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    This conversation is fascinating, as I found strength 6 to be way too weak for an F3 car on iracing, yet everyone here is saying it is too high.

    I was using somewhere around 15, and it felt pretty realistic - I've not driven an F3 car, but have driven other single seaters. I'm also old enough to have driven road cars without power steering, not sure if that's a factor, but may impact people's frame of reference when they judge the heavyness.

    I know it's personal preference, just interesting such a big difference. This is on a DD1, with the exception of strength all other settings the same as suggested.

  • An F3 car produces around 10-12 Nm on the wheel in a turn (same for GT3 cars and F4) -> so you should be able to check on the OLED of the DD1 what your settings produce.

  • So I'm very confused using Marcel's Fanalabs files...

    In one thread it is stated "In the name of the profiles you can find the in Game FFB values as they differ from car to car (make sure to check the checkbox to use individual settings for each car in iRacing!). The first value in the name of the profile is the Max Force and the second value in the name of the profile is the Wheel Force which is equal to the Max Peak of the Tuning Menu FF setting."

    Then in this thread it's stated to leave iRacing Wheel Force to 6 Nm. So are the settings for the BMW M8, with the file name 60|17Nm as shown below? If not what am I missing?

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    No, those are completely wrong.

    You are talking about MY profiles, not Marcels.

    Dont touch anything in the Tuning Menu.

    Only adjust in iracing. Ignore this Strength 6 which you saw in the recommended settings tab as that's a general setting and not even in Max Force but strength which is bad to use. (click on the word Strength to change to Max Force, then I think you will understand) .

    in your example set Max Force to 60Nm, Wheel Force to 17Nm and leave the Tuning Menu as it is with FF66 or what it was originally set to. Don’t set it to 17, this would result in Max Peak Torque of 4Nm which is equal to Thrustmaster, no need for a DD then ..:D

  • Maurice,

    Thanks, and sorry about calling you Marcel....

    I had it set the way you recommend, but the resistance was pretty high for my taste so I thought I would check to be sure I was using your setups correctly. A little fine tuning on my end and the feel is good.

    Thanks again.

  • Anyone has issues white wheel lock?

    I'm using DD2 and Formula v2 with recommended settings but force to 1-2

    When locking the wheel, it feels like a big hit. it doesn't stops, hits back with brutal force in the other direction...

    how can I solve this?

  • Got it fixed. You should add it in recommended settings.. pretty dangerous

    In the iRacing app.ini, change [misc] steeringBumpStop_Deg=100 (mine was at 5.0000) - this should give you a softer stop.

  • Installed the latest beta earlier today, and because my previous firmware/drivers were way out of date, the difference in the feel of the Lotus 49 in iRacing is amazing.

    I've mostly got my settings dialed in how I like them, but I am still unsure about DRI. I've tried the extremes, -5 & +3, as well as the Fanatec recommended -3, but I still struggle to make a decision. Would love to hear opinions from others.

    And also wondering if DRI should be car specific, or at least different for dirt road cars, as I'm also racing the Beatle and the Lucas 4WD Truck - have not yet tested those since updating. Thanks!

  • Hi guys, a DD2 user here.

    I'm using the DD2 with iracing only and the paremeters are the recommended in the first post. Every car feel really good, except the Indycar at road circuit.

    Does anyone could share the settings to use with iRacing + Indycar???


  • Hi all

    I have CSW 2.5 with ClubSport F1 Esports -wheel. I use Fanatec recommended setting for iRacing but for example I find those setting too heavy with Ferrari 488 GTE. My question is should I adjust strength in game or should I lower FF -setting in wheelbase tuning menu? Which is better option to get as accurate ffb as possible?

    Br. Tommi

  • On a CSW always use FF 100 and adjust the strength in iRacing.

  • Just a maybe stupid question... Why is the recommended setting for SEN on almost every base 900 and not AUT? Should AUT not use the settings from the sim and 900 would override the sim setting and make everything 900°. Maybe i have a mistake in my thoughts.

    And another question... can it be that fanalab cause stutter in iracing? Sometimes my iracing stucks but its not a graphical issue cause the fps are good. Its more like a stutter from loading or a background program.

  • yes AUT is better than 900 for sure.

    And no, FanaLab doesnt cause stutters.

  • Thanks Maurice so why is here in the recommended setting always 900 as optimal?? i dont get it ;)

    Okay so i need to look what could be the reason for these damn stutters.

  • I didnt made the recommended settings (and I dont fully agree with them, they are good starters but not the best in the world)...^^

  • No Problem wasnt meant against you just a question cause it made not really sense for me but like i said i wanted to make it sure for me.

    Thanks for your answers :)

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    I have a DD2 - all the latest drivers - even at FF = 30 it's dangerous in iracing when hitting a wall - any tips (apart from "don't hit a wall"!)?

    Driving F3

  • reducing FEI and increasing INT to soften the harsh FFB spikes of this game.

  • Sorry but I am still confused about the settings in Iracing. I have a CSW 2.5 and V3's btw. I have also updated to the 373 driver software. My settings on the wheel are SEN Aut, FFB 100 DRI -2 and all the rest 100 .

    So I understand the Wheel Force slider should be set to 8.0 NM for the CSW 2.5 and never moved. Is that correct?

    But what about the other slider? Fanalab has the Recommended FFB setting as set to STRENGTH 8.5 but Maurice I see you say that is bad to use and it should be set to Max Force. If I click on the text of STRENGTH and change it to MAX FORCE then 8.5 becomes 40NM. So are they the same? Then when in game and I click on the auto set up on Iracing auto set up it gives me settings of STRENGTH 22.7 or MAX FORCE 15 which are miles different from the Fanalab setting.

    So please help what is the recommended MAX FORCE setting for the MX5 with a CSW2.5 please and if I go to a heavier car such as a GT3 car in future should I change the setting?

    Finally with the latest driver 373 should " Use Linear mode" still definitely be off in Iracing with a CSW and should DRI still be set to -2 or has that changed as well?

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I seem to be fine in AC but way off the pace in IRacing so at least if I get the settings correct I know it is me at fault:)

    Thanks so much!!

  • Agreed, related to the above the latest beta Fanalab profile has FFB Linearity set to OFF, but the post on the first page of this thread suggests it should be ON. Which is the "correct" default?

  • Can someone please respond? I just bought the CSW 2.5 and wonder about this too. Thank you!

  • You should kot have a LIN setting on a CSW. It's a DD exclusive setting in the Tuning Menu.

  • Having the same issue - struggeling with the settings and not really convinced by the DD2 (but might be settings related). Any firm values recommended to what FEI (default 100) should be reduced and INT (default 3) should be increased to avoid the wheel going nuts due to harsh FFB spikes when hitting an object etc.

  • only thing i can think of is turning down the FFB strength in fanalab or within the game. I know in iRacing I had to redo the in-game settings to fix it. It was also easier to play with it throughout a lap.

  • What kind of type of pedal vibration supported in iracing?

    dd1 drivers 373 fanalab 1.47

  • On the CSL E 1.1 I'm struggling to get a feel for when the back end starts stepping out, what settings can I adjust either in game or on the WB to help with this?

  • To iracing apo mono tou sou kanei vibrate to pedal tou gkaziou an exeis slip angle den exei kapoio allo support apo to fanalab mporeis na ru8miseis na s kanei vibrate apo feedback anarthseis , kai revlimit . To kalutero p exeis na kaneis gia abs einai gia ka8e ama3i na kaneis ena profil kai na valeis esu se poio pososto % theleis na doneitai to freno (px an sthn lambo vlepeis oti sto 60% triggareis abs rythmise to tote na s kanei vibrate )

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