Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update 3



  • Still waiting in Aus 1832xxx, still "in process" with the only comms being around the delays with the DD+ and other Australians having received theirs now.

  • 3 months after order .. nothing

  • This is basically my order also. I believe the problem with our orders is the QR2 (wheel-side) piece of kit but this has been in stock for several times since BF and I also haven't received my order. Supposedly, according to their information, at the time of my order all item were in stock with the exception of the QR2 which sold out during BF and they had not correctly accounted for it during the BF process, but they also said that all the equipment that was on stock would be set aside and blocked for my order (probably the same with yours), so I would only be waiting for the availability on the QR2 and my order would be ready to post. I've managed to receive answers from Fanatec through email but it is always "I'll pass your process to logistics. Be aware of your order status in the following days" and nothing happens until. This has happened 2 or 3 times by now. They always say that if I want I can cancel my order and get my money back, which just sounds like they don't want to comply with the their discounted BF offers and are doing all this to see if people cancel the orders.

    Last email I sent I've asked them to confirm that the problem was just the QR2 item but they haven't replied to that email, obviously.

  • Hi

    My order number is 1840827.

    Made the order on the 24th November.

    Still no information of when it should arrive.

    Please can you update me on this as soon as possible?

    Thank you Paul

  • despite my order 1847063 of v2.5 x which did not arrive, I placed an order 1922911 again for a v3 crankset, a qr2, a kit and a shock absorber, everything was available! when paying the shock absorber changes to March 7! well ok I accept at the end two days ago it goes to April 11th. ??? without warning me!!! fanatec you are assholes with no respect for your customers! I am disgusted !!!!

  • fanatec you have the attitude of a crook, I call on you to no longer order your products! go your way! go to other brands!!!

  • oh good! and how do we describe this type of behavior! It’s a scam! my

    What is this six week old rabbit?

  • Just to give people some hope: My Black Friday order placed on November 25th just arrived!

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    what was your order nr? and why cant i quote lol

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    After, almost, 4 months I just wanna say I made a dispute on paypal and now I'm getting my money back. I'm selling all my Fanatec gear and changing to other brand. I will never come back to this brand. I feel sorry for all those people who bought not using paypal and have to still waiting for an answer from Fanatec.

  • I used VISA and got my refund in 5 working days. Either way, I don't think I'll ever buy a Fanatec product ever again

  • D@vidD@vid Member

    Black friday order 1837xxx received today

  • Black Friday order 1844xxx arrived today with the formula V2.5X in Germany! :)

  • 1841xxx Italy... notthing :(

  • Order 1821xxx, dated November 23, 2023 to Austria

    Nothing shipped so far.

    Sad for a world market leader.

  • my order no. 1842 is already on its way, arriving on the 5th, finally the wait is over, thank you! Good luck to everyone who hasn't received it yet, it will be there soon!

  • I'm now trying to cancel my order from 23-11-2024 through Paypal and asked for a refund.

    Nothing was ever delivered and nothing but useless automatic responses without answers received after my inquiries.

    Bye for now Fanatec.

  • Still waiting. Got no mail. No track and trace. First delivery end march..nothing secent delivery first week of april ...nothing.. no further info aloud mij order. Can not contact them. Its a fucking scam .i wil never order a fanatec product again .lots of other brands. Im ready running out of patients nou. Fucking fanatec

  • Still awaiting since 18th of November!! Qr 1 became available on the 5th of april still nothing shipped and most likely gonna have to wait until mid june for handbrake to become available...

    Im truly disgusted with the service i received from Fanatec. Taking months to answer a simple email and always automated messages and nonsense, for instance i asked why my tracking number shows no movement for 10 days? They replied 2 weeks later: your tracking number is now visible in your orders page... im really really tired of being treated like this

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    "I'm now trying to cancel my order from 23-11-2024 through Paypal and asked for a refund.

    Nothing was ever delivered and nothing but useless automatic responses without answers received after my inquiries.

    Bye for now Fanatec."


    Today Paypal / Fanatec has refunded me.

    BTW I finally got a (friendly ) personal response from Fanatec yesterday, to my request for cancellation. I never got a personal response to requests for information about my order. They forwarded my request for a cancellation to the warehouse to ask if my order could still (..... already in state 'Handover to warehouse' for 4 months) be cancelled. No compensation offered though, all my Black Friday discounts are now gone.

    In the end my order amounted to an interest-free loan to Fanatec for 4 months.

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