like in the middle of Ss.

    Then I installed CS DD+ after GT DD 8Nm it felt more analogue/real. with this update it;s just feels fake... I don;t get it.

    it feels fake because it's much lighter in places (center and while weight transfer from side to side) and then it feels like "oh shit we need more ffb" and then spikes. Instead of on 455 FFB would follow surface. Hard to explain, but I was sliding sideways way more. and some caught visually, not FFB told me it went away...

    No settings changed, just driver 457 and FWs it provided.

    Tried to downgrade to 455, just to prove myself I'm not imagining things. but base stuck in upgrade mode... (you don;t want to power it down in that mode likely)... so had to remove 455 and install 457 and then FW update got it out of upgrade mode.

  • Thanks Maurice! Glad to see all is well with my setup. Perhaps have this tidbit on the variant of the DD Pro SW in the first post.

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    I almost went crazy! I disassembled everything and reassembled everything I checked everything and found the power connector which was not fully inserted until it clicked!! incredible but now it turns on even with USB disconnected, and no longer cuts power!! it works perfectly!!

    Everyone check your nutrition carefully!

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    I have updated my CS DD+ to this driver and the wheel disconnects (so far) seem to have been fixed. I have tested on iRacing, AC, ACC, Le Mans Ultimate, and BeamNG for at least 2 hours on each game on PC and things seem to be working properly for me, but I will keep testing.

    I'd also like to say this is my first purchase with Fanatec, and I personally want to thank Maurice Böschen for the replies and continued support on these driver issues. It's clear that nobody wants to have issues with any of their gear, but it's nice seeing communication with the customer base and the effort put forth trying to help with the problems, I understand this is incredibly exhausting...Thank you!

  • I can finally say I'm happy! thank you all so much...

  • Then we can say that this driver was a complete success and the few reported issues were related to hardware or user errors. Now the developers can take a deep breath and focus they eyes on minor bugs. Especially Fullforce support in Fanalabs for all games. :)

  • Yes!!! great job guys!!

  • There have been more complaints than just Robertino who figured his issue out. I’m waiting a bit to see if there is more instances of issues. My choice since I don’t want to make things worse. The driver has been out like only less than 24 hours.

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    My wheel is even worse with this update. I am on a Club sport DD+ with a McLaren GT3 wheel. All on the latest firmware. After it froze and lost FFB in practice I removed Fanalabs to rule that out. Restarted my computer and wheel. I had 3 championship races tonight of 15mins. It must have happened at least 10 times or more and at least five times in race 3. Lost FFB and all buttons/gears for 3 seconds each time. At least it isn't as bad as earlier in the week when I had to do 3/4 of a race with no FFB and in 4th gear but now it seems way more frequent. Also in USB 2.0 port and all have power saving turned off.

  • This behavior of losing of losing and regaining ffb and controls that seems worrisome. It has been reported a few times already. The people say it didn’t happen on the last firmware so I doubt it is like a loose shaft connection or the like.

  • BWX 232BWX 232 Member

    GT DD X, metal QR2, Elite V2 Pedals. All FW updated to latest from 457.

    Ok so tested GT7 and PS5 again for a few hours today.

    I completely shut down PS5, hooked up stock USB cable to rear of PS5.

    It was working fine for a few hours same as on my first post in this thread where I posted video of freeze or lockup.

    Then when entering a single player race the wheel lights were on but no steering, no FFB, no buttons worked. Just like a regular disconnect from before.

    It did not self recover like in my vid on page 1 of this thread. It was a different kind of problem.

    I had to power cycle base for it to work again and then it worked again fine.

    So it disconnected before the race even started.

    Wheel settings:

    Sensitivity AUTO,

    Full Force 0

    FFB 60

    NDP 25

    NFR 0

    NIN 0

    INT 5

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 0

    DPR 0


    GT7 FFB

    Torque 5

    Sensitivity 10

    FFB is strong and detailed and feels great when it is working. The last bug from yesterday was like a freeze or lock-up, this one was like a classic disconnect as it was doing on driver and FW from 456 and occasionally on 455. This feels like a software bug but who knows.

    Have not tested on PC yet or any other games but GT7.

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    Base s/n GR483005710 ( CS DD+ )

    Formula 2.5

    V3 pedals

    All the setup is new from February this year.

    Wheelbase FW ( from 457 then from Marcel corrective patch )

    Steering Wheel FW from 455

    Wireless QR FW from 457

    I lost it very often :

    Lost FFB

    Lost dash screen

    Lost LED

    Lost up and down shift

    Lost all buttons

    Sometimes I just let throttle and it come back. Sometimes I need to restart the Base

    Before I had a mix of 455 and 456. Was the same issue.

    What I dont understand, at the begining ( maybe for one month ) everything was fine. I had the first problem in GT7 when I drove à mud race, with à lot of effets.

    Is it possible that lot of effects broke someting in ? I m not at 100% ffb, just around 75-85% depends of the car.

    Im just .... without words .... I spend 1000€ in that and cannot use it ...

    Thanks to Maurice and Marcel for their help. I hope there will be a solution soon.

    I was waiting for 457 like Kids wait Santa at Christmas. And it dont solve my problems.


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    @Alan Axon which game? All games or a specific one? That sounds like USB connection issue? Tested a another port on PC? using USB Extender? Driver updated for your Mainboard and for USB Connectors? Disabling fanalabs would dont help, because your problem is not a WQR Shut Off error because you get your base reconnected again after three seconds. You have to limit the circle of possible causes as much as possible. Customers' other issues are PS5 specific, but everything should work fine on PC.

  • Robertino after all that it was ur own fault the cable wasn’t t pushed in omg lol

  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    Those of you experiencing the issue(s) on GT7, maybe try re-installing the GT7 game fresh and see if the issue(s) remain?

    I don't know if it will help, but Just to rule out all possible variables...

  • Dd+ Updated to the latest version 457 driver. Dd+ and WQR all updated without problem.

    But Podium hub + BME not being detected. Came up with warning message 'steering wheel not supported, update firmware' tried power on system with/ without wheel attached. No different. Tried connect podium hub without BME. Not diff.

    In Fanatec control panel , can not detect podium hub therefore can't verify podium hub version number.

    CSL universal hub, mclaren v2 and extreme wheel are okay.

    Any solution ?

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    @Gökhan Ogul. Sorry it's not finding you and won't let me quote your message. Rfactor 2. I don't really play anything else. On the previous driver I tried USB 3.2, 3.0 and 2.0 and all had issues. I have only tried 2.0 so far on this driver. I have no extenders. I checked the drivers for everything in device manager that mentioned USB and all said they were the latest. I also turned off power saving for all that had that option. On Monday it happened in a race and I had to restart the wheel to sort it. Wednesday it happened in qualifying and was then fine for 3 races. Ii updated firmware today and it happened at least 10 times.

    It was fine for about a month but this has started happening in the last 2 weeks.

    I upgraded from a CSL DD Pro on the same computer and ports and it never had any disconnection issues in over 2 years of use.

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    @Alan Axon ok thanks. After upgrading a device, rfactor2 has in the past some issues. Can you install a another free game for test it? like "raceroom racing experience" on Steam. If this works fine, please try to rename your old rFactor2 "player" profile in directory "rFactor2\UserData\" to "\player_backup\". Then try again with new settings and new device detection. A new “Player” directory will be created automatically. I hope that works for you.

  • Fanatec CSL DD here (pc)

    The best driver with firmware for me remains the 451.

    Almost a year with no issues at all (see pic)

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