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  • Sounds like a typical EMI / grounding issue.

    Make sure to properly ground your rig and maybe add ferrite cores to the USB cables.

  • hi till now no problems all was the same nothing touched... from where now emi grounding issue :(

  • Hi guys,

    Is the Podium DD2 should be compatible with PlayStation ecosystem with the right steering wheel ?

  • No, This product is not compatible with any PlayStation console and cannot be upgraded to achieve compatibility.

  • Is the podium f1 bundel the same base as the dd1?

    I can buy one. The Guy als 1600 euro for it

  • In general it is the same, plus the additional Playstation Security Chip, the blue-waved Carbon Panels and the Blue F1 Wheel.

    Other than that the Base is the same, yes.

  • Thanks😊

  • Just bought a used DD1, replaced my CSW 2.5, and now I have some problems with AM2.

    When I try to setup the controls, the base is constantly sending button signals.

    In the Fanatec control centre I can see pedals, although I have no pedals attached to the base.

    I can see the base acting like there are pedals connected in the windows game controller settings also.

    ACC doesn't seem to care, I haven't tried my other sims yet.

    But the CSW definitely didn't show this behaviour.

    Is something wrong with the DD1 or how can I fix this?

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    Untoggle the setting "combined pedals" and everything should be good.

    Afterwards you can untoggle the "Show" toggle to hide the pedals page

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    The problem is not the combined or non combined setting, it's the base sending pedal signals (buttons 2,4,6,8) all the time regardless.

    The setting only changes if the accelerator is activated separately or not.

  • Did you disabled that setting and did you hide the pedals tab?

    If you did and its still acting weird then you have serious EMI issues and I would highly suggest to ground your rig.

  • Hiding the pedals tab doesn't change the base's behaviour, it's just cosmetics.

    I'll try grounding the base.

  • I've found a partial cause: the DD1 is influencing my manual shifter, provoking random ghost shifts.

    This was the cause for my problems in AM2 when assigning controls.

    Still, I don't know if the behaviour above with the ghost pedals is natural for the DD1 or if it's faulty.

    And I have to figure out how I can eliminate the ghost shifting, but now I know where to look for...

  • Prosím o radu, jak nastavit na volantu aby mi ve hře F1 2023 ukazoval rychlost na displayi volantu, ukazuje ffb a další kromě rychlosti tachometru.

  • F1 2023 player here for Playstation... Wheel DD Podium F1 for Playstation.

    In all races, as I play 50% races, after some laps or after pitting or after/during SC, My podium F1 for PS is losing all track/curbs feedback, as the game looks all clean, without track/curbs sensation from my wheel.

    Is this something that can be solved by a Fanatec update or F1 game update??

    Please help us and try to solve it together with EA Sports... Its a really bad and cathastrophic thing for players like me, that compete in championships, to loose these type of informatino from the base/wheell during a race.

    Count on you guys from Fanatec to help us out with this problem.

  • Its a game issue, nothing you can do other than waiting for a game patch.

    Todays Patch 1.7 had fixed "some" FFB issues but they still list "various FFB issues across all platforms" in their known issue list. So you still need to wait for another game Patch which hopefully fixes your FFB issue.

  • And the shame is that for Playstation users, aftaer 6 months of DD1 being discontinued, there´s no news for another DD compatibility...

    Come on Fanatec, you guys can do it better.

  • What is the reason that Fanatec discontinued the production DD1 for PS and what if customers have technical hardware issues with the DD1 PS version?

  • hey guys, I want to ask something...

    I already have CSLDD race bundle set... And i just want to change wheelbase to podium DD1.

    My question, is componet like steering wheel, pedal compartible with podium DD1? Just plug and play no need buy anything.. ?

    Thank You..

  • I have a general question about the osczilattion of steering wheels. These are different from game to game and are related to the FFB signal. I wonder if there is no way to suppress them from the software of the Wheelbase.

    Usually the oscillation occurs only when driving straight ahead. It should be somehow filter / detect when the wheel begins to oscillate and this attenuate or filter out so that it does not happen?

    PS: I am aware that I can use the settings NDP, NFR or NIN something against it. 

    Since this is not done I think there is a reason that this is not done. Can someone explain to me why this is not done? 

  • I have a DD Podium F1 wheel for PS!

    The new CSL DD+ is better???? Can someone help me with this??? Would it be a improvement over the DD Podium F1 for playstation???

  • Hello, I'm having a problem with my DD2 base where at times during the race I lose the force feedback, as if there was a momentary lack of communication between the base and the PC or even between the base and the FANALAB.

    In fact, at that moment the FANALAB software itself closes by itself or without using it, it stops recognizing it. This problem arose after installing the current version (BETA) of the fabab software. But I already uninstalled the FANALAB software and ran with just the driver installed and the problem still happened again.

    Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Does this problem also happen to anyone else? I was thinking about sending my base for warranty, but as I live in Brazil the shipping costs would be very expensive and so it's only worth sending it after I'm sure it's a defect in the base. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • I'm having the same problem, friends. During the race in an interval of 1 or 2 seconds it is as if the base lost communication. Did you manage to find a solution to your problem?

  • Hello.

    Is it possible to assign a button on the steering wheel to change the ITM screens of the DD2 podium? In the race it is very uncomfortable to hold the setup button + the funky switch

  • Iam having a issue where my DD1 loses FFB intermittely during racing

  • I won a podium DD1 ( I'm from Brazil too) and I'm having this problem   ,i use two wheels , one formula v2 and universal hub (Xbox) and recently bought one podium hub. Worked very well for 2 weeks. 

     Now this happens all the time with podium hub, i lost the FFB effects for one second on the straights, this happen just only podium hub, with my others wheels works fine.

     I see in my searching, this can be a problem/conflict with usb inputs or cables ( i use one usb cable extension 3 meters ) and if you switch for another one, this can be resolved. I din't this cause i will buy another usb cable extension and test.

     I found this video and show what i mean.


  • Can anyone tell me how do I release the 25nm torque? Before, I used to release the button on the ClubSport steering wheel. Now I'm using CSX2 and I can't.

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