Fanatec Driver 442 (Beta) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Enable manual mode and calibrate the pedals properly with a small deadzone.

  • Good job,i did all updates for my DD1 and wheels today without any problems!Some testing in iracing and it feels great!Thx

  • The screenshot shown above NEVER showed up. I remove the firmware from the remove option during install.

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    There is no remove option during install for a firmware.

    In fact, you can not "remove" a firmware. You can only flash a firmware over an existing one.

  • You need to click Manual on the top right and then select the file you want to use

  • Than You Maurice - tweaking that button under the QR did the trick. The FFb with the new Firmware initially seems to be a lot more detailed so thanks for that also,

  • Impressive good work with this last update, here with my DD1. Just keep my originals settings for try, and now, wow! it's all I always researched. So much details, deliciousely smoothy. Thanks a lot !!!

  • I'm sorry to hear so many people have firmware update problems. I know this won't help those who already have their wheels bricked but maybe it will help those who get stuck at FW upgrade after reading this post.

    When I got stuck with my CSL DD a couple of months ago I left the wheel connected and the firmware manager window stuck and found this thread that saved me

    Bottom line, do not panic, do not unpower the wheel (button, cable, psu, socket whatever, do not) but unplug USB cable and retry the update process. It looks that in these cases the wheel goes into FW update mode but software gets stuck.

    Since then I unplug all unecessary USB devices before update attempt.

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    So, for CSL DD users its a recomended update? Or maybe wait for the official package?

    Seems all big changes are for dd1/dd2...


  • My CSL DD feels better now, so give it a try. This is an official driver.

  • it would be interesting if those of us with csldd could test the changes applied to dd1/dd2, perhaps a beta .... :-)

  • I wish Fanatec would explain how they determine what is and what is not a beta release. Sometimes releases are posted on the forum as beta for feedback before being made official. Other times they are posted as official but still asking for feedback - exactly the same as if they were beta.

    Why do Fanatec sometimes just omit the important testing stage and claim full release. Makes no sense. You can't just skip a testing and development stage and arbitrarily claim completion.

  • It's pretty simple: if a version has Beta status, then it's also named Beta directly in the headline. When there is no Beta in the headline Name, then it's an official non-beta release.

    Drivers are ALWAYS posted here in the beta forum because the forum Software is..... Not good... And discussions are Locked in the official driver forum section, hence every driver is going to be uploaded here for discussion. Where else should users discuss about a new release otherwise? Or should Fanatec just upload a new official driver without any place for discussion?!

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    You miss my point. I asked why do some drivers get released as beta for testing by the community prior to being made official and why do some get released straight to official without the community testing stage?

    Given this release was apparently a ground-up rewrite that has not benefitted from years of community feedback, common sense would suggest that this update would be worthy of community testing prior to being classed as official. But no - it is released straight to official.

    Your response rather suggests that it is as arbitrary as I feared - sometimes releases are named beta, sometimes not - but this has no relation to the testing regime that has been undertaken.

    EDIT: And to address your last sarcastic/aggressive comment re discussion - I would have thought that the obvious answer is that Fanatec should fix the forum so that they could post content in the correct sub-sections. I don't know why you needed to make such a comment - I did not suggest that users shouldn't be able to comment on releases. Prick!

  • I Have GT DD PRO 5NM ( Driver 439 )

    I play Gran Turismo 7 on a PS5, and at the moment I noticed that the steering wheel lost a lot of power while driving!

    Only use Force Feedback in the corners, on the straights the car loses control, the steering wheel seems to be off or FFB to Zero on settings.

    Does this beta 442 driver solve this problem?

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    Sounds more like The reduced FFB of GT7 Patch 1.15...

    Or like a hardware issue but definitely not something a new driver and firmware could fix.

  • Hello Jürgen,

    If you are still on this new v442, can you let us know if it happens again? Like you, it's extremely rare for me. I've only had it 3 times in 3 years...


  • FFB jolts/knocking/clunk happen everytime when powering off, which do not happen so often in 440.

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  • I am using the new drivers with Podium DD.

    It feels a bit more direct, like I have to turn in a bit later, because the wheel reacts faster when turning in and also has a slightly better FFB in slow corners.

    Everything with PS5 and F1 2021.

    I haven't updated V3 yet. Got the old driver on the V3 and calibrated it so everything works fine for me.

    Do I have any advantage at all with the new V3 driver if I don't use the automatic calibration?

  • Yes, the Brake input flickering is fixed with the new firmware which is quite a massive improvement over the old 1.32 Firmware.

  • I never noticed. Didn't I or just not notice it?

    Converted my brake pedal to just pressure without a single millimeter of pedal travel......

  • Hello Maurice, i updated my DD1 and everything worked ok, thanks for the support.

    One question, are you going to update the recommended settings for iracing? last ones are from Aug 21, a lot of things have been improved on the driver since then. Maybe a good oportunity to update the recommended settings.


  • I am not the one who makes the recommended settings.

    But it's unlikely they get changed. The FFB is not changed THAT much that the recommended settings suddenly are not valid anymore. They can still be used as a baseline for newcomers.

  • Tested 442 with CSL DD with ACC. After 4 hours playing no jolts/weird behavior happen....

    FFB is more crisp and more direct. Im HAPPY.......

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    CSL DD + Formula V2.5

    I have also been playing ACC. This race weekend was on Donington which tended to trigger the Jolt in the first hairpin. Since installing 442 I have not had the FFB Jolt occur.

    However, there is still something slightly off, but I do appreciate that the vast majority of users will not notice. I will try to explain....

    I use RHMACC (Real Head Motion for ACC) which moves the camera according to parameters that the user sets (moves like the helmet view in ACC does, but RHMACC allows the user to adjust the parameters and apply it to other camera views). One parameter that I personally like is some degree of steering look-roll (ie turning my wheel causes a slight rotation of the display viewpoint).

    When the old FFB Jolt problem would occur RHM ACC would also react to the single-frame steering input and I'd get a strong visual disturbance combined with the FFB jolt. Since going to 442 I have started to get little disturbances to RHMACC that were not there before. It seems like 2 single-frame control inputs happen, one left one right, but they are not as severe as the old jolt. Nothing is felt through FFB. In other words, if you weren't using RHMACC then you'd probably not even notice it occur - it would simply show up as a flicker on your steering input trace, too short to have any impact on the car. I have saved replays of several occurrences of this. It was not present on 439, no other changes have been made.

    I am glad that the Jolt seems to be gone as that was REALLY bothering me. I do recognise that what I'm saying above will not be noticeable to the vast majority, but it would be nice to have it fixed too.

  • The V3 update doesnt work. It stay on version 1.31


  • I just had this too for the first time ever playing ACC on a DD1. Didn’t upset the car but was a bit distracting in VR

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