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  • CSL Elite Racing Wheel now available in the USA
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  • Fanatec Podium Series - UPDATE

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      Introducing the new Fanatec Podium Series.

      The Podium products will be our hardcore range of products and positioned above the ClubSport Series. Of course the compatibility throughout the whole product palette will remain.

      We try to set new standards in terms of functionality, performance and durability combined with the typical Fanatec attributes plug&play comfort, compatibility and a great price performance.

      We will show the first Podium product at the Simracing Expo: Our new  direct drive wheel base


      Some interviews:
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  • Fanatec Eco-System
    • I am quite proud of what my team has achieved together with our strong community in the past 20 years. 

      Fanatec invented the idea of an eco-system and nobody offers a bigger variety of high-end sim racing products than us.

      We already have three product lines and will add another one very soon. Almost every component is compatible with each other and we managed to make the first and only true multi platorm licensed racing wheel.

      Products like our ClubSport Pedals or the Formula rim became sim racing Icons and our community is growing every single day.

      Please keep telling us what you want and we will make it happen.

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  • Introducing the CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1

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      We are continuing to expand our range of CSL and CSL Elite steering wheels to make high-end performance better available for a broader group of sim racers.

      Of Course it looks familiar to you as it is based on our popular P1 steering Wheel. But the Elite Version of the P1 Comes with the following improvements:

      • The realistic sized steering wheel (Ø30cm/11,81") has a lightweight design of only approx. 970g which makes it the lightest steering wheel Fanatec currently offers.
      • The design incorporates aluminum spokes, a fiber enforced back cover, as well as genuine Alcantara® with an eye-catching red cross-stitched seam. 
      • The newly designed durable shifter paddles utilize Snapdome™ technology and have an intensive and positive click feeling.
      • The Xbox One® button caps can be exchanged easily to racing style button caps (included), with symbols that match the most popular functions needed during a race.

      It is an Xbox One licensed product and just like our other licensed steering wheels it will work fine with the upcoming Xbox One X later this year.

      Please check out our new "Xbox One Competition Pack" which combines the power of our V2.5 base and the fully metal CSL Elite pedals with this steering wheel for just 699,95 €

      It is available for pre-order and will be delivered in early September.
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  • New Tuning parameter "Force Effects Intensity" (FEI) - Beta Firmware & Survey
    • We have developed a new firmware and driver (v291) for the CSL Wheel Bases and we kindly ask you to test it and give us your feedback. 
      On one hand the CSL Elite Wheel Bases (CSL E WB, CSL E RW PS4) can reproduce high-dynamic force feedback effects as intense as sent by games/simulations. On the other hand some of you and some reviewers reported that these harsh effects can cause some mechanical noise within the new and extremely direct (single) belt drive system. Even if this behaviour does not harm the hardware in any way, in some situations the mechanical sounds of the wheel base might be perceived as being too loud, depending on your game and tuning menu settings.

      To provide optimizations according to your personal preference we are introducing a new tuning menu parameter called 'FEI' ('Force Effect Intensity'), adjustable within the range of 000 - 010. The current default setting is 000 which is equal to the parameters in previous public released firmwares for both bases. Increasing the value for FEI means that the motor will decrease the attack impact, when FFB effects are leading to immediate direction changes. Higher FEI values softens up the intensity of harsh effects to reduce mechanical sounds and can even make them feel more natural. 
      We’re giving you full ability to tweak your wheel within the FEI scale to find your preferred sweet spot, or still enjoy the product even without using this new parameter. 

      Please tell us which FEI setting you would recommend to be our new default setting providing a perfect balance between effect intensity, feeling and noise. This should suit to the average customer out of box, not only the hardcore sim-racer. Please test it in as many simulations/games and platforms as possible.

      If there is anything you want to let us know then please post it in a comment.

      Driver changes:
      Included new CSL rim option "Disable CSL Steering Wheel RevStripe" in Property Page - Settings tab.
      Included new CSL E WB PS4 option "Allow CSW V2 Compatibility mode on PC" in Property Page - Settings tab.
      Various small improvements and bug-fixes

      Firmware changes:
      New firmwares for CSL E WB and CSL E WB PS4 (CSL Elite PS4 Racing Wheel)
      “FEI” function has been added to tuning menu
      CSL P1 rev-stripe can be de-activated by the driver

      There is no new firmware for other wheels, wheel bases, pedals or accessories included in this package but the driver still can be used for other devices as well.
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  • Fanatec is hiring! Recommend someone and get a free DD Wheel Base.
    • We are happy and proud that Fanatec is growing and growing and already became one of the pacemakers in sim racing.

      Main reason for our great success story is a strong team of professionals which know exactly what to do in order to bring us to the next level.

      We are now looking for three more team members and would love to recruit those among our strong community. Please check out the detailed job descriptions and contact us as described below.

      If you know somebody which would be a good fit, please post his name below and ask her/him to contact us as descibed below. Only the frst member who mentions the name will get the reward so hurry up and check with your friends.

      If we hire the person you recommended, you will get a free Direct Drive Wheel Base once it is available!

      Position 1: Quality Manager

      Endor is looking for an experienced Quality Manager for its worldwide operations. Multi-country Supply Chain Management is also an appreciated experience.

      This individual will be responsible for extensive personal , written and programatic interaction with Endor's  suppliers, on-site in Germany, China, the USA and some other countries.

      Primary activities include enforcement of Quality Control Systems, defined in written form, with owners, managers, QC managers and workers in Endor's primary suppliers, both in person and by electronic communications.

      Also included in the duties of the job:
      • Management of Endor's own QC team in China
      • Root-cause analysis of common quality errors
      • Manufacturing line inspections
      • Materials inspection
      • Leading continous improvement efforts in suppliers and in HQ offices
      • Problem solving
      • Observing and reporting activities in suppliers facilities back to HQ offices
      • Supplier relations
      • Writing, and teaching the writing, of Quality Standards and Methods
      • Design and implementation of QC procedures and HQ offices
      Formal qualifications include:

      • 4-5 years experience managing internal company quality control and document control
      • 2-3 years experience interacting deeply with domestic or foreign manufactures, specifically in areas of quality control documentation
      • Team leadership in manufacturing and/or manufacturing QC experience
      • People skills
      • Superb ability to read and write German and English
      • Knowledge of Mandarin is a definite plus
      • Experience manufacturing in China is a plus
      • Experience with standard certification processes (ISO, BRC, etc.) is helpful, although we will not implement such a system
      Travel is a significant part of the job. Total travel per year not less than 4-5 months. 
      Salary commensurate with experience. In case you are interested, contact us the way described at the very bottom of this blog post!

      Position 2: PR Manager
      In July 2016 we already looked for a PR Manager and also found somebody but we still need to expand in this area. If you already applied for this job in 2016 and you are still interested, please feel free to apply for this position again.

      • Manage press and  community reviews and tests
      • Provide ideas from the community/press to the product development team
      • Helping to create, develop, and manage all proactive and reactive press opportunities (print and online)
      • Press release and newsletter writing and dissemination
      • International media outreach
      • Provide content (reviews) to the web and social media team
      • Decent knowledge of sim racing equipment and racing simulations
      • Fluent spoken and written English with excellent grammar is mandatory. German or other languages are a plus
      • Strategic thinker, with excellent public relations skills, solid and cooperative media relationships, and knowledge of the evolving digital and social media fields 
      • Should have strong writing and organizational skills, excellent people skills, plus the ability to always keep calm and proffessional.  
      • Bachelor's degree is not required but a plus.
      • Two or more years’ experience in an agency or corporate environment

      Position 3: Customer care / Technical support
      Since German-speaking is a mandatory skill for this position the call for proposals is expressed in German:
      Als stetig wachsendes Unternehmen suchen wir einen neuen motivierten, engagierten Mitarbeiter als Unterstützung im Bereich technischer Support, aber auch Qualitätssicherung und Entwicklung. Die Hauptkompetenz von Endor/Fanatec sind bekanntermaßen Projekte im Produktumfeld Spiele-Controller für PC und Konsolen (PS4, Xbox One) mit dem Hauptaugenmerk auf Sim-Racing-Hardware.

      Wir bieten Ihnen ein interessantes Arbeitsumfeld mit vielseitigen Aufgabenbereichen als Teil eines hochmotivierten Teams an unserem Standort im Zentrum von Landshut.

      Ihr Aufgabengebiet:

      • Unterstützung und Entlastung des technischen Supports
      • Sofortige Mitarbeit an konkreten Projekten in der Produktentwicklung
      • Schnittstelle zwischen technischen und administrativen Abteilungen
      • Übernahme diverser Aufgaben in unserer Werkstatt

      Ihr Profil:

      • Flüssiges Deutsch und Englisch in Schrift und Sprache ist Voraussetzung. Weitere Sprachkenntnisse in Französisch/Italienisch/Spanisch sind von Vorteil aber nicht notwendig
      • Praktische Erfahrung in Sachen Hardware, Elektronik/Mechanik wünschenswert
      • Belastbar, flexibel, teamfähig
      • Gute EDV Kenntnisse: Erfahrungen mit PC-Hardware sowie Microsoft-Betriebssystemen und Spielekonsolen 
      • Handwerkliches Geschick sowie Basiskenntnisse Umgang mit Schraubenzieher, Kabeln und Steckern
      • Erfahrungen mit PC- bzw. Konsolenspielen (vA. Rennspiele) sind hilfreich. Diesbezügliches Interesse wird vorausgesetzt.
      Der primäre Arbeitsort wäre unsere Firmenzentrale im Zentrum von Landshut. Alternativ könnten konkrete Vorschläge bzgl. Fernarbeit, nach einer ausreichend intensiven Einarbeitungsphase, in Betracht gezogen werden.

      Wenn Sie an dieser abwechslungsreichen Aufgabe interessiert sind, freuen wir uns über Ihre aussagekräftige, schriftliche Bewerbung.  Bitte senden sie uns ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen mit Angabe Ihrer Gehaltsvorstellung und Ihres frühestmöglichen Einstiegstermins wie im folgenden Absatz (Englisch) beschrieben:

      To apply for those positions within our company please send your CV and other documents to [email protected]
      Since there will be automatic filtering, please use the following subjects in your Email: “Quality Manager”, "PR Manager" or “Technical Support”.
      Please notice that we will not be able to process incoming Emails which do have other subjects or which do not have the necessary document(s) attached.
      Please do not forget to mention the first person who recommended you so that we can give him/her a new Fanatec DD.

      Thank you very much for your time. I hope to welcome you very soon to our great team.

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  • Fanatec Direct Drive
    • It is an open secret that we are working on a Direct Drive wheel. I have posted in several forums and there are some bits of information here and there. It's time to open a single thread for this subject.

      This post will be updated from time to time and the main purpose for us is to collect information of what you really want. Of course we already have nailed down several specs but there are still things we can change or add. So please tell us what your dream system looks like.

      We are developing more than one base. The main difference will be the maximum torque. The torque range is starting at a competitive level far above the CS WB V2.5  and ranges up to a level most of you will not be able to use for a long time. 
      It will not replace the CS WB V2.5 and we will keep this model as the best non-DD solution on the market.
      The DD wheel bases are the first products of a complete series of hardcore products which are positioned above the ClubSport series. This series will include wheel bases, steering wheels, pedals, shifters and handbrakes in the (very) long run.

      The DD will be a typical plug&play product like other Fanatec wheel bases. All in one housing and no cable mess. 

      Like any other Fanatec product, the DD will be fully certified and lab tested. This will avoid EMI issues and other interference with your other devices. The DD uses a lot of power and huge magnets are involved so this is a very important point which is often not considered until you get a lot of mysterious issues and damages to your whole system.

      PC for sure as this is the main market and there is no reason that it should not work on Xbox One. The first generation will not be compatible to PS4.
      We have a great relationship with all racing game developers and you can be sure that there will be broad support for this wheel base. Our target is to set a new standard in simracing.

      We looked at the current motors on the market and there was nothing which really fulfilled our requirements. Those industrial motors were not designed for simracing. Steppers and hybrid steppers deliver a way too notchy feeling for a hardcore product, no matter how good you tweak the software. Also other servo motors are always a compromise. Therefore we developed complete custom servo motors where we decided about what speed, torque, size, power consumption, pricing etc. we need.

      Steering Wheels
      All the current ClubSport steering wheels will be compatible. We developed a new QR system on the base to handle the extra power but it will stay a quick release. 
      There will be no cable from the wheel to the base or to USB. The wheel will be able to rotate unlimited without the risk to snap off a cable or to disturb you while driving.
      The CSL and CSL Elite steering wheels will be compatible as well but torque will be reduced if such a wheel is detected.

      Please let us know what kind of software your are expecting to get with the DD. What parameters do you want to adjust and how and where do you want to adjust these parameters. We are pretty flexible on this point.

      Target Dates
      Dates are always a very sensitive subject. In principle you need to understand that the DD technology is not only new to us, our DD wheels are completely designed from scratch and a breakthrough for the whole industry. This involves some completely new technology which had to be invented and everything is customized. A lot of unknown factors are not good to give any solid time projections. 
      We simply cannot give you any guaranteed dates at this point. But at least you get some indication of our target dates.

      Community event: 
      There will be a community event where we invite interested simracers to test and compare our new DD wheels directly to all other solutions on the market. Time and date is not defined yet but it will obviously be before the launch date. More news and how to apply for this test will be posted here.

      Beta Test: 
      The external beta test will start after all internal tests are done. We will also make a separate announcement where you can apply to become a tester. We are interested in the opinion of current DD users and ultra hardcore users as well as people with analytic and structured thinking which are able to find remaining bugs and make suggestions for improvements. 
      Please make sure you already filled out this form

      First public appearance:
      We plan to show this product at the Simracing Expo this year.

      Launch date: 
      Q4 2017

      There will be a significant difference to the current wheel bases we have so there will be different performance levels at different price points. As the current CS WB V2.5 is still priced significantly lower than any other DD wheel on the market (please compare it with a full system incl. steering wheel with buttons) there is still room for us to make a very competitive offer.
      Our new DD bases can compete in pricing as well as superior functionality and performance. 

      Oh and did I mention the beauty of them? :)

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  • Introducing our first officially licensed racing wheel for PlayStation®4 (PS4™) - UPDATE 1
    • image

      The CSL Elite Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4 is available in our webshop from today and it is the first Fanatec® racing wheel which is officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) for PlayStation®4.

      In the press release we will talk about the specs and features but most of you already know our products well so let me tell you some inside information.

      The Wheel Base
      The base looks obviously very similar to our CSL Elite Wheel base, but there are some significant differences.
      • As this is an officially licensed product we added some electronics provided by Sony and this ensures that the racing wheel is properly recognized by the console
      • The motor driver electronics are completely different to the CSL Elite Wheel Base and the same as on the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5.
      • The motor itseld and the power supply is also identical to the CS WB V2.5 but because of the diffferent gear ratio, this wheel base has less torque but more speed.
      The Steering Wheel
      The steering wheel of the CSL Elite Racing Wheel also looks familiar but we improved it significantly on several points over the existing CSL P1 Steering Wheel.
      • It now comes with perforated genuine leather and suede fabric with blue stitching.
      • The weight is now reduced to 970g which makes it the lightest steering wheel in our range. This increases acceleration and consumes less torque.
      • The shifter paddles have been re-designed and now include Snaptron® snapdomes. They deliver a sensational positive and strong click feeling.
      • The buttons are now interchangeable so you can use easy symbols to remember the mapping of your most important racing game functions.
      Please note that the steering wheel will not be sold separately for now.

      By working really closely with SIEE on the development of the CSL Elite Racing Wheel we have been able to integrate features that we know racing fans on the PS4 will be able to appreciate, including: 
      • Fully supported within the PS4 console menu.
      • Enables advanced functionality with select upcoming compatible games, including GT Sport.
      • The CSL E RW is backwards compatible to all games which were compatible to the CS WB V2 with the help of a compatibility mode. It will work fine in the game but not in the system menu of the console.
      •  Assetto Corsa and Dirt 4 are the first fully compatible titels and many more will follow. This includes F1 2017, Project Cars II and of course GT Sport.
      At the moment the CSL Elite Racing Wheel is only available in Europe and Australia but we are exploring the possibility of expanding the availability into further markets. 

      The orders will be shipped right away. 

      We will also have a special introduction bundle which will be attractive especially to new customers. For just 519,95 € you get a complete set with CSL Elite Pedals.

      More info and a video to be posted soon.

      How do you like it?

      UPDATE 1

      We just signed the agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC about selling this wheel in the US. Now we need to make new packaging and produce products and get all of that apporved so we are still some time away from shipping it to customers in the US but we will get there.

      We have also developed a new firmware which gets rid of the clunky noise in some games. It will be adjustable through a Tuning parameter and is currently under beta testing.

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  • You found the Easteregg! - UPDATE
    • But what is it?


      Here  we go ;)

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  • ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 reviews
    • The first reviews of our new ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 are coming in and Shaun Cole gives a detailed overview about the product and it's new features:

      If you have bought a V2.5 it would be great to share your opinion in the comments as well.
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  • Upgrade kit for ClubSport Pedals
    • A lot of customers asking us now if we will offer an upgrade kit for the CSP V2 or V3.

      This picture shows all the parts we have changed or are new in comparison to the regular CSP V3. That means an upgrade kit would have to include all the red parts.
      As you can see you would have to exchange almost the complete pedal and this is only if you have a V3. In case of a V2 or even V1 you would have to change almost everything.

      This kit would not be cheap either and it will be very difficult to assemble. This increases the risk of potential damage a lot and if your V3 pedal is still under warranty and you buy such a kit then you would expect a proper warranty as well, right?

      We might make an upgrade kit for the CSL Elite pedals in future if demand is high enough as this would be much easier but for the CSP there is absolutely no way to make it work properly and easy enough.

      The CSP V3i are still the most affordable inverted pedals with loadcell and hydraulics on the market and I hope you like the addition in our portfolio.

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  • Introducing the new ClubSport Pedals V3 inverted
    • image

      In 2017 we will announce a couple of exciting products and this is the first.

      The new ClubSport Pedals V3 inverted.

      It was developed for our driving school simulator and while the floor mounted CSP V3 are more close to a pure race car, the modified sportscars in a GT series come with inverted pedals.

      Unlike other solutions on the market, the CSP V3i will come with two hanging and one floor mounted pedal. Just like in a real car.

      We are also using exactly the same ergonomics as in a sports car so they are not just inverted.

      Here are the changes to the regular CSP V3:
      • Clutch and brake pedals inverted
      • More travel and different mechanics on the clutch
      • Comes with damper kit pre-installed on the brake
      • Longer heel rest
      • Wider distance in between the pedals
      The rest of the features is the same as on the CSP V3. We decided to use the PU foam and damper instead of the Eladur springs as this will give you a more realistic travel and feel. If you like the ultra stiff feeling of a formula car then you can still purchase the optional brake performance kit for those pedals as well. The stiffest setting of the Default V3i is a little bit softer than the softest stick combination of the BPK.
      The footprint is the same as on the V3 pedals so it should fit well into most cockpits.
      A lot of customers keep asking us how they can invert their CSP V3 or V2 and if we can offer an upgrade kit. As it is quite complicated to assemble it we decided to develop a completely new product and there will be no conversion kit.

      It took way too long to develop this product and I learned that nothing is as easy as it seems if you want to make it right.

      The ClubSport Pedal V3 inverted are in the warehouse and ready to ship in the EU and USA/Canada. Australia and Japan will follow soon.

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  • Comparison Charts
    • We have now added comparison charts to our pedals, wheel bases, wheel rims and steering wheels so get a better and quick overview about the differences between our products.

      You will find them on the product page in a new "comparison" tab.

      We have also added more info about the pedal axis sensor resolution in the special notes of each pedal.

      Is there any other info you are missing on our Website?

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  • Wishlist for FM7 UPDATE
    • I have a meeting with the team of Turn 10 this week and we will discuss several things we could do together for their next title of Forza Motorsport.

      If you would like to add something, please let me know. Please tell me any wheel/pedal/shifter related issues you have in FM6 and let us know what new features you would like to see supported in FM7.

      Please do not list any other things as we will only discuss issues or features related to our products.

      This is your chance to change something!


      I had a very good meeting with them and I am happy to report that there is a good chance that a lot of things will change for the better in upcoming FM titles.

      The PC market seems very important for them and they are aware that this market is dominated by wheel users. Therefore  we will intensify our co-operation and get the best out of the games for wheel users.

      I cannot confirm at this point what features can be implemented but the interest to do so is very high. 


      Please continue to give me feedback and I will make sure that you will be heard.
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  • Interview with Gamereactor
    • Last Friday was one of those days why I love my job.  :x
      I was invited by Kunos and Porsche to drive a 911 around the Vallelunga race track and had some great discussions there.

      Gamereactor made this interview with me:

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  • Brake Performance Kit for ClubSport Pedals V3 is now available

    • image

      We were finally able to ship the Brake Performance Kit for our ClubSport Pedals V3.

      It makes your pedals more stiff than the stiffest settings you can reach with your PU foams and also allow a different feeling as you can combine PU foam and Elastomer springs for some travel in the beginning and then super stiff resistance for braking. This emulates a race car brake like you find in F1 or LMP. you will brake using only muscle memory instead of memorizing the foot position and this can make you faster.

      This kit is not there to replace the damper kit as the damper will add hydraulic feel to it. And it is also not designed to fix any issues some customers had with the smoothness of their V3 brake in the first batches. Those customers should contact support and get a free PU foam with better lubrication which will not need service.

      The Brake Performance Kit contains 4 different types of elastomer springs and a small PU foam which will allow different spring settings. Green is harder than red and both colours come in two diameters and the bigger the diameter the stiffer the pedal.

      Please note that there is a reason why we did not ship the CSP V3 with the BPK as standard equipment as you will see that the adjustment of the travel and stiffness cannot be made with the pre-load screw anymore.

      Let us know how you like the feeling of your modified brake pedal and what colour combo you use.
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  • Black Friday 2016 - UPDATE

    • image
      It became tradition that Fanatec makes one sale per year and this is on Black Friday (25.11.2016).

      We will not just one but three strong offers:
      Porsche 918 steering wheel for your ClubSport or CSL Elite Wheel base
      EU: 299,95 €
      US: 299,95 $
      AUS: 449,95 AUD
      J: 34.900 JPY

      CSL Elite Wheel Base + CSL P1 Steering Wheel + Assetto Corsa (Xbox One)
      EU: 399,95 €
      US: 399,95 $
      AUS: 649,95 AUD
      J: 39.900 JPY

      ClubSport Handbrake + ClubSport USB Adapter
      EU: 79,95 €
      US: 79,95 $
      AUS: 139,95 AUD
      J: 11.900 JPY

      Depending on product and region this means we give discounts of up to 48% on our top products. But  keep in mind that the sale starts only on November 25th and will last until supply lasts. With this message we just want to inform you ahead of time what you can expect. There will not be any other offer.

      How do you like our offers?

      The sale starts on Friday at 9.00 CET in the morning

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  • CSL Elite Pedals + Wheel Base shipping NOW
    • I am very pleased to tell you that we are able to ship the new CSL Elite Wheel base and the CSL Elite pedals with and without load cell kit from today and that means well ahead of the original schedule.

      All pre-orders up to this moment will be fullfiled but supply is still very short and won't last very long. You will receive your pre-ordered unit within the next two weeks regardless what region.

      If you are one of the lucky owners, please let us know how you like your new gear.

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  • The road to hell -Part I
    • At the Simracing Expo I met a great guy and he inspired me to make an old dream come true: Participating in the famous 24H race on the Nürburgring.

      The guy I met was Dale Lomas, the famous driver of the Ring-Taxi, blogger and one of the most experienced Nordschleife experts in the world. He is doing 2000 laps per year!

      He is also a simracer and so we teamed up and he will help us to make this dream happen. The plan is to get a team and car ready for the race in 2018. We need to start from scratch and learn how to race, make licenses, how to build up a car and how to survive without damaging ourselves or others. Our target for 2018 is not just to be an driving obstacle, we want to compete.
      The team will consist of 4 Drivers. At least two will be Endor employees but we will also recruit one or two drivers from the community. If it is a success in 2018 then we will do it every year and bring more drivers to the best track in the world.

      Our first step was to take a full track day with Dale. The track was reserved for participants of this Event and we were able to make 20 laps (=400km). My product designer, Bernhard, was with me and both of us were driving two laps with Dale as coach and then we changed. Dale taught us all those little tricks you need to know and while he was talking and talking our brains tried to save all that Information and at the same time keeping the car on track.
      We had a modified BMW 228i with roll cage and sport tyres but the engine was standard. It was a great car to start and have fun and we gave several Porsches and GT-Rs a hard time with it. The McLaren P1 was a bit faster though. ;)

      We finished the session by letting Dale drive a lap and that brought us back on the ground and we realized that it is still a long way to go for us. Thanks to Dale for this fantastic day.

      Next step will be to make the National license A and to build up a car during winter time. I will keep you posted!

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  • Steering Wheel Survey
    • We continue to develop new steering wheels and wheel rims for both the ClubSport and the CSL series and it is important to understand your preferences so we develop the right products for you.

      Therefore I created this little wheel survey.

      Please feel free to participate but only if you are a CSL or ClubSport Wheel Base owner.

      Please also note that this is just a wish list and wheels which require a license need to be approved by this 3rd Party  first.

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  • CSL Elite Wheel Base & Pedals

    • It is my pleasure to introduce our new mid range series: CSL Elite


      CSL stands for „ClubSport Light“ and racing fans know that light is good. We essentially used the technology of the ClubSport series and concentrated on pure performance and durability rather than fancy materials or a the prefect finish you know from the ClubSport series.
      Of course we also had to cut a few features but on the other side we also added a few innovative features which cannot be found anywhere else.

      Therefore the CSL products are 100% Fanatec and state-of-the-art!

      You can find the full description on our webshop or in the press release but here are the highlights of the new base and the new pedals. Both products are sold separately and of course they are compatible to most previous Fanatec equipment.

      CSL Elite Wheel Base
      - Super strong and fast brushless servo motor which delivers 6 NM on the steering axis
      - Single belt drive unit with just one belt between axis and motor
      - Automotive grade QR system and compatibility to all Fanatec CSL or ClubSport steering wheels
      - 1080° of rotation. Good for drifting
      - Rev Lights integrated on the base
      - Strong table clamp integrated
      - 2 shifter ports plus handbrake port. There are CSL Shifters and handbrake also coming up next

      CSL Elite Pedals and CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit
      - Solid full metal construction
      - Basic set comes with two pedals but with the optional Loadcell Kit you add a loadcell brake and transform the former brake pedal into a clutch pedal.
      - Great brake feeling even on the basic set as it comes with a strong metal spring and a PU foam damper/spring
      - The loadcell brake pedal is actually a big loadcell. The whole arm is the sensor and it measures pedal pressure of up to 90kg. Of Course you can adjust the brakeforce during gameplay.
      - Travel and stiffness of the LC brake can be easily and quickly adjusted without the need of tools
      - You can choose between 3 surfaces for your pedal plates. Blank metal, rubber or a sandpaper anti-skid patch

      My team has worked a long time and very hard to bring those products to the market. I am very proud of them and also my thanks goes to the feedback of all testers and the community for telling us what you really want and need.

      And finally a word to the PlayStation situation. We know that a lot of people want to know what the status is but we cannot announce anything before the contract is signed. We have a good relationship with Sony but we need to follow the rules and although there are absolutely no points of disagreement, sometimes things takes a while because of procedures and work flows. I am confident that we can announce a PS4 Version of this Wheel base soon.

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  • CSL Elite will go online this Friday
    • The new CSL Elite series will be online in our webshop and available for pre-order this Friday, 26th of August.

      If you buy a complete bundle of CSL P1 steering Wheel, CSL Elite Wheel Base, CSL Elite Pedals and CSL Elite Loadcell Kit then you will get a free copy of Assetto Corsa for Xbox One.

      On Friday you will get full specs, pricing and  pictures. The first reviews will follow as well.


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  • Server problems
    • Some customers have received an e-mail from our server with an old invoice.
      This occurred because we had to do some maintenance on our server and but the mail function was not deactivated.
      It is a harmless mistake and your data was not in danger at any time.
      Just ignore this e-mail, there is nothing to do on your side.
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  • Sim Racers Wanted! Fanatec is hiring and we pay a headhunting fee
    • Fanatec is expanding quickly and therefore we also need to enlarge our team.
      Enthusiam and fun with what you do are key to make a great job and therefore we are looking for sim racers who want to turn their hobby and passion into their daily job.

      You will work in the beautiful Bavarian town of Landshut but it does not matter if you speak German or where you come from. Our team is international and they all speak good english.

      If you know somebody who might be interested and bring us in contact, you will get a coupon code for our webshop with a value of 1000,- Euro. Please tell us the name of this person before he/she applies. The code will be sent after the trial period of the candidate.

      Here is what we need to create more great products and let the people know about it.

      If you are happy with what you do youn

      Community & PR Manager
      • Manage forum on in order to grow the community and increase customer satisfaction
      • Find and supervise moderators
      • Post FAQ and manage feedback to the Support team
      • Create forum rules and make sure that they are followed
      • Manage social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. 
      • Create content and campaigns for all social media channels
      • Monitor international sim racing forums and guide customers to get support
      • Manage community reviews and tests
      • Provide ideas from the community to the product development team
      • Helping to create, develop, and manage all proactive and reactive press opportunities (print and online)
      • Handling of sponsored teams
      • Press release and newsletter writing and dissemination
      • International media outreach
      • Decent knowledge of sim racing equipment and racing simulations
      • Fluent spoken and written English with excellent grammar is mandatory. German or other languages are a plus
      • Strategic thinker, with excellent public relations skills, solid and cooperative media relationships, and knowledge of the evolving digital and social media fields 
      • Should have strong writing and organizational skills, excellent people skills, plus the ability to always keep calm and proffessional.  
      • Bachelor's degree is not required but a plus.
      • Two or more years’ experience in an agency or corporate environment

      Product & Project Manager
      • Summarize and update specifications
      • Communicate with senior product managment about spec changes 
      • Create and manage project plans
      • Follow up with internal and external project ressources
      • Optimize project end dates and try to permanently keep or reduce the critical path of a project
      • Manage hand over from R&D to production
      • Get and check quotations for components or complete products
      • Create content for manuals and website descriptions
      • Arrange tests with internal and external betatesters
      • Support initial production stages before mass production
      • Interact with PR and Marketing team to co-ordinate launch campaigns
      • Report to management about project status on a weekly basis

      • Decent knowledge of sim racing equipment and racing simulations
      • Superior project management, communication and presentation skills. Must be proficient in MS Office suite (specifically in MS Project, Excel, Word and Visio).
      • Extensive experience of full life cycle projects. 
      • Highly organized and attentive to detail
      • 1-2+ years of experience in product and/or project management
      • Fluent spoken and written English is mandatory. German or other languages are a plus

      Please send your CV and other documents to [email protected] and we will come back to you.

      I hope to welcome you very soon to our great team.

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  • Slogan for CSL Elite Wheel Base and Pedals wanted! -UPDATE
    • It has been silent for a Little while but we are coming back strong. The production of the CSL Elite Wheel base is starting soon together with the new CSL Elite pedals.

      As usual we would like to put a funny or surprising slogan on our giftbox so when you open the box you already know what to expect.

      This time we ask our community to come up with those slogans. We need one for the wheel base and one for the pedals.
      - 4 Lines
      - English language
      - Not too long

      Please post your proposals here in the comments and win a set of the new CSL Elite Wheel Base and CSL Elite Pedals.

      The slogan which will be chosen on the giftbox wins.
      If two people send in the same slogan, the first one gets the wheel.
      You can enter as many sloagans as you want


      You are amazing!!!

      The feedback is overwhelming and there was a lot of great feedback! We have chosen the two winners and notified them but there will be probably more winners as we would like to use more of those slogans on future giftboxes. Of course you will also get the CSL Elite wheel.

      Production starts next week and if everything goes smoothly we plan to put it in our webhshop soon.

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  • PlayStation compatibility UPDATE 2
    • You might have already noticed that we have removed the icons to show the PlayStation compatibility on our website. So what does that mean?

      As part of the licensing process for a new, officially licensed racing wheel, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has asked us to stop promoting our unlicensed wheels as beeing PlayStation compatible and we are happy to comply with that. As soon as we have a fully licensed PlayStation wheel on the market, we will officially announce the compatibility again.

      If you already purchased a Fanatec product with previously promoted PS3 or PS4 compatibility, basically nothing will change for you. The compatibility for those wheels still depends solely on the game developers and if they decide to add/keep support for their wheels in their games or not.
      If you purchase a new wheel from us from now on we will only guarantee the PC or Xbox One compatibility as advertised.

      I hope you understand our position and rest assured that we do everything to make our products as compatible as possible.

      The situation has still not changed much as we are still wating for a contract but it seems that a lot of our customers are very angry based on wrong assumptions.
      Therefore I would like to make some statements:

      1. Sony clearly said that PS3 steering wheels will only have limited Support on the PS4. This was posted on their Website and accessible to every PS4 owner.

      2. We never made any promises that your wheels will be future proof and 100% compatible with any upcoming PS4 game. In fact DriveClub was the first racing game on PS4 and it was never compatible. All owners of a CSW V2 could have known that and we clearly made big warnings on our product page that compatibility depends on the support of the game developer. We were never hiding anything and we did not try to mislead anybody. Please do not blame us if you did not read or believe in the big warnings in the the product description.

      3. No other manufactuerer even bothered to make unlicensed PS3 wheels compatible to PS4. Fanatec at least made several games compatible to several of our wheels. Wheels which we are not even selling anymore so there was no commercial sense for us. We even made old Xbox 360 wheels compatible to PS3 and PS4. We did it for YOU.

      4. Official PS4 wheels require a security chip. The only way to get such a chip is to make an agreement with Sony.

      5. Making an agreement with Sony is not a matter of money or effort or is anything we can influence. We can make proposals and they can accept it or not. They are not obliged to give us a license and there is no right for us to get one. If you think that it is simply a matter of money then ask yourself why we have no problem to pay royalties to Porsche, BMW or Microsoft but would not do so to the platform holder which gives us access to 65% of the wheel market. We are not stupid ;-). And by the way, Sony is not asking for crazy royalties. It is the normal rate that anybody has to pay if he gets selected.

      6. We only get such an agreement if we strictly and 100% follow their rules. If they want us to stop sending dev kits to the game developers then we do so. If we have to make our unlicensed wheels not compatible anymore then we do so. The only alternative we have is to have no licensed wheels at all.
      And that means you not only have to buy a new base but you also need new steering wheels, shifters, handbrakes, static shifter paddles etc.

      5. Emulating the security chip or other hacks might be possible but I hope you understand now that we are not even thinking about such an option.

      6. Making a Universal hub for  PS4 would be our preferred choice and we suggested that idea to Sony. Unfortunately it was rejected with no reason given. Again, we cannot force them to accept something.
      But there is a very positive aspect of that. On the Xbox it is impossible to use the popular Formula, BMW or Porsche steering wheels. It is likely that those steering wheels could be used on a potential PS4 base. Most of our customers have 2 or more steering wheels. It might be cheaper to replace the base than to replace all steering wheels.

      7. If we can get a license then it will be for something based on the CSL Elite base. This is certainly a step down from a CSW BV2 but probably still a lot better than any other alternative for PS4. And if this PS4 Wheel is selling well then there is no reason that we cannot get another license for another wheel.

      So what are my recommendations for you?

      Stay calm. We are working hard on a solution which is best for you and there is a high chance that we can achieve it.

      If we can make a PS4 Version of the CSL Elite Wheel base then it is very likely that you can keep your pedals, steering wheels, shifters, table clamps, handbrakes etc.. And there is great new stuff coming up as well.
      You can sell your CSWB V2 for good money to a PC or XOne user. Used bases sometimes sell on eBay with almost the same price as new. Perhaps you lose only 10% to  25% but you used it for several months.

      Of Course you could also sell your PS4 and switch to PC or XOne. Or you buy a product of the competition and support this license business which made you so upset.

      Let us get this contract done and then we hurry up to catch the Launch of GT Sport. We make sure that you have a decent setup for it.

      UPDATE 2
      Good News!
      I am happy to announce that we finally signed an Agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for an officially licensed racing Wheel for the PlayStation 4.  Of Course we are in discussions with other regions as well and our target is to make a fully compatible racing wheel for Gran Turismo Sport and other great racing simulations in 2017.

      We can now make this new racing wheel compatible to the console system and that means you get full functionality like the PS button or navigation in the console menu. Unfortunately we cannot share more technical details about this product until it is fully approved.
      It is still Sony's policy that only official licensed products will be compatible to future games but we will make as much of your current peripherals compatible to the PS4 as possible. What we can already confirm is that at this point it is not possible to make existing wheel bases compatible anymore. This is not a technical problem but was part of the deal. I am aware that this is not what some of you want to hear but we will make sure that the new racing wheel will be the best wheel for PS4 out there. So if you stay with Fanatec it will still be your best option.

      We can also not comment on the timeline but rest assured that we are already working full speed on this project and try to start the approval process already this year. How long it takes is out of our control.

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  • BLACK FRIDAY: Bundle with CSW B V2 and the new CSL P1 steering wheel
    • This year, we are making it a bit easier to get one of our high-end ClubSport Wheel Bases V2 with the new allround steering wheel CSL P1.

      This allows you to enjoy a complete new level of force-feedback quality on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and of course PC.

      The bundle is avalaible from tomorrow until Cyber Monday until supply lasts. We have some inventory so take your time.

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  • CSP V3 owners: Betatesters wanted for Brake Performance Kit
    • We will release a new Brake Performance Kit for the ClubSport Pedals V3 (only) which includes two special dampers made of a high-end material.


      This material is made in Germany and allows for an ultra direct braking experience. There are two different stiffnes grades. It is easy to lubricate and super durable with cycle times of well over 1 Million.

      We are now looking for up to 60 testers who already own a ClubSport Pedal V3 and are willing to give us Feedback about:
      • Ease of Installation
      • Feeling
      • Precision
      • Stiffness
      • any issues you find

      Just leave a comment here and make sure that this is the account which contains all your latest adress Information.

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  • Fanatec releases CSL Wheel P1 steering wheel for Xbox One
    • image
      Landshut, 17.11.2015 – Fanatec announced today the newest official racing wheel for Xbox One: “CSL P1 Steering Wheel for Xbox One.”

      This is the first component of the new CSL series which is positioned below the very popular Clubsport Series.
      This steering wheel is an add-on for your existing ClubSport V2 base or the upcoming CSL base. As soon as you connect this steering wheel to your base the whole system with attached peripherals like shifters, pedals or handbrake will become an Xbox One peripheral.
      The diameter of 30 cm makes it more compact than other ClubSport steering wheels and the low weight of 1170 g makes it spin and react very fast.
      The most unique feature is the combination of the center stripe and the shift light. A multicolor LED  illuminates the center stripe so you always see the middle of the wheel rim as well as the revs of your engine.
      The TUNING LED display is also integrated on top of the rim and enables you to see telemetry data right in front of your eyes.
      The spokes of the P1 steering wheel are made of brushed aluminum and match the solid feel of the metal shifter paddles.
      A new quick release system will mount the wheel with strong forces to the wheel base hence allows a quick change of the steering wheel.
      The CSL P1 Steering Wheel for Xbox One will be is available from now on at with immediate delivery in several countries and at a price of 149,95 € (EU) or 139,95 USD (US) which makes it the most affordable steering wheel option from Fanatec.

      Black Friday Bundle (+CSW B V2) 799,95 649,95 1069,9 92400
      CSL P1 Steering Wheel 149,95 139,95 249,9 19900


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  • New Generation
    • I told you that we are not done for 2015 yet and here it comes. It is already in stock in EU and USA and we will start selling next week.

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  • A Hymn to Simracing
    • At the Simracing Expo 2015 we had the rare chance to meet several members of Team Redline at one place. We took the chance to make an interview. Enjoy.

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  • Subaru with Fanatec input controls
    • Mark Puc visited QSP Products in the Netherlands and found this amazing car outfitted with our equipment.

      Read the full article or watch the video:

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  • Fanatec live from the Simracing Expo
    • We are enjoying a great Simracing Expo at the Nürburgring which is taking place in parallel to the GT500 which starts in this minute.

      iRacing teamed up with us to show the GP track and behind closed doors even the new Nordschleife for iRacing.

      Later today we will have a great head to head race where race driver Michael Bartels will drive a BMW Z4 race car live against a driver of Team Redline in a Fanatec simulator on FM6. This race will be streamed LIVE here on youtube at 17.00 CET today.

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  • Fanatec Debuts Official Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel for Xbox One
    • Landshut, Germany – 10.9.2015 - Fanatec, alongside Turn 10 Studios, announced today the newest official racing wheel for Xbox One: the Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Rim GT “Forza Motorsport.”

      Designed for use on Xbox One and the newest entry in the Forza franchise, “Forza Motorsport 6,” this wheel is the real deal and with a diameter of 330mm it has the same dimensions as professional wheels used in GT racecars.

      From a visual perspective, the metal wheel rim is covered with smooth, automotive grade leather and a stitched Forza Motorsport logo. In addition, the white stitching and white center stripe complete the racing-inspired theme.
      Highlighting increased flexibility in personal customization, you can easily adjust all button positions or the ergonomics of the shifter paddles. A quick release system allows the opportunity to change your preferred steering wheel within seconds.

      Thomas Jackermeier, CEO of Endor AG / Fanatec said: “Fanatec and Turn 10 Studios are great partners as we are both aiming for maximum realism. It is very efficient to work closely together so that our customers can get such an immersive experience.”
      The ClubSport Steering Wheel GT “Forza Motorsport” will be available as a wheel rim or in combination with the Universal hub for Xbox One which is pre-configured for the Fanatec wheel. Starting at $99.95 USD, the ClubSport Steering Wheel GT “Forza Motorsport” will be available on Sept 15 in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan, at

      Pre-order now on

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  • Fanatec Driver 222 Beta released (Windows10)
    • We have a new driver available and the package also contains the latest firmware for your device as well.

      Here is the full change log for our Fanatec driver version 222:

      Supported devices

      ClubSport Wheel Base V2
      ClubSport Wheel Base
      CSR Wheel
      CSR Elite Wheel
      Porsche GT2 Wheel
      Porsche GT3 V2 Wheel
      Porsche Wheel Turbo S

      All Fanatec USB pedals
      All pedal sets which are connected to supported Fanatec Wheels

      ClubSport USB Adapter (Handbrake & ClubSport Shifter supported)

      ClubSport Series steering wheels:
      ALL (released before August 2015)

      New firmwares included:
         - CSW V1 base: CSW_Base_V109_rev535_boot_beta
         - CSW V2 base: CSW_V2_Base_V110_rev536_boot_beta

      Feature updates:
      CSP V3 acceleration vibration can now be used by developers when pedals connected to CSW Base OR by USB. Fanatec SDK (PC & PS4) Updated!

      · Windows 10 ready!
      This driver should be fully compatible with Windows 10. Please post all possible Win10 related issues into the comments. It would be great if you could try to reproduce the same problem in Win 8 as well to verify the root cause.
      · Various minor code improvements and updates

      CHANGELOG CSW (V1 & V2) Firmware:

      · Optimized initialization process to avoid calibration differences between different rims/wheels.
      · Reworked UHX PC mode toggle to solve USB 3.0 issues
      · Fan PWM alterations to eliminate fan noise problems
      · New UHX PC button mapping – more buttons can be used
      · XBO communication refined
      · PS3 Mode – The ring of light will always stay white in PS3 mode now (red = PC; green = Xbox One)

      Please give me your feedback on the driver and firmware. Thanks.

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  • SALE: Universal Hub for PC, PS4 and PS3
    • From today you can purchase the Universal Hub for PlayStation and PC at a much discounted price.

      EU: 299,95 -> 199,95
      USA: 249,95 -> 169,95
      AU: 329,95 ->224,95
      J: 33.900 -> 22.900

      We are selling off this product as it will be replaced by the Universal Hub for Xbox One which has the same features and is compatible to PlayStation, PC and Xbox One. Please note that you can take off the button caps with the symbols so it will look exactly like the PC version which is on sale now.

      Sale will only last until the inventory is gone so this is a good chance to get the rim you always wanted to have.
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  • Introducing the new Clubsport Pedals V3 - UPDATE
    • It was time for a major re-design for one of our most popular products and the result are the new ClubSport Pedals V3.

      Our target was to make ultra high-end pedals with features nobody else can offer and with the most advanced technology on the market. At the same time we wanted to keep the price low and affordable.

      The completely new and custom designed 90 kg load cell and other improvements will also increase the durability a lot. No need to buy spare load cells anymore.

      All existing pre-orders of V2 in Europe and USA will be upgraded to V3 and the first products are already on the way to the warehouses.

      Full details will be revealed this week.


      The CSP V3 and the damper kit is now online for pre-order without invite. Full features and details can be seen on the product pages.
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  • New driver 219 and firmware released
    • We have a new driver available and the driver also contains the latest firmware for your device as well.

      Here is the full change log for ver219:

      Supported devices.

      ClubSport Wheel Base V2
      ClubSport Wheel Base
      CSR Wheel
      CSR Elite Wheel
      Porsche GT2 Wheel
      Porsche GT3 V2 Wheel
      Porsche Wheel Turbo S

      All Fanatec USB Pedals
      All pedal sets which are connected to supported Fanatec Wheels

      ClubSport USB Adapter (Handbrake & ClubSport Shifter supported)

      ClubSport Series Steering Wheels:
      ALL (released before June 2015)
      Universal Hub for Xbox One (NEW)

      New firmwares included:
         - CSW V1 base: CSW_Base_V095_rev486_boot_beta
         - CSW V2 base: CSW_V2_Base_V094_rev485_boot_beta
         - CSS: CSS-GEAR-APP_V1_10

      Feature Updates:
      CSP (V1 & V2) vibration can now be used by developers when pedals connected to CSW Base. Fanatec SDK Updated!
      Several updates for…

         - FFB system
         - Driver gui
         - FW-Updater
         - Various small code improvements

      CHANGELOG CSW (V1 & V2) Firmware:

         - UHX / Xbox One supported
         - Optimized cooling (CSW V2) – new speed stages – fans will not operate in idle mode
         - Dynamic CSP pedal vibration control integrated and opened for SDK commands
         - Saving/loading animation on START (Power) button integrated. Wheel base now shows when it is "busy"
         - Tuning menu: OFF value in SEN has been renamed to AUT for better comprehension of the feature
         - New soft stop / angle limitation (CSW V2)
         - Many small and various improvements“

      CHANGELOG CS USB Shifter Firmware:

         - Permanent storage of calibration data optimized

      Please download here

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  • Universal Hub for Xbox is now shipping -UPDATE
    • The Universal hub for Xbox One, which will turn your ClubSport Wheel Base V2 into an Xbox One compatible device, is now starting to ship and it will arrive in the hands of the lucky customers very soon.

      Please post your experience with this device here and show us pictures and videos of your set up.

      You are also welcome to post recommended settings for games.


      Please note that the maximum amount of buttons to be used on Xbox One is currently limited by the console but there are plans for a new extended protocol which allows more functionality.
      We also have an button mapping issue on PC but this will be fixed in a future fw release.

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  • Posting with a mobile phone
    • So far it was not possible to post something with a mobile phone in the blog or forum.

      We enabled this function now but the functionality is still a little bit less than on PC because the editor is not working (yet).

      Please let me know if you still have issues and describe them. Let us know your operating system as well. Thanks!
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  • Real race car steering wheel rims on Xbox One!
    • image

      Landshut, 2.4.2015 - Fanatec is proud to announce the Universal Hub for Xbox One. This controller takes modularity and realism to a whole new level.

      This innovative device allows you choose between several styles of wheel rims to match your preferred racing category:

      • GT for supercars and road racing
      • Oval for NASCAR and similar series
      • Drift for rally, off-road and drift simulations
      • Classic for vintage race cars
      • Round1 for vintage open wheelers
      • Flat1 for modern open wheelers, F1, LMP1 or DTM series

      These wheel rims have automotive quality and could be used in real race cars. They all are covered in genuine leather and come in different diameters.

      But you can also purchase the Universal Hub for Xbox One without a wheel rim and use any wheel rim you want or already own. It is comparable to real car steering wheels from famous brands like SPARCO, MOMO or OMP.

      With every Universal Hub for Xbox One, you have the option to configure the button layout to your preference and the position and angle of every button can also be adjusted. You can also take off some of the small button boxes without losing functionality as all buttons are also on top of the hub casing. You have the choice of two different sizes and styles of paddle shifters and even those are fully adjustable.

      Just like many other Fanatec steering wheels, it also comes with a Tuning LED display (detachable) to show telemetry info or change wheel settings on the fly. It also comes with the genius 7-way FunkySwitch™ encoder.

      The Universal Hub for Xbox One can be used on the ClubSport Wheel Base V2 and on some upcoming wheel bases from Fanatec. As soon as you connect the Universal Hub for Xbox One, the base will be switched into Xbox One mode using force feedback protocol with the new and advanced equation system.

      There is also a hot-key to use the Universal Hub for Xbox One on PC and other gaming platforms. It is the most compatible product on the market!

      There are several more wheel bases at various price points planned to be released and there will also be another steering wheel for Xbox One to be announced later this year which will be targeted to a broader audience at a much lower price point.

      The Universal Hub for Xbox One will be available on May 28th in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan.

















      Universal Hub
      for Xbox One





      30 cm

      1000 g


      +GT rim





      33 cm

      1979 g

      suede leather

      +Classic rim





      35 cm

      1840 g

      Brown leather

      +Oval rim





      35 cm

      2065 g
      (metal hub cover)

      suede leather

      +Drift rim





      32 cm

      1929 g

      black leather

      +Flat1 rim





      27,5 cm

      1692 g

      suede leather

      +Round1 rim





      27 cm

      1715 g

      black leather

      You can pre-order this product right away only on

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  • Price increase in Europe UPDATE
    • This is a post which is rather less fun for me but we cannot avoid it.

      Due to the questionable strategy of the European Zentral Bank, the excheange rate Euro / USD has massively dropped in the past months. The target of the EZB is to increase Inflation and it seems that they are succesful with that attempt as all good made in the far east usually have to be paid in USD and therefore those products are now seeing a massive price increase.

      We absorbed this price increase in the past months but we cannot do that anymore and therefore we had to increase all our European prices between 20 to 30%. We just hope that the Euro will not continue to drop and we can keep at least this Level.

      And before everybody starts to complain why our Prices are more expensive in the Euro webshop than the prices you see in the US Webshop I would like to remind you that EU prices will always be about 30% more expensive in comparison to the US.

      The reason is that the prices in the EU shop include VAT and this makes about 20% alone. The US Webshop prices do not include VAT or sales tax.

      The other 10% are becuase of various reasons like higher logistic costs, localisation, more strict environmental rules and a 2 year warranty instead of 1 year in the US. All those little extras don't come for free and this is the reason why almost every product in any category is more expensive in Europe than in the US.

      I hope you will still stay with us and understand the situation. Thank you.


      Here are some more facts:

      May 2014: Euro/USD 1,3862
      March 2015: Eur/USD 1,0664

      If a product costs 100 USD to manufacture it was 72,46 € in May 2014 and now we have to pay 93,77 €

      This is a cost increase of 29,41 %

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  • Fanatec on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
    • Here is the long awaited news about PlayStation 4 and Project CARS.

      With the ClubSport Wheel V2 you can play all three versions of Project CARS.

      Please note that for Xbox One you still need to add a Xbox One compatible steering wheel rim while on the PS4 the wheels will work as they are and you don't even need to put them in PlayStation mode.

      The first Xbox One steering wheel will be announced very soon.

      Press release:

      Slightly Mad Studios and Fanatec are proud to announce today that Project CARS will now support a range of Fanatec hardware on both PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

      "Wheels, pedals, and gear sticks are the natural input devices for racing games; we have an innate knowledge of how they work from real life and they provide the most immersive, authentic experience for gamers.” said Andy Tudor, Creative Director. "So as we near the launch of Project CARS we’re pleased to announce additional support for the following Fanatec hardware on  PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One…"

      Porsche 911 Turbo S
      Porsche 911 GT2
      Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2
      CSR Elite
      ClubSport Wheel Base 
      ClubSport Wheel Base v2
      “Gamers have been enjoying the solid build quality, integrated technology, and pure driving sensation of these fantastic products for a while now on PC and previous-generation platforms but through a continued collaboration with the team at Fanatec players are now going to be able to use the wheels they already own or are thinking of purchasing with Project CARS via an update on day one.”
      “The quality of the input devices play an important role in the immersion factor of a simulation and especially our ClubSport series delivers an automotive quality and experience level. We are now bringing this level to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Project CARS is the perfect title to make best use of our technology. This combination is a new milestone on gaming consoles.” (Thomas Jackermeier, CEO Endor AG / Fanatec)
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  • Yes. Really...

    • This was hard to believe when I saw it the first time but it is real.

      PS: Making good progress on the Xone wheel and hope to post something more specific soon. Driving FM5 is a lot of fun :)

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  • New shipping date for ClubSport Wheel Base V2
    • Today, we had to set a new delivery date for the CSW B V2 and it is now May 15th. This means all orders up to now will be delivered at the promised dates or earlier but new orders will not be shipped before middle of may.

      We were surprised (again) by the strong demand as we are continuously increasing the production but the amount of orders is going up and up. The invite system is working great but although we are sending out  several hundreds of codes everyday, it will still take several weeks until all our customers have received a code.

      There are no news on the Xbox One steering wheel yet but things are smooth and we plan to make an announcement by the end of march so you know what to do if you plan to buy Project CARS.

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  • Live Chat
    • Hello everybody and a happy 2015!

      We have great plans for 2015 and there will be plenty of exciting new products coming up. Some of them expected and others will be a surprise.

      I cannot give you more details or a timeline about a specific product but things are going smoothly and I am sure that we will make many people happy in 2015.

      The first change is not a new product but a new service. Some of you might have noticed that it is now possible to directly chat with our technical support team.

      This chat is available almost everyday. We even have been online during the Christmas holidays so in case you have any technical problem we want to make sure that you get immediate response.

      We are now working to expand the service to answers sales and order questions as well in order to give you the best service possible.

      All the best,


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  • Black Friday: Save 200,- on a CSW V2 Bundle with two rims
    • We created a special bundle for all new owners of a ClubSport Wheel base. Get the Formula and the BMW steering wheel for just 299,95 and get an invite code to buy the CSW V2 at the discounted price of 524,95.

      The price of the CSW V2 will be increased soon and current availability (March 2015) might be postponed again as well so secure your ClubSport Bundle right away at that great price.


      And if you also need a sturdy and fully adjustable cockpit at an unbeatable price, you can grab the CSL Seat for just 199,95 over the weekend.

      The Black Friday sale will last until next Monday or until we run out of stock.

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  • Let us know what you think about your new tool!
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  • The wait is over! Clubsport Wheel Base V2 and Shifter are on the way to customers
    • All obstacles were removed and all tests succesful so we can start the delivery of the ClubSport Wheel Base V2 from today.

      All customers who pre-ordered the V1 and have been upgraded will get their wheel next week and the week after, depending on where they are located.

      Production is now running on full speed and more inventory is on the way. But as the pre-orders are rising fast, we will have to postpone the shipping date for new orders very soon.

      We have also started to ship all open orders of the ClubSport Shifter and production is also running well here.
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