ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update



  • Unfortunately nothing yet.

    order 1840... of 24/11/2023

  • I think i'm the last guy, who dont receive his black friday order. It's really pathetic that we still don't get a proper answer, whether by mail, facebook or here.

    Order 1828xxx - 24.11.2023 13:41

  • « Dear Ulysse,

    Thank you for letting us know your order has not progressed towards delivery.

    I can confirm your order has been released for shipment and has been handed to the warehouse.

    Once the order starts processing, be sure to keep an eye on your account to find updates. Moreover, you can also check your order in your Fanatec account as your tracking information will be uploaded there once it has left our warehouse. 

    Thanks again and please let us know if you need any further support.

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße »

    well i received this today order 193 … lets prey 😂

  • Unfortunately nothing, no news. They don't even reply to my emails.

    My order 18422XX ordered since 24/11/2023!!!!

  • Ok i have the tracking number 🤞🏻

    It should be delivered tomorrow order 193 …

  • I received an email from UPS saying that 2 parcels will be delivered on Friday, let's hope, let's hope🥰🥰🥰

  • order number 1831*** and I still have no news it’s desperate

  • Me too, no update

  • Finally I can see my order number show up on UPS and that the parcels are ready to be picked up by UPS, a glimpse of hope

  • that's it, I received my cs v2.5 and qr2 order 193…

    order placed 13/03/24

  • Still waiting for my Black Friday order 18422XX .

  • 1952xxx i am Waiting too for my order

    Time 08.04.2024

  • Mine still says handover to warehouse, bought on blackfriday and i live in the Netherlands.

  • Today I received an email from ups and then from Fanatec with tracking of my order 1840... Finally

  • Wow, miracles still happen. Got shipping info 10min ago. Order 1828xxx - 24.11.2023 13:41 germany

  • too many orders, factory was not able make that many but in end everyone gets them

  • I wanted to thank everyone and specify that I received my dd Extreme yesterday, I didn't have time to write before out of happiness, I tried it Everything works well, I also have the problem that it disconnects When you exceed 60 feedback On PC however everything is ok

  • I've received a message couple weeks ago that they can't fulfill V25X order due to not having QR1 adapters. PayPal transaction dispute is available till 23rd of May.

    Thanks God I made the payment through Paypal.

    Let's see if they would make the shipment happen before the 6 months exactly from the order)

  • Finally all my things have arrived, good luck to everyone who is still waiting, dont give up hope :)

  • Looks like I'm part of the last batch group, of those who didn't receive their 2023 Black Friday order.

    Order # 1848xxx from: 25 Nov 2023 13:41:00

    Order includes:

    • Podium Wheel Base DD1 QR2
    • ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X
    • ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT2 V2
    • CSL Elite Pedals V2
    • QR1 Wheel-Side
    • QR2 Wheel-Side

    Order stuck with status "Handover to warehouse" since ever...

    When Fanatec, when can I expect some news?

  • ka chun chengka chun cheng Member
    edited May 2

    I ordered v2.5x on BF (25/11), I'm still waiting and nothing happening right now. No respond from Fanatec too.

    My order number: 1846XXX

  • After 6 months of waiting i have received mine. 2 hours later it was bricked by fanatec update. Support doesnt reply since then (2 weeks). What a waste of time

  • Update: I received a serial number of 2.5x wheel on Fanatec website without getting the product. WTF is this?

  • Started a dispute on Paypal on last day of buyers protection.. Very frustrated about the situation

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