Fanatec Driver 451 (Prev. Official Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



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    "Known Issues

    • The steering input jump issue was greatly improved so the issue happens a lot less than before. Full fix expected for one of the next versions."

    Any change to this issue over 450? I'll try the beta only if there is a chance of improvement.

  • No change as no new firmware is included in 451, only driver and Tray App fixes.

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    We were already able to fix the Crash issue when the Endor_AG_Fanatec local folder is missing.

    Now with this new driver the folder gets created on first launch of the Control Panel if it's not already available so the Control Panel wont crash anymore.

    I cant update the first post but here you can download the new driver 451 version with the fix for the crash included.

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    First post got updated with todays new 451 version with the fix for the UI crash as well now.

    So if you had issues with the Control Panel UI crashing: Re-download the driver above (or from the first post) -> uninstall the current version -> Install the new driver 451.

    • "UI now shows current maximum torque in Nm depending on the FFB strength settings set in the Tuning Menu. On the Podium DD it's also dependent on the connected wheel and the torque key, therefore the torque value is only shown with a steering wheel connected."

    Thanks for this addition!

    The screen on my DD1 is hidden behind my monitor, so great to be able to see if I remembered to activate high torque directly on the monitor itself :)

  • High Torque Mode or Low Torque Mode was shown in the UI since driver 442 ;)

    What's new now is that the Maximum Torque Output is shown in Nm, depending on FFB, FFS and FOR settings as well as the respective Torque Mode. :)

  • As I posted in the second response to this update. I have a new build PC and only install 451 on an obviously totally clean install of Windows 11 Pro x64 and it won't launch the UI, wheel drivers are ok and Fanalab works, just can not launch the Fanatec Control Panel. In AppData/Local there is no Endor_AG_Fanatec but there is an Endor_Fanatec with subfolders:

    ...\AppData\Local\Endor_Fanatec\FanaLab.exe_Url_5aeyau5vzhbbue513q3hiayg4e11wtgv\ that includes a user.config

  • Have a look at the messages above.

    There is a new driver from yesterday which fixes your issue.

    Please uninstall your current 451 installation, redownload yesterdays new 451 version and reinstall that one. Afterwards the Control Panel will open fine and the missing folder will get created.

  • Ok, thank you Maurice!

  • Question for you ... when can we expect the Friction known issue to be fixed for CSL DD and GT DD Pro? This got fixed a long time ago for Podium bases and it now feels like you don't care about the owners of your less expensive wheels. Every update that comes out still says ' we shall now apply the fix for CSL DD and GT DD Pro' ... I'm nearly giving up waiting to be able to use my wheels settings properly because you haven't fixed the known issue yet but seem to focus on tray apps and mobile apps that have no relevance for console gamers

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    There is no ETA for that fix.

    It's still high on the prio list though.

  • I have an issue with my BMW GT2 V1 Wheel which I think is firmware related.

    Whenever I turn the rotary encoder, multiple inputs are registered. You can see it in the Fanatec Control Panel (little flickering) and in the Windows USB Game Controller config (better, you can see the virtual button being triggered multiple times). At least 3-4 inputs are registered with every notch of the rotary encoder and if you turn it faster you can see a delay and inputs keep coming after turning the encoder has already stopped for multiple seconds.

    I tested this on my DD2 with lastest firmware. I gave it a go on another computer with my CSW 2.5 which hadn't been updated for two years as I just keep it as a spare. Worked perfectly, encoding inputs showed no problem with the BMW wheel rim. So I updated the CSW 2.5 to the latest firmware and could see the same issue there as well.

    Rotary Inputs for my Formula V2.5X work without any problems with both wheel bases, so, at least for me, this seems to be an issue specific for the BMW GT2 V1 but I dont own any other wheels so I couldn't test any other models.

  • This was tested extensively but could not be reproduced with dozens of wheels and base combos.

    Current theory is that it's a hardware issue of some Legacy wheels.

    In this case you would need to stay on driver 447 and included firmwares for those old wheels.

  • When using a different steering wheel and replacing it with the ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox, the left analog joystick mapping is executed.

    Windows 11

    dd2 and Pedals V3(Using RJ12 cable)

    ClubSport Porsche 918 RSR

    ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox

    I am using the above product.

    I recently purchased a ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox.

    The same happened with driver 450 and driver 451 beta.

    The left analog stick of the ClubSport Porsche 918 RSR was mapped to the left, right view, up and down view.(Automobilista 2, DiRT Rally 2.0)

    Replacing the rim with the ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox fixes the game screen facing right and up.

    Is this a hardware issue? Or is it a problem that can be fixed with firmware?

  • Is this driver update 451 more stable than 450.

    I have no issuse with 450 driver. Do I have to update then?

  • Read the Changelog and decide for yourself if the changes are worth to update :)

  • That's no issue at all.

    That's how it always was and always will be when you have mapped the Joystick in game and then change the wheel to one without a Joystick.

    Nothing which can be fixed, you will have to unbind the Joystick mapping every time you want to use the UH.

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    In this and the last driver (450) everytime the base turns off, it resets the pedal settings including brake force. pretty frikkin annoying. Thought updating to 451 would fix it but nope. Could this be a firmware version, any advice to what i can do to get rid of this? i have to calibrate the pedals every time i start the base

    I tried manual firmware update but the issue is still there

    Edit 2: i added the log files

  • What do you mean the base turns off? Whats you base? Whats your pedals?

    Please have a look at the first post how to report issues.

    In Which situation? Reproducable so you can show what you mean in a video (as the logs say nothing actually).

    Tbh sounds more like a (serious) hardware issue, not anything like a firmware issue.

  • Unbind when using Universal Hub V2, If you switch to the rim where the left joystick is present, you map it again, Is this the right way to use it?

    Why can't I fix this?

    Have you gone from a beta tester to a Fanatec employee?

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    You cant fix it because it's no issue.

    It's just how the games work and the same happens for other manufacturer wheels which have an Analogue Axis mapped to looking functions.

    If you have mapped looking functions to an Analogue Axis then you have to unbind the mapping when attaching a Wheel without such an axis, otherwise the looking function gets always activated. There is no other fix for this.

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    I made a small screen recording. when it disconnects i turn it off, and back on.

    Or watch it through this link

    Its indeed a reproduceable issue which happens everytime i turn the base back on. My base is a CSL DD which can be seen in the video. Sorry for not adding the right context right away, and thanks for the swift response. btw i have updated my pedals with a usb cable. Normally i am using them through the base

  • I understand for now

    however Isn't it a problem that the joystick that can't be operated works?

    In ClubSport Universal Hub V2 Would be nice if there was an option to enable or disable the left joystick

    I bought it to use while comfortably replacing the steering wheel I was using.

    If I had known that I would have to do cumbersome mapping work between steering wheel replacements, I would have thought again.

    thank you for the reply

  • Uhm so it was fixed by reverting to 447. FFB was also very weak on 451. Some work to do on the drivers i guess ;)

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    I don't know if it's propriate to post here, but Marcel suggested to mention it here and see if any others have the same issues.

    I've found these tiny 'glitches' for a long while, they are not driver 451 specific issues, but still happen with the latest drivers.

    1. The vibration of F1 V2 wheel would either stay on until triggered again in the game, or not triggered at all at where it usually should be. While playing ACC recently, I set oversteer vibration to the wheel and found this 'problem', if the oversteering happened very briefly. I tested the same function on the V3 pedals, it never occurred.
    2. The APM would 'miss fire' if braking and down shifting at exactly the same time. I found this problem long ago, in PC2 PC3 AC ACC, and now I'm sure that it only happens when hitting the brake pedal and down shift simultaneously.

    DD1 + F1 V2 + CSP V3

    PC Win 11 + SteamVR

    Drv 451 & FanaLab v1.69.7

  • 1st is a known FanaLab issue.

    2nd sounds like a ESD issue. Have you grounded your Rig?

  • I'm getting the exact same issue with the CSW 2.5 base and BMW M2 wheel rim - only been an issue since driver 450 - one click in the rotary now registers 15-20 clicks in iracing - very frustrating!

  • Same answer also for you:

    This was tested extensively but could not be reproduced with dozens of wheels and base combos.

    Current theory is that it's a hardware issue of some Legacy wheels.

    In this case you would need to stay on driver 447 and included firmwares for those old wheels.

  • Hi friends!

    As the F1 DD Podium for PS is discontinued, should and can I still update my PS DD1 wheelbase, pedals and wheel?

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