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  • Hello Fanatec,

    I'm in US and placed an order on Nov 26th, how long until you will get to our orders? Can you provide us a daily update? Why don't you partner with Amazon? You will have happy customers and double your sales. You choose this way and many customers are unhappy and will never order from you again. Do we need a class action?

  • I have over 10 items ordered on Nov 24th. Order is over $3k. I am new to sim racing, and this is my first purchase. Everything was in stock except the QR2 preorder date dec 12th. I placed the order thinking no worries I can wait for the QR2 and rest will be delivered by then. I had no freaking clue that Fanatec has some non-sense policy to ship everything together. Like who on earth will shoot themselves on foot by having such bullshit policies. Now the QR2 has been delayed to Jan 17th. Just wow. I am in Canada and it already takes long time to get here. I will be travelling in Jan end for 3 months and I don't think I will get my order by then. I am in such a fucked up situation all that's to a wonderful shopping experience from Fanatec.

  • Johan CORDIERJohan CORDIER Member
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    Hello Guys,

    If it could be help, I've place my order the 24/11 at 9AM and no tracking on my orders, but I found my packages on UPS by search with reference.

    All was ship tonight so the 8th workday, for a scheduled delivery next monday.

    May that help someone.

    Order 182xxxx. (France)

    Good night and cross finger for all of you.

  • Yeah but my package is FedEx

  • Update: I am in the US and I just received the tracking information for the purchase I made on 11/23/2023. I have 2 more purchases since then on 11/27 and 12/3 that I haven't received the tracking number for as of yet.

  • I have 9 packages that were supposed to be shipped

    7 of the them were. But two of them only show the label created and no tracking. I sent a question and the lead time to get an email response is currently 14-21 days.

    That is just plain brutal to expect customers to wait 2-3 weeks to know whats going on with their hard earned money and especially when dropping this kind of dollar amount.

  • Hi

    After so many days to wait the tracking number who's never Come, i did as many a research on UPS tracking. It's written i will get my order Next monday during the day. On my account i have no registered products yet.

    I made the order 183XXXX on 24 November in the afternoon from France.

    Calm down and chill out, it's not Amazon all should be ok in the end.

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    Hey Guys, I just got a text about 3 packages from FedEx supposed to arrive Friday. I ordered 11/23, 11/26 and 11/28. Fanatecs website doesn't show any tracking so be patient, theres still hope. I'm receiving V3 inverted pedals with performance kit, QR2 Pro and r330 wheel package with v2 Hub from Black Friday. Since it's only 3 packages, maybe I'm only getting parts of my order? I'll keep you updated.

  • do they have serial numbers?

  • on the website

  • I'm still waiting on my order placed on 10/15 1767765. Shows completely shipped, no tracking. Waiting multiple weeks for email replies. Where are you fanatec?

  • I finally received one of the orders placed on the same day on November 25th. You know what it is? It’s Button Caps and Sticker Set ,So ridiculous isn’t it? Another one Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X ,Maybe there wasn’t enough stock to begin with.

  • I placed two orders, one on 24th one on 26th. No tracking or anything for either one yet. Are you in the USA? Also did you get a shipping notification from Fanatec or tracking info in your order? I also had the bottoms in both of my orders.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone from AUS who ordered on the 24th has any tracking info yet?

    I ordered on the 24th and received an email on the 26th at 3 am that my order status had changed. when I check the orders page on the website it says "completely shipped" with a green box so I'm guessing that means that the order is fully in stock. I've never bought from Fanatec so I really have no idea how their shipping system works.

    if anyone from AUS could help me to understand it a bit better that would be appreciated.


  • Hi Bro ,I order at JPN ,According to my experience ,unless a serial & tracking number appears,that’s means it was shipped from the warehouse.

  • Hello,

    I've received everything already even though there was no UPS tracking information at all.

    Thank you Fanatec for those amazing offers.



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    Hi Everyone,

    Ordered on 24 Nov 2023 11:25:00 from the EU, and this morning my packages appeared on the UPS website when searched with reference number.

    Fanatec site still shows Completely Shipped without tracking number or serials.

  • What is a reference number? Is it the order number or something else?

    I can't find any other one besides the order number.

  • Same for me, ordered on 24th (order 1 from EU) and with the help of UPS 'track by reference number' I found out my first order is on the way with delivery today. I'll believe it when I have the items in hand.

    My first order was shifter & V2 pedals....second order is the DD1 with BMW wheel, don't expect that to come in anytime soon.

    Wil update later....good luck at all those in limbo

  • There is a link with the info about tracking by reference number (order number)

    Apparently no luck for me yet :) Ordered 25.11 afternoon.


    I got pedals, steering wheel, etc. on November 22nd. ordered. and a week later the button caps.

    The button caps are coming today.

    The status of the other stuff was set to completely shipped yesterday...

    I don't know whether I should laugh or cry

  • An update ,received 2 BF offers nothing missing, received >T&T on the last 3 orders, hopefully there is nothing missing in the packages, orders were made from the 20th to the 26th of November.

  • Ordered same date i think for us we are gonna have to wait until next week man, since it was a weekend day.

  • Ich habe am 30.11 bestellt, für heute hat UPS die Lieferung von 5 Paketen per SMS angekündigt. Sendungsinfos von Fanatec gab es nicht.

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Dear community,

    we have just posted a new Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update (Nr.2) on our blog: .

    Your Fanatec Team

  • Hey mate,

    No luck finding a phone number or getting onto support. All the other regions have a phone number in the manual for the hardware but the AU phone number is just their ABN. Go figure!

    James has just put another update out so we'll just have to keep waiting I suppose. Fingers crossed it comes soon!

  • Appreciate the effort and the update. I did see James' new post just now, sounds like those of us "🟥 in progress" may get a personalised update in the near future so I'll just hang back and see what comes of that. In the meantime I have a space to clean out and a rig to set up for when everything arrives. 😁

  • My order just got delivered...looks like Fanatec crew is starting to get grip on the situation (see new update BF orders).

    My second order is in process (ordered on 26th)...hope to receive more info regarding that order but not expecting anything soon (QR2 17/01 & DD1 28/12 only BMW wheel is on stock)

  • @James I've placed an order on 24th 18pm, "The order is in progress", shall I worry/do anything or wait? thanks

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