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  • Perfectly normal :) That's the notchiness behavior you get with an outrunner motor. Once you are in a game, you shouldn't feel anything like that.

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    I feel the same with my wheel. My understanding is that it’s normal. It’s called torque ripple and is caused by the movement around the motor magnets. Some settings smoothens/make it worse during game play. I think it was INT but I can’t remember for sure and don’t have access to pc right now. I was initially disappointed when I first received the wheel, but after upgrading my cockpit to an aluminum extrusion, I’m very pleased. I’m guessing that the stiffness helps eliminate some feedback reverberation. The wheel feel very smooth now. I didn’t realize how much of a difference that could make.

  • thanks for the reply ... but instead the micro vibrations that I feel on the stationary steering wheel, what are they?!

  • I'm also a little disappointed x now but I guess because I haven't found the right settings yet ...

  • The notchiness I feel is when I turn the steering wheel, even with no power. If you are feeling those vibrations without moving the steering wheel, then it’s probably from the shock motor in the rim itself. I’ve seen posts about that in this thread.

  • it does not seem that, it is too light ... that would be stronger ... if you touch it steadily and on, it is as if it were off? don't you hear anything?

  • Good night.

    A colleague already asked this here on the Forum but I didn't see the answer, I have a Podium DD2 base, when I hit or lose control of the car or someone hit my car, what is the best option, let go of the wheel or hold it ???

    I managed to express myself about my doubt ??

    Forgive my English.

    Thank you.

  • Dear Fanatec.

    I have a DD1 base and a Universal Hub for Xbox One.

    I played Forza Horizon 4 on xbox one x when the connection between the base and Universal Hub suddenly broke.

    None of the buttons on the steering wheel worked. I reinstalled the driver and updated all the firmware in the correct order.

    I installed the following drivers in a row.346,356,365,

    The same thing happened after each firmware update.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Dear Fanatec,

    i have my dd2 for few days . After second day of playing ( around 7 hours of playing total, maybe some more ) my dd2 lost all the power and turned off in the middle of playing session ( assetto corsa, 50% ffb power on wheel settings ), then it turned on again by itself but lost all force feedback from the game in that session. Since then, i can't turn it off by power button on the back or by podium kill switch, it remains on the info screen " Switching off WB DD". Only way to turn it off is to pull the plug from the power socket. "Fanatec wheel property page" is not working since then, it shows there is some error and i should try plug the wheel again, it doesnt help. I have fanalab software so wheel works in games, but i cant access wheel property page. My wheel is clubsport BMW M3 gt2.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • I've been starting to see rust show up on the DD1 wheel base front bolts and the Formula V2 rim. I've attached pictures. Come on Fanatec... How can I fix the issue? Clearly if I leave it they'll just keep rusting. I always play with gloves on btw.

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    Don't see any rust but quick question.

    Are you cleaning your gear with wet wipes or something?

    Also the sweat from your hands (yes even with gloves) can create rust in the long term.

  • No, I've never wiped down the face of the wheel.

  • I have contacted support have had my dd2 since june 2019 . Today the power supply has died . No green light on unit and not working.

    Anyone had this issue how is it resolved ?

  • I reported a failed power supply on my dd2 on 12.07.20 via email to support.

    I received a notification email to say support will be in contact as soon as possible.

    How long does it take for that reply ?

  • Up to 14 days currently because of the global situation.

  • I have a new DD1, and it seemed great the first time I used it, but lately I'm noticing a lot of tiny wheel vibration -

    Just wondering if others have run into this - I have driver 346 - the only driver I've ever used, though I did recently install fanalab 1.12

    Have others noticed this tremmor/vibration on the DD1/DD2?

    I suspect it's the motor trying to apply natural friction, and can't figure out if it was there all along, or if it's something I mucked up with a setting.

    I also remember reading that the current beta driver 365 has some issues so I've avoided that driver, but I wonder if those issues are also present in 346 (specifically there's an issue with 365 after using the screen to display stats, which is something I've started messing around with.


  • Same here. Someone from Fanatec said earlier in this thread its probably the anti cogging filter. Try erasing the motor calibration in the podium settings to disable it.

  • Thank you Jairo, I erased the settings but the tremors are still present.

    It's probably worth adding that the wheel is the Porsche 918 leather wheel and I do not wear gloves.

    I wonder if most people who aren't bothered by it are using gloves and suede / alcantara wheels?

  • I see a few other people mentioned the tremors, and wonder has anyone exchanged a DD1 for a clubsport 2.5 wheel base?

    I came to the DD1 straight from a logitech, and the goal in going direct drive for me was to get a level of smoothness that the logitech didn't have (I was never after the high torque)

    The DD1 has some great characteristics, but it's a step down from the Logitech with the wheel constantly vibrating.

    I picked fanatec because I like their wide assortment of wheels, the integration of pedals with the wheelbase etc, so Ideally I'd like to stay in the fanatec family -

    Would a clubsport 2.5 wheel base be a better fit for me?

  • I use gloves and I feel the light vibrations also.

  • If You are using the F1 V2 wheel there are two motors inside the wheel that create engine vibration.

  • Pretty sure he means the vibration when you're not in game. It's always present and it's very slight.

  • And it's normal

  • Any chance a future driver will get rid of the slight vibration?

  • Unlikely as its caused by the motor itself and considered to be absolutely normal.

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    Podium Racing Wheel F1

    Bought that and at my products there is that warranty for DD1 is only 2 years, why is that?

    Or is it going to update to 3 years when warehouse have time to send it? Hope it´s soon.

    btw, why 5 year warranty at DD2 and 3 years with DD1 ?

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    Podium Racing Wheel F1 has 2 years (because of the steering wheel).

    Podium DD1 has 3 years (previously 2 years but with price ikncrease a year ago it was defaulted to 3 years).

    Podium DD2 has 5 years because of premium price tag. You can also purchase 2 extra years for the DD1 though.

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    At product page there is not any mention about add two extra years to warranty of DD1 base of Podium Racing Wheel F1 bundle!!??

    If your product page says wrongly about base warranty time, then I think that is reason to cancel my order!

    btw, any news about support for PS5?

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    You can't add 2 extra years for the Podium Racing Wheel, only the regular DD1.

    Website has a lot of issues and it displays the warranty wrong but when the Webshop page says 3 years for the Base, then it's 3 years for the Base no matter what you get shown in your account. Just a display issue then.

    No news on PS5

  • But please tell me, is that information on product page wrong about three year warranty for base?

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