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  • I ordered on the 10th of November. I got the tracking details on 15th November but that order has been returned to sender on the 30th of November because the paperwork was incorrect/incomplete. I ordered well in advance of Black Friday and I still don't have my order. Nor have I had any communication about why this has happened, what's now happening for them to rectify the issue, and when I'll receive the order.

    The tracking information I had originally is now redundant because it just shows the parcels were returned to Hamburg so I'm now completely in the dark.

    Of course, I've sent an email, but knowing they are a couple of weeks behind, if they do wait for my email before resending the order, I probably won't receive it until next year, 2 months or longer after I placed the order.

    I take your point about Black Friday but there are genuine reasons for complaint too.

  • @james @thomas jackermeier 

    Why did you ignore all the customers with the red box „in progress“ questions? You have read them and don’t answer to them for more than a week. Why? I wrote you a pm a few days ago and you ignore them too. What do you have to hide for us?

    how long should we wait for answers?

  • I appreciate the explanation of what "Completely Shipped" actually means.

    However, you should know that your back end customer service team uses that very poorly worded status to deny cancelling, altering, or price matching orders. "Order Processed" would be much more suitable IMO.

  • ... in Desktop and in Mobile still no Tracking Number to see from my Order :-(

    Maybe it isnt sent? Order Date 24.11.

  • Hallo Fanatec,

    I ordered this Bundle on 11/23 :

    This bundle is already available in 4-7 days

    I ordered, I paid, when can I , when can I expect the delivery

    Best regards

  • Agree. That sucks. Same that they charged my credit card and they will ship at the end of January.

  • I placed two orders, 4 days apart, and the order numbers are 40.000 one from the other. Monday to Friday. Should be well over 50.000 by the end of the sales...

  • Faizan FedaieFaizan Fedaie Member
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    I’m new to sim racing, haven’t even tried a single race yet on a rig. Messaged the first week of November that the setup configurator is not working and I would like some assistance to choose a setup for me as I’m not familiar with what I’m looking at or what I need. By the time November 24th came around I decided to order a setup that I thought would work just from online research because no one responded. December 3rd and still no response to that first message. All of you on this forum who think people complaining here need to be more patient are all out of your mind. Complaints here are all valid.

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    Ahhh, interesting.

    I placed an order on Saturday, which I then canceled to make one with the whole thing on Friday, there are more than 61k orders in between.... WOW

  • Ciro RubinoCiro Rubino Member
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    Hi guys, I placed the order on the 24th
    and between Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd the tracking number finally appeared in my profile..
    I'm just waiting for the package information to be available from UPS... I'll keep you updated...
    however, one of you was right in saying that if the serial numbers on the purchased products come out it means that the shipment is almost ready.
    thanks Google translator

  • Linup-loggers, i wasnt trying to quote you. Was only trying to respond to Ciro Rubino. But since I accidentally quoted your message and can't figure out how to remove the quote, I guess I will respond to your assumptions.

    I am the furthest thing from a Fanatec shill or employee. I'm fact, I am probably the type of customer Fanatec likes the least. I am a DIYer, I will mod my own gear a dozen times before even considering buying the latest hardware or an upgraded version. I am the opposite of the person who runs out to buy the latest hardware released, I am the person who will modify my hardware to make it last as long as possible.

    I do not need to be a shill or fanboy or employee to think reasonably and have a bit of patience and undertsanding. My black friday purchase was my first Fanatec purchase in over a year. My prior purchase being only for a McLaren wheel. I have ordered other items in the past, but I am far from a big spender when compared to Fanatecs other customers.

    Ciro, sorry you got quoted here. I will quote you again with my intended comment.

  • Interesting that you had movement over the weekend! Usually nothing happens at fanatec on saturday and sunday. 

    Did you order the V2.5x, advanced paddle module and buttons by any chance?

  • order on 11/20 still not be shipped yet.,,

  • @james @thomas jackermeier 

    Why did you ignore all the customers with the red box „in progress“ questions? You have read them and don’t answer to them for more than a week. Why? I wrote you a pm a few days ago and you ignore them too. What do you have to hide for us?

    how long should we wait for answers?

  • Seth, no bother on the accidental quote. (Backspace from the line below a quote will delete it)

    Pardon if my sarcastic poking of the company came off as victim shaming or making assumptions about fellow customers. The (retracted) “employees and shills” thing was simply meant as the trope akin to “all dissenting opinions are bots” with the key implication being that such a seasoned operation should have their act together by now.

    Btw: I would hardly say DIYers are the least liked. Sure, less is spent but DIYers inspire. The diy/hacker/modder community has often been the free R&D that kickstarts consumer interest and sets the stage for these niche industries to turn projects into products refined enough to be in such demand that they overwhelm customer service and distribution infrastructure for quite some time. 😂

    Anyhow, I’m not impatient and don’t lack understanding. If you haven’t had issues in previous orders; great! Others have. I hope I don’t. Simply couldn’t help but notice the long dated list of customer complaints about shipping, read comments, saw the fellow who is supposed to be running the show give a 🤷‍♂️ answer when asked about resolving the delays and wrong product shipments a little over a month before the sale, and have a pretty good understanding of why they have the reputation they have. They make products that are good (eventually) and they ship (eventually) but there is obviously some room for improvements to their processes.

  • I'm big fan of yours,order every new things first when it came up,i order bmr in oct 30,the order item Availability date:Nov 30

    you fanatec says ‘’Completely shipped" signifies data was transferred to your warehouse ,so today is dec 4

    already,why not send message to warehouse。

    this was not bf order,but before bf,are you discriminate aganist japan region,because it market less than 10%?

    i saw many other people post there bmr in Facebook and reddit, none of them were from japan, why you Discriminate asia?

  • According to your second pic, that make no sense their Asia Department (AU + JP) can't even handle 10% of the orders.

  • @james @thomas jackermeier 

    Why did you ignore all the customers with the red box „in progress“ questions? You have read them and don’t answer to them for more than a week. Why? I wrote you a pm a few days ago and you ignore them too. What do you have to hide for us?

    how long should we wait for answers?

  • Ordered on November 24, still no tracking number received...

    This is growing to be a bit of a joke at this point... wouldn't be surprised if Fanatec gets sued at some point as this is inexcusable... that's well over a year of the same issues with orders now, and all most customers are met with are the same excuses and apologies.

  • Fully agree, I placed my orders on the 24th Nov. No tracking numbers, no response to emails. In 2023, such poor business structure is not acceptable.

    I have already said that I am very surprised the FCA hasn't gotten involved yet. The fact they automatically put your order to "completely Shipped", meaning you cannot cancel it, even though it won't get shipped as advertised, is fraud as far as I'm concerned. Lying about product availability and delivery dates is a joke and deceitful. If i had seen all these issues on the forums before my purchase, I never would have bothered.

    Sort your shit out Fanatec, it's embarrassing.

  • Ordered on Friday November 17 validated on Monday 20... and still no tracking number too.

    That is 11 working days out of 10 announced.

    Patience everyone.

    Courage Fanatec we are counting on you.

  • Think you are not really in a bad place, mine is just done few hours behind yours and they moved my availability of QR2 to January 2024.... Hopefully yours moves fast too but if they really send it soon you are lucky...

  • I've ordered on Monday 20th of November, status is still on "The order is in process''.

    QR2 Wheel Side is holding it back atm as it is available for me on the 15th of December it says. Fingers crossed.

    Hopefully receiving it before the end of the year :/

  • Hi there, I ordered on 21st Nov and got a tracking number on 24th . However it stuck in the ‘label created’ stage for 10days.

    Is it normal and will I expect to receive it before Christmas. It is devastating because when I first ordered it , it said it would be sent within 4-7 days . It shouldn’t be longer than 2 weeks even including the 5 business day delay.

    If I had known it would take so long for it to be shipped, I would have bought a second hand one from eBay.

    I hope I would at least get an expected delivery date .

    Thank you

  • Ordered in the same day as you, have not received a tracking number till now!

  • Seems all the F1 2023 buyers are in the same boat ...

    4 to 7 days indicated ...

    But they are quick for something : m'y money' is gone in just one day !

  • Not a Fanboy or Employee here, but i have to comment on this. Standard Shipping times are 4 to 7 BUSINESS days. For all who ordered on Black Friday (24.11) now is day 6. And in this blog post Fanatec stated that due to high order volumes it may take up to 10 days, where day 10 would be Friday 8.12. Do not get me wrong, i also ordered on 24.11 with no shipping information yet, and i wait impatiently for the delivery, and i do not have ANY wheel yet - play with controller on PS5

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    Tic Tac Tic Tac .........................................

    isn't that what we call false advertising ?

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