Fanatec Beta Driver V352/356 [DD Performance Update] for Podium Bases ONLY (all steering wheels)



  • Ich habe den beta treiber 352 drauf mit den dazugehörigen motor und Wheel fw.

    Den 356 noch nicht.

  • Ja,damit läuft bei mir alles.

    Warum weiß ich nicht.

  • Could you please stick to English according to the forum rules so everybody understands our conversation? ^^

    Yeah DRIVER 352 with FIRMWARE 669 should be fine, driver 356 doesn't change anything on consoles.

  • Just a question but why should thomas update anything when he’s the only person who says all is working well... I’m about to pull the trigger on a dd2 which ill only use on xbox one so I’m kind of glad the only person who says they have no issues is also using a console. Granted its a different console but fingers crossed it works. Just got to wait for those inverted pedals to be back in stock!

  • Please don't forget that most of the time people report bugs and issues and don't comment in here, when they have no issues.

    Im only on PC and I don't have any major issues with my DD1. Small issues like the jolts were fixed for me after staying on the Fanatec Logo screen for example. Those things hopefully are fixed with the next driver package.

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    I also have to say that my DD2 has been fine (great, actually) with the V352. I had some installation issues with the motor calibration and the xbox-mode defaulting, but since then everything has been fine. I get the slight "dunk" when turning off the wheelbase, but I don't find that unnerving.

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    Happy user here, too.

    Update was easy, fanalabs and FFB is working as intended.

    Only sometimes a jolt, but this is only one or two times a week and I'm driving about 10 hours a week. The Screen stays on the Fanatec logo forever, because I'm driving in VR.

    The dunks while shutdown, I've never heard, because I always switch everything off with my power cord, when the computer is shut down completely.

    (Knocking on wood, that it does it so well many years)

  • DD1 here on PC driver 352

    all fine for me

  • Does tthis work with CSW 2? Quite unclear to find that out from texts. Althought I've used 340 because 347 had already way worse ffb/driving feel than 340.

  • Thanks Marcel,

    Is there any release date for the new driver?

    Will this new version apply to the Porsche's podium wheel and module right? Mine is arriving tomorrow and would love to first use it with latest driver version if possible :).

    About the jolt problem, lowering FEI seems to reduce it but I do not like it so much. I mean I prefer more sharp feeling while driving so I will rise up the FEI as soon as jolt issue is fixed.



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    Will the above issue be addressed in the upcoming driver/firmware @Marcel Pfister?

    I've experienced this exact issue a handful of times on my DD1 PS4 (which I use solely on PC).

    It occurs no matter the rim used (I own two, the F1 rim that came with the base and a 918 RSR). I do not use a rim with the endurance module, which was asked earlier in this thread.

    I've noticed it happen in two sims, iRacing and Assetto Corsa. It seems to most frequently occur whenever there is strong force and change in direction. It seems to be more frequent when running the base at higher strength values.

    I've had it happen while in heavy crashes or sudden spins in iRacing, and in AC I've had it occur when doing quick drifting and constantly changing from one direction to another.

    I've only used v352 driver with v669 base firmware as I've only had the DD1 for just under 3 months. It seems to occur on v356/v670FW as well, which is why I have not updated to that. As someone earlier reported, this issue doesn't seem to occur on earlier firmwares which would suggest it's a problem with the recent few driver or firmwares and not a hardware fault. Not to mention the same person knowing 3 other people with faulty Podium wheels is very unlikely!

    It's a problem that I can avoid by not crashing (which is easier said than done in iRacing sometimes, but that's another story haha) and not drifting in AC, but would prefer if it was addressed asap. The less times I have to do hard power cuts to reset the base, the better.

  • I get occasional disconnects in AC and I am on 346. Generally the wheel pulls hard to the right and stops there, I cannot straighten it up. I usually turn the base off and back on and then there is no ffb at all, the rim turns with absolutely no resistance whatsoever.

  • We are basically part of teams and not on "playing" but racing hard sometimes. As a remind, this wheel cost 1699,99€ which is a huge amount of money, and having it bugging during races is not acceptable at all with this kind of price.

    No doubt It is the best wheel I've ever had but If we do not have any feedback and support I will make the warranty working and switch to another manufacturer. Then maybe it won't ruin my races again.

  • The problem is there are so many different PC Hardware combinations and different games............and those game use different and weird ways to just get the wheel functioning. Basically you can't get it right for everyone and throw in "quality control issues" as well as the CortanaVirus and its not smooth sailing.

    Still think communication from Fanatec could be improved more and I will say they have improved a lot.

  • I couldn't agree more. I am so tired of all of the belly-aching about drivers and firmware. Do some people have a right to gripe about their equipment showing up on their doorstep dead. Absolutely. Do some people have a right to complain when a certain driver package renders your equipment inop. Sure.

    But the incessant whining about everything everyday gets really old. When I got my DD1 everything worked fine. The F1 rim worked like a charm and so did my PS4 P1 rim. Then I upgraded tp 356 and now my P1 rim doen't work properly. I could get on this forum and gripe until the cows come home and say how bad Fanatec is, but that won't solve the problem. I will patiently wait for a new driver and then hope that fixes it.

    We all just need to take a chill pill. Fanatec, I'm sure, is not just out there trying to swindle us. If that were the case, they would have been out of business a long time ago. Let's all take the temperature down a bit and let them fix things. I know they themselves don't like these headaches. And if you are so displeased with them, simply return the product for a refund and wash your hands of it. I for one will be buying Fanatec products as long as they are in business and will deal with the problems as the arise.



  • I'm another user experiencing the wheel base freezing issue Maxime was referring too, it has cost me a lot of races and ratings. Short term solution is that there is just some curcuits I just can't race on anymore (Barcelona Catalunya especially for me) as this issue seems guarenteed.

    Not having a gripe or anything, just wanted to let it be known that this issue is widespread and should be a priority in coming updates. Other than that my DD1 has been a dream.

  • I have even issues with drivers and will wait new. but i will never ever go back to thrustmaster or logitech. I like fanatec its all alot better Qualities By comparisonwith thrustmaster. And when i set settings right is amazing to race

  • Wasn't there going to be a new driver out this week

  • Maurice said probably, also the week isn't over...

  • Marcel,

    So I downgraded the FW to Driver V335 and installed the associated WB FW and SW FW, also did the motor calibration. The fan still activated after about 10 mins and ran for approximately 1 hour until they switched off. I upgraded to Driver 352 and the same happened then upgraded to V356, after the last upgrade I though all was well the 20 mins of racing and we were back to noisy fans.

    All the functionality of the base is working ok just the fans will not behave. The worst part is last night the I turned on the base after it was off for 36 hours and the fans came on straight away and ran for about 2 hours with no racing what so ever. I think there is something amiss. What do you think.

  • I have had a few occurencies of wheel pulling to one side and then having to restart, also in ACC once or twice completely lost FFB after this :/

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    If it's happening on the same spot it is definitely not a hardware issue and most probably coming from the game. I don't think you need or should RMA your wheel because of that and RMAs normally are done in a week or two at max, a month is not the norm.

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    solved you can delete this message

  • So I will ask this for the third time now. Maybe there is a answer? Why are you not using the correct post when you post new firmware?? You even have it still posted at top, I have it book marked, you don't use it anymore? Why??? Follow your post guidelines ffs

    "Latest Beta Drivers - Bookmark this thread to be notified of new uploads!"

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    I got the freezing/disconnected issue in both ACC and PC2. It happens again and again in certain corners.

    DD1 w/ Formula V2 (XBox) & podium paddle module

    Clubsport Paddles V3

    driver 352 & 356 same issue, with or without FanaLab

    WB FW: 670

    SW FW:28

    WBM FW:38

    Win 10 Pro 64bit

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    Thx for the reminder will do that again next time again.

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