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  • Need some help, DD2 steering angle couldn't match up (lock-up) with driver setting

    For example, I set the steering angle to 540° the wheel should lock up to it, couldn't turn anymore.

    About two months ago there's a 5°-10° gap appeared, which I mean even if it reached the limit that I set, it still could turn a little bit more.

    Just like the pictures above shows that I hit the limit of angle, but still could turn a bit more. When I turn more than that angle I could feel a little bump, which makes me feel very vague whether I reach the maximum angle or not, especially driving an RWD car I can't figure out when to counter-steer, though it doesn't affect any other FFB.

    Another weird thing is when I drag the wheel beyond the max angle, the driver shows an extra setting named [MPS], and the HUB I'm using becomes Podium HUB. (I'm using universal hub)

    This never happened til 2 months ago. I'm wondering what is wrong with my DD2, oh and I tried CSL F1 wheel added on base, the type of HUB doesn't change anymore but the angle issue still exists.

    I upgraded base and motor firmware and the driver version to 381, re-calibrated, even rolled the driver back to 356 nothing happened.

  • Hey Guys,

    sorry for the noob question, but when using the right knob with my Formula v2 Wheel in iracing to scrool the blackbox up and down, the oled display on my DD Base changes pages on every up and down movement. Am I doing something wrong?

  • I have the dd1 use iRacing. The hits on bumps and holes are very violent, the various filters do not help for this. Only a lowering of the general forces helps, but the nature of the dd is lost and it seems to return to the belt. It would take a filter that could only circumscribe bumps and holes.

    Moreover: (FOR) Force Effect Strength - I think it would be very useful if this parameter could be adjusted one by one, instead of ten by ten.

  • It's the same for me did you find any solution? Raceroom works perfectly fine for me, but iRacing is no fun to play.

  • Hi,

    I was playing GT Sport on PS4 with my Podium Racing Wheel F1® - officially licensed for PS4™, and I noticed that the OLED display wasn't showing the speed of the car as usual. Yesterday I was playing and it was working well.

    I've checked if there's any update for the base or wheel, but I have the current version on everything. Can anyone help on this?


  • hello everyone i have the following problem fanatec podium dd1 if the temperature of the base is 27 ° degrees and i turn to the right it starts to crack someone could help me. go to xbox series s thank you in advance

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    How many of you are using LIN off or On?

    What are the benefits in leaving it off or on?

  • I just copy my text from a thread over where this was already discussed:

    "With LIN on the bases get limited to the rated holding torque, rather than the actual max torque they could output.

    So the DD1 has a peak and holding torque of 15Nm, instead of a peak of 20Nm and the DD2 has a peak and holding torque of 20Nm, instead of 25Nm of peak. The whole FFB strength is adjusted to the new max torque available with LIN on.

    So with LIN on 50% of FFB on a DD1 is 15/2 = 7,5Nm of max torque while LIN off it's 20/2 = 10Nm of max torque. So overall FFB is weaker and to reach the same forces you need to set the FFB higher.

    The recommended settings simply aren't updated yet to this change."

    TL;DR: with LIN on the difference between peak force and holding force is way closer than with LIN off.

  • Does anyone know if you drive on ps4 or xbox and pc, you must have different ffb then even though you drive with the same base as the one that runs on xbox or pc and I drive on ps4

    is ffb = 29 too little to drive with

  • it rather depends on the game than the plattform you are playing on. FFB 29 is really low considering how much you limit the base's potential...

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    I have a question? every time I turn on my DD2 and V2, the base starts and calibrates but it always stops at 5st, is that normal? Does anyone have that too?

  • that's normal. as long as your center shows 0 in the driver everything is fine.

  • i don't understand what driver. 0 shows me how I move it these 5 degrees

  • the driver you have hopefully downloaed. It should show 0 when you physically center your wheel.

    Its normal that the base never stops at 0 when you turn it on.

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    Hello everyone,

    first of all, I'm sorry for my english. I'm from Germany and my English is not the best.

    I have a big Problem with my Fanatec Podium/Base DDR1. Everytime when i fully turn in the steering wheel (for example Loews Corner in Monaco), it jumps back a little and jerks.

    I have the actually driver/firmware installed

    Can anybody help me ? Does anybody had the same problem in the past and some experience about that?

    Hope anybody can help me.

    Greets from Germany

  • Thats the normal endstop of the DOR you have set in the Tuning Menu Sensitivity option.

  • But i tried to change this settings. i had it on Auto, than i changed to 360 (same as game settings), but nothing changed. The only way what helps is to put more SEN on in like 500. But than its not effective isn't it? Or is it enough to have the settings in Game on 360?

  • Well it is the endstop which is designed to bounce back to give you Signal that here is the endstop.

    Nothing you can do to prevent this as it's a feature.

  • now i found the Mistake. A few weeks ago, every settings in Game were lost and i had to make new settings. In F12020 you can choose different settings of Steering sensivity. Now i made this to 0 and the Problem is gone. Thanks for your help

  • Hola bien, tengo un problema. En realidad no sé por qué es, pero explico mi situación. El viernes pasado sin venir a la mente, mi base del volante v2.5 pasó del modo pc al modo Xbox, también tengo un volante P1. Me las arreglé para encontrar los accesos directos de botón para ir de xbox al modo PC, pero constantemente en mis juegos pasa de bueno a primero y cambia sin previo aviso, dejando el volante sin fuerza, pero cuando vuelvo al modo PC recupero fuerza pero mi configuración en el volante se pierden. Traté de poner la última versión del controlador, la más antigua que encontré es 311, varias más modernas que esta última y siempre va del modo PC al modo Xbox, la verdad es que la base del volante está bien con la FFB, pero no puedo solucionar este problema, no sé si es un problema con la base del volante o mi volante.

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    My DD1 SN OR51800104 entered in my products list can not be used to generate a technical request. The web site is dysfunctional.

    So I bring my request here.

    Problem solved by yours truly.

  • I couldn't find anything from searching here.

    Are there any products that use the DATA port on the DD1/DD2 wheelbase?

  • I’ve seen other posts on this forum ref DD2 making a hard unexplained left for no apparent reason. I’ve had my DD2 for a couple days and on tow occasions in iRacing my base has done this. I was driving 79 Lotus for a practice session round Bathurst and after exiting the pits onto the straight, the base immediately went hard left full torque and I had use the E-stop for it to quit.

    I was running the recommended wheel settings provided by Fanalab with the exception of the FFB set to 35. This appears to be a problem. Hopefully it’s software related and not faulty hardware.

  • hi!

    i hava a little problem with base. it work good in all games but after some time wheel suddenly changes direction and the center shifts by 1 turn while racing... any solution??


  • I would really like to know when are these random jolts gonna be fixed? its been quite some time and still no solution ? Yes i do stay on main screen all the time thats somethign that for me never helped..im on the last beta driver and last fanalab... Ive bought ny DD1 upon realease and have patiently been waiting for a solution...

  • I have the same problem and Fanatec requested RMA, sorry to tell you this but you should reach out to the support to start the RMA process.

    Kind Regards,

  • Quick question for whoever might have the answer:

    I've got a new DD1 arriving soon and will be using it with and Xbox Series S. Does it come with the latest firmware out of the box or will I need to update it before I get started on my console?

    Thank you for your help!

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