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  • My order is on the 24th, complelely shipped state, and I still have no reference number.

    So 24 just no

  • Same, no tracking number on Fanatec site, and i can't find it even on ups using the order number

  • @james habe am 24.11 ca 14 Uhr Bestellung aufgegeben bis jetzt steht immer nur in Bearbeitung

  • Please, people complaining about 24th or later orthers, TOMORROW will be the 10th of delay shipping process. Also after this 10 days you have to add shipping time of the delivery company.

    They published new post.

  • I think Fanatec is sending orders without update data (tracking number, serial number), to avoid loss time in that process.

    Maybe they use time to send order (most importante to customers).

  • Finally, i can See also some progress on UPS Tracking.

    even if the final delivery Date is not visible yet, the count of parcels fits the count of expected products.

    Let‘s wait…

  • I'm in the US and received my 11/22 order on 12/6. It was marked as completely shipped 11/24 but they didn't create the shipping label with Fedex until 12/1 (I know because Fedex notified me as soon as they did). My 11/24 order is one of the 'case-by-case basis' orders that are [red] In Progress right now due to the Formula V2.5x/APM/Button Set pricing issue.

    I strongly disagree with people who are saying we shouldn't have placed the order since it was too heavily discounted to be believable. I just received my $70 QR2 Base Type C, a brand new in-demand product, for which I paid $20. Sometimes companies just offer really good deals.

  • I must say I agree with what you are saying. When I was going through the checkout process with the Formula V2.5x and buttons and saw the offer come up to add the APM to my order for an additional bundle discount I didn't even question it. I didn't immidiately realize that the bundle discount was on top of the other savings amd what that would all equate to in savings. It wasn't until i saw everyone talking about it on fb and the forums and reddit that I went back and looked at the numbers to see how the math worked.

    Having said that, at this point I tink Fanatec should honor these orders. With how long we have all been waiting with no real communication frlm the company and how much it will suck for those who really wanted to get the F1 V2.5 x at the black Friday price I feel like honoring the price would be the right thing to do. At the end of the day it will not be a major loss for them and they could likely file an insurance claim to cover their loss if they wanted to. At very least it would be a tax deduction.

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    I'll admit that if they won't honour the extra discount it's not going to be that big an issue for me. I ordered $3K worth of Fanatec gear over three orders, an extra $200 isn't going to put me in any more trouble with the wife than I'm already in. Waiting an extra two weeks for the order is more of an issue for me, and if they ultimately can't ship the order and/or honour the rest of the BF deals, then I'm going to actually be pretty upset.

  • Hi guys,

    today I got my tracking number around 9:00 am CET at the shop. serials of the products are shown too now.

    I've ordered on 24th of november around 11:00 pm CET. Order ID 184xxxx, Location Germany

    Status at the shop changed to "completely shipped" on 27th of november.

    current status at UPS is "ID unknown".^^

    we'll see...

    have a nice weekend :)

  • update:

    current status at UPS is "delivery tomorow".

    so it seems I'll have a nice weekend :)

    good luck to all still waiting! ;)

  • Hey all, I live in the US, hope this helps anybody out there. I placed an order on Black Friday 24th. my order has a green completely shipped status with Fed-Ex Ground with no tracking #. So I went on the Fed-ex web site this morning and placed my order # in track my reference number tracking bar. And Fed-ex sent me an e-mail shortly after with my tracking # status with an Estimated delivery date: Sun, 12/10/2023. This should never have happened with Fanatic. Anyway good luck on getting your tracking numbers.

  • Can someone help to solve the problem that I experienced, I ordere dd2 on Black Friday, it was shipped and delivered to my local FedEx facility, but it stayed at facility for a couple days , when I called FedEx to check what’s the problem and why is it not out for delivery they told me that there is something wrong with shipper account and they are shipping my order back to the shipper , I’ve been trying to contact fanatec for over the week now and nothing, not a single email was answered

  • Just an update for my order from November 24, I just received a fedex notification that my order will deliver on December 9th. I’m in the U.S and I didn’t receive a tracking number

  • Ordered on 27th. received invoice on the same date,. On 28th i saw that warranty is activated till 28.11.2025 on My devices page and on orders page it went to green completely shipped status. All items were in stock and with "shits within in 4-7 days" label.

    Since 28th till yesterday no changes on Orders page, but on My devices page all items states that purchase date is 28. :S so 2 different pages stated 2 different dates of purchase (previously was inline and stated 27th as purchase date)... Im still inside 10 bussiness days but it seems that it will be 11 based on this. Just hope that my orders will come fine and with no problems and missing items 🤞.

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    The email regarding 2.5x issues is insulting.

    Most of us did add APM to 2.5x because the site was suggesting it, and they call that bad faith.

    Whether you ordered just the bugged items or an entire setup, it looks like they don't care at all.

    On top of that, i'm still waiting for my money back, and if you can't offer more than 10% on a wheel to the guys who tried to buy way more than just a wheel, you can put it where i think, someone else will get my money.

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    I too received this email, it's insulting, I ordered the complete set with the APM and the stickers, I just want to receive my order

    and the “10% reduction” is a joke, it’s not even the price during black friday, thank you fanatec for this and for not responding to the email

    I am French and I use Google translate and ultimately it makes me want to file a complaint against them

  • I am very happy to announce that the second package of stickers arrived today. I'm really really happy about that. I can look forward to my steering wheel for a few more days.

    This is just to say that items will not ship until everything is available.

    " If your order included pre-order items, shipping will not occur until everything is in stock. "

    It probably didn't worked.

  • It is very insilting and the fact that they cannot offer to make the orders correct or edit them so people can at least still get their F1 wheel at the black friday price is pretty anti consumer.

  • I would really like to know if Fanatec is able to offer it's customers who were affected by the "glitch" something better than canceling our orders wothout giving any options what so ever and giving us a tiny 10% discount to use on a steering wheel between now and April? That discount does not even come close to the discount we were expecting to get on the F1 V2.5x not to mention the other black friday items people purchased at the same time that they are now going to recieve. I really think they could have handled this much better, first they said they would privde the customers with options then sent a canned messaged to everyone not giving any options at all.

    What makes this even worse is I know of 3 people who actually had these prders processed and shipped. So there are people who they did honor this deal for. I would like to know how fanatec decided which customers were more important and deserved their orders honored and which customers were less important and did not deserve their orders honored.

    The 3 people who I know of that had the bundle discount order shipped ordered the exact same items and did not have additional items in the order. Their orders never got the red dot, they were marked completely shipped with the green dot and processed normally. So why do those customers recieve their orders and others do not? If I know of 3 people then I omagone there are more who had their orders honored.

  • These orders doesnt look like they go out eighter.

    I have a order like that, marked shipped and with an invoice after 2 days.

    Got same mail as everybody yesterday, and today there seems to be changes going on in the orders (still marked "completely shipped"), but with total cost saying 0€.

    My order was for the 2.5x bundle and a shifter so not a big loss (and i wont go further with it), but it annoys me that with all the issues the webpage had that day (i had to make a quick order on the go, and wasnt beware that the APM was an addon at the time of checking out, but was the necessary shifter module for this wheel) the customers are now being called out as bad customers by fanatec.

    Moving from a simpler G920 to a CSL DD recently are now starting to give me an bad taste just because of the way this company treats its customers both with shipping times and service in general...

  • 24 of November I order the 2.5x bundle 2 times, one for me and one for a friend (we order 2 csl dd bundles the same way back in august)the order was marked "completely shipped" from the first moment and the next day I receive the invoice.

    After 2 weeks Fanatec sends an email that I am a bad customer for making an order that was priced wrong by them and I will take a 10% discount to buy a wheel. So they cancel my order after 2 weeks of wait that have a 150 euro discount at the time and gives me 35 euro discount if I want to buy the same wheel, plus almost 2 months of wait to come back at stock.

    For me and likely for many people the price is expensive and we waited for these offers. Yes, the normal price (350 EUR) is not a lot for the most people but for me at the time it is when I had the chance to buy it cheaper.

    At the end Fanatec will take my money, now or later. I can see that they can not cover the demand at the time so the problem with the website is not a big damage at the income of the company. I really hope, at the future, they manage circumstances like this better and a little faster(2 weeks to cancel all orders of an error I think is a lot).

  • hi can you show a screenshot of your order ? I think I ordered the same as you. For now I have no email

  • The mail was at my advertisement page of my mails for some reason and not at the main page, check all your mails again.

    My order was formula 2.5X wheel with QR1, APM and button caps and sticker set.

  • here is the mail

    Dear Customer,

    We hope this message finds you well. Unfortunately, we must inform you about a significant change in the status of your recent ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X order in our Fanatec Online Shop.

    We sincerely regret to inform you that we have to contest the entire purchase agreement between you and us, the Endor AG, made on 24. Nov 23 under 183xxx.This implies that the agreement, encompassing all items in your order, is considered void and null from the beginning.

    During the Black Friday event, due to an exceptionally high volume of traffic on our website, we encountered issues with several orders. These included discrepancies between the invoiced amounts and the advertised Black Friday prices. A technical glitch in our online shop led to unintended discounts, resulting in incorrect pricing during the ordering process.

    It is crucial to emphasize that we had no intention of concluding a purchase agreement at the mistakenly indicated price. At the time of your purchase, the declaration error was unknown to us, and the automation of our online purchase process allowed your order to proceed. Had we been aware of this error, we would have declined your offer immediately.

    Furthermore, we would like to point out that consciously exploiting a pricing error goes against good faith. In light of this, no valid purchase agreement has been established between you and the Endor AG for the aforementioned order.

    Simultaneously, as a gesture of goodwill, we would like to offer you a voucher with a 10% discount for the purchase of a steering wheel until April 2024. This voucher is exclusively valid for your account, and you will receive further details in a separate email.

    For any inquiries or further clarification, please feel free to contact us through [contact information].

    Best regards,

    Team Fanatec

  • Some people here saying that the csl dd and F v2.5 was a glitch too. That is wrong because 70 euro discount came from this bundle. Otherwise it will cost 550 and not 480. So people have to not worry about it. This was a Black Friday Deal on their side.

  • Since the Bundle was anounced for this price on the Blob page, this is pretty sure ....

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