Fanatec Beta Driver V347 for CSL, CSW (all wheels)



  • Thanks Maurice!

    I have 346 installed so will stay on that one. My Podium should arrive early next week,

  • Hi, I have just both the CSL elite PS4 wheel and i wonder which version is the best one if i am playing on ps4. Should I install 328 or it is better to install 347 although i see it has some issues?

  • 347 for all belt driven. DD's should go with 346

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    Hi guys. I am the owner of a CSL Elite PS4 and I only play on PS4 pro and not on PC. I wanted to ask if this beta 347 can be used even if you play on PS4 pro and with the CLS elite PS4? Last thing ... Is Fanalab software only for podiums? Thank you and sorry for my English. Thank you for your reply.

  • Yes, you can install V347 on a PC and update the firmware of your base and motor with it.

    Should run fine but I stopped at 346 and bought a Podium.

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    So you say that even with csl elite PS4 you can play on PS4 pro. What differences do you see, for example, compared to version 328? Which FW do you recommend the 20 or the 22? Thanks

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    Sure the Elite PS4 can play on the Pro, my PS4 is a Pro. They don't have an Elite PS4 and Elite PS4 Pro. And it probably will work on the PS5 as well.

    I immediaatley upgraded mine to v344 or something like that when I got it, for differences in new versions there's an explanation for each version where you can download it.

    I used motor firmware v22 and had no problems at all. Some did and had to downgrade to v20 or 21. What the problems were you can find in the threads of drivers 345, 346 and 347.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    347 is fine for CSL Elite PS4 on PS4.

    FanaLab works with the CSL too, BUT FanaLab is only compatible with PC.

  • Instead of FW version do you recommend downloading from those available? Last question do you think the feeling of the FF is higher than the version 328? Anyway thanks really you were really very kind.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    I don't think much of the feeling did change, should be pretty much the same. Mainly bug fixes and added compatibility with newer products.

  • what are the difference in the motor firmwares from 18 to 22? for CSL Elite wheel I mean

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    v22 fixed the high pitched noise the bases made with v18 sometimes. Introduced with this was that some people get a notchy FFB, this is not fixed yet.

  • Hi,

    Have just bought my new CSL Elite V1.1 and P1 Elite wheel. Installed following the guidelines and ran into some problems. The software immediately prompted me to update to the latest firmware despite downloading the V336 beta from the site today. When I ran the updater, it found the base but then said 'No response from the device. Operation failed'. Blue light flashing and then couldn't get into the software. Have tried several times with no luck. Rebooted PC. Software back up and running, but didn't update to the V656 firmware. Tried a couple of games and it was behaving very weirdly. Was okay for a few corners and then it was like the wheel lost connection. No input, and then it would come back again but it was too late.

    Can anyone help? It's been a very frustrating evening :(

    Thanks in advance

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Sorry for your bad first experience but this sounds like something you should get in contact with support for

    What you could try before is a more recent driver from the beta forum:

  • Colin HinesColin Hines Member
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    Thanks for the quick reply Marcel. I have tried the latest driver this morning and I am having the same problem. I have logged it with support. Very very disappointed that my new wheel isn't working correctly.

    Oh, and I have a stupid question. Do I need to power up and connect my wheel base to my PC before installing drivers, or after? I have been doing it before.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    It's fine like you did it, sometimes it helps when it's connected but in general both should work.

  • Thanks Marcel. I got it to work in the end. I took some advice from a fellow sim racer who advised to try a USB 2.0 port rather than the 3.0 I was using. And it worked. I didn't do anything different, just a different USB port. Thanks for your help. Maybe they should put that info in the quick quide 😉

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Ok, on most USB 3.0 ports it should work, something that I've experienced that there can be issues with front USB or hubs.

  • Yap that's something that can happen, I thinks it has to do with the size of the cables that messes with the power that is delivered... I have some USB external HDD's that don't like to be connected to front doors cause they can't give enough power...

  • My CSL Elite Base is not recognized after updating to this driver version, had to uninstall and install V346 again so it shows up.

    Wheel Base Model (product ID): CSL PS4

    Steering Wheel Model (product ID): Formula V2

    Driver Version: V346

    Base FW Version: 662

    Wheel FW Version: 28

  • I tested my Podium with different USB ports.

    Worked on 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 Gen1 but not 3.1 Gen2.

    I must say I use some kind of active 5 metres USB extension cable, no hub.


    I don't know if this is wanted effect but just wanted to share. same has him.

    Podium Wheel Base FW Version: 664 Motor FW Version: 34 Some strange constant „trickling“ FFB in the wheel, even when not driving or even in a sim, seems to come from the motor rather than from the vibration devices in the wheel. VERY distracting when driving as you as a driver don’t interpret the actual FFB right anymore. Really liked all betas so far, but this one I‘ll uninstall.

  • Thats an issue of the firmware 664/34 and the reason why that driver package is not officially released for the DD Bases. In the thread of the driver you were warned to skip this driver because of bad FFB noise.

    So please go back to driver 346 and Flash firmware back to 662/30 and you should be happy again.

  • Hello, hope you could help me... newbie question... I have the CSW V2.5

    I want to try Fanalab, but... I have the v328 and I don't have a clue the firmware I have.... for what I have read I need this

    How should I install this?


  • You need to have at least driver 339 installed to use FanaLab.

    Latest driver for CSW v2.5 is 347 which you can find in the beta driver threads here in the Forum.

  • I am using a CSW v2.5 with a Formula ClubSport v1 rim. on driver 346, base 662 and wheel 22. I am practicing at Daytona road and am experiencing this weird thing where the wheel feedback freezes up and then i cant change gears or do anything. It can last a few seconds. It seems to always happen in the same spot in the essess in turn 1. Could this be a driver problem or a Fanalab problem?

  • Known Issues:

    • After updating Podium DD to 664 the fan will run at 100% until you update Motor Driver to v34!

    Well isn't that peachy.

    Install drivers for the DD2. Drivers installed.

    Update FW? Sure, update FW. All open update windows disappear and the DD1 goes dark. Eeek!!!

    Try starting the driver. Nope, no Fanatec gear displayed. Restart? Let's try that. Still nothing. (Fortunately it's dark, so I see a spot on the wall blinking.) Google it, turns out the base is still in receiving mode. Dive into the subfolders, find the one with "FW" and run the FwBaseUpdateWindow.exe. Sigh of relief, I can update the FW. Done.

    Fan 100%! Calibrate me!!!! Done, fan still at 100%. Why is it not showing on the controller settings? Oh, the bloody XBox mode from stupid microsoft wants to be first. OK, do the mode switch dance. Hop on one leg, tap head and draw circles with your other hand on your belly.

    Find the Update tab. WBM motor says version 30. Click update WBM FW. "Your currently installed FW is the latest version." Well smeg, frell and gorram!!! Where do I get the latest DD motor FW? Did it come with the driver? What's my next step(s)?

    Wheel Base Model (product ID): DD2

    Steering Wheel Model (product ID): Mclaren GT3

    Driver Version: 346

    Base FW Version: 664

    Wheel Base Motor FW Version: 30

    Steering Wheel FW version : 30

    " Help me Obi-Wan..." etc. etc.

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    Listen you Must Paddawan.... Breath, Dance and Enjoy your wheel... All Drivers don't come with New Motor FW... If it says your on the Newest 1 then don't worry about it

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