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  • Is dpr in acc 100% or 60% the right choice?

  • Oke thanks. I wil try that. And FEI For spr at 100%?

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    SPR is not used by the game.

    FEI 100 and FOR 100 yes.

  • Oke thanks maurice again😊

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    Why is it recommended to use compatibility mode for CSL DD?

  • Because when Fanatec posted these settings, the CSL DD was too new and wasn't recognized in game. No need for CMP mode anymore though, PC works just fine now.

  • hello. Playing ACC with dd pro

    and mclaren wheel. Tried to play in pc mode. In this mode I can’t find the way on how to synchronize wheel in game and in real. Use sen 1080 both in game and in Fanatec app. In comp mode everything works fine. All drivers are update, use 451. Could you please give me any recommendations what to do.

  • Any updates to the recommended settings for the DDs following the release of the QR2?

  • QR2 does not change the FFB...😅

    You feel more fine details which no longer get lost from flex but the settings to be used dont change.

  • Yes, but assumed if you could feel more feedback / detail the recommended settings might have been looked at so no need for the mocking emoji.

  • Can anyone point me into the direction to the post where it states running a DD2 FFB at 65% however increasing the DD1 to 75% following the update. I think it may of been one of Maurice’s posts. Just I am after the settings again. I just can’t remember if the Fanalab’s setting were 100% and the in game was 65/75% or the other way around. The game being 100% and the fanalab setting being the 65/75%. Appreciate someone point me in the right direction or just giving me the answer

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    This may be what your after.

    ACC is usually 60% gain game and 60-100 in Fanatec tuning based on how strong you like it and the motor you use, me personally I am running a DD1 in linear mode at 40% gain in game and 80% in tuning for motor (12 nm) any more gain than that is way to strong for me personally such as used in Maurice's sets of Fanalab configs.

  • r Bonjour je viens d 'installer ACC sur mon PC.

    Je veux jouer en mode carrière et ne le moteur ne veut pas démarrer, j’ai mis en auto, boîte, démarrage.

    J’ai contrôlé que tous les fichiers sont bien installés via Steam

    Mon équipement FANATEC , CSLDD PSU90 5Nm, Elite Streering Wheel WRC et CSL Pedals, l’accélérateur n’est pas actif mais c’est peut être du à l’absence de mise en route moteur.

    Quelqu’un à une piste de dépannage ??

  • Hi!

    I just bought ACC PC version to check how I like it. Normally I‘m playing GT7 with PS5. I have a DD Pro and noticed no (!) FFB in ACC. In Game showing Fanatec wheel and Buttons are working (LED on wheel not). But driving feels like the wheel base is powered off.

    Any suggestions?


  • Sorry forget my post

  • CS DD recommended settings please?

  • It would really help to say how you fixed your issue in case someone else has the same problem.

  • You really want to know? I used a different PC for the initial setup and firmware update(s). For my ACC test I used a PC of a friend with only ACC installed but no Fanatec driver and software. Realized it later. Just embarrassing 🙄

  • Hi Guys,

    i tested so many settings for my CSL DD and finally found it, my personal best settings for good strength, good feeling and nice feedback.

    CSL DD(8NM)

    • Compatible Mode
    • SEN -> 1080
    • FFB -> 100%
    • FFS -> PEAK
    • NDP -> 30
    • NFR -> OFF
    • NIN -> 3
    • INT -> 4
    • FEI -> 100
    • FOR -> 100%
    • SPR -> 100%
    • DPR -> 50%

    ACC Ingame

    • GAIN -> 70% (still clipping sometimes, but imo ok for me)
    • Min Force -> 0%
    • Damper -> 5%
    • Dynamic Damping -> 100%
    • Road Effects -> 5%
    • Steer Lock -> 1080°

    You can give it a try. And maybe some feedback from you guys would be nice. Maybe we can find the perfect settings together :)

  • Hi @ all ;)

    are there any recommended settings for the DD+ on ACC ?

  • CS DD or the CS DD+ settings anyone?

  • ElurztacElurztac Member

    I'm sorry for bothering you here but I don't know where to ask, and opening a thread for that is kind of stupid.

    I'm looking at some kind of profile for the BMW M4 GT3 Wheel...

    I'm not "an expert" but though, since the wheel is made with BMW and is the "real" one, someone already worked in a profile to simulate all the right settings from the car to ACC - is there any way to find that ? Looks like the wheel is not bought by a lot of people so it's kind of hard to find it...

    Thanks guys, and sorry if it's not the right place to ask

  • Quote from Elurztac

    "I'm sorry for bothering you here but I don't know where to ask, and opening a thread for that is kind of stupid.

    I'm looking at some kind of profile for the BMW M4 GT3 Wheel..."

    My settings would be this If I had the BMW M4 GT3 wheel for the DD1 or DD2

    • SEN -> 1080
    • FFB -> 53% - 80% (8Nm - 12Nm)
    • FFS -> Linear
    • NDP -> 20
    • NFR -> 10
    • NIN -> 0
    • INT -> 1
    • FEI -> 100
    • FOR -> 100%
    • SPR -> 100%
    • DPR -> 100%

    ACC Ingame

    • GAIN -> 60 - 80%
    • Min Force -> 0%
    • Damper -> 0%
    • Dynamic Damping -> 50%
    • Road Effects -> 0%
    • Steer Lock -> 1080°

    Download Fanalab for PC and Maurice's Profiles for Fanalab from the Fanatec forum pages for the LED Porn and FFB profiles per car.

    Setup Fanalab to run ACC game from its main menu and then race your desired car (BMW M4 GT3) in ACC with Maurice's profile to see if it is to your liking, I personally think they are too strong as do some others, so if you don't like them, load in the cars profile and change the FFB for DD1 settings to mine or your own preferences and re-save the profile under the same name.

  • Is there a new or a very good config for F1 Podium DD and v3 pedals?

    Please if someone have a good one to help me!!!

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